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March 15, 2009



My fear is that her words will reflect to most a cry for the loss of her own profession rather than the need for more literate and honest reporting. The Washington Post has become a conservative paper and it was the NY Times that helped lead us into that fiasco known as the Iraq War.

So, I'm skeptical that we simply need to maintain the honorable position of newspapers or print media.

We need an electorate that can think. That is our problem. As long as people choose to be entertained over informed, our country is doomed. We are looking more and more like a third-world country. The average American parked in front of his TV watching 24 or Sopranos or whatever else is the current rage will go to the voting booth or fill out his absentee ballot without a clue of what he's voting for except for the soundbite he heard before voting.

I do not know what the answer is. I do know we've got a lot more down in store for us before the up is even in sight. Unless, of course, Obama really can do magic and become an entertainer on the side of truth and justice for all.


That is our problem. As long as people choose to be entertained over informed, our country is doomed.

Hence the election of the biggest frauds ever to occupy the WH and Congress.


Hence the election...

So speaketh the stupidest one. :)

Democrats and independents are more likely to say their communities would be hurt by the loss of the local newspaper than are Republicans. About half of Democrats (49%) and 47% of independents say civic life would be hurt "a lot" if the newspaper shut down, compared with 33% of Republicans.

Results of a Pew poll. Interesting.


Also, interesting...It's true: Jon Stewart has become Edward R. Murrow (updated)

"Although, improbably, I share a journalistic background with Cramer*, I thought Stewart, without excessive showboating, did the journalistic sensibility proud."

Jon Stewart may be putting journalists to shame. I don't know where their investigative sensibilities have gone. Except for Amy Goodman, they've joined the Washington beltway club. Seems like they'd rather get invited to the right parties than tell the story anymore.


I agree that the print media is claiming more credit than they deserve. Their undercover reporting hasn't been impressive over the past decade.

This good Salon article points out how Jim Cramer's "the CEOs lied to me" defense has been used by all media for a number of years. David Gregory said of the run up to Iraq, that pointing out when an official is lying is "not our role." Judith Miller was fully dug in to the media machine and she was used very effectively as an agent of disinformation. It wasn't investigative reporting that revealed the War with Iraq to be a bad idea, it was more like common sense.

The media didn't do enough to expose the housing bubble as home values were increasing at untenable rates. Even I saw my home value increase 30% in five years and knew something was wrong, we'd all be millionaires in a few years, obviously an event was coming that would break the ascent, but the real estate reporters didn't touch the topic probably because they were doing pretty well and stood to lose by scaring the public.

Big media is beholden to its corperate advertisers and its rich owners. They can't say anything disparaging about their advertisers and their rich owners suffer financial losses when the public loses confidence. About the only thing we can depend on big media for is a reasonable five day forecast.


Bender asking now on KPTK if media is doing it's job keeping the public informed. Might be a repeat - I don't know. You get a lot of repeats on KPTK so it probably is. But a good discussion.


Ms Parker is out of touch with reality and like ms joanie says reflects sadly on the imposing death of the newspaper print industry. This coming week we will likely see the demise of a near 150-year old newspaper (Seattle PI)and this will be a great loss to our community. Ms Parker obviously sees the "writing on the wall' in this regard and is "grasping" at best.
Her opinion on this is worth about as much as her newspaper will soon be. A last gasp effort and a f'n farce.

Lou Boylan Filter

Hell, it's just the opposite. A lot of 'intelligent' are living in a fantasy world where they think that D and R are the only two letters in the alfabet. Real life happens when you stop worrying so much about politics.

I'd like to take out some of the liberal chicks here and show 'em some real life. I'd have 'em squealing with such delight they'd never want to talk politics again. No brag...FACT!


There have some good comments above this one. I do believe that the media has been way to desirous of tearing down. Eveer since Watergate it seems that all the media wants to do is destroy.

