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March 14, 2009


Puget Sound

...lets call Pat O'Day, He can help Randi both with her alcohol issues and also teach her the nuances of the radio business. Talk about a two-fer!

And just think ph(J)oanie, this could be your chance to spend some up close and personal time with the 'unamazing Randi.'

Puget Sound

randi -what a frickin nut- rhodes talking here her theory on the southern cali fires...i love the way she comes to this conclusion.

'smart' people actually like this crap?

Puget Sound

of course, getting crap wrong or making it up isn't new to randi's show. When Randi 'left' her show her people tried to drag Malloy into it saying, ""This also brings Mike Malloy's syndicated program to an abrupt end as well, at least for now."

that was news to the Malloy people.

""This also brings Mike Malloy's syndicated program to an abrupt end as well, at least for now."

Kathy Malloy here. Randi Rhodes' lawyers have no information about our broadcast status. Our program is most definitely NOT coming to an abrupt end, now or in the future. This is completely untrue. We have intact and continuing affiliate relationships that may be harmed by this lie on your website. I strongly suggest you remove it now.

Kathy Bay Malloy
Executive Producer
The Mike Malloy Show

no doubt another 'blackwater' conspiracy...LOL !

Right now Randi is no doubt working on a huge case...not a conspiracy, rather a case of 24 bottles of beer.


Good to see Randi got under your skin. But most women on here seem to have that effect on you.

Puget Sound

nice try coils, it's not a gender thing as who really cares about the gender of any poster. who really believes that 'sparky' to choose a name at random is really female. would it matter if sparky was a male or a female? wouldn't make much difference to me.

i'll pause as ph(j)oanie fails to grasp what was just written. ...okay, while that nutter hits her reset button i'll continue.

anyway, show what info about randi that i posted was wrong.

i still recall the relish that many here on this blog had going after the real mother of 'twig' palin. sarah palin was attacked by people like you without mercy. so f'n funny to hear you now claim to be so concerned.


Don't open up the Sarah Palin can of worms again. The beginning of the end for the RNC. The joke gets funnier as time goes by; shocking story that the daughter and the sperm donor have broken up! Shocker. And they were the happy ending to the failed abstinence only story... doing "the right thing" by getting married. What a joke. Yes SP is a deserved target.


The media ownership issue will have to be revamped before progressive talk can succeed. When you have multiple right wing stations in the the middle of the dial and progressives at the end of the dial at low power what do you expect? The other problem is that you have reactionary broadcasters like Rush who appeal to the base emotions of people who are uneducated about government and usually end up voting against their own best interest. Most right wing nut jobs have nothing better to do than listen to the garbage that Hannity and his ilk spew and nod their heads in zombie-like agreement. I think most liberals tend to read more and are more involved with family life and aren't listening to the radio so much. I like Thom Hartmann, but his knowledge of the system and facts are probably overwhelming to the average listener, especially one who may sit on the political fence. Randi is great and I'm sure she'll reappear soon. She's probably done more to expose the corruption of the right more than any other host. CACI even tried to sue her, but couldn't succeed simply because you can't argue with the truth.


Truth be told, I like Peter B. better than Randi but I'd could easily take them both. Randi explains every little detail that happened in Congress that day. I like that.

Peter B. has a diverse group of guests and an educated and interesting listenership. He's just a pleasure to hear. And his range of topics is better than anyone else's.


Wow, someone has anger issues today...


OK, as a liberal who listens to conservative talk, I try to follow these updates on these liberal hosts I've never heard of but it's just one drama after another - so and so has suddenly disappeared and her show has just gone off air but maybe it'll come back suddenly, such and such host added 2 affiliates but then decided to quit radio for a new career, the owner of xyz liberal talk syndicator is in the hospital after he tried to kill himself, etc.

Is it just me or is this a total fantasy world? Are people seriously wondering why liberal talk radio has only a fraction of the affiliates and profits as conservative talk? Is it possibly because conservative talk is run like a business and liberal talk is run like a hobby?


It has nothing to do with professionalism or attitude, it's all about money, 100%.

