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March 26, 2009



My main fear, is if this tactic of O'Reilly keeps up, and gets more combattive, somebody is going to get killed, either the producer, the alleged interviewee, or an innocent bystander. Somebody at FOX News is going to have to reign him in. The scariest thing, is, that He and Bernard Goldberg may have already got somebody killed. Olbermann brought up about the Top 5 list of Worst Liberals in the Media out to destroy America, that the last time Bernard GOldberg did something like that, somebody shot up a few innocent people because he could not find anybody on the list. It's scary that we are living in this environment of hate and fear being spread by O'Reilly, and anybody who brings it up, is accused by O'Reilly of spreading Hate and Fear. I guess it is the pot calling the kettle black.


By the way, I am someone who still believes in America, but do not believe in locking somebody like O'Reilly up for crimes they may or will commit, even if it leads to murder, or worse.


Nobody would have ever heard of that petit asian girl or her blog had O'Reilly not mentioned it. He doesn't despise any of them; he needs an antogonist and he'll go so far as staking out Blue C Sushi to find one.

He doesn't hate Olbermann either. It's all theater. O'Reilly portrays anyone who attacks him as underhanded liberal schemers who are out to get him. He says "far left loons misrepresented me and insulted white voters/veterans/unborn children/seniors/rape victims/cancer survivors/cripples/fire fighters/christmas so we sent out an indignant camera crew to give them the 'criminal avoiding the camera' treatment... we're looking out for you." Pure showmanship.

If it weren't for liberal bloggers and Olbermann then O'Reilly would have no antagonists.

Olbermann has caught on and has begun doing the same dance. There was a time when Keith would never mention O'Reilly by name but now O'Reilly and Murdoch are always in the "Worst Persons" list complete with bobble head graphics and disparaging nick names. Then Olbermann does the "how dare you sir!!!" which is just another take on "we're looking out for you." All they need are capes and cool masks.


Olbermann did mention that O'Reilly tried once, about 10 years ago to mention him by name, but mispronounced it, and did not want to be accused of making a mistake, so he stopped doing it.

Law and Order last night had a character that was a reporter with integrity, or once had it. He was mentioning a little about how news had changed. He was just a witness, but the case was unrelated to the media, but ripped from the recent headlines just the same. The case was Madoff with a murder involved.

Mark C.

Think Progress is a big deal site. It's run by John Podesta.


Amanda Terkel got verbally raped by Jesse Watters because she failed to do her homework. Instead of attacking Billo, Amanda should have interviewed Alexa founders, Tom and Stacey Branchini. They would have informed her why OReilly was their #1 choice as fundraiser to aid rape victims.


leave it to bill o reilly to cause a big commotion especially when he's on the air. in contrast to hannity who's low keyed except when he's awake... they're both dispicable.. I gotta tell you this.. you gotta believe me here and totally.. the gay gays blog site is another thing..


It's quite simple, really. All this woman needed to do, or anyone who is accosted by one of Orally's cherubs is to smile, look directly into the camera and say " Andrea Makris!" And then repeat it over and over until the stupid questions stop. Billo would be left with nothing to air on his show. Anything else is a waste of time.


>>Shit: meet fan.<<

More like Pot: meet kettle.


I have this suspicion that KIRO is running more commercials per hour now that KUOW is begging for money and in doing so lowering the quality of their product. Could this be the case or am I imagining things?


Who the f*** cares and what does that have to do with this topic.


I agree that the small asian's criticism of O'Reilly blaming the victim is specious.

She's implying that O'Reilly believes the rape is justified because the girl dressed like a skank and wandered the streets drunk at 2AM when it's pretty clear that he was saying that poor judgement made her overly vulnerable to crime. I find it hard to disagree with him.


Lighten up you little bitch.


O'Reilly got exposed, AGAIN, for being the ass that he is. The Alexa Foundation had several opportunities to cancel O'Reilly's invite and send him home, but they didn't. We hope that the negative publicity they encountered gets their donors to redirect their money to more worthy efforts. As for Billo, his definition of Free Speech means that you are "free" to say only nice things about him...all dissenters will be stalked.


Yeesss. Stalked. This is what happens when one of Murdoch's sewage outlets hires a tabloid "journalist" like O'Reilly.


As sparky stated above the solution to the stalking tactic is simply referencing Andrea Makris. He most certainly wouldn't air that.



Too true, PI Fan! Billo's tactics are way beneath anyone's justification.

Xerxes' Uncle Toot

Even though he plays one on TV, O'Reilly is not a journalist. He is an entertainer, more trivial than most, but whose schtick is "objective" the serious watchdog "lookin' out for you." It is bull shit, he's just lookin out for himself, and his ratings. Like all these right-wingers, he's had no effect on voters. He only manages to scare the occasional bureaucrat.


The so-called ambush interview by Bill OReilly is an established tactic Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes has employed on hapless victims for many decades. So why the sudden fake outrage by liberals?


Oreillys local Minime interviewedSeattle City Councilman Sally CLark just now. Her voice and delivery sounded like she's in a constant state of bemused superiority over how much brighter she thinks she is than the the average "folks"(a word she used over and over to repulsive effect) Ugh can't we do better than this?


I suspect folks have more respect for Wallace, who has never identified himself as a liberal, while being "ambushed" than O Reilly, who sends someone else in his stead.


Heeeeeeeeeere’s DORI!


At least Wallace would ask question and give the person an opportunity to answer... not sneak up on them, yell accusations and gotchas then edit it down to only the confused looks and stumbles. Billo has some facial tics -- he blows up his cheeks and clears his throat suddenly and compulsively. He has the luxury of having those all retaken or edited smooth. His victims don't get that.


The Hate Bill O'Reilly/Dori Monson fan club is in full flight. No other mainstream (Daily KOS, Huff Post and Media Matters don't count) picked up this story.

Unfortunately for BW, his local ratings will go up because of this, similar on a small scale to when the White House blasted "Pills" Limbaugh. The right helped the ratings of Bathtub Boy Olberman the same way. BW just inspired more public curiousity. Dori and the Loofah (LOL) thank you.


Who would support either Pills or Billo in their right, I mean sane mind?

Mark C.

Dori imitates Bill O'Reilly. He many times has the same topics using the same attack words- only a day later.
What is the story on this "Bathtub Boy Olberman?"


If it came down to either being against John Podesta and George Soros or Bill O or Monson, which seems to be where this post is heading - I am against Soros and Podesta - who are tyrannical sonsovabitches...

It can be argued credibly that Soros is pulling the strings of the far left, after all - he poured about $27 Billion +/- into the Obama campaign for payback. Soros would love to see his investments grow at the expense of the evil United States - can't make this stuff up... My $.02 worth.


An interesting coincidence...

"A hedge fund manager who predicted the global credit crunch has said the financial crisis has been 'stimulating' and the culmination of his life's work.

George Soros, who predicted the global financial crisis twice before, was one of the few people to anticipate and prepare for the current economic collapse.

Mr Soros said his prediction meant he was better able to brace his Quantum investment fund against the global storm.

But other investors failed to take notice of his prediction and his decision to come out of retirement in 2007 to manage the fund made him $US2.9 billion."

He happened to call it right, while this country looked bad.


[crickets chirping)

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