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March 23, 2009



I sure hope that Rhandi Rhodes doesn't come back to AM1090 anytime soon or at all. They have been saying that Peter B was filling in for Rhandi Rhodes, but really, what kind of host just disappears without blogging about it. Are her fans so avid that they are rabid?
Another beef I have with AM 1090 is that I can't count the times that they start running the tape from yesterdays program and take the entire first segment to figure it out. Get it together AM1090!


Yes we need Randi. Only she could put a positive note on this news coming out of Washington.

According to MonCrief, the Obama presidential campaign called her in October 2007 asking for coordination in soliciting donations from people who had already made the maximum contribution to Obama allowed by election laws.

And then we would all learn about it here on the BW from Joanie. Come back Randi. Joanie needs you.


What would nevets do without his randi fix?


I'm not convinced Randi Rhodes is mentally stable. The way she disappears only to have her handlers leak out tiny bits of cover story some time later tells me that she's having reality problems. Most healthy business people don't leave their customers waiting for days on end.

I don't even listen to her and I feel like I've been played. When there was word that she was injurred we didn't hear anything so I became slightly worried. Then there were rumors she was attacked by a nutball conservative and still we heard nothing. I fear the worst. She has since gone on to spontaneously disappear more than once without any communication.

I'd sooner listen to Randi and a psychologist talk about what's troubling her than I would listen to Randi tell us what's troubling her about politics. It's a little bit of everything I'm sure.


What would Steven do without his Newsmax ( "All the News that's fit to Pull Out of Our Ass) fix?


"The testimony is from Anita MonCrief, a former employee of an affiliate of the Association of Community Organizations. MonCrief, who was fired for improperly charging personal expenses to the ACORN affiliate, originally testified under oath as part of a request by the Republican State Committee in Pennsylvania for an injunction against ACORN. The request was denied."

Now THERE'S a source we can trust!


"The FBI has been investigating the liberal community organizing group for possible voter registration fraud."

Where you left off Sparky. Does the FBI fall into that catagory also?


Looking forward to hearing Randi again. If you don't like her, don't listen to her. Peter B. QUIT radio. Too bad there are way too many conservative radio owners.

Downtown Sam Brown

Randi is too pissed off in the Obama era. Thom Hartmann fits the times better. Wish they would hire a Mike Webb, or a David Goldstien, or a Dan Savage to do regionally based progressive talk. Hard to feel much for a station that's just a bunch of machines playing talk radio pre-recorded somewhere else. KIRO does it a little with Dave and Dori, but Dori is just pissed off jock, and you get the feeling Dave is a little short in the passion department.


I suspect Randi has a drinking problem. Until she gets that fixed, her career will be a roller coaster mostly going down.


Are they still investigating, Steven?
I thought that was settled long ago, with nothing found. Why would Newsmax need to throw in that part..did they think it would lend this piece of crap some legitimacy??? Hmmmm???


Sam Brown has it nailed - forget about Randi - do local with Goldy 6-9pm.


Quite frankly, I miss Randi's home work. And her contacts, and her fans. I miss hearing from Brother David every now and then. Let's hope she's getting laid regularly and will show up in a stable station somewhere on the left coast where she belongs.


Well Sparky, maybe the FBI isn't actively investigating ACORN. Right now.

But the story has legs and they are still trying to get in the door. As per testimony from Heather Heidelbaugh at a House of Rep Judiciary Subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties hearing last week on the 19th.

Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee, it is imperative that Congress take
immediate steps to:
1. Investigate the serious lawbreaking in which ACORN and its related entities
are engaged;
2. STOP providing taxpayer funds to ACORN and its related entities that fund
these illegal activities; and
3. Bring accountability to the American people by stopping these illegal
activities, and demonstrate through your actions a clear dedication by Congress to protecting the
integrity of the American electoral process from these lawbreakers.
The time is now. The American people are watching.

And with ACORN about to be partners with the Census for 2010, the people are watching Sparky. You should to.


Who is Heather Heidelbaugh?
Executive Committee of the Republican National Lawyers Association


bingo! Another reliable source.


Well Sparky, since you turn a blind eye to those who want to destroy your rights in this country, be grateful that others, like heather are watching out for you.

Thought I Saw A Bum

Yes bring Randi back. Syndication has worked so well for her. When she was at Air America it went bankrupt, same with Nova M. I need my fix of Randi 6 hours after it actually aired, KPTK, keep up the great work, like your promos say, I'm telling all my freinds and even people I don't know, to tune into a nameless, faceless station that has no local ties.


NPR and commercial radio are too apples and oranges. I don't believe gains for NPR are losses for commercial radio because the product is very very different. Commercial is entertainment first, info second. NPR is info first, and damned if it's often entertaining. Unless you like listening to some lady describe the taste of baked snapper or Rick Steves describing local customs concerning foot wear.