It seem that there's so little money to be made in liberal talk radio these days that the talent is trying to decide wether it's worth their time to stay on the air or if they should go back to doing whatever it was they did before they got the radio gig, and it looks like they are slowly choosing the latter one by one.

Not only are we in Great Depression Part II but it looks as though AAR was a cottage industry of the Bush occupation. All they did was talk about how evil Bush was all day long. It was catharsis for disenchanted True Americans if you will, and now that Bush is gone, beaming rays of sunlight have dried away everyone's tears.

Puget Sound

yes, why is it Liberal Talk fails?

Randi 'Blackwater caused the fires' Rhodes 'explanation' of the doings in Congress each day must have been fascinating radio...'fascinating' if you are a conspiracy nut I guess.

can Olby be next? his shows are still dragging on about Bush and the Bushies. At some point he'll have to give up that line. At some point.
Chris 'the thrill up his leg' Matthews is in the same boat and made the mistake of trying to hammer Ari Fleisher the former Bush Press Secretary. Ari Fleisher easily 'handled' Chris Matthews. if you don't care much for Matthews it was 16 minutes of wonderful television.

Puget Sound

uh, 'Sparkles,' has ph(J)oanie figured it out yet?

Puget Sound

The problem with shows that can only rail against Bush is that at some point Bush is gone and you have to cover more current stories of the day.

For example,reading over at the KOS it's obvious that Olby who tells all that he 'speaks truth to power' was really too silent on the whole Jim Cramer vs Jon Stewart dust up. Could it be because Cramer is part of his NBC GE conglomerate. CNBC/MSNBC family don't like to go after each other now do they?

One can imagine how over the top Olby would have been with it if it had been a Lou Dobbs or Neil Cavuto getting the smack down. But hey, at NBC GE we are all one big happy family speaking truth to power.

Reminds one of the Lyon of the Left, aka Bernie Ward. And how many years did he get....

Puget Sound

too be fair, shouldn't mention bernie ward to randi or olby in the same posting. as while randi and olby are nutters, neither one would do what bernie did.

so my apologies for same.

to be clear:
randi/olby: nutters
bernie ward: a bad person in a well deserved place.


Found this interesting little tidbit on that radical right-wing Drudge Report.



>>yes, why is it Liberal Talk fails?<<

Because liberal talk is as entertaining as watching paint dry. Period.

Once the left-wingers figure that out and groom someone who can be entertaining WITHOUT being a smart ass - then liberal talk will succeed.


Drudge is radical right wing?

You been closing the lounge with the wino?


Puts, the anger comment was for you, not joanie.

You guys crack me up..if I took all your comments and just changed the names to your guys, you would be sputtering all over the place, post 37 links to Drudge and the Radio Fertilizer ( who does a remarkable job typing with one hand, I must say) and would find a way to toss in that joanie is drinking.

I think Andrew has it right. We have a lot more resources at our fingertips that we didn't have 8 years ago, and so maybe we don't need liberal radio anymore. It served it's purpose quite well, despite being outnumbered by other stations. But, as I have said before, go ahead and take away all the liberal stations...the message is not going anywhere.


I'm thinkng that the reason Peter B. quit radio is because he does not want to be known as a Socialist. He knows that if he keeps defending President Obamas policies thats just what he'll be classified as. Not a good thing for one who claims to be All-American.

Its either that or he came to BW to see what kind of audience he was going to have up here in the Seattle area, seen Joanie praise him, looked back at Joanies past posts, seen the hate Joanie has towards America in the desguise of patriotism because she fiathfully listened to Randi and Malloy, looked in the mirror and decided then and there he didnt want any part of this Faux Patriotism anymore. Who would.


Well, the old white guys had their say.

Sputs forgot to mention Moyers. Memory failing, sputsie?

Nice analysis, Bill. Probably a little too sophisticated and thoughtful for this audience. Hate propaganda will always be more enticing to this group than information. It is easier to feel than think.

