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February 16, 2009



I like Randi's show! Nancy Skinner is boring. I am a progressive & I support pro-labor, liberal & provocative radio hosts who do not kowtow to management! Drobny has no integrity as she lied to listeners from day-one. Randi is a lone voice of working class folks on the radio.


Why do people have to be so cruel about Randi? Yeah, she can, perhaps, stray off course and make the topic at hand more about her than the topic itself, but her preparation, knowledge and political acumen outweighs everything else. Just as Mr. Hartmann does, Randi teaches us everyday and her voice NEEDS to be back on the radio. I for one miss her a great deal and can't wait to hear her again! Love you, Randi. All the best.


Yawn, Michael? I wonder why strong women engender so much dislike in our culture? Among both men and women.

I agree that her ego often intruded into the point she was making and it became more about her. That was a turn-off. But nobody is perfect. She's the best out there for political discussion if you can keep up with her.

Her erudite, savvy and comprehensively informed points of view were so welcome in this jungle of right-wing crazy and conservatively cautious main stream media.

I know so many women who listen to her. I hope she works this out. Nova M won't make it on Malloy alone.

Puget Sound

ugh, maybe it was her tasteless assassination jokes about the president?
that crap is never funny even if you didn't vote for the man.

Pick one of these 4 possibilities:

1) she's trying to create some 'buzz' amongst the nutter fan base. but i doubt anyone really cares.

2) or maybe as the new state department spokesperson for hillary clinton. for those long transcontinental flights to meet foreign dignitaries ol' randi could break the tedium and trot out some of that great 'funny' clinton material she got suspended for a few months ago?

3) or maybe, just maybe, she's at an undisclosed location on a ten day hunting trip with Dick Cheney as his guest, courtesy Haliburton/Blackwater,

4) or maybe, she's failed to negotiate yet another curb due to a few too many beers and is getting some needed treatment.

you make the call. she's a mediocre talent that appeals to mediocre minds.

Puget Sound

you know someone has no talent when her supporters have to trot out the 'afraid of a strong woman' line...
sigh, can't we get past that crap?


You know, puget sound, if you can't mock or take it into the gutter, you rally don't have much to say, do you?


Randi's a drama queen of the highest order who believes she deserves not only fawning worship but also boat loads of money. She controls everything about her show which is why things are so f'd up.

There are no "technical problems" that produce such a long hiatus from being on-air.

The Drobny's really don't know their ass from their elbow when it comes to running a network but they have paid Randi much more than she's worth a couple different times. They even hired her ex-boyfriend to be their CEO which lasted oh ... a couple months. Still, you gotta acknowledge their consistency for throwing good money after bad in pursuit of access to Democrat power brokers.


She is a drama queen. I'll give you that. But, a darn smart one. As good a talker as she is, she shouldn't be running the station.

Brilliance has its price.


They've taken down her blog. I will miss her.


Randi gets annoyed with callers who can't substantiate their comments. She hates ranters and whiners and loses patience with those who agree without understanding.

She doesn't stop to realize that while she has the time to listen to CSpan and peruse all the news of the day, most people are working. She is our line to information. She does the hard work for us.

The service she provides will be missed.

Puget Sound

"Randi gets annoyed with callers who can't substantiate their comments. She hates ranters and whiners and loses patience with those who agree without understanding.

She doesn't stop to realize that while she has the time to listen to CSpan and peruse all the news of the day, most people are working. She is our line to information. She does the hard work for us.

The service she provides will be missed.

Posted by: carla | February 16, 2009 at 03:16 PM"

You and Joanie should hang out together.


Rhodes is a crude, uneducated loudmouth who should go back to aircraft mechanics. Of course she couldn't do that in the Air Force, where she went AWOL. The Peter B. Collins and Ron Kuby shows are available and both are far more knowledgeable and have much better personalities than Rhodes.

Thought I Saw A Bum

Her return to local radio during all this talk about the Fairness Doctrine is interesting. The problem with radio is not that it's 90% right or left, it's that so much is syndicated. No local connection at all, employing no one. KPTK and KTTH are just a 24 hour a day fast food joint spitting out a vanilla, cheap, poorly run product with very little concern for the customer, but I eat it up.


Before her webpage was yanked, she left a message that said she was ready to get back on the air, but Nova M is not fixing what knocked her off the air, so she will seek another radio home..Salem Network is still available. Whatever it is, it apparently goes deeper than an issue between Randi and NovaM...Mike Malloy just called it the "I Don't Know Network."
Im sure she will be back, even if it is on satellite radio. So for those of you who are so excited that she is now "gone"..I suggest you not count all your chickens just yet.


found it, courtesy of LTR ( see Blam's link below)

"Nova M Radio has not yet corrected the problem that has kept me off the air despite my strong desire and readiness to broadcast my show. Respecting the employer-employee relationship that has existed between Nova M and me, and expecting the solution to be quickly achieved, details of the disabling event were withheld in good faith. But I can tell you this much: You should not beleive any statement implicating me as being in any way responsible for the disruption in the Randi Rhodes Show. There is no truth to any such message. In fact, I did everything in my power to help Nova M make it possible for me to return.

