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March 05, 2009



Good job co-conspirator stalker person.


The whole Rush Limbaugh issue is beginning to remind me a bit the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in Russia in the mid 1990s. The party enjoyed strong backing from about 30%+ of the population – which was enough to make it the most popular party in Russia’s multi-party system at the time – but was fairly reviled by most of the remaining population. Sure enough, the party did well in parliamentary elections (where 30% of the vote translated into a lot of seats) but when it came to presidential elections, the communists never could get a candidate elected. It seems like the same thing may be going on with Rush – he’s sufficiently popular that if you are a Republican, you want him on your side for a myriad of benefits he can provide. But when it comes to general elections, I wonder how costly association with him will prove to be.


I am a Democrat and I want Rush Limbaugh on THEIR side for "a myriad of reasons." Wonder wish will come first, him falling out of popularity or or falling over from a heart attck. I suspect we've got miles to go before either of those things happens.


In the end, I think radio operators who have happily dined at the Rush trough for the last few years are going to find themselves facing some tough internal conversations - if they're brave enough to face them.

snow white and the seven dwarves

While other conservatives were lauding Obama as a centrist-pragmatist, maybe even with a U of Chgo econ dept libertarian streak, Limbaugh was insistent that Obama was far-left loon. Limbaugh turned out to be right, and right now is having the time of his life.

I think he might even bring his TV show back. He is in his element with a moonbat in the WH. He is making multi-millions, maybe even billions, while the PI goes out of business and the NYTims teeters.

Remember Limbaugh was key in the R taking of the US House in 1994. It could happen again in 2010, you never know. Anyway, Rush is back.


What Snow White doesn’t realize, a majority of Americans think Rush and his faction are right wing extremists. And it’s damn fun watching them push the middle right out of the merrymaking as they scurry to the corner. By the way Snow White, get the heck out of our house you free loading hussy.


Please Rush forgive them for what they say. You all must apologize. Follow my lead…you must all kiss his fat caboose. XOXOXOXXO


Rush had his chance on TV, twice, he was told to get the hell off ESPN after his statements on Mc Nabb.

"The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is little hope invested in [Donovan] McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve."

In the five-plus years since Rush Limbaugh uttered those words, the Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback has:

-- Passed for 19,151 yards and thrown 155 touchdowns in 77 regular season games.
-- Has a 6-3 record in the NFL playoffs.
-- Reached the NFC title game three times.
-- Gone to one Super Bowl.

His teammates must be tired of carrying him all these years. Call it another Rush to judgment.


Rush isn't the problem, the far-left animal activists (PETA, POPGO, WOOF) manipulate the corporations with their boycotts and sabotage. These freaks make Rush seem mild-mannered. They have far too much influence in the Dem. Party and Washington DC.


Coiler – Don’t forget the fiasco Rusty the Junkie had as guest host on the Pat Sajak Show in 1990 with gay activists in the audience. He just can’t take criticism, listen to or debate an opposing point of view. His invitation to debate the president is a posturing joke. He is a political version of pro wrestling. His one appearance on the David Letterman Show in 1993 or 94 making Hillary Clinton into a hood ornament didn’t hit well with the audience. The next day Rusty the Junkie blasted Letterman and his audience as being a bunch of liberals with the usual boorish nicknames, many of it rehashed here on this blog. Thanks for bringing up the ESPN debacle. I was waiting for Tom Jackson to deck him when I saw that. In fact, I wished he did.


It is, our side has huge support among loyal americans. We cannot fail


"The next day Rusty the Junkie blasted Letterman and his audience as being a bunch of liberals with the usual boorish nicknames"

This is to funny. Roz, what were you thinking. Calling Rush a boorish nickname and then attacking him for doing the same thing. In the same sentence. Hilarious.


the far-left animal activists (PETA, POPGO, WOOF) manipulate the corporations

Hey, don't forget the far-left kids' organizations (BSA, YMCA, BCA, DS, GSofA, YWCA and the Katzenjammer Kids).