I am going to propose some steps newspapers might take. First: Except for the front page, STOP spreading the story all over the paper. Even on the front page they could write a couple paragraphs summerizing the story, then cover it in depth inside. It drives me nuts having to turn to page A 16 to read the rest of the story. This will require a massive restructering of the way advertising is placed. Its a gamble. But worth a try if it might save the paper.

2nd: Dump reliance on want-ads. They're free on the internet. Why would a normal person pay $35 for something they can get for free and quadriple access.

3rd: My biggest gripe with all media is how they will leave out details they either feel hurts the story as presented, or they just don't consider the information politiically correct to print.

4th: Be fair and balanced? Why? Just tell the truth. When have newspapers ever been fair and balnced. But when taking sides, be sure to cover all the facts, not just those that fit your viewpoint.

5th: Stop being afarid to tackle local issues. Love him or hate him Dori Monson brings up a lot of issues that the newspapers ignore. We may not agree with his stand on some issues but at least he is talking about them.

Those are just a few thoughts. God help us if newspapers completely go the way of Beta Tapes. Me, I do not trust talk radio to do investigative reporting. And I certainly do not trust blogs. 99.93% of blogs have a point of view to shove. I would no more trust Moveon.org than I would Rush Limbaugh. Supporters of both are blind.

Okay, Ive rambled enuff.

Good posts above me.

Billy Bob

You may think Dori brings up local topics that the newspapers don't cover...but in reality Dori brings up topics that he or his producer have read about in some local paper.

Puget Sound

hey ryder
as always, good post.

you haven't kept us posted on your job hunt. it's been brutal for a friend of mine.


Ryder-Item 4.

If more of the liberal rags wrote as you suggested they might make it. But they cant and wont. I feel no pity that they are going tits up.

I saw where a Tucson rag is going out of business after 135 years. SF Chronicle employees accepted big cuts.

Report the news-not what you feel/think.

Really isnt rocket science. But libs cant comprehend something so simple.

Puget Sound

objective reporting in the news section and subjective opinion in the editorial section.

when the PI got away from that I let 'em go.


If the papers were going under due to their conduct alone they would be long gone. They are losing out to the Internet, it's that simple.

We can't continue to get free news forever because online news is funded by ill fated dead tree media. That means sooner or later we will have to pay a subscription fee to get news on the Internet, but the problem with that is 1) it's a pain in the ass and 2) any single website provides too little of information.

Therefore I think we will soon be offerred a single subscription that gives us access to fifty or a hundred news sites and the charge for the service might even be rolled into the Internet access bill so that consumers will continue to fund the news they want while not being inconvenienced with online payment. Companies like Comcast and Qwest could even work with the online news syndicates to give subscribers immediate access without the need to create online acounts because those Internet providers could validate users with the syndicated services based on the user's IP address. If Comcast or Qwest called me and asked me if I want to pay $3 more and have instant access to lots of reputable news websites that are subscription based I'd say Yes.

I think there is a lot of potential to make the whole news gathering business far more efficient and profitable when people only pay for the news they want to read and there is no paper delivery or printing costs. The news outfits that do quality reporting and writing we be rewarded instantly while those that don't will go broke equally as fast. No more one year subscriptions that are impossible to cancel wether you read them or not.

Puget Sound

i agree, the internet put the nail in the coffin.

it was announced that actor/political activist ron silver died today. RIP. a brilliant actor.

Puget Sound

wow, over at the DU type websites some less than classy comments. i can see how ph(J)oanie fits in so well.

no ego all willpower

Silver went crazy after 9/11 just like Dori, he is DEAD.


Love the metaphor of Rush/whoopie cushion, Bla'M! It is, as the boys say, "spot on."


"We need an electorate that can think. That is our problem. As long as people choose to be entertained over informed, our country is doomed. We are looking more and more like a third-world country. The average American parked in front of his TV watching 24 or Sopranos or whatever else is the current rage will go to the voting booth or fill out his absentee ballot without a clue of what he's voting for except for the soundbite he heard before voting."

