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February 04, 2009



OMFG she's doing the chinky eye thing!


AA - She is raising one eyebrow, not making her eyeslits longer. I guess she is using her finger because unlike me, she can't do the one eyebrow raise using her face muscles. Maybe she is a big Spock fan, he was great at the one eyebrow raising.

I am glad that 1090 chose to opt out of day old news. I hated listening to the first hour of the show before for that very reason.


No, she is raising her eyebrow manually, something she said she has to do because she isnt able to do it with just her eyebrow.

I wonder how much all this disruption is because of Mr. Green's management style? I dont blame Rachel for sticking to her TV gig...I have been enjoying listening to Ron Reagan on the way home now..

When 99% of what we read, hear, and watch is controlled by 5 major corporations that just happen to be owned by conservatives, its sort of amusing to watch them play checkers with their stations. The Miami progressive station has gone to sport, so now Miami listeners have FIVE sports channels from which to choose. Typically, these change overs make the stations tank in the ratings and lose a lot of money. But, By God, they are keeping Amurika safe from the libruls, even if it hits them in the wallet.

As if that keeps the message away,,,,


Those numbers for Rachel are from January. It seems as if lately, she has fallen comfortably in to third place in both the prime demo and overall viewers behind Larry King and Hannity (who is growing his numbers, doing more than Larry King and Maddow combined).
Rachel needed to dump the radio and concentrate on her teevee program before she loses it.


1) Hannah Montana beat her to it
2) Air America sux


Uh chucks..it is only February 4...how does she "fall" in 4 days?

I think you need to wait until the end of the month before you start celebrating!


Don't misconstrue my post there Sparky. I am just saying that her numbers and viewer share have been dwindling over the past month.
She is not failing. She just needs to devote her time to one venue at a time. Very few can do teevee and talk radio well. If she wants to grow on the teevee, that is where she must concentrate her energy.
I do not care if she succeeds or fails. No sweat off my brow either way as I don't watch her. I just can't see MSDNC being able to come up with anybody else that can compete with Larry King, let alone Sean Hannity.


Poor Rachel, she should have kept her radio gig, her tv show is definitely on the downswing.
Every time I tune her in she's still going on about George Bush!
That's not going to play with anyone for much longer.
Too bad her and Olberman can't fill their time with praise for Obama's accomplishments instead of staying with the tired, old bush bashing.


Who's tired of Bush bashing?? Not me!! Kind of like the right still makes comments about Hillary's legs...ya know??

Charles from Midway

Rachel rocks, even to old, white, straight, kinda conservative guys like myself. I can take Olbermann or leave him but there is no way I would not watch her every day. I watch O'Reilly too, and listen to Rush. I can't help but think there are lots of other guys out the just like me. She's cool.


Rachel maddow still works for air america.


Thank God there's now one less sarcastic smart-ass lib talker on the radio. MSNBC can have her. Some day left-wing talk radio will figure out how to put on entertaining program without constant name calling - and when they do, Rush will finally have some competition.


Lets see…”Libnicks”, “libs,” “terrorists,” “Al Qaeda supporters,” “America haters,” “loony leftists,” to list a few. Yes, liberals do have a monopoly on name calling.


You forgot the obvious "Feminazies" and "Dinjy Harry." Been so long since I've had to listen to Rush I've forgotten most of the language of his personal attacks (thankfully). I'd probably find Bush jokes less appealing if I weren't still hearing Lewinsky jokes.


Sparky-.....rights comments about Hillarys legs.

How would you describe them Sparky?


God-given and beautiful, if you ask me. :)


The junk in her trunk goes all the way to her ankles.
We use her for her brain, not her body.


Duff-you are a sick, visual challenged, mofo.


Oh, but Habu, my little grasshopper...remember words of -Francis Bacon:

'There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.'


I have never seen her ankles, so I can't comment. Probably most of the people who make fun of them have not seen them either, but why would that matter??

rozscat, you forgot moonbat.


