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March 05, 2009


Broadmoor Bill

A performance racing scandal at the Santa Barbara Yacht and Social Club ... I had to double-check to see if I was reading Blatherwatch or the Broadmoor Community Council newsletter.

I guess I should be appalled or outraged at this, but I didn't understand 90% of what it was about ... holding tanks, bulkhead doors, riggings, mizzen mast, etc. The only part I got was the usual Blatherwatch Dr. Laura "slut/cunt/whore" boilerplate. (I wonder if that's a macro on Michael's computer?) As is becoming increasingly usual here, I felt like I was reading the MySpace page of the fat 15 year old girl who didn't make the drill team. I'm envisaging Michael as an older, more paunchy, less successful, left wing version of Alex Jones but without the radio show or all the website traffic, and possibly slightly more batshit crazy. He freaked a lot of people out during his last Dori episode. Some random local guy with a blog tracking down a small market radio host's grade school class photo or whatever it was is plain out cr-cr-cr-creeeeepy.


Yachts burn through more fuel than you would believe. It costs a few hundred dollars worth of gas just to go from point to point. I realize a lot of rich people do similarily grotesque things but its far more perverse when it's a rich person who has made their wealth by interfacing with thousands of every day people day in and day out, essentialy receiving her wealth directly from their pockets.

I like how she regards her relationship to the hired help as a group effort. The only thing she probably contributes is low body mass index.

Broadmoor Bill

really the only reason I come here at this point is to read the comments of fan pen - that high-tempered trucker mouthed chick joanie, the handicapped kid she's friends with and firecracker or whatever she's called who posts comments still - it's pretty funny still to watch them gang up on the two bible thumping dum-dums


I'm all about low brow. It's refreshing to see that there are a few people left who aren't too good for school yard cheap shots.


C'mon Andrew. I'm laughing. And Bill, while you're reading, just STFU! Okay?

I think I could like you, Bill.


AA: These are sailboats.

This particular group (PHRF) is renowned for this type of cheating, backstabbing and lack of sportsmanship. A perfect place for LS.


A good neighborhood streetfighter gal of the evil doctor's same weight class could easily open up a can of whoopass on hotshot Laura, with her fancypants blackbelt, I'm betting.I'd pay good money to see a consensual grudge match between her and a street gal of her same weight, with proper protection, and a referee of course (to stop Schlesinger from cheating when she begins to lose). She talks like she thinks she's the toughest thing that walks on hind legs. Beeyotch.


Criticism of successful people is the epitome of triteness.


when she called into KVI to promote her personal appearance in Seattle where she hoped to maek more $$$$ by selling her (the bitch is all about about the Benjamins-if you put a Krugerrand on a fishing line, Schlesinger would be biting on the other end in a flash), she treated Kirby and his pals like peons,refusing to call any of them by name as they politely kissed her ass.


AA, stick to fries. ROFL.


"Criticism of successful people is the epitome of triteness."

Do you even know what trite means?


well, let's see, I believe it is 'overused and consequently lacking in interest or originality'. sort of the definition of AuthenticAndrew.


I see you had to look up the definition there.

Yeah, I constantly complain about rich people, that's alllll I do here. And it's sooo unoriginal, everyone here complains about rich people also.

Figure out what a word means before using it in a sentance you moron.


I still think you are the new leader of this blog and I didn't mean to offend you. We look to you for continued strong leadership.
joan and sparky have been dethroned, they have become stale and you are the fresh new voice. So please try not to be trite in your postings. This blog depends on you.


Nevets why do you have a preoccupation with people serving fries? Are you the guy I saw at McDonalds eating a big mad alone, facing in the direction of and watching the food service workers go about their activities? You sick fuck. Why were you doing that?


Thanks for the compliments and insults.


What did Joanie do to any of you to deserve such treatment? If you're going to throw shit around someone is going to throw it back at you.


Let me just say this as a parting gesture.
Joanie and Sparky are the stalwarts of this blog; they will always be. I respect both as teachers (as I've said many times) and I thank them for their kindness in welcoming me as a new poster (many moons ago). We've had many a 'go-around' but I always had the utmost respect for them (& Bla'M). I've learned from them...what more can you ask of a teacher. I enjoyed bantering with them over the years and I wish them both the best.
Thank you Bla'M for all your help, encouragement and criticism...you put me in my place when needed. I doubt I'll have much time to be checking in after this, so I'll just say good-bye and again - thanks. :)


What were you finally convicted of?


I can't believe that Duffy would just boogie without saying something nice about me. LOL.
Good luck my friend in what ever the heck it is you are doing.
Ryder, you need not defend joanie. No tougher bird in all of blogdom than Miss Joanie. I have received many a spanking from her.
But, back to the subject at hand. Why are we (?) wasting time on Dr Laura? Does anybody still listen to her? Is she still on the radio here localy?
We need to get back to stalking Rush. Maybe make a radio exception and start stalking Jim Cramer. Both of those fools were dumb enough to challenge Hugo Chimpy Jug Ears Obama and need to be silenced.
Long live Che!!!


That was kind of funny Andy. I actually did laugh out loud.


now joanie.... be nice to the people on the gay guys blog.... ha ha.... be very nice....and thanks..


Literally on my way out the door and to the airport...
chucks: didn't mean to discount you; you are and always have been what I would classify as 'genuine', I wish you the best.
PUTS: it's been fun, your logic has been appreciated and your posts have always been (as I've said) 'superior'...I'd wish you God-speed but I know you're not there so...good luck my friend, it's been a pleasure. 'Till WHENever. Enjoy!


Are you going to jail?


Duff is probably out looking for more lost tribes of the South American Rain Forests. Good luck Duff.


Well if it was me AA, thanks. The fries were good.


This is like reading a story about multi-millionaires caught cheating each other at baccarat. Why would any working man or woman give a rat's ass about the amusements of the filthy rich?

Johnny Rotten

mrogi? Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?




If she is so great she will stop lying!

Christina Tietz

Dr. Laura is a successful radio talk show host and author. She has saved thousands of families by keeping them together. This mean less screwed up kids in adulthood. She is all about helping children. It is amazing how people are out to get her so badly. She is so busy, she probably didn't even notice what was going on. I don't give a hoot about this, she is a hero in my mind. Go ahead and post the horrible stories without sharing the reality behind them....those of us with brains know who she is and what she is about.

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