I agree, but how can you or anyone else impact the viewing habits and apathetic attitude of many others who you never are in contact with ? I think that underlying this, you are really driving at is you'd like to see the conservative talk radio rendered neutral or even off the air. by equal liberal talk shows. OK to that, but only if TV is required to have liberal newscasters rendered neutral by conservative or moderate newscasts. No matter how it is sliced or diced, this will remain a political whoopee cushion.


I do not believe everything I see and hear on talk radio and the internet, but at least Democracy Now is informative, even if it is what you don't want to hear.(I know Amy Goodman is not exactly Objective, but she has gone a round with Lou Dobbs(the entire hour on her show) and held her own, and has reported from the field(where a lot of mainstream journalists do not report from if the story will not get ratings) and paid for it(East Timor, 1990 as an example)).

Also, NBC has become innudated with viewer emails about Brian Williams only reporting Bad News about the economy, but he did a 180, he put those responders on the spot, said send in examples of people helping out, any good news, and he'll put them on the air. Within minutes of that request, hundreds of responses, followed by thousands. What now is being done, is Making a Difference has been expanded to 5 nights a week, and a new segment reading viewer responses about random acts of kindness precedes Making a Difference.

Now as for people only knowing D and R, maybe getting a few Libertarians and Greens in there to mix it up will be great, but will never happen under our current system. I hope some in our local media watch what is going on in May in BC, see if the new Proportional Representation proposal passes this time(barely failed last time). That was a response to the 2001 election leading to a lack of political debate in Victoria. The Liberals had all the seats, NDP had 2, did not even qualify for Question Time under their system.


Ron Silver was one of the only Hollywood celebrities the conservatives had. It's sad, only Chuck Norris is left.


I like how Ron Silver can still act in a way. At least differentiate his acting roles from real life. When he appeared at the 2004 RNC, he also had a guest appearance on Law and Order, playing a Liberal Lawyer defending a terrorist. That was acting. I'll give him credit for that.

Also, on an unrelated subject, tonight I was walking home and saw the Times delivering the papers for sale at a Walgreens in my neighborhood, and the trucks are partially painted in PI logos, what a shame, spent all that money to signify the renewed JOA, and now they will have to spend it to go back to the way it was.


Billy Bob,

Dori does cover things the local papers don't cover.....like the John Kerry/intern affiar bullshit story he dragged off Drudge.....and the Pelosi airplane "scandal" he was fed by Judicial Watch without doing any fact checking.

Billy Bob


I stand corrected.

I had forgotten about those journalistic gems which were well researched by Dori's large staff of investigators.


Since some have asked:
My unemplpoyment situation

Nothing has changed. Exceept that I signed up for social security which will bring in $935 per month. That will just cover my half of the rent, utilities, my auto & life insurance. Unemployment is still there for now.
Finding work has been pretty much a joke. Despite the rosey picture the media suddenly seems to be painting of the economy there still isn't anything out there in the construction field. Or any other market where I could qualify.
There is a real chance that I may disconnect my home phone, which means internet also, and rely totally on my cell. I'll finally start using my library card again. So that will still leave the door open for me to keep playing with dear OLD Joanie and dropping my occasional sarcasm.

Ya know if this were back in the 1930's none of us would be collecting unemployment. I don't dare even think where I, and millions like me, would be without it. There would be breadlines by now. Millions would be in the streets. I know that many don't believe in unemployment payments. And I do understand their reasoning. However, money that could have been paid me by my employer was instead taxed from my employment in order to protect me in times like these.

When this current crisis is over leaders need to get together and set protections in place that will protect the nation from these kind of collapses. But we all know that will never happen.

So thanx to those of you who have expressed their concern.


I'm with you Ryder. Sorry you are having such a tough time. Except for a couple of minimum wage jobs, I have been out of work since July.
I am still holding out for a job in RV's, but will seek something else before long. I can sell something else and start soon, but really love the RV business.
Good luck brother.


