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March 20, 2009



Ann Coulter is on the way out. So goes Dori Monson and the like. People aren't in the mood for hate speech right now, especially with such a positive president who is very vocal and reaussuring. Conservatives are the "no we can't" to Obama's "yes we can."

I think Monson isn't more relevant to actual voters because his arguments are usually made up of hyperbole and begin with the assumption that everyone listening hates liberals and our political leaders. His listners don't hate our political leaders; they elected them as far as I know.

He says things like "our liberal leaders want to take our money and spend it creating some liberal utopia!" rather than things like "a study of a similar project conducted in San Francisco showed that the costs were not recouped by the income generated." If Dori's appeals were more reasoned and level headed as Dave Ross' arguments usually are he'd probably be far more influential.

Puget Sound

as long as we get red meat such as the AIG bailout bonus fiascos talk radio will do fine. you'll recall how people wanted to know why we couldn't take some time and actually read the Stimulus Bill. how speaker pelosi/majority leader refused to honor her word for giving 48 hours to read what was in the bill and how none of the congress or their staff had time to see what was contained in the bill. and now everyone is shocked about the $145 million bonus payout. but hey, speaker pelosi you rammed it through and were able to fly off to rome.

sooooo, that kind of stuff resonates.


Pelosi set the trap and the republicans walked right into it. Now talkers like Rush and Malkin are coming to the defense of the AIG executives' bonuses. Republicans in Congress have been forced to agree to TAX, causing great dissent in the already broken ranks. Better to switch horses in the middle of the stream on those bonuses instead of agreeing on a t-t-t-ax to recoup some of the money!


Thanks, Andrew, for a reasoned comment about the topic of the thread. Apparently, however, John and Ken haven't heard the news...

Briefly stated, the theory goes like this: Conservative radio hosts thrive on a kind of populist anger at politicians that is not terribly different from the road rage that drivers stuck in traffic feel for other motorists. As Mr. Lewis wrote in 2003:

John and Ken started to care about state politics — when politics finally accommodated what they call their “tone.” “The challenge is to hold onto the tone,” John says. Asked to describe the tone, Ken says, “Rabid dogs.” John says: “I don’t know that part of the brain that shouts all these things you aren’t supposed to say in polite company, but that’s the part of the brain we speak to.” Ken: “People relate to the shouts. What differentiates us from a crazy man is that a lot of people agree with the shouts.” John: “The line we get all the time is, ‘You say exactly what I feel in the car!’” Then he laughs. “Some part of me always roots for chaos.”

These guys are proud they get people to operate from their brain stems. Unbelievable.


Yes, it was good the see the Boner even more red faced than usual.

Lou Boylan Filter

The decline of talk radio is all a part of the Bush legacy. There was a lot of excitement in the late 90's culminating in the R trifecta of 2000.

But the Republicans then proceeded to go on a pork-corruption-spending binge. The 'war on terror' forced conservatives to defend Bush more than they otherwise would have.

Now conservatives are understandably depressed and frustrated. All that excitement & work, yet leviathan gov't emerges bigger & stronger.

Time will tell if the tide will rise again.


Am 1090 KPTK has announced that Randi Rhodes will be returning to the air soon..most likely in her old time slot. Until then, rebroadcasts of that day's Thom Hartmann show will be featured. Tonight was the last show for Peter
B. Collins, who will return to the internet in June with a podcast, and eventually a simulcast so listeners can call in.


Thats great news Sparky. AA and all his juvie blather just wasn't cutting it. Now with Randi back on the air filling the airwaves with hate, Joanie should be able to get back in shape in no time and bring excitement back to BW.


Like I said about the men scorned...


Randi won't be part of Air America, but is carried independently on 1090 just like all the other hosts, with the exception of Ron Reagan.


A little slow there today I see Sparky. Long Friday?


"People aren't in the mood for hate speech right now"

I think you spoke too soon AA. Read Sparkys post about Randi coming back.


Yes, Steven, I am an exciting woman, aren't I? Glad to know you think so.

Now, to business: Scott Dick got the Green960 spot Peter B. was hoping for. Hmm. The retired major who got it right about the Bush War Doctrine and who has retired to a leisurely life of easy living.

Lucky guy, doncha think?


He got it right? I beleive the President today is Obama there Joanie. If Dicks (LOL) got it right, then George Bush would still be President. No, make that Cheney would be President. Yes?




ditto, coiler


Obama is not only the POTUS, he is the TOTUS - the teleprompter of the US. To BO, the Teleprompter is like his American Express Card. Coming soon to a commercial near you - Obama advertising for a teleprompter manufacturer.


