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March 09, 2009



Yayyyyyy! I love Peter B. This will be great!


He does a fair amount of local (California/San Francisco) talk and it is always interesting to hear the politics of that leading-edge (politically speaking) state. Also, a lot of great guests and he's a true progressive.

Along with frequent guest, Brad of Brad's Blog, he's the latest word on ballot boxes, voting machines and hacked elections.

Thank goodness I won't have to switch the dial away from Nancy Skinner anymore. I was actually listening to KUOW again.

I love Peter B.! He's talk with integrity.


Integrity. Ha.

Like all other Lib radio hosts he is just part of a big propaganda machine (Definition of propaganda: "Exaggerated, incomplete, or inaccurate information used to win support for a political viewpoint.")


sounds like Billo there, nevets


Wow....looks a lot like Frasier!


nevets, or is it Steven, painting people with a broad brush? Apparently
you have never heard him, he calls out Democrats too, always has. Although I liked the time he got in a heated argument with a Republican Spokesman. He told the guy who was thinking that being a Republican on radio(as a guest, not a host) he could talk down the host on his own show, to SH** UP! THat was funny. That and the one where he called the hold out on the budget, although he was nicer on that one.

The Bonus with Peter B being on KPTK now, is that it is much better, getting more than just the rebroadcast of Friday's show.

Thought I Saw A Bum

"hear the politics of that leading-edge (politically speaking) state."

WIth their former actor turned Republican governor, running a bankrupt state that just banned gay marriage.

And in the age of the internetz where you can get breaking news and opinion every second, a show on 3 hour delay should be a huge success.


Did anyone hear Stephanie Miller complain about Dori Monson this morning? She played an excerpt from last Friday's show. Dori said she threatened to off Rush Limbaugh when she was on Larry King. Hope it doesn't go to Dori's head - she did make fun of his girl name.


I grimaced when I heard Dori on Stephanie's show. Unfortunately, I think he craves negative attention. He is a mini-Rush. But he would enjoy being called that, wouldn't he?

Love Peter B; sensible, lowish-key. A big change from Randi.

Puget Sound

"...He's talk with integrity.

Posted by: ph(j)oanie | March 09, 2009 at 08:08 AM"

that's what you use to say about bill moyers...LOL!


PutS - She still does, as far as we know.
Let's see, talk with integrity must mean he is a skilled liar, maybe he was once a lawyer.


Still throwing stones, huh sputs? Nothing else to say?

Can't even say it in the right tense. Takes Klueless to clue you in.



Randi was a three hour - actually a six-hour delay. Her show originated noon-3 I think. I'm not sure. It might have been 3-6 but I know it was at least delayed three hours and I think six.

Didn't hurt her.

I love Moyers and I love Peter B. I love cool, calm and intelligent. What can I say?

Puget Sound

'what can i say' ? evidently not much.
wasn't that you who said history wasn't important...no wonder you keep repeating past mistakes.

when i hear bill moyers come clean i'll consider calling him a man of integrity.
until then, he's just the one who disseminated some awful rumors about martin luther king or ordered investigatory witch hunts to gather information on homosexuals in gov't. but hey, YOU may think that is 'integrity'...anyone who doubts it i'll be happy to relink it. bill moyers is person with a shady past.

randi's time delay is a huge disadvantage for her show . but hey, for the 'true believers' it didn't matter as they always are willing to wait for 'the word' from randi.


Ph(J)anie you just love amoral people who feign intelligence by bloviation like those who you just mentioned above.

Only in America...


You are stuck in a time warp, sputs

And Randi could care less what you think. Me, too.

Mike is on a rampage tonight. He's giving hell to Chuck Norris. Chuck was on the dais with Huckerbee or whatever his name was. A real Christian zealot. I guess he's threatening the secession of Texas? Good grief.

Puget Sound

funny, you can't disprove what i say about your beloved bill moyers. i guess truth has no place in your world, eh ph(J)oanie?


mike is giving 'hell' to chuck norris. how f'n precious that is. anychance he would do that in person? not if he want's to keep his teeth.

why go after chuck's religion?

oh yeah, spot on KS!

Puget Sound

forgot to say, i caught peter b. on sunday down in oregon. he wasn't too bad.

of course, now that i understand he has a nutter fringe listener base i may have to rethink it.


Chuck Norris is insane


That's what Mike is ranting about. So funny. I think those cell groups are called Rushlicans.


Chuck has a religion? He looked like he brushed his teeth with Elmer's Glue from his appearance with Huckabee


Well, I for one am not in favor of any kind of 2nd revolution. Once is enough for a country and those founders set the course for years to come by putting in our Constitution for elections every 4 years. That is where you beat your opponent in America. Not on a battlefield. The GOP lost last time around, soon it will be the Libs turn to fail again. But if some puke like this comes knocking on my door telling me how good Obama is for me and America, well he better be fast because he might be looking down my looter buster I bought after Katrina. Just kidding, but those doing the knocking might be forewarned that gun sales have spiked since election day. Wonder why?


I'm starting to smell a rat with these unemployment numbers. It brings me back to the campaign trail when the Obama campaign had ACORN send hundreds of New Yorkers to Ohio to register and vote. Could the Obama Administration be doing this today. Could they be running a scam whereas sending unemployed people from one state to another to file claims just to cook the books. I find it hard to believe with over 2 million jobs available that the unemployed in this country cant find work. Its either Americans are lazy and waiting for a socialized government to take care of them, or what I described above is happening.


good gawd, you don't need encouragement from chuck norris.


nevets: you obviously know nothing about how the individual state unemployment systems operate. Also, how many people traveling around the country would it take to significantly affect the rates? Think about it - what you suggest is goofy.


Steven, your smeller is on the fritz. I suggest Flonaze. It will clear right up. But please dont confuse it with Flomax. That would be another problem entirely.


I got a cd
From Peter B
He sent it to me

Also a picture
He's a handsome dude
Without his glasses
'Looks just like my neighbor, Ood.

Umm, that's Ed, made to rhyme (of course I sent him a dime...)
Fifth Dimension: Declaration of Independence

I love Peter B: the voice of integrity.
On KPTK, I hope he'll always be.


Hey April, I think that number would be around 500-600 thousand. Is that close enough. This isn't the 1850's, we have automobiles now. And whats so hard to understand. You go in, show a piece of paper, get unemployment benefits. Hell, thats just as easy as registering and voting on the same day (Ohio). Except maybe the longer lines. Think about it.


nevets, keep throwing out those nuggets of paranoia. This is why Pills Limbaugh blew it for the GOP.

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