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March 02, 2009



Why did they make the FM station the talker and the AM station the sports station when the AM station had already built up brand equity as a talker? Me confused.

If this is a direct offense against KUOW, and they make that their focus, then Dori Monson's base should feel alienated and might look to AM for more consistant conservative talk. It's a scary thing for KIRO to take on KUOW and let Limbaugh anex their AM territory, because if I'm not mistaken he's still pretty popular.

Dori always said he's a conservative oasis on a liberal talk station, and I think that only worked becuase KIRO was available among other AM options. Put me on the record, if hating on Gregoire, Nickles and liberals as a group are still daily features of Dori's show, I'm predicting he's going to sink hard and fast.


We live on Camano Island. Can't get KIROFM in the house, only in the car. We've listened to KIRO for 21 years. Not after 4/1!


"we'll be listening to less KIRO."

Oh... I doubt that. You're far too obsessed with that one station, not to figure out a way.


I can't seem to make the switch to FM. I have all my AM buttons tuned to talk stations and like to jump back and forth between them. Switching to FM to hear KIRO means I have to push an extra button & don't think it will be worth it. KIRO will likely be out of my rotation once they make the switch.


I live west of Chehalis...at home I can't get KIRO FM at all. Even in the car, it's a hit and miss proposition dependent upon where I am...and when it does come in, it's often scratchy and hard to understand.

KIRO can kiss my ass. They've been going on about how this switch is so great while giving no thought to those longtime loyal listeners that will now be left out in the cold.


We are in an all-steel newer building and unable to pick up AM. This switch will allow us to listen to KIRO on FM, which we do receive within the building. Everyone I talk to here approx 150 people is excited to be able to now receive KIRO. I can only imagine that there are many buildings around here in the same shape. This could be a big net gain.


I'll be listening a lot less after the switch. Will go to 570AM for most of my news. Unlike KIRO, I am giving this switch a little practice to see if it will fulfill my radio experience in the future. Whereas KIRO, with the pre-emptions they are doing for the Mariners, one would think they wouild turn the switch for a few practice runs.


Simon talked to 150 people who are "excited to be able to now receive KIRO"; NEWSFLSAH: KIRO has been on FM for several months. When you make up funny lies you miss out on these sorts of details. Either that or you work in a retirement home; yes that would explain it.

Furthermore, I love talk radio but if I were to talk to 150 people about it I'd have zero friends in a quick hurry; unless you work in a retirement home, where 150 would probably loooove to discuss talk radio.


Like simon our building is similar. Most of the people I talk with like the idea of being able to alternate between sports and talk. I think most of our employees like to listen to Dave Ross and Dori Monson so this is a real plus for us.


"Pelosi Snowed-Out of Global Warming Rally"

This is becoming a trend in the Global Warming debate. Until they start switching thier conferences to places that the temperature will reach the 100's they will continue to be the laughing stocks of the protesting community. Even worse than those that protested the Iraq war was for oil.


It makes the anti-environment types look particularly dumb when they point to singular weather events to counter point long running trends which take into account many thousands of events over time.

The human race will die out because such a large component of it is made up of people like Nevets. We simply don't have the collective intelligence to prevent over consumtion of available resources.


What exactly does your post have to do with KIRO-FM? Please try to stay on topic.

Steve Bolger

Because of course, snow is direct proof that the earth's climate is not changing, because, of course, any cold weather means the atmosphere is irrefutably not warming.

Andy,thanks for further proof that science education in America needs some help.


Please don't confuse me with Nevets, I haven't done anything to deserve this.


Must Watch


Bonus points to whomever knows what the significance of the flag flown upside down in the above video means!


absolute rubbish!


absolute rubbish? Can you name one falsehood?

Ricky Bobby

It's what Dale Earnhardt saw before he crashed.

Steve Bolger

Andy, I meant thank you for pointing out Nevet's stupidity and his need for more science education. I agree with what you said 100%.