KIRO should remove the promo its playing for my northwest.com where the ever- juvenile Monson is snickering about a photo he has on his showpage of 3 people looking up at the skier hanging upside down from the chairlift with his pants pulled down. What kind of "Christian" laughs at somebody being humiliated in such a fashion? Monson is a Christian in name only. Yesterday he was doing an 'ain't it terrible" buddybuddy shmooze with the president of the John Birch Society, comiserating with him over Obama and the Dems. Rightwing wackjob and nutbar Monson doesn't beieve in the Federal Civil Rights Laws, he's stated so on at least one show of his. He believes he should be able to have a 'whites only" lunch counter, iF he so desires, although he claims he has no interest in doing so.


I believe Dori is going to have a diminished book this quarter. The quality of his show has been suffering in recent weeks.

The article Joanie quoted seems to hit the nail on the head "the challenge is to hold onto the tone." Dori is trying to keep that base, mammal tone in a time when a lot of people need a hug. They talk about self reliance in a time when people sense that cooperation is required. I can't stress enough how far removed their tone is from the current and coming climate, which hasn't even reached a boiling point yet. Look for this to be far more true in six to nine months when people start truely running out of options. They will print money and we will all be fucked.

During Bush II there truely was a sense of political combat, but now most people believe that the government really does want what is best for the country, they all want to avoid another Great Depression, and people are willing to bend party affiliation to help out. People who seem particularly uncooperative such as radio hosts will be received poorly.

You'd think this would be a time for Dave Ross to shine but he has always been rather oppositional also, albeit in a passive aggressive manner. Even his CBS shorts have that backhanded bitchiness to them. If the radio hosts don't become less partisan and more populist they will suffer.

Re Randi Rhodes, she might be coming back but that's no guarantee she will stay. Unlike some colleagues she obviously has nothing better to do.

Puget Sound

"alkers like Rush and Malkin are coming to the defense of the AIG executives' bonuses. Republicans in Congress have been forced to agree to TAX, causing great dissent in the already broken ranks. Better to switch horses in the middle of the stream on those bonuses instead of agreeing on a t-t-t-ax to recoup some of the money!

Posted by: sparky | March 20, 2009 at 06:06 AM"

trap? you really think congress comes out looking well with this?


good points AA. i believe this trend you mention plays a great part in the demise of the Leykis show. Leykis preached cruelty, mocking and a harsh attitude in regards to women. "Kick her to the curb" and dump that bitch was his constant tune. Gradually his thinking had ossified to the point where he had become a kind og misogynist Archie Bunker, sitting in his armchair and endlessly parroting his rigid set of 'rules' for wannabe player/stud men. His message was finally rejected as times grew more earnest and serious. he could possibly still make it as a strictly local SoCal host on some other LA station but his ego in now to enlarged and grandiose for him to take a demotion.


"Pride goeth before a fall" and Monson is exhibiting the same kindo pride and hubris that Leykis did before his ratings demise and removal from the radio airwaves. A summer or two ago Leykis came on the air and chortled, joked and laughed for hours over jolly marching band music, as he regaled the audience with the names of fellow LA radio competitors who had bitten the dust over the past 15 years, as he'd laughed his way to the bank and the top of the ratings books. He came off as if he thought he was a totally invulnerable god of the the radio biz The other day I heard Dori talking about how he had been able to be a ratings champ over the years through all sorts of times in the Seattle radio market. There was no humbleness or gratefulness, let alone any acknowledgement that it ever could end. He spoke his words as if he thought he was bulletproof and basically owned a ticket for life on the air here. "Pride goeth before a fall"


Joanie, how does one like yourself praise ones thinking but forgets the main theme of his rational?


Who's thinking? What theme? What rationale?


Speaking of pieces of crap- KIROradio had an infomercial for Armando Montelongo and his book Flip and Grow Rich, Montelongo is that bossy prick who struts around on Flip this House on A and E. I've never liked this guy- on oneof the shows he blew off his partner's concerns about dangerous traffic whizzing within yards of the back door- an obvous hazard for children. The bastard was too greedy andcheap to build a simple fence in front of the highway, but the woman inlaw partner had it donewhile he was out of town. My BULLSHIT DETECTOR was going off the charts as he listend to Armando on this infomercial, not onlyfrom his pie in the sky claims of easy money in houseflipping, but also his claim that he wrote the book just to help others share the wealth and he was giving it away fro free. "I makemy money in real estaste," he proclaimed."I'm not like those other guys. Idon't need to sell books." I googled him AND FOUND OUT THAT HE Actually has withheld the actual physical book from the market while he sells e-book audio seminar packages for $995. There are no new or used actual Flip and Grow Rich books for sale on Amazon just one used e-book CD package for $395. What he's probably doing,if he's givingout the book at all, is offering it as a premium once you shell out the $995 for the online package. This is sleazier than i even had imagined. I thought he was giving away a few books to people who called right after the infomercials and selling the rest in bookstores for 30 dollars.Armando MONTELONGO- just another sleazy creep, snake oil salesman and greedhead.