I find it hard to get worked up about the AIG bonuses. First, $125 million is a pretty small part of the pie, second we don't know who is getting the bonuses and how big they are per person, whether the people getting the bonuses were individualy negligent, whether they broke any specific rules, and what the consequences would be of not paying those various people, but despite knowing none of that people are getting upset anyway.


Seattle P-I to publish last edition Tuesday
The company, however, said it will maintain seattlepi.com, making it the nation's largest daily newspaper to shift to an entirely digital news product.


A little late and after the fact, but thanks for the effort.



Have you considered KBR? A friends young brother who has few skills recently accepted employment with them in Kuwait and is making good $

Dave (not dave ross)

good suggestion habu, my friends son is making easily more than twice his normal salary with them in Kuwait and has signed up again.

Puget Sound

Hey Ryder
Watching friends/relatives struggle right now I can feel for you. People like you and Chucks are not alone in going through this economic chaos. Have you thought about taking Habu's suggestion and/or willing to relocate in the States? It's especially rough as you hit your 50's to go through this.

BTW, don't let the usual suspects aka asshats who take glee (yeah, I am talking about you ph(J)oanie) in your plight because you disagreed with them in the past. She has no heart. Just anger.

And keep us posted.

Puget Sound

sparky, i tried out the LT website. it sure has no love for the radio equalizer but didn't come up with much to show where maloney is off base. until then, i am going with bla'm comment that maloney speaks authoritatively on radio.

but i will keep checking the LT website. some good stuff.


"Unless, of course, Obama really can do magic and become an entertainer on the side of truth and justice for all."

Sounds like more Ph(Jo)anie screed. Not likely unless you had a perverted view that the USSR was on the side of truth and justice - as long as ACORN has increased role with a good chunk of stimulus money - its a valid comparison. I will not call the POTUS a socialist, but instead I'll refer to him as the Social Engineer in-chief and Bush was a fiscal socialist - there ya go. More political whoopee cushions to fill the newshole.


I dont recall joanie being glad that ryder is out of work. I remember her wishing him well.


Okay, mister. What's with the OLD? Hmm?

Bet I could take you on any day. :)

You rwant to go to Kuwait? Why not? Give it a try, Ryder. How much of the world have you seen?

Umm, just don't do any of their electrical work.


John Gibson (KVI 570 WEE HOURS BEFORE 5 AM M-F)has started a new feature BLUE BLOG APPALOOSER he has staff members read hatefilled anti- Bush and Chaney and anti-Repug BLOG DIATRIBE POSTINGS. So far he's only reading from Cooks andLiars andThink Progress maybe one other one or two. i may email him and tell them to check out our haters. I've had a few anti-Bush postings but im not a real rabid radic-lib in the league of some of our posters here. The bilious and venomous postings about Chaney's interview, as read on Gibson today was awesome Step up the hate folks- you're losing out to bigger, more venomous blogs.


I hope Nancy Pelosi doesn't take 90% of my bonus.


Lets try this again.

I hope Nancy Pelosi doesn't take 90% of my bonus.


Nancy Pelosi wouldn't know the constitution if she sat on it. That bill the House passed was all show and bluster - like BW's mascot -Joanie. Her aunt Nancy was the hero of the day for the libtards...


"What Limbaugh and his many Dori's and Lars, and Seans and Michaels (Savage, and Medved) have cynically done to the national discourse, the trust in the principle of journalism in a free country, which has help shrive the fact-seeking business may be irreparable."

Unfortunately, there is a nation with a majority of dysfunctional, non-critical thinking offspring of self-absorbed baby boomers in the 18-25 year old age group and others who are lazy asses about seeking the rest of the story. No wonder things are so screwed up !

It is perhaps ironic that the talkers mentioned above are doing better than before, thanks to the attention heaped on them by the White House. However, most of them are sadly - hypocrites who praised Bush come hell or high water, but disdain Obama for the same thing - going on a spending spree. Michael Savage actually disdained them both, so he is the only one who is not a hypocrite and to a lesser extent - Lars.

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