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March 25, 2009



The Right talks as much trash as The Left. It goes both ways.


chucks i think he is saying that he wants to buy a used motor home.

Phil Dirt

Methinks Tammy Bruce is the left's Rachel Maddow. Pissed-off and lez. We need someone like her to help us remember that trailer trash and ghetto trash are the same thing in different flavors. the Presidency has been seriously downgraded by the installation of these people. A year ago who would have thought that the white house would be occupied by a black, radical socialist and his over-educated arrogant wife trying to act like she cares about family. Hateful? no just honest about loving my country, and hating those who are downgrading it. Thats not allowed much any more with this new crowd. taken over Washington.

David Tatelman

"Over-educated wife?" That phrase alone is enough to discredit you, not counting the remark about socialist. Crawl back in your hole, you bigot.


The hypocrisy of white liberals is absolutely astounding. Relentless vicious nasty personal attacks made on Condi Rice never generated any outrage from white liberals. Democrats even attacked Condi's looks. Tammy Bruce smashed Michelle Obama and all of a sudden liberals are filled with righteous indignation because of an attack on a black woman. How come you phonies never defended Condoleeza?


All this rubbish about talk radio.

Most important fact:

Talk radio is where ugly people go to make it in the world of entertainment.


"The hypocrisy of white liberals"? I don't get it.There is no one on this blog attacking this woman. The only place i've heard this story is on the radio. No one I know is talking about it. And if you are looking for this type of trash talking listen to The Stephanie Miller Show. She drags John MaCain's wife thru the mud adnausem. I bet this is one of those issues that is running full bore in the right wing world of radio and blogs. Well...maybe this blog included.

concerned citizen

Why is Michelle Obama defacing government property by putting in a garden on the lawn of the White House?? I PAY for that lawn with my taxes. Doesn't she realize she is putting farmers out of work?


yeah Hannity is ugly. So is Stephanie Miller and Rachel Maddow... and so is Luke Burbank, and Thom Hartmann, and Kim Kommando, and Dave Ross, and Randy Rhodes, and Dave Boze. very ugly.

casual observer

She's not really a "has been" ... more like a "never was" in the radio biz. Uses shrillness to cover her lack on content which, of course, makes her perfect for Fox News.

Here's the most telling stat about her career: Tammy isn't even listed in the Heavy Hundred on TALKERS Magazine which is saying a lot.


Phil Dirt is the reason I vote knee jerk Democrat.


A Tammy Bruce / Rachel Maddow lesbian sex video would be the best selling DVD in the history of Western Civilization.


Grammar alert: Phil, it should be "overLY educated, arrogant wife. Or in your terminology: uppity nigra.

The veiled, not-so-veiled, blatant, vicious, subtle, unsubtle, bigoted remarks will continue as long as the Obamas are in the White House. As much as we like to think a change has come, there will be those who cannot tolerate the idea of a black family in the White House. Fortunately, they are a minority who need to get out of the way if we are to dig ourselves out of the hole we are in. Do I need to say the hole that stupid white man put us in?



It isnt the color of their skin, it's the content of their socialist programs that make anyone with an IQ higher than their age cringe.

Zero and his skells are on a spending binge and proposed budget that if approved we will never recover from-and I do mean WE.

He cant explain how he is going to halve the deficit in his first term because that wont happen. Have another liberal latte and do some more research about the socialist's agenda. You've much to learn.

And he lies.

Larry Craig  bathroom attendant

I can come in and fix things, this country needs a man like me.


".. over-educated arrogant wife trying to act like she cares about family." -

You might want to try to pull your white-hooded head out of your ass, you just might grow a few inches.

MIKE not Michael

Habu and Rush are right, it's their trashy politics, not the color of their skin. Trash is trash, white or black. Its their nanny-state gimme upbringing that makes people like Obama think everybody wants a handout to get ahead. There is just a lack of dignity of a First Lady digging around in the WH yard. Whatever you say about the Bushes, you've got to admit they had class, and they were not trying to rob the rich to funnel into the hands of welfare class.


Tammy is really weird-looking. I did not know that. I thought she was a knock-out. She could use some work done.