Dave Ross talks common sense news of the day as if to take the "I do this for you" high road but then a second later you'll hear him talk about how they chose one topic and discarded another purely based on its entertainment value.

NPR on the other hand will deliberatly obfuscate anything that might be entertaining. Pat Cashman and son are to be on, no promo at all. Meanwhile they go out of their way to pitch an hour with an herbalist. Why? Because the herbalist is ultimately more informative.


The only person who tried to destroy my rights was President Cheney. Heather may be trying to keep that ball rolling, but she wont succeed. Coiler will send her to the re-education camp.


I read the testimony that Heather gave to the House Judiciary Committe and was unimpressed. Very little evidence except a few "fuzzy" recollections by a former worker who was fired for embezzling funds to pay for her personal moving expenses! Heather states cleary that she was a paid counsel for the Republican Party and an executive member of the National Republican Lawyers Association. Yet Nevets presents her urging the committee to action as if the FBI has the case on the backburner and on the edge of cracking wide open. The Acorn as scary out to subvert democracy through voter fraud monster is about as believable and relevant as the Obama birth certificate is faked story is. What happened Nevets you run out of tin foil to protect yourself from the transmissions?


Hey T-Man, what did yo think of the Articles of Impeachement presented to Congress by Kuccinich?


Heather has an agenda, get urban(black) activists at all costs.

Bob Witkowski

I don't miss Rhodes at all. She's trouble. And she's unprofessional. From the moment she began bitching about her salary and studio vs. what Franken got at Air America I knew she was trouble and troubled. Get help and get back on the air or good riddance.


I love the way Randi Rhodes defecates on her devoted followers. She makes no attempt to communicate with them in any way, shape or form. Randi does not even bother to hide her contempt for her rabid ass kissers.

aileen Laing

I listened to her for a while but got fed up with the daily ranting. Nobody can be that angry that long. I much prefer Stephanie Miller and Tom Hartman.


randi is an angry, vulgar white woman.
sure, I like an angry vulgar white woman on radio, but that will only get her as far as she’s got.
she works a while , then she blows herself up, along with her bridges. but if she wants to move up at all, like r. maddow did, she needs to work on some other non-four letter words and allow someone else to get a word in edgewise, and then smartly respond.


I like Randi because, as another poster noted, she's an education on current events in Congress. She's a CSpan addict and keeps current on everything overt and covert!

Her ego gets in the way too much. But, I'll take the bad with the good in her case because the good is sooooo good! And her guests are not only good but they respect her knowledge as well.

Steven, are you one of these rightwingers who wants to see Obama fail more you want to see our country succeed?

I will agree with one thing: the "CHANGE: message was oversold. He's been handed his 9-11 opportunity (the economy, stupid) and his opportunity to change the way Wall St does business is evaporating. So far, he's no progressive. Financial institutions, already too big to fail, are getting bigger. At a time when small businesses should be carrying the day, they continue to struggle while the big guys continue to get bailed out.

More of the same.


I used to enjoy Ms. Rhodes, but over the years she has become a fairly unknown, D-List, name dropper who is seething with jealousy because she is not invited to the television shows on MSNBC or CNN. While she is somewhat annoying, I would listen to her again if she returns to radio.


Let's hope Randi is gone for good.

The proof of her lack on integrity is in how she completely abandoned her large online message board, one of the best and most active liberal boards on the web. Randi just didn't care one whit about all those people, most of which were die-hard fans of hers (many of them no longer are, I imagine, given how shabbily she's treated them). She just up and leaves. No follow up. She's just gone. She left all her fans in a lurch, and those who made daily contributions to her message board community completely high and dry with nary a shred of information or the most meager public updates on what's going on with her, her future as a radio personality, or the future of her website that hundreds of not thousands relied upon daily.

The left doesn't need flakey, histrionic divas like the self-proclaimed "Goddess of Liberal Talk," the "Number One Progessive Host in the Nation" (where exactly did she ever get that idea, by the way)?

Randi was soooo good in the beginning, before she became successful and her head swelled up. I got so sick of hearing her massage her ego on air seemingly all the time, telling us all how great she was, that she "was" AirAmerica, that she "was" NovaM, etc. Her rudeness to her callers, even to those who agreed with her, was legendary, inexcusable, and off-putting.

I think Randi is obviously have personal problems, and she's letting them get in the way of her work. Whereas I feel for her personally, she was really starting to give the left a bad name, and I, for one, and very glad to see her go.

