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February 03, 2009



I used to like Thom's program a lot. But the last few months he just has too many conservative guests and I find myself turning it off. I hope KPTK gets somebody else in that time slot.

Thom says (I'm paraphrasing) it's a learning experience, that we need to discuss the conservative point of view in order to refute it.

I say, with 99% of talk radio, most of the guests on MSNBC and CNN, I do not need to turn on his program at 10:05 and hear yet another conservative talking head who thinks the best argument is made by raising one's voice. I've heard it all before, many times over.

He's losing audience, and he just doesn't get it.

Last Mango

Air America lost Rachel Maddow, now they've lost Hartmann. I like Hartmann, I like to hear the conservatives confronted with his kind of common sense liberalism.


Rachel is gone from the radio?


Most of the people who have left Air America are still on their affiliates. I doubt Hartmann is going to be dropped from most of those AA stations.


Most of the people who have left Air America are still on their affiliates. I doubt Hartmann is going to be dropped from most of those AA stations.


I heard Thom for the first time when I was down in New Mexico on vacation..it was great to hear someone of his intelligence. Just because he has on a conservative guest in no way means he agrees with them. Usually he can argue circles around them.

This is why I say that just because Air America might cease to exist someday does not mean the progressive voice will be silenced.

michael hood

The ads are so long and numerous on AM1090, I quit listening to it. I don't know if I'm imagining it, but the ads for thinkgs like vitamins and male urological problems. I like most of the hosts over there, but I push the car radio button when ads come on, and my radio ends up there less.


Sparky-they arent saying anything of substance any significant number of people want to hear. Why is that so hard to accept? Time after time you see AA going belly up or their hosts leaving.

What is their message-obviously so few listen it is not profitable?

You libs have control of the government-(maybe you dont with zero's, pelosi & reids performace to date) what is there for you to complain about now?

AA reminds me of when I was thinking of buying a boat and my boss suggested "just get a wheelbarrow full of money, stand on a bridge and throw one bill at a time into the water". Less painful.


Progressive radio gets to talk about Steele, the new grand obstructionist party leader, who just said "governments don't create jobs" Like the gubment jobs he held in the past?


Air america can go away, it wont matter. The fans will just stream, podcast or go for satellite. Stephanie Miller is a powerhouse, especially in the LA morning drive time, and has a HUGE loyal following in the Seattle area as well as the other cities where her show airs. You disagree with the progressive message, obviously. That does not determine the worthiness of the message or the audience's satisfaction with it. It depends on the station airing them.
KPTK has jr high level production values...Lee whats her name has a bad voice for radio and her Eco-minute commercials make me punch the car radio button for about a minute until I know she is through. Yesterday morning early, there were two tracks playing at once, the commercial and the sub for Bill Press talking away, seemingly unaware that the computers had kicked in to commercial. I listen to KPOJ a lot too, and I never hear a mess like that. Like Michael said, their stupid commercials, the production values of the computer-run station at various times of the day are what turn people off. Judging by the size of the crowds that turn up to see Stephanie, Thom, Mike Malloy and Randi in person when they are in town, its not the hosts who are the problem. KPOJ is very successful as are many of the other stations. The horse is out of the barn... no turning back now.


And KPTK still has Seder's picture on the website during Bender's Sunday show. They don't have a clue over there.

But, I still listen to them.

Why turn the dial during ads? I just punch the volume down for a couple minutes and then punch it back up.

The one I hate currently is " the lovely Rachel" ad. That one deserves more than a punch. It deserves a knock out.

Now, air america is not the be all and end all in progressive radio. So, kill it. I don't care. The hosts and programs are still out there and we can hear them. Catch up, HAbu. You're a bit behind the times.


Also, I don't listen to Harmann often. He's a bit of a lecturer and I get bored after a while. But, I respect and admire him.

HOwever, when he does confront conservatives, he doesn't always win. I usually agree with his point of view but he doesn't always make his point well or obviate his opponent's case. Does that make sense? Anyway, he doesn't always win.


yeah I turn down the volume sometimes too...I just cant handle her Elvis impersonator singing about recycling...ugh.

I have been streaming the NovaM station in Arizona...excellent production values. Same with KLTK in LA.

Joanie is right, Habu. You may not like our message, but you can't make us go away.


Rachel is still on AirAmerica. Just earlier in the day!


Come to think about it, you can hardly call KPTK an Air America Station now. Let's see, Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, and Mike Malloy, and now Thom Hartmann, are not AA hosts. That leaves, Rachel, Ron Reagan, and Jon Elliot as the remaining Air America weekday shows on KPTK that air 5 days a week. I think they have Lionel on weekends, though.


Consequently Joanie for Sparky (not to be mistaken for Snarky) - you may not like the message of myself, Chucks, Steven, Puget Sound, Duffman, et.al but we aren't going away anytime soon.


Hey Coiler – You have to give Republicans credit for electing an African-American to chair the party of Southern Strategy, the iconic Reagan announcing his candidacy at Philadelphia Mississippi, states rights and more trickle down economics that benefits very little to the groups Steele is trying to appeal to. They have finally embraced affirmative action beginning with Palin.

After doing some reading and research I come to my own conclusion that Michael Steele is a token and the term “Black Republican” continues to be an oxymoron. Mr. Steele is an “Uncle Tom” at its worst joining the other Tom on the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas. Pass the milk and Oreo cookies please.


With this brain drain happening, Air America needs new talent. Might I suggest David Goldstein?


You know the fairness doctrine is coming when they can't make it in a liberal market like DC!

Liberal talk radio dies in DC today


Does anyone know why Lionel is still on Air America? He's very repulsive. Does he get good ratings? I'd be surprised if he did.
I can't stand the promos for him--why is he given more promos than anyone else on the network?


I dont like Lionel either...very annoying voice.


I liked Lionel when he had his weekend show. But he's changed. It's like he's trying too hard to be "New York" whatever that means. he's lost his humble.

Yes, I find him annoying, too. But not his voice. Him.




I hope he uses protection.

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