This MONTELONGO dude may be despised in public by the politicians (like the AIG execs), but out of the public eye, they are buds that they meet for a drink and possibly dinner after work. (BTW, i my mind he is pond scum) That has to do with the fact that most politicians in power in DC are LAWYERS and have little or no conscience. These guys & gals are good at acting outraged against AIG, but what did they do to stop it in the first place ?

A few of these twits losing in the next election, like Chris Dodd would be a step in a better direction.
If they hold on to power with all that is known about them, I'd say that we are clearly a nation of cowards.


There is a grain of truth in what you say, even though you are known as the BW fraud.

Dave (not dave ross)

I will never defend the misoginy of Leykis but tommy i wonder what drives your constant bashing of him. No one is all bad. Tom Leykis show consistently from week to week was in the top three demographic for men 25 to 54, an achievement most stations could only dream of. During the worst economy of our lifetime most companies, and radio stations are cutting costs. Every talk show has a minimum of 3 to 4 employees working on it. A music format can be automated or get by with only one DJ. When times are good talk formats generate more revenue than most music, music formats cost less to operate when times are lean. It is really that simple. Tom is being treated well by CBS, enjoying full salary and benefits, paid to stay home until March 31 2012, or until they part ways. He also was given time to say goodbye to his audience, something rare in radio. His support of radio comedy, financial advice as a self made millionaire, political views and sports commentary will be missed.


There was a time when Leykis didn't hate on women all day long, and doing so was reserved for a particular day of the week.

I thought it was sad and funny that he convinced a large number of his listeners that everyone with daytime drive lights were listening to his show.

I don't think men will stop being misogynistic anytime soon, but I do think Leykis will lose his base as it ages and it won't be replinished. Young men in their 20's aren't going to go to someone who's old enough to be their dad to commiserate in constantly striking out with women.

Which leads me to a side point that some may have not realized; only ugly guys listen to the Tom Leykis of late. Tom Leykis is himself exceptionally ugly. Truely a prize winning specimen made mostly of fat and sweat. His listeners hate women because they can't get one, he hates women because he can't keep one. Women are literally their enemy. Good looking guys don't need or want advice from someone like Leykis.

Also I have little to no respect for his success. There are people who are wealthy for having done right by society and then there are people who ultimately took away and never gave back. Leykis might be worth several million but it comes at a cost of many relationships of his listeners where the men felt empowered to put their needs and wants before their wives and girlfriends. How man "bitches" got "dropped" on advisement from Leykis? Even a quack like Dr. Phil is infantely more useful to society than Leykis.

Dave (not dave ross)

"only ugly guys listen to tom leykis of late" is one of the most laughable wrong headed things ive read about tom here. AA why wouldnt young men turn to someone who has personally made all the mistakes they have made and is there to help them prevent history from repeating itself. Your posts are usually insightful but to say a young person cannot learn from older men is as wrong as your first comment. Tom counseled women as well as men. He taught them how many men think. He was not easy on men who didnt work to help themselves, or too weak to make a decision, or who were seen by women as just another free meal on a date. He always told men not to have children they couldnt support, and to support the ones they had. He rejected the popular feminization of young men, as is so evident in the pacific northwest. Tom was the first to admit he was hideous on the outside, that never seemed to lessen the line of women outside his hotel room door. His listeners were more sexually active and successful with women as a result of his advice. Andrew, your post leaves one to believe that women have no responsibility in these relationships. I guess that really is damning by faint praise mentioning that poor hillbilly dr phil and tom in the same sentence.


Give it up Dave. Some guys are too feminised to even realize they are chumps.


his advice boils down to "if a woman herself isn't cheap she won't fuck your cheap ass." he tells men to find cheap women because they're usualy easy. Real men don't want cheap dates nor easy women.


AA: Therefore-lib women are cheap and will fuck your cheap pimply, skag ass. Agree-cause conservative dudes prefer attractive intelligent ladies.

Progessive women tend to be fat, ugly, old skags-if you argue-name several who arent other than Kirsten Powers and Jane Fleming.

Enough Said?

Puget Sound

"Who's thinking? What theme? What rationale?

Posted by: joanie | March 21, 2009 at 07:56 AM"

not fair to ask ph(J)oanie questions when Randi isn't available to provide the talking points.


still looking for someone to talk to, sputs?

Andrew, face it. You're talking to a bunch of old white men. Disregard their advice.

dave (not dave ross)

Andrew, its clear you hate tom leykis and perhaps because you rarely listened or someone 'told' you what he was about you feel you have to post things that are so wrong about him. In reality it refects more on you than anything else.