Now, the liberal talk format can move on with other excellent hosts like Hartman, Schulz, Maddow, Miller, etc., who respect their audiences, understand professionalism, and know how to stay on the air. None of our other talkers are perfect ... but neither do they trash other leftie talkers, waste our time public airing of their private contract disputes with management, etc.

Randi Rhodes needs to grow up, get help with her dysfunctional ego, and realize she's not some 70's rock star, God's gift to radio, or to the "sine qua non" of American liberalism.

Steve Pipenger

I love(d) Randi. Sadly, reading these posts, I've realized that, yes, she seems to almost have a profound selfishness (and contempt?) for her listeners, of which I was one. The only one worth listening to is Thom Hartmann. Stephanie Miller is entertaining but she is too apologetically Democratic, rather than ideologically consistent.

Just Me

I used to like Randi though she was abrasive to most of her callers (even the ones who agreed with her) but honestly, I haven't really missed her that much.

Oh, and that she has refused to make any statement to her listeners going several weeks clearly indicates that she really doesn't value her fans.

Face it, she gave everyone the middle finger and will not come back to the radio. I used to be a sponser of hers in Seattle on KPTK but to be honest, she is to flaky of a product to stand behind for my advertising dollars.


all these right wingers here trying to make randi look like a show that cannot be sponsored, focusing only on her negatives which are minor and few and a matter of taste, and then pretending to be ex-fans is so pathetically transparently deceptive that i must laugh in your faces if possible. you people are desperate. you lost by a huge landslide to a black guy who is smarter than you, and frankly more honest and trustworthy, and you know if randi was on the air right now, she'd be tearing you all new ones every time you try to call in to make asses of yourselves spouting your right winger trash talking points. yes, she is a big reason (besides bush) why obama got elected, and you cannot and will not trash a republican so you go after randi. how brave you all must feel. but when she does return and believe me, she will, if you thought the last couple of years were rough on your ideology, wait til she comes back refreshed, with a clear direction, some sponsor dollars in her pocket and millions of listeners and supporters like me, you republicans are gonna be lucky if you can still hang on to texas and the south. and wait until the justice department gets into gear and starts taking down some of these crooked senators later on this year... you guys are toast- own it or get OWNED.


Gee tadpole, maybe when you grow up and become a full grown toad, you will get past race. Is the reason your parents voted for obama is because he is "black"?
As for Ms Rhodes, I hope, for her sake, that when she gets out of treatment her head is clear and that she can get on with her life.


Randi Rhodes was awesome and spoke her truth plus I almost always agreed with her. Yeah she has an acerbic style, but she brought me back to listening to (mostly sucking) AM radio and thinking that their was such a thing as progressive (god forbid ) Am radio.


I'm looking forward to Randi coming back but without all the drama and rude and offensive behavior towards her fans and callers. She's extremely bright and funny but I'm afraid it's gone to her head. A little humility would be nice to see in Randi.


Someone on the Inside

If Randi was going to come back she'd have come back by now.

She is a classic example of amazing talent who developed an ego that did not match the level of her demand. And it's not the on line persona that did her in: it's her off air lack of professionalism that ruined her chances.

Randi Rhodes will never be on the radio again. Mark my words.


According to what i read on a Phoenix website where they are focusing on the Nova M bankruptcy and the padlocking of the Nova M doors, Randi is contractually barred from speaking out or using her website until sometime around April 15.

You must understand that her contract was violated by Nova M and they were not providing the proper insurance that they were responsible for. Specifically the libel and speech protection she has had to depend on in the past. Please remember she was sued by a defense contractor while at AAR. She was able to fight the suit in court due to being properly insured and having the Insurance company pay a lot of the fees involved. She won the suit which is rare against a huge corp with very deep pockets.
Randi had to take time away from her show to fight this case as well as for a full hysterectomy while at AAR.
I think the whole AAR fiasco really threw her for a loop.
We all know that Randi is a communicator and would surely be yelling from the mountain top if she could. Let's be kind and not cast doubt on her mental health or a possible addiction until she is contractually free and has the chance to speak for herself.
She really loved the Drobny's and spoke very well of them. They were the reason that she originally joined AAR. The breakdown of her contract with them while at Nova M must have been very personally hurtful. From all accounts it sounds like they were not running Nova M in an ethical manner.


That is what I heard, too katiedid.
We will know more in a few weeks.
But, if you have read this site for very long, you will understand that none of that will matter to many here--it's more fun to write about things from their asses.

arlan boll

we miss Randi and need here voice!!!

arlan boll

Ex President George W. Bush may have left office with an historically bad 22% approval rating. This was exonerated by the fact that when Obama was inaugurated Bush was the ONLY president that was booed by the people present (just type in Bush Booed on youtube and you will find a plethora of video confirming this) and although the media at the time was not ready to clarify that incident (for fear it might have spoiled Barack's inauguration) you could see how distressed Bush's face was when it happened. After all of his misdeeds both evident or not he's still eager to impart his wisdom. He will soon embark on his first speaking tour—and he will be getting paid $150,000 a pop. He will hit the lecture circuit next month with stopovers in Canada, the U.S. and other spots around the globe.