Steve Bolger

I think the FBI would be interested in investigating someone who advocates a violent take over of the government. Notice how this "brave soldier" had to hide his face to have the nerve to say this shit.

I know liberals with guns who will protect their families from wackjobs like this idiot.


If we're living under an "ever increasing tyrannical gov't", then is Obama a tyrant? Or is that what paranoid, militia-types call any elected leader they disagree with? You know, something? we never did finish the civil war, we might as well do it now...


KIRO radio still on the air? I stopped listening to it after they let Mike Web go!


you leaving must have been their good-luck charm cause they're THRIVING!


Reception sucks up here in Bellingham/Ferndale, but it doesn't matter since no one listens to milquetoast Dave Ross, or Hannity/wannabe Dori anyway. Talk about running a once-great AM powerhouse of a station into the effing ground!


Recife. The only time the flag of the United States should ever be flown upside down would be to show a ship in distress. In this case its the the United States he is saying is in distress. I disagree, just as I disagreed when I seen this same type of protest from Bush/Cheney haters. And Recife, you would be hard pressed to find a Captain of any US Ship who would insult the flag in such a manner.


"long running trends"

As pertaining to what AA? Can you conclusively say the Earth is warming up as fast today than say 50,000 years ago. Now that would be a long running trend. 10 years out of 2 billion is not.


We live in Lake Forest Park and the switch to FM improved our reception immensely. KUOW is still crappy but KPLU comes in great. Go figure.

blathering michael to jason brooks

"'we'll be listening to less KIRO.'

Oh... I doubt that. You're far too obsessed with that one station, not to figure out a way."

Jason, I'm not so obsessed that I listen to your infomercials disguised as news...




Dori's "Jackass Monday" (the tiny tirader makes an ass of himself- again)Dori Monson, KIRO's tiniest of talkers made an erroneous news report during his show Monday as he gushed in that pimply-faced, not quite manly voice of his that Marquis Cooper the NFL player and former Husky was reported to have been found alive.I turned on a national cable tv news channel and they were reporting no such news,only that the one player, not Cooper, had been rescued from the Atlantic after their fishing boat capsized. His report turned out to be wrong. Also on Monday- the small-statured sophist claimed he was certain that Obama and his gang were "delighted' to see the stock market lose more than 20% of it's value this year and dip under 7000 for the DOW, as people's rertirement funds dwindled down. Absolutely asinine oomment.


Thats what I thought AA.


Nevets, I don't have to prove that global warming is real, the fact that you think some snow disproves global warming speaks for it self.

You never hear Republican leaders take the floor and say "this snow storm we're having discounts a need for carbon credits." and this is what sets them apart from you. People like you are dangerously stupid, and thus you aren't given the keys to anything important.


Don't have to AA, or can't? I just asked you about these long running trends you said proves Global Warming is caused by greenhouse gases. Simple question. Did you forget the fact the Earth is like 2 billion years old and with that reality your trend statement sounds sorta foolish now. Now back to my original question, don't have to or can't? I think the obvious answer is the latter. CAN'T.


May be this large gathering at the recent Global Warming Rally will change your mind.


I never said anything "proves Global Warming", you're making that up.

You assert that snow storms disprove global warming. That's so idiotic I don't even know what to say. It's like you beleive that because water can still freeze, the environment must therefor be sparkling clean.

Global warming isn't the entirety of motivation to avoid oil; there's also the fact that it's a non-renewable resource, it causes smog, and purchasing it funds terrorism. You go for the soft target because you can't deny it funds terrorism, and you'd rather drive you pickup truck even if it means helping the terrorists.


Glow ball warming is just a scam that the liberal crooks have concocted to screw with industry in our nation and world.
The next thing you know, there are going to be entire law firms devoted to filing law suits against oil company's, utility company's, mining company's, car company's and just plain citizens for using all of those evil products.
We already see carbon credits being dealt for profit. Ass hats like algore are getting rich by fucking the rest.
No wasting natural resources is common sence and should be promoted. But global warming is just a new industry perpitrated on the lemming masses by the elite.

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