Puget Sound

"... You're talking to a bunch of old white men. Disregard their advice.

Posted by: joanie | March 21, 2009 at 09:26 PM"

wow, managed to insult by gender, race, and age in just one sentence.
see, those randi talking points are so ingrained in your membrane that you can't help it.

oh well, have another dearie. it won't be long now...


Put a sock in it, puget sound. No one takes you seriously anymore.

Puget Sound

wow, to get insulted by 'the king!'
not quite the same as when NY Vinnie took Andrew to task but I gotta admit it does send a thrill up my leg to know you're still kicking.
but be careful, 'lest' i let colonel tom parker know that your still making appearances and he'll demand his customary 50 percent cut.

Puget Sound

whatsamatter ph(J)oanie, i can see your still DWI: Drinking Whilst Internetting. you know, they do sell non - alcoholic cough medicine. just a thought, ph(J)oanie.


"The retired major who got it right about the Bush War Doctrine"

These are your words Joanie, I am not making them up.

Scott Dick's thinking that the Bush War Doctrine was all about...

Bush went to war with Iraq for his dad.
Iraq War for Oil.
Bush taking over the world.
Bush hates the Veterans.
Bush is making the USA unsafe. etc, etc, etc...

Thats his thinking, the stuff you get all giddy about. The Theme, isn't it obvious.


Adam Corolla should take Leykis' place. Hes got youth and does what Leykis does only better. Somebody will pick him up. He podcasts. I heard he got 150,000 downloads his first time. He's the future of talk radio.

Puget Sound, dude, what's your problem?


This has become the clown show, with Joanie, the sourpuss who is in denial about hearing Schick Shadel calling and AA in the epicenter with more mindless drivel. No offense - PS, nevets and the Elvis imposter.


A lack of respect?

Here is a video of President Obama addressing the nation a few weeks back.

"I've come here tonight not only to address the distinguished men and women in this great chamber, but to speak frankly and directly to the men and women who sent us here."

And here he is addressing the country of Iran today.

"In particular, I would like to speak to the people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran".

Does anyone see something wrong with these two videos.

In the first video, while addressing this nation, only once does he look and speaks directly to the camera. All the other times his head is bouncing back and forth like he is watching the Williams sisters playing tennis.

In the second video, he looks directly at the camera the whole time.

So one must ask themselves after watching these two videos. Why does the President of the United States feel he has to show more respect to the Iranians than to the citizens of his own country? As a Retired Navy veteran, who has sped through the Straits of Hormuz in the middle of the night, this is a slap in the face.

Real American

Congratulations, Puget Sound and KS!
They have both really raised the bar for other BW trolls. I expect the competition to get pretty fierce next week. Every troll trying to out-troll the next. Exhilarating!


I listened to leykis 11 years ago. He hated women then and he hates women now. He might say he respects them but actions speak louder than words.


Posted by: Habu | March 21, 2009 at 08:14 PM

"lib women are cheap and will fuck your cheap pimply, skag ass. Progessive women tend to be fat, ugly, old skags-if you argue-name several who arent other than Kirsten Powers and Jane Fleming."

Another Cartman Conservative - the future of the Free Republic Party.

Puget Sound

"Congratulations, Puget Sound and KS!
They have both really raised the bar for other BW trolls. I expect the competition to get pretty fierce next week. Every troll trying to out-troll the next. Exhilarating!

Posted by: Real American | March 22, 2009 at 12:01 AM"

Hey 'real american' what happened? You usually post under some other name. That's fine, if you consider Joanie's posts 'high discourse' then it reveals a lot.
But say hi to Coiler for me, will ya!


Dave, Lekis isn't all bad and i never said that. I admitted he can probably still make it in LA RADIO, and someone who was all bad could never do that. Certainly Monson wouldn't last 13 weeks in that market. the probem with Tommy is that he is a toxic personality. Everthing is about him and his needs. Someone who has to play marching band music and laugh at and mock for hours the LA radio personalities he has "defeated" over his last 15 years in radio there has personal problems- those who can't see that have simply been manipulated by his clever sophistry. Men HAVE been feminised and I've been his biggest fan when he pointed that out, but there's a difference between being not letting society and the media turn you into a girlyman, and just being cruel toward women, which is what his show devolved into.


by the way when i say Leykis won't take a demotion, it's not just Tommy008 taking a cheap shot- this came from Leykis himself, on the air, a year or so ago. He flatly stated he has no interest in continueing in radio once the "suits" deem that he is no longer worth the 3 million plus he's being paid by CBS until his contract ends in 2 or 3 years.

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