Maybe we can then ask him questions not yet answered by this thief.

In not one "exit interview" Bush has given recently did any "journalist" ask him: Why did you appoint people to key government agencies and departments who do not believe in the missions of those agencies and departments?

No "reporter" in any exit interview asked Bush: Why did you allow your 2004 campaign to Swift Boat and smear John Kerry's sterling military service record?

Not one of them asked: Why did you say "bring 'em on" when the Iraqi insurgency began? Didn't you understand that more American service personnel might die because of such a taunt?

Not one interviewer asked: Why did you have to cling to Dick Cheney by your side and not allow transcripts or recordings of your testimony before the milquetoast 9-11 Commission? Why all the secrecy? Why the subterfuge and lies and misinformation about 9-11 if everything was on the up-and-up?

No interviewer asked: Why did you allow Jeff Gannon to pose as a White House correspondent? And produce fake video news releases? And paid Armstrong Williams to shill for you? Why did you send "message force multipliers" out on the public airwaves to sell the Iraq war?

No one asked: Why didn't you go to the FISA court, a secret court that almost never denies presidential requests for warrants, to obtain authorization for your NSA surveillance program? In 2004 was Karl Rove using the NSA to spy on the Kerry campaign?

The public will not get the repudiation of Bush it longs for. No. Elections are not nearly satisfying enough. We need some prosecutions. Some people need to go to jail. Whenever I see Ari Fleischer, Karl Rove, Torie Clark, or Karen Hughes on TV it feels like a dagger piercing through my heart tearing at the essence of what it means to live in a democracy where the rule of law means something.

I guess being Bush (or one of his cronies) means never having to say you're sorry.

He should pay us all reparations for the misery he put us through these past eight years.

It has been nice these past weeks hearing our sitting President finally make some sense, Can we not keep Bush locked up in his home so he doesn't embarrass us any more? Or at least we could all take turns standing guard, shoe in hand ready to toss just in case he rears his anti-constitutional head!!

We must investigate the Bush crime family!


Randi Rhodes is a hopeless alcoholic. She has reached the advanced stages of alcoholism. She has had blackout episodes. She has passed out on the street. Randi does not need another talk show. She needs professional help in order to save her life. Randi has gone into deep seclusion. She does not even communicate with her rabid devoted fans. Randi is on the brink. She needs a savior.


mrogi knows this because Drudge and World Net Daily told him so.


Very well put. Given all that has happened the past eight years, it's certainly not unpatriotic for us to insist that the Bush Administration be investigated- the world is waiting to see if we really take our democracy seriously.

Jim Holbrook

I, myself, am anxiously awaiting Randi's return, because I know I can hear the TRUTH about matters when she does, not like the LIES that some of you have spread about her just out of desire to besmirch her for her truth-telling properties. You conservatives sure know "values" when all you can do is lie about her.

Puget Sound

"That is what I heard, too katiedid.
We will know more in a few weeks.
But, if you have read this site for very long, you will understand that none of that will matter to many here--it's more fun to write about things from their asses.

Posted by: sparky | April 03, 2009 at 05:07 PM"

I love the -above the fray- tone coming from one of the most eager of the 'Twig Truther' posters on this blog during the election. Eagerly searching for the real mother of Twig. Was it Sarah or was it the 16 year ld daughter. Please Sparky, or Coiler, or the Doppleganger of the day. Please.

Lets not forget your slimy reach into the 'real reason' (Todd caught his ex biz partner having an affair with Sarah, right?) that the former business partner got divorced and then -horror!- had it sealed up. When that didn't pan out your comment was 'well, what was I to think when the man had his divorce papers sealed?'

(hmmm, maybe his divorce was a personal and painful thing...)

The deal with Randi is you don't have to make up stuff. She actually thought jokes about assassinating a sitting President were funny. Go figure, I am sure that there is a 'crowd' that likes that kind of tripe. Enjoy.


. When that didn't pan out your comment was 'well, what was I to think when the man had his divorce papers sealed?

Next thing you know he/she will have his/her birth certificate sealed. Oh, wait THE HE has already done this. Well, what was I to think????


Its ok, Puts and Habu..joanie will be back soon and you can go back to making your clever comments about her. I'm happy to be her stand-in for now.

Pelu Maad

Liberals don't need talk radio.....WE CAN READ!


Obviously not since you apparently don't understand what an Ellipsis is. It's three (3) full stops...you dolt!

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