Fortunately, that ever-decreasing number of sheep that listen to right-wing radio and read right-wing trash disseminated by mailbox-glutting emails which keep the filth and lies coming are getting it. (Exceptions above)

Those who live in the past and blame Carter, Clinton, and Johnson-or that pseudo-president, Moyers-are still echo chambers for the filth spread by profiteering "but they're entertaining, joanie" cult leaders.

You "entertainment-guru" followers are the ones responsible for this mess. You baa-baaing rams who followed blindly led this country over the cliff. And while you're scrambling up, you're searching every little crack and cranny for a liberal to hate and blame.

You're all idiots. Unfortunately, you're dangerous idiots.

Interesting, sputs now name-calls Congress "conspirators." That's the level of discourse from old white men.

Again, Bill, thanks for a thoughtful post. We still too few of them,


See, steven, you prove my point. "socialism" and "patriotism" - you talk in labels and you don't even know what they mean. But you're determined to blame a liberal for everything.

I call you guys idiots. That's being nice. You are stupid. Just plain stupid.


DJ Allen over at liberaltopia has got it.http://liberaltopia.org/?p=2248

Content has got little to do with the success of right-wing radio.
"It is all about the advertising dollar, and who gets what share. Ordinarily, for every broadcast hour, a station owner gets about 5 minutes of ad revenue, the show owner gets about 5 minutes and the syndicator gets about 5 minutes. These times are negotiated, but it roughly works out to that breakdown.

Now with most of the radio stations in this country owned by Clear Channel, they collect that 5 minutes simply being the station owner. But they are also a content provider — a syndicator, owning several syndications companies such as… Premier Radio. So as a syndicator, they can collect another 5 minutes an hour on top of the 5 minutes they collect as an owner.

But wait.

They also own the shows that they have in their stable at Premier. There is that last 5 minutes of advertising dollar that they can collect.

So what do they do? They buy up all of the radio stations and on those stations with the largest “footprint” in that market, they will put their own programming on it. If they have any stations left over with a small footprint, they will put ‘filler’ programming on it.

Once in a while they will put a Progressive Talker on those dogs thinking that there is no way they will ever get enough audience to compete with their own programming. But if that station does manage to somehow break away and start getting a large share, then suddenly there is a format change.

It isn’t about market share or what the PEOPLE want to listen to as the Conservative talkers would have you believe. It is about unfair competition where five or six mega owners own all of the stations, most of the syndication and most of the shows. Independent hosts and syndicators are basically shut out.

I keep hearing the false argument that anyone can compete in radio, and that if you were any good, you too could be as successful as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hanity. The hole in their argument is that the number of station frequencies are finite in each market. Depending on geography and a number of other factors such as neighboring frequencies, not every market can support the same number of stations or the same power on the frequencies available. If one or two companies have snapped up virtually all of the available stations in that market they can control the programming — regardless of whether the people WANT to listen to what is provided or not.

What really needs to happen in the industry is for Congress to limit the number of stations a broadcaster can own. Period. People seem to forget that WE THE PEOPLE own the airwaves, broadcasters only get a license to operate on them for a year. By restricting the number of stations a company can own in a market, we can start bringing back real competition to the industry. We would get more diversity and we would actually go back to letting the free market decide what we get to listen to."


Good luck, sacrosanct. These idiots will continue to ignore facts and stick to their own nonsense.

Easier to ignore you (and Bill) than to talk to you. They will have nothing to say. Well, until they can think of an appropriate name to call you.

BTW, not the first time this has been explained but possibly the best.


Excellent post, sacrosanct. Just excellent.


Thanks sacrosanct
A very clear expanation that some of us outside of the business can understand.
Are there any liberal talk formated stations in this area that had started to break out in the ratings that were re-formated to something else to avoid "damaging" the other property. (That is the way I understand your post to mean).


Chucks, you're such a neanderthal. We have one. It is KPTK. Which, regardless of hard times, hasn't changed format. It is owned by CBS. It sits in the middle of a so-called sea of blue.

Do your own homework. Check out how many stations CBS owns. Then check out Clear Channel (the headquarters of which are located in that liberal bastion, San Antonio, TX).

Now, see if you can draw a conclusion from the information at hand.

If not, keep working...