In light of the most recent developments, my show will be seeking a new home. I would ask for your continued patience and indulgence in respecting my rights during this time. Your unwavering support is cherished. Thank you.

Randi Rhodes"


Barry BamBam, the king of flim-flam, who famously lied and voted for legal immunity for big telecom companies in cases of domestic wiretapping, has given his supporters another swift kick in their whining liberal asses by shutting-down the new "transparent government" less than a month in --- the AP reports ---

WASHINGTON – Despite Senator Obama's vow to open government more than ever, the Justice Department is defending Bush administration decisions to keep secret many documents about domestic wiretapping, data collection on travelers and U.S. citizens, and interrogation of suspected terrorists. In only one case has the Justice Department agreed to suspend a FOIA lawsuit until the disputed documents can be re-evaluated under the yet-to-be-written guidelines. "The signs in the last few days are not entirely encouraging," said Jameel Jaffer, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union ...


BismyB....has given his supporters another swift kick in their whining liberal asses..

And you expected?????


From what I know about that, the Justice Dept. gave the three judges involved gov't paperwork to read and then left it up to their discretion.

I was pretty mad when I first heard about it on Peter B. so checked it out and found that it wasn't quite so cut and dried.

Seems to me Randi will end up back at her home station in Florida. Sorry about that.

Ms. Shenanigan

I just want, in the interim, a linking place where we could keep up regarding where & when we will get to hear her again. I am not interested in the extremes of her personality one way or the other, I just know that I can get the actual best detail of every bill, situation, or article out there and confirm it with direct links...I just do not know anyone else that does that!?! Hell, Even Keith and Rachel seem informed by her show on a day to day basis. She is important & I am missing out without the benefit of my my political PA. Randi operates as a Political Britannica for a lot of people. So, if people get chewed out for calling her, then they shouldn't call her. As long as we get the rest of her show...and frankly even the phone tension is entertaining. I need an affiliate out there somewhere to get her on somewhere I can link to online in some way, period.


Was there any doubt that when Jug Ears Hussain learned what Bush already knew, and he was responsible for our nations security, that he was going to have to change his tune.
Our lives are on the line and he is the one that is Constitutionally charged with protecting us.
The ACLU can go screw themselves. I am glad to see the socialist dipshit at least take national security seriously. He will get back to pandering to the anti-war crowd later. Today he has to manage a war. A war he knows we must not lose.


Tonight Nancy Skinner referred to the show as "The Nancy Skinner Show" at the beginning. That tells me we have lost Randi. I didn't always listen to all her show, but I looked forward to being entertained and educated. Plus, I will really miss hearing Rusty Warren singing on Fridays!


Look at the LTR site and it gives the station ID for the florida station. You might be able to stream it.


STFU, baart!

You love that, don't you?


Is she there yet? I didn't read anything that said a done deal.

From LTR:

There are conflicting stories (and a heck of a lot of rumors that have popped up in my email box but I won't disclose at this point) regarding the motives behind Rhodes' absence. However, the consensus is that her flagship station, Clear Channel-owned WJNO in West Palm Beach, FL, has been making preparations for her to return to a local-only show. It will likely not be syndicated.

Other rumors claim that Rhodes has cancelled her show until further notice, due to personal issues.

Sounds like rumors so far. But who knows.


Sorry, AMJ, I won't miss Bounce your Boobies. I heard it a few times too many. But it made me laugh for a long time.

A Randi Fan

This from a Phoenix blog:


Randi gets national exposure with AAR, her big opportunity. John Manzo becomes her producer, then leaves AAR for Nova M.

Randi then calls national dem figures f'ing whores at an AAR sponsored event, then whines that AAR is persecuting her, though she's the one, according to her, that chose to take herself off the air.

Then suddenly, within days, she's back with John Manzo at Nova M, where he's just been promoted to CEO.

With rumors of a hostile takeover, John Manzo is fired from Nova M, along with other Nova M people "loyal" to Manzo.

Randi says nothing, no support for Nova M, Manzo, or the employees fired.

Then on the same day John Manzo files a lawsuit against Nova M, Randi drops off the air. Randi's minions are all crying and pulling their hair out over how Nova M could do this, though again it's apparently Randi's decision, not Nova M.

Posted by a blogger in the comments section. Hey, who knows?




I for one am glad that RR is off the air. I always thought that she was too full of herself and too unforgiving of ignorance. Ignorance does not equal stupidity. Her style was way too much in your face with anyone whom disagreed with her. I always turned the dial when Rhandi turned on. She was simply way too self important for me.


Ignorance equals stupidity when the ignorant remain ignorant. I admire intelligence and am rarely put off by superfluous emotion. She enslaved minds that were ready to learn and gave little time to those who waited to be flattered. She profoundly disliked ignorance.


Thothman: She was there to teach ignorance. She disdained stupidity. She spent hours trying to inform.


