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March 13, 2009



Goldy V Carlson? Sounds good! I hope they make the most of it and land some throws. The status quo isn't so great. A social libertarian and a fiscal conserative have too much in common to make for good discussion.


Goldy could perk up that show. I could do with more talk after Ross is over at 12. He'sthe only one I can listen to on KIRO any more. Hope KOMO gives Goldy a show.

Lou Boylan Filter

I agree. That could be a match worth seeing. Goldy should be better able to challenge Carlson with specifics than Schram.

They will need to put in a special over-sized 'dump' button for Goldy, however.

Good move by Komo, but maybe too little too late.


Would like to see Tim Eyman vs. Goldy-stein. They would be at each other's throats from the opening bell, but had better be in different locations. I have voted for maybe 1/2 of Eyman's initiatives and believe Goldy-stein is too far left to be rational on a number of topics, similar to a number of fellow commenters here.

I'd listen just for the debate perspective. With him and Carlson, I am just not that excited for some reason.


Goldy gets a gig; Peter B. loses one. He's calling it quits after next week. I will miss him mightily.

Goldy will give Carlson a good debate. He's way more progressive than Schram. For me, it's back to KUOW and podcasts of Dave.

As an informed electorate, we are doomed.


I didn't see that on his web site, did he announce that on the air?


Ok I found the info, Bradblog has the story and the first hour of his show today
Peter B Collins

Mike just commented on the future of progressive radio when I just tuned in.


I tried KUOW this afternoon and when I tuned in, they were mocking the idea of CEOs not getting billions anymore ...i had to turn it off, joanie.


Yes, I heard Peter B announce it. He was passed over for an afternoon spot on Green960 and just decided he'd invested enough money in his venture and decided he couldn't afford it anymore.

I think he's a niche kind of guy who appeals to people who think and make up their own minds. I think we're an endangered species.

Everybody wants Hollywood or Bollywood. He had Brad on for the last hour and it appears that Brad is on the short list for that same spot. I like Brad but I don't like him better than Peter B. Peter B. told everyone to go to Green960's website and vote repeatedly for Brad! Peter B. has given Brad huge exposure and now Brad may get the spot.

BTW, did anybody hear about Seymour Hersh making noises about a CIA assassination squad reporting to Cheney?

"Congress has no oversight of it. It’s an executive assassination ring essentially, and it’s been going on and on and on. Just today in the Times there was a story that its leaders, a three star admiral named [William H.] McRaven, ordered a stop to it because there were so many collateral deaths."

Granted, you need to read the whole article. But it's intriguing to say the least.


Olbermann had John Dean on the other night talking about the article.


Is it just me or has Dori's show been sucking hard lately? I used to get some sustenance, if even the tiniest bit, from hearing his explaination in clear enough terms how some liberal law maker or liberal initiative is undermining white male America but lately it's been like dead air, nothing grabs my attention. I listen out the side of my of my ear as I work ever so productively, and can go until about 1:25 PM until I realize I'm listening to libertarian clap track, but lately at about 12:25 PM I've been getting this "Dave Ross ended a while ago and I haven't heard anything since" kind of feeling. Is it just me or do others feel a more distinct sense of loss at about this time?

Lou Boylan Filter

Cheney is running a squad of assasins that use bowie knives made of damascaus steel right here in the NW. They work out of McClendon Hardware and there cover is that of hardware clerks.

If you speak out against deficits they will hunt you down. This is all documented.


LBF, see last post.


I will definitely tune in to listen to Goldy on KOMO. I am hopeful that he has taken some voice lessons from Dave Ross, so I can listen longer!

A shame about Peter B; I was enjoying him as a replacement for Randi. I wonder who they will put in that slot?


No doubt the assassins use those stealthly and devious Black Helicopters frequetly spotted by those beady eyed libs.

And of course with Robert Gates previously living in the area it is logical that the teams would be working undercover in Hardware stores and Starbucks in order to develop their target folders and keep him in the intelligence cycle loop.

Ahhh, the good old days.

Tin foil hat award time for the wino after exceeding all expectations.


Lou Boylan Filter

Copy that, Habu.


The Goldy gig is only for 2 days, so you'd better listen to every bleepin' minute of it.

Lou Boylan Filter

There is a local hardware clerk of whom I'm aware, posing as a recent Russian immigrant named 'Dirk Gozinya.' Whether you are doing new cabinets or faucet repair, Dirk is the man. But run afoul and he will lift his red smock to reveal an engraved Damascus bowie-dagger given to him personally by Cheney. It was hand-forged in a coal fire by an ex-Recon guy in Oregon. If you saw the recent Rambo movie where he forges his own knife, that was no BS--it was based on this guy.

Anyway Dirk is just one of what Dick Cheney (DC) calls his 'CH' team ('cold hitters' team). If your wall of security is so thick that even Dirk cannot penetrate, they do have a plan B. Generally such people are sent off to work in Obama's cabinet. It's all part of DC & DG's twisted sense of humor, because Dirk's cover is that of 'cabinet maker.'

Dave (not dave ross)

Authentic Andrew i agree, as someone who could sometimes find Dori listenable, lately it seems like he's grasping at straws. (when not setting up straw men) My favorite example lately was when he used the CNBC Kramer guy as a critic of obamas rescue plan. Most people know Kramer as a huckster, and former wall street hedge fund manager. His stock picks and timing of the market have been abysmal. But as long as he critisizes the president hes good enough for dori

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