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March 12, 2009



I liked Jerry Springer on AAR. He had qualities similar to Dave Ross, calm and collected. Intristing without being vitriolic. I think Montel will have a similar style. I have high hopes for this show.


I just hope that he keeps in contact with the lady that talks to dead people. She was always fun to watch. Sylvia something-or-other. Besides, maybe she can help AAR ratings by getting the dead to tune in.
Now, let's get back to stalking Rush.


How is criticism of Pills Limbaugh stalking?


When a talk radio blog covers the most succesful and most influential talk radio personality of all time at the height of his social relevance I don't call that stalking I call that competant blogging.


Rush Limbaugh was the biggest story in media last week. Writing about him ain't stalking. You would have really screamed if Bl'am had ignored him.


No, really, we have to keep stalking Rush. It is part of the briliant plan hatched by Emanual, Carville, Begala and Snuffalupagus to attack Rush in the party tradition. We are just a small part of the conspiracy here at Blatherwatch.
As for the Montel clip, he was just being slick. Kudos to him on his effort. But some of us wanted to hear a little bit about Ledger. I know my neighbor kid had jus finished filming some kind of Batman movie with Ledger and had been talking about what a great guy he was. This was a ten year old talking about throwing a football with some big time actor and how much fun he was to work with.


My spelling is getting worse.
Sorry teachers, I try.

Earth Angel

Ledger may or may not have been a good actor and a good person, but as far as importance goes the needless war vs some nice actor guy?


Why does anybody look to chucks for anything intelligent or serious?

He's the twenty percent (or is eighteen now?) that still thinks Bush was a great president.

Sad, isn't it?


As for Montel, he sounds intelligent and thoughtful. That's a nice change.

I was pretty tired of Lionel. I don't know what happened to him but I'm glad he's gone. He became shrill and unlistenable.

Sorry to disagree about Anne Marie. She's thinner than rice paper. Maybe she'll last and maybe not.


My real problem, Earth Angel is with folks like Montel exploiting the deaths of our heroic troops for their own political gain and/or pupposes. But I have had that battle many times on this site and chose not to re-ignite that today.
Now, let's get back to stalking Rush.


Monte was a Marine who graduated from Annapolis. He spent 12 years serving. He's a true patriot who gave to his country before he gained so much from it. His concern for the troops is sincere, and comes from a moral ground quite a bit higher than those Fox News jackanapes and fluffy-heads.


Yeah, I was wondering that too:

"It has been alleged that this resulted in part from an appearance on the show Fox & Friends in which Williams criticized the media's lack of coverage on the Iraq War, and took the hosts to task for their (and the media in general) excessive coverage of the death of actor Heath Ledger, contrasted with the sparse coverage of U.S. soldiers dying in Iraq. Some have noted that one of the segment's hosts told viewers that Williams would return for further conversation after a commercial break, but that Williams was no longer on the set when the commercials ended."

So how is that exploitation? He criticized the media.


I've been fishing arround for a little Montel info and what you say is true. So, the only thing wrong with him is that he is a lib. But he is a Marine first so he has earned the right to be any thing he wants and I shall have nothing but respect for him.
Wish that I could say the same thing for that asshat Murtha.


If he was in the Coast Guard, would he get less. I didn't know the military had classism too?


Nobody exploited those kids in Iraq like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. All the propaganda and lies which you're still buying.


As for stalking them? They left a trail of evidence a cemetery wide and a gravesite deep. What more do you want?


I always thought Montel was a good talk host. Until he started to repeat all those Randi rants on his show. Pity, he could have been much better.

I wonder what he'll have to say about Obama's signing statement. Considering Obama publicly questioned Bush for doing so and promised Joanie and Sparky and all you other libs he wouldn't do it. Will any of you libs call him out or are you afraid if you do, you wont get your stimulus from Obama?


Everything is black and white to you, isn't it Steven? So simple minded. That's why it is impossible to have any sort of conversation.


I don't realy care what the cons have to say about Montel. He's here for us, and we're getting him. There's nothing to debate.


Williams-Springer '12.

Oh yeya, doog.

Helen the Engineer

I'm a progressive, but that does NOT mean embracing squishy and incorrect thinking about science or even the economy! I'm getting the impression that Air America is running as fast as it can away from brains. I like Thom Hartmann; used to like Rachel Madow -- listening to Greene do "Hollywood Clout" and ask, even insist on, these stupid questions that violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics is just painful!!!


I've come to the conclusion that Greene is a paid infomercial. Nothing else justifies his even being on the radio.

I really think he's hawking that Est-like California spiritual thing which I can never remember the name of. He's got a bunch of stuff for sale on his website and says Air America gets a piece of. It has to be an infomercial. It is unlistenable.


Gotta delurk and disagree with you about Anna Marie Cox. She's a beauty but other than that brings nothing to the table. Despite her new media cred, she was regularly the WORST guest on Rachel Maddow during the last political campaign season, had no apparent insight or access supporting her regular appearances on Rachel's show, and tried to make up for lack of gravitas with snark.


I would like to hear what Montel has to say about this Obama policy being considered. I think this is a slap in the face to all servicemen who served this country in its time of need.

" There is simply no logical explanation for billing a veteran's personal insurance for care that the VA has a responsibility to provide.

Puget Sound

hey Nevets
Look for the Whitehouse to orchestrate an attack on this man. They did it with Limbaugh, Cramer, et al and no doubt will go after this man. But hey, all in a days work when you get put on Obama's Enemies List for the high crime of speaking your mind.


I'll be watching the Comedy Channel to see Stewart drill this guy on his service record. Should be interesting.


she was regularly the WORST guest on Rachel Maddow during the last political campaign season, had no apparent insight or access supporting her regular appearances on Rachel's show, and tried to make up for lack of gravitas with snark.

So nice to hear someone else say it.

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