I have read "upity nigra" "nigger" and references to white robes only from libs on lib blogs.
Do you think that there is a chance that some of you might have a few bigoted thoughts in your own hearts? Just wondering.
Anyway, the lady's on women on the web were much more articulate and open minded than most here.
Go listen to a black women at wowowow debate this issue.
Much more interesting then the liberal racist's posting here today.

Woody Held

Have not heard her show but I read her book 'The New Thought Police.' Highly reccommended.

Doubtless many of the attacks on her are motivated by homophobia. Just as with Larry Craig, Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, when a right-winger is from some minority group, bigotry suddenly becomes very stylish among lefties.


What Tammy Bruce said seems to cross a line. The Three-way catfight(and I apologize to all women and cats I may have offended) between Meghan McCain, Anne Coulter and Laura Ingraham is entertaining, though.

FOX News already had one of their hosts apologize this week, for insulting allied soldiers. They said some remarks insulting members of the Canadian Forces over a remark a Canadian General said about needed to have an operational pause when their current mandate for Afghanistan ends in 2011. 116 Canadian Soldiers have died alongside our soldiers in Afghanistan, 4 more just last week. Some may oppose the CF Being in Afghanistan, but they line Ontario Highway 401 as the hearses roll from CFB Trenton to the mortuary in Toronto, paying their last respects. The highway has since been renamed the Highway of Heroes.


Well, this dissing of Canadians was evident in the days after 9/11 when the wingnuts on the right, Malkin, O'Reilly and their batshit crazy claque excoriated Canada for not supporting the invasion of Iraq. Canada was involved in Afghanistan and sheltered stranded Americans on Sept 11th.

Billo cries about CBC


I think Tommy008 should ask her out.


Modest correction Coiler. Canada is involved in Afghanistan. My nephew is training with Canadians right now in preperation for his upcomming deployment to the sand box.


Canadians are socialists with poor health because they have waiting lists for cancer treatments. They let American traitors into their country just like we let in Mexicans. Al Franken is a Canadian. So is Sean Penn. I hate socialists. I wish they would get cancer and move to Canada.

Mark C.

I guess it boils down to this for me- I love lesbians and can't stand the Obamas. Pretty simple.


My darling Habu; I don't latte.

Also, I would bet that through education and 30+ years of international economic practice, I understand the basics of economics better than most. Not bragging, it is just a fact. Most economists see the Obama theory of recovery as sound. Perhaps you disagree on a political level, but pure economics don't follow political policy.

I welcome your comments.


"in the days after 9/11 when the wingnuts on the right, Malkin, O'Reilly and their batshit crazy claque excoriated Canada for not supporting the invasion of Iraq."

Coiler, just when do you think the Iraq War started?

woody held

lol, it was maybe 5, 10 days after 9/11, am I right Nevets? Malkin & OReilly were all over Canada, I remember it clear as a glass of Ketel 1 vodka.


Doubtless many of the attacks on her are motivated by homophobia. Just as with Larry Craig, Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, when a right-winger is from some minority group, bigotry suddenly becomes very stylish among lefties.

Woody, you forgot Justice Scalia. And look Sparky, its from MSNBC.


Larry Craig is a minority?


Coiler, the CBC made a movie called diverted that was partly fictionalized(a few politicians names were changed) about Gander taking in the stranded passengers. I also remember seeing footage of Toronto's Pearson Airport of planes backed up on the runway because of the unexpected amount of passengers they had to take in that day. Also, the History Channel had a documentary on Air Traffic Control and 9/11, and they did not snub too many people, I mean they had FAA heads, the controllers themselves, the NATCA chief(the current ATC union), and people from NAV Canada(Canadian Air Traffic Control), and of an interesting incident in Whitehorse. A Korean 747 that was being watched by NORAD closely because the hijack alarm had gone off, and was nearly shot down over Alaska, had to land there, at an airport that was long enough, but not wide enough for a 747, and had no radar. It landed safely and everything was cleared up, the alarm was an accident(the pilot responding to the order to divert), but could have been worse. Could have crashed into Downtown Whitehorse(very close).


Ridiculous - keep Michelle Obama out of this. Her brother is a good basketball coach, as well.

Go ahead and criticize the President for his actions and his feet need to held to the fire, but dissing the First Lady is uncalled for and is lunacy from Bruce.

adjustable bed

Seems like they want to blame everyone but themselves. They blame the "industry" for this, that and the other thing, but the industry didn't fail, Air America did.

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