I don't believe that I asked you anything at all you idiot. What you just posted does not answer my question anyway moron. My question was about local stations that changed formats do to reaching ratings high enough to damage another station owned by the same company, dipshit.
You know what, you old skank, you have been hanging around little kids too long. All of your stupid name calling is getting old, stinky person.


Same to you, ignoramous. Intellectually-challenged idiots like you should just keep their mouths shut and stubby fingers still instead of publicly asking dim-witted questions and clogging up an otherwise intelligent blog. But stupid is as stupid does. So you can keep your malodorous posts, trashy name calling, and stupid questions to yourself. But you're not mart enough to do that.


And I bet you think of that often, don't you?

See the company you keep, chucks. That's why I disrespect you.


Posts like those of bb above in regard to joanie s/be censored/rejected, there's just no need for stuff like that.


If any of you were Peter B. Would you want Joanie as your number one fan? That would be like bringing ants to your own picnic.


That is a load of your typical bullcrap joanie. What BB said has not a damned thing to do with your disrespect. It is nothing more than my not agreeing with your liberal slant on everything or anything. You are just a bitter old woman that desires me, or others that believe as I so that you can vent.
You just need somebody to love and to love you. I just can't think of any man that lonely. Maybe you should open up a pen pal relationship with a prisoner. When he is paroled, you can take him in.


Only a picnic in Sandpoint, Idaho. You give yourself away with every post, Steven.

Now where's the beef? You got any?


Well, when the well goes dry, you go to the toilet. I'm laughing at you. You always get back to the same trash talk. It is all you have, chucks.

Your post to sacrosanct was so transparent a six-year old could have said it clearer: name one in seattle.

But you tried to hide it in what to you is adult mode. Thanks for the...now answer....

Obviously, you missed the whole point of his post.

And you can't recover without going to the john.

You are predictable. Your words? You think I take them seriously? If I did, I'd leave you alone. But I don't. I'll take you on until you learn to think. You can take me to the toilet as often as you wish. I will not be intimidated. I will continue to call you out until you learn to post an intelligent response.

Puget Sound

...from the above series of posts it becomes clear:
if you were ph(j)oanie, you would be angry too.

and sparky, i knew that it was directed at me. still mad cause i called you on doing a joe biden and posting stuff as if it was yours when it was from someone else on the net? my oh my, thought you would have gotten over that by now.

you throw stuff at the radio equalizer but don't back it up. just saying it doesn't make it so.

LOL. say 'hi' to coils for me. or is it critter?


Must have missed that post you made, Puts. My comment was based merely on what you said upthread.

You might want to check out what the LTR blog has to say about the Fertilizer. He even has pictures!
Bla'M has it listed in the column to the left.


Randi Rhodes does not give a rat's ass about her disciples. She has not even deigned to post a message saying "Hello. I miss you. I'm doing fine. Hang in there, I'll be back soon. Nothing. She has shut her fanatic followers out of her life completely. She couldn't care less about their feelings."

That's your goddess, Randi Rhodes.

Puget Sound

randi knows her fans well and treats 'em like tools.

'played' for a fool by randi rhodes. now that has to be disquieting.


Hang in there, Puts, Steven - the old un-sacrosanct sourpuss has polluted this blog with her unabashed rudeness so that fewer of the usual suspects are bothering to comment- have you noticed ? Ph(J) has earned that reputation - for being so void of common sense or loaded to the gills while blogging again. It's not just monthly - its on a regular basis. Schick Shadel is calling...


Talk about a bunch of guys scorned....do you realize most of your threads are about getting even with some woman here or elsewhere?




Feeling sorry for yourselves again, boys? You ought to get over that.


I feel sorry for you and anyone else who acknowledges your blarney. buh bye.


KS will be back, if only to toss dirt at joanie. All the women on
SP agree with him over there..not as much fun..


There are some trolls over at SP that would want to have an orgy with the progressives here - (ie. All Facts Support my Reasons (aka No Facts), correctnotright, gopinexile, Demo Kid, tensor, Cato and the troll of all trolls - David Matthews). How's that for free publicity ?

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