Well, she didn't teach "ignorance" - but tried to teach those who were ignorant. (thought I'd better clarify that) :)


Has anyone caught Washington state Rep. Matt Shea on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory this evening? He's on with half-a-dozen other state legislators and Dr. Jerome Corsi (author of "Obamanation" and the swift boat book of '04) about legislation that's pending in 17 various states to cease state recognition of federal mandates, apparently Washington being one of them.

In WA's case it seems like a lot of smoke but in some of these states like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, etc. it would seem like passage is at least possible.

I guess if Barry's going to be President of the club, they don't want to be part of the club.

The inevitable grandstanding and dismissing by the liberals and conservatives here aside, the predictable "we don't need those rednecks" of the left and "we have all the guns, we'd win" of the right, in the smoking embers of a post-civil war US - regardless of who wins - no one's going to need to worry about socialized medicine, or bank bailouts, or school funding or anything else ... maybe that's the point ...

Puget Sound

”Thothman: She was there to teach ignorance. She disdained stupidity. She spent hours trying to inform.

Posted by: joanie | February 16, 2009 at 10:11 PM”

”Well, she didn't teach "ignorance" - but tried to teach those who were ignorant. (thought I'd better clarify that) :)

Posted by: joanie | February 16, 2009 at 10:12 PM"

damn those freudian slips...

woody held

"I wonder why strong women engender so much dislike in our culture? "

You mean like when somebody, I forget who it was, called Hillary Clinton a bitch and a whore during the campaign?

Oh yeah, it was Randi.


I'm glad republicans are obsessed that someone was called a bitch. It makes it easier for them to ignore the economy after 8 years of the idiot bush. 25 years after Reagan tripling the deficit and of course, Watergate. What was it Cheney said to Leahy on the floor of the senate?

woody held

Huh? As far as I know Leahy is not a strong woman.

Woody Held Statistics


Larry Craig is 'not gay' either, ok?


yes, sputs, I responded to Armageddon. Some reason I shouldn't have?

You are such an idiot.

Instead of looking for mysteries to solve, why don't you listen to talk radio so you have something to talk about?


The Florida station that Rhodes broadcast from (WJNO in West Palm Beach) has replaced her show with Sean Hannity (I kid you not). That gives them an all-right-wing lineup, including Beck and Limbaugh.

Meanwhile, Nova M has filed for bankruptcy and a new company, On Second Thought, has been formed to take its place. It will continue to broadcast the Nancy Skinner and Mike Malloy shows.

I kid you not!

The Liberal Media

I miss Randi, but truth be told, right before she left I found it irritating that she was constantly mentioning a new boyfriend, Howard. It was like hearing a schoolgirl who had to tell everyone she had a boyfriend, and totally took away from a clever show about politics. She even mentioned Howard in pre-recorded commercial spots. Enough with the boyfriend already! Wherever Randi lands, I hope we can hear her great political comments and not have to hear about her dating life.

Mike Barer

Randi sounds a little like the "Faboulus Sports Babe" on the radio, only she is good looking.


Randi Rhode was so accurate with her fact c heck system she is not like the moron's spitting out racist David DukE..Oboma the magic Negro sings Rush... I.S radio.....idiots speak is the new name of NOVA M..
Every thing she said regardless if I agreed or disagreed can be proven by links reaserch and facts... A great sorce of TRUTH has been taken from true Americans...


Nolan ...you were not listening.. Howard was her just a person she says was a great man .. and if she was to have a boyfriend it would have been the Fabolous Howard... keep listening to Rush


Randi Rhode was so accurate with her fact c heck system she is not like the moron's spitting out racist David DukE..Oboma the magic Negro sings Rush... I.S radio.....idiots speak is the new name of NOVA M..
Every thing she said regardless if I agreed or disagreed can be proven by links reaserch and facts... A great sorce of TRUTH has been taken from true Americans...


Randi's a diva

Randi is a self-aggrandizing drama queen. On the one hand, that's part of her charm, and what makes her fun to listen to. On the other hand, it's why she seemingly can't hold a job.


Your name is below your post here.
You got full credit for that which you shared with us.


randi rhoads is to creditable talk radio as scott noble (democrat) is to sober driver's training school


Randy does her homework on politics and that's more than I can say for alot of other talk hosts (like Cubby), who seem to be mostly lazy, and substitute opinion for facts. For that I respect her and miss her informed dialogue, especially with the dearth of good liberal/Democratic talk show hosts on the air. While she has annoyed me at times in the past, with her vitriole toward Hillary, some unnecessary rudness to callers, and leaps of logic into the conspiratorial at times, I feel that she had been right on target in recent months and I miss her intelligence, strong will and wisdom.

I do feel a little "dropped" however in that Randy hasn't tried to keep in touch or given much regard to her listeners since she abruptly left the air.


Peter B. is taking over her time slot on KPTK starting March 9. Time to celebrate! He is as informed almost and a whole lot easier to listen.

Jack FM

I have my radio off on Nova untill Randi Rhodes is back, She is smart, funny, not perfect but very entertaining, I miss you Randi, I'll wait for you,go to Satellite radio if I have to,

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