Yes Joanie, YOU ARE CORRECT (Phil Hartman doing Ed McMahon) and I express regret on my hypocrisy. However, I proclaim innocence on grounds that I never advocated harsh sentences for drug users while popping pills or busted at airport possessing someone else’s prescription Viagra. I never preached family values after three failed marriages and having a best friend preach the same while carrying on an affair with his secretary, somebody named Newt? Oh yes, there was a Talk about phony soldiers or criticize anti-war veterans while having never donned the uniform himself. I plead not guilty! Amazing what a few beers (specialty brands) will do knowing I will be going home in less than five days! To top it off, I wrote a song for you and hope you enjoy it! It is sung to the tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon” a rebuttal to his “Barack the Magic Negro.”

rozskat: song for Joanie

"Rush the Magic Junkie"
Sung to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon."

Rush the magic junkie, the voice of EIB
Dittoheads worship him and so does RNC
Liberals are the culprits of all of America’s ills
Always full of piousness while popping all his pills, oh

Rush the magic junkie, he is always right
Michael Steele had spoken out later he did contrite
Anyone who opposes Rushbo will be out and through
Just ask any Republican and apologize they will do, oh

Rush the magic junkie, the voice of EIB
Dittoheads worship him and so does RNC
Liberals are the culprits of all of America’s ills
Always full of piousness while popping all his pills, oh

At the CPAC convention, he jumped and he spoke
Presented himself as spokesman of the common folk
Stuck in the 1980’s with the Gipper and his crew
Old stale messages and grandstanding, while saying nothing new, oh

Rush the magic junkie, the voice of EIB
Dittoheads worship him and so does RNC
Liberals are the culprits of all of America’s ills
Always full of piousness while popping all his pills


Joanies right. Here I thought all this time they were selling cookies as a way to raise funds. And it looked so innocent. Never did I think those girlscouts were boycotting Walmart for the past week. Tomorrow I will have to ask what they are boycotting.


Joanie, your answer to where we stay in Hawaii, the last time I flew the kids out here in 2006 I booked a hotel for them at Waikiki, It was one of the Hawaiian Royals. It was their first trip here. Stupid me, being the workaholic I am, worked and stayed on the ship during that time. But I paid for their trip, beach view hotel room, dinners, gifts and whole nine yards and spent the afternoons, evenings and weekends with them. This time I think I will take advantage of my retired military benefits and try the Hale Koa or Bellows Air Force Station. But hotel packages are getting cheap due to the economy so I may try to be a Republican and check out the “private sector.”


I wonder if William Miller(besides VP Nominee in 1964 was also the chair of the RNC) or Barry Goldwater were around today, and they criticized Rush, would they have to apologize. I think I might get the impression Miller would not, 2 of his daughters opposed McCain, including the one with the radio show. Barry Goldwater Jr backed Ron Paul.

Some on all sides may hate Howard Dean, but his tenure as DNC Chair, he rebuilt the party with his 50 state strategy. Although he did emphasize the importance of talk radio on the progressive side(what little there is) in 2006 to the point Clear Channel flipped a few stations in a few markets, that happened to be in the Swing State of Ohio.


The Royal Hawaiian? (The pink hotel) was undergoing remodeling when I was there last fall.


Rush is probably laughing all the way to the bank, as Obama has brought him to the attention of many more as he has the bully pulpit. Even though LImbaugh, the entertainer is not popular - still over 20 million listen to him, I have read that he had profited greatly over the last month or so.

As Ross Perot used to say - "That big sucking noise..." is the Obama Administration's attempt to nationalize as much as possible during their time in power, so that we can become a co-dependent/nanny state. The perception is that the Democrats can have a long reign of power (half of the country will think of it as a reign of terror) if they can manipulate the government into nationalizing banks, health care, open up the welfare rolls, legitimize illegal aliens - you get the picture.

I would like to see a monkey wrench thrown in this boneheaded scheme, which all in the name of power grab. I will refer to him hereafter as President Smelly if he moves forward with this agenda - however, if he modifies it, I will accord him the proper respect as President - It's up to him. Too bad the Constitution has been disregarded, because most of what BO is attempting is unconstitutional. Sadly, the constitution was disregarded in the last century.


Don't get too gleeful Dems / Libs. There are still many in this country who don't see through your narrow view point. WE all know that you would like for Talk Radio to disappear because you hate freedom of speech, you only want your speech and none else. Why is it that you are so bothered that not everyone believes the same way you do?

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