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March 13, 2009



If she was a fan of Rush and Sean, no wonder she was put off talk radio.
My guess is that women dont listen a lot of talk radio because they dont have time. Even with the enlightenment of some men, ( and with her criticisms of liberals, I doubt she is married to anyone remotely approaching enlightened) women still do the majority of work around the house and with the kids. "Women's programming" is not appealing to many--the Satellite Sisters had a "women's show" and it was terrible and they are history. Christine Craft, Bree Walker, Stephanie Miller, Rachel Maddow, Randi Rhodes-- they all have radio shows based on ideas ( even if you personally disagree with them) and there is no "girly stuff" involved, but a recognition that women are just as concerned about important issues as men.


Ditto, Sparky. I had the same reaction about her preference for Rush and the rest. I never went through that. And I love good, intelligent talk radio.

I'm not big on propaganda which is what Rush and the rest - even Malloy because he rants so much - sell. I like guests, good dialogue and interesting information. For me, it is about curiosity. I want to know things - not be sold things.

And we don't have the time to listen. I've been employed in few positions where I've had the opportunity to sit and listen to the radio while working.

Lou Boylan Filter

You gals don't need to worry your pretty little heads on the news of the day. That's what you've got us men for.

Lou Boylan Filter

We end up with TBTL, Dr. Laura, and George 'Swaami' Noury nights. NOTHING for the male audience. The war on the male continues....


I agree with Joans and Sparks that time, not content, may account for the lower distaff audience, (if it is, indeed, lower). How much radio listening is done while driving, and what is the ratio of male to female drivers? I don't imagine there is much disparity there...

The NewMajority, btw, is dedicated to "building a conservatism that can win again", and it's premise that women don't like talk radio is as spurious as its motto...


You have been missed, Fremont!


Prior to Hannity and "Hannitization", no national radio host had seriously regarded themselves as agents of change. I believe that Limbaugh's attempt to interfere with Democratic caucuses was his attempt to become an agent of change before Hannity beat him to it.

The recent surge of Rush's notoriety is the product of his co-opting Hannity's relatively unique angle, and now that Hannity has been marginalized, both of them will beging to decline as the President of the United States has said, and the general public believe, you can't listen to AM talk radio an get things done. AM radio = obstructionism.


Then, Andrew, what do you think about moderate Dems forming a voting block like the blue dogs? Is that obstructionist as well? How much can this new administration take?

‘Moderate’ Senate Democrats to formally announce formation of Blue Dog-style coalition.


I saw Radio host Nancy Skinner (CRS last name) on a finance show this morning. She is for deleting the secret vote on unionization. I swear you can look in to her eyes and see the back of her skull. It defines void. Her head was bouncing around like one of those zero dolls you see on the back window deck of autos. A total dolt. If she is on AA then I understand.


Ha-ha- Habu watches finance shows. what time is Jim Creamer on, Habu?

Lou Boylan Filter

and males are just sitting around with our thumbs up our butt? Wtf?

The Joanies and Sparkies have Dr Laura, Dr Phil, Ron & Don. What have we got? zip, zero, nada.


zip, zero, nada.

Well, that fits your IQ. What more do you want?


I feel somewhat obligated to address this question, being a woman myself.

I have always been a radio listener. My listening to "talk radio" goes back many years, listening to KGO at night in Seattle. Since then I have listened to a lot of radio. I think of radio as being very portable, and something that can be done while doing other things, especially driving. Women are known for multi-tasking, aren't they?

I have never listened to Rush or Hannity except for a few minutes now and then. I think listening to those types is more a political issue than gender. And it is pretty well known that women in general tend toward the liberal side.

I used to be interested in sports and listened to some sports talk until it went over the edge and I realized I was not their target audience.

There have been radio shows aimed at women that have been successful. Anybody remember Jennifer James? Sort of a warm up for Dr Joy Browne - definitely not a Dr L type.

I have never watched Oprah, Dr Phil, I do listen to D&R occasionally when I need some fluff. My guilty pleasure is Michael Savage. The man is so "out there", but he does tell a good story now and again.

Radio to me a comfort, both public and private somehow at the same moment.


Your thumb, Lou? How is there room for your thumb when your head is already up there??

Lou Boylan Filter

Now that is just mean. I am a mans' man, I know how to handle a chick like you.

All I am saying is that it is discrimanatory when you've got TBTL (gay), Dr. Laura (female-oriented) and Coast to Cost (foo-foo) and no red-meat shows like Tom Lykis or even Ed Shultz. This is not a lib-con thing, it is just a matter of diversity.


AMJ-do your KGO days go back to Ira Blue at the Hungry I?

That started my radio listening days.

Slermin-I dont do cramer, CNBC or MSNBC.


confused yet ?

Most "normal" women are OK with political talk radio but only in small doses. Seems like they prefer apolitical talk shows.

From a guy; Dr. Joy Browne is the best psychologist on the air - always has been. Agree with AMJ about Michael Savage, listening to him is like a proverbial roller coaster ride, but he would be a renowned story teller, if that were his schtick.


Yes, Ira Blue was my introduction/seduction to talk radio. I was about 5 years old at the time (wink wink).

Susan Lawrence

I have been listening to talk radio for decades. I started listening to KING-AM back in the 80's. I can't remember the name of the guy in the daytime then, but he was very intelligent, and actually read the books he interviewed his guests on. I don't know if he was too smart for the Seattle audience, or if he didn't kiss enough *ss for the station, but he only lasted a few years. I also listened to Laura Lee, who used to do great stories by investigative journalists. I followed her to KVI. Both these hosts were thoughtful, and allowed their calllers enough time to actually complete a thought, something no one does anymore.

I usually listed to KUOW, and I've noticed that when the shows are about public policy issues, especially national and global,very few women call in. But when the shows are about personal things, or sometimes local school issues, there are lots of women callers. So I suspect it's not so much that women don't listen, but that they have been trained to be self-effacing and self-doubting about their ability to contribute something to the big discussion. However, I must say that almost all shows and media directed toward women have a dearth of hard facts and subject-matter background, and tend to focus on the personal. I don't thing it's as much about lack of time as it is about training.

The norm for women in our society is to be trained to not be analytic or interested in self-education on non-personal issues. At the most, they are willing to be trained to earn money, but that's about the limit of their education. Their idea of fun is not to sit around and discuss issues.

None of the women I know who are interested in these bigger issues is married; they are all single. It's like women have to choose between having a husband, or having an intellectual life.

That might be my working-class background. I expect higher-income women who have hired help and purchased convenience have more choice.

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