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March 06, 2009


marc vanhuisen

Welcome Geov.

Radio listener

Going to be interesting to see how Brock does as a talk show host.

Evidently his job developing condos down by Qwest Field didn't pan out.

I don't like him as an analyst so probably won't listen to him.

I hope KIRO is ready to be knocked out of the #1 slot for stations. KIRO FM will be higher in the ratings than KIRO/ESPN/710.

Hopefully we will get some good sportstalk in the evenings/late nite since Fox Sports sucks big time now. Tony Bruno tries to be funny instead of talking sports, has to talk about everything else before sports; reminds me of Mitch/Bitch in the morning.


Great..as of April at my house, I will be able to get 2 all sports stations and exactly zero political talk stations that don't cater to rednecks.

Don't get me wrong, I like sports..but not 24/7. Lets at least hope that Huard's show doesn't decay into featuring the kind of bathroom humor that has become a hallmark of KJR.

Gregory McKie

Brock “too many chess references” Huard is a terrible announcer. Bad as the Huskies last season. He was on Dori’s show yesterday. What a bore? He will be off the air in less than six months.


Upton, stream at MyNorthwest.com

Blatherwatch blog master, your HTML went all kinds of funky here for some reason.


Warren, why in the hell do you beat Brock's wife? That is stepping over the line.
Beat your own damned wife.


I see we're trying to butch up the blog a bit...how cute.


If I am KJR AM, I shut down tonight. Unless I am needed as a tax write-off. I then take KJR FM and return to the days of the Fabulous 50. Some of you might remember. Play the 50 most popular songs be they pop, rock, country, whatever. Mix it up. Like KJR used to do. Don't be afraid to go out there and play new music of all sorts. FIRE all the specialists who design playlists for the masses.

Its worth a try. Because right now neither of the KJR's are lighting up much of anything. Bring back exciting radio.


I thought they already did that on FM? Isn't KJR FM still around - classic rock/goldy oldies/moldy oldies - some such thing?

The oldies I like are rarely played on these stations.

Brock Huard always seemed a little rigid to me. Stilted. Not an easy conversationalist. But the Huard name has gravitas.


I wasn't refering to oldies. I'm talking about playing new music of ALL sorts.
The oldies stations are a joke. They rrefuse to recognize that radio stations used play all sorts of music instead of the structured lack or variety we see today. I've always wanted to do a oldies show called, YOU CAN'T PLAY THAT ON AN OLDIES STATION. It would highlight music, all hits, that are ignored by oldies stations. EL PASO #1 for two weeks. BALLAD OF THE GREEN BERET #1 for 6 weeks. OLD RIVERS #3. YOUNG WORLD #2. BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS #1 7 weeks. RUNNING BEAR #1 3 weeks. All hudge hits ignored by oldies stations. The list is endless. Locoal oldies stations have always ignored any hit that doesn't fit the current idea of what they consider hits.

I just think it would be interesting to see a local radio station go back to the idea of totally diversified current music. Its worth a try. Imagine a Top 50 featuring Enya, Garth Brooks, Hannah Montana, Seal, Barry Manilow, etc etc. Well, it used to be that way. Since most non-talk formats are failing it might be worth a try.


Don't forget Breaker Breaker This is Teddy Bear, and Little Green Apples.

dave (not dave ross)

i wouldnt tweet running bear on twitter much less listen to it on an oldies station. no wonder boomers get such a bad rap

Tacoma Listener

I've heard some mentioning of "the insiders" on the promos for 710 ESPN.

If Brock is one of them, that would be funny.

Evidently not hiring anyone from KJR are they? Otherwise the "no compete" clause would be in force.

Guess Groz knows he's not welcome at KIRO.

I'm sure KIRO ESPN won't have their sportcasters doing some of the non-sports stuff like Mitch in the Morning...

Nothing wrong with a 24/7 sport station, you can tune in/out just like u do with KOMO for news/traffic.

Just wish KHHO 850 would dump Tony Bruno adn put JT the Prick back on live.


I just think it would be interesting to see a local radio station go back to the idea of totally diversified current music. Its worth a try. Imagine a Top 50 featuring Enya, Garth Brooks, Hannah Montana, Seal, Barry Manilow, etc etc. Well, it used to be that way.

Well forget that idea. Thirty five years ago you didn't have niche formats like alternative, metal, rap, urban CHR, dance, etc. So everything got played on one station.

Any station trying that all-in-one format today would get a zero point zero faster than you can say Blutarsky.


RobP, sad to say. But you are right.


There are several internet stations that do that. I use Pandora quite a lot at home and occasionally at work. Free at the moment but if the price was right I would probably sign up.

With Pandora you can set up various "radio" stations by putting in the name of an artist. This creates a station that will automatically play music of a similar genre to the artist(s). You can setup multiple stations and then "quickmix" them so you flip between them randomly.

So one minute it's Roy Orbison then its the London Philharmonic then King Crimson.

It works really well on my iPod touch as I can logon via any wireless connection.

Great when I am working on the car or house repairs.


First Paul Harvey, then George McAfee . They were both 90 when they passed. Guess you can't be too sad when they had such long lives. Wish Duffman was here to say something corny.


Silver threads among the gold...

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