Thick ankles or thick-headed? Which would you prefer? I know. Ankles over intelligence any day for you guys.

You're really not up to the job of handling intelligence, are you?


We can handle intellegence Joanie, just you Libs never show any sign of it. How many more tax evaders is Obama going to nominate for his cabinet before you realize you only voted for him because you hated the last one President. No intellegence in doing that is there. Just blind faith.


What was there to like about the last president?


How about 4% unemployment. Didn't you like that or do you like the 7.9% we have now.


So what you are saying that the current economic meltdown is all President Obama’s fault as well as the Democratic Congress? If so how? I am curious Steven because I see the conservatives on this blog pin the blame on one source, liberals and democrats while not offering any solutions or ideas to make improvements. Is this an admission that the conservative and Republican economic policies were a failure and the meltdown is a result of something that was in the making for quite some time? For example steering away from a production economy to a service based economy that began in the late 70’s and accelerated in the 80’s? I read a lot of talking point rhetoric and name calling but see very little dialog.


so after two weeks, the current president is responsible for the previous 8 years....the crybaby republicans have no plan other than being obstructionists and sniveling.


The Senate has reached a compromise on the stimulus package, and voting is scheduled to take place on Sunday.


What is it, something like 1.3 trillion dollars between this and the November gift to industry?
As you look at the kids in school Monday morning, thank them. They, their kids and grand kids will be paying for this.
We really are a nation of stupid, short sighted people.


Dims took over two years ago. What were gas prices and employment rate?

Nuff said?


No Habu
There's more. How much were our houses bringing? What were our 401k and other investments doing?
Barney Frank and a couple of others should be drawn and quartered for what they allowed to happen to the entire world, let alone what they have done to us.
Oh well, let's not take responsibility for our mistakes. Let's just put it on Visa and let the kids figure it out.


You guys are hilarious!


the crybaby republicans have no plan other than being obstructionists and sniveling.

Repubs dont need a plan-you libs have the con.

Now show us your stuff.


Rozskat, you expected an answer? From these idiots?

Good luck.


"So what you are saying that the current economic meltdown is all President Obama’s fault as well as the Democratic Congress?"

Yes Roz, thats what I'm saying. President Obama was apart of that Congress. What was he doing for 18 months prior to taking over as President. Certainly not looking out for the people. This Lib controlled Congress led by Pelosi and Reid led us to where we are because they were so focused on trying to find fault in the Bush Administration to impeach him, that they ignored the warnings that would have stopped this mess we are in. How can you look at the numbers and not see it is beyond me.

And dont forget the Libs raising the Minimum Wage. That in itself was what put this economy on the deep slide we are currently in. Think about it.


Thats you Joanie that runs away from questions. Not me.


Yes nevets, all those poor people shopping at Wal*Shit won't have to wait another year to buy a mattress pad.

Puget Sound

spot on nevets. once again you called it in regards to her actions.

you're a great american.

i'll pause why joanie misses the point.

anyway, whilst joanie furiously works those 93 IQ points before locking up i would mention that no party has clean hands in this economic mess.

moreover, we will be spending a lot more money before this is all said and done. roz, if you'll recall the japanese banking issues of the early 90's. they went this route and it took a decade to get out of it. we may be so lucky.

before we could turn to the fed to lower the rates. but right now the rates are down as low as you can get 'em. cut the payroll taxes. that will open up a lot of cash to the people. of course, when people get an idea of how much money is being sucked out of their paycheck it will be difficult getting them to willingly go back to paying the payroll tax.
politicians understand this. that's why they don't want to do it.

okay, joanie's brain should have rebooted by now and she is no ready to spew so stand back folks as the acrid smell of the 'Seattle' will no doubt follow afterwards.


Dudes-it isnt closing time. Joanie will be abscent until 0200.


"of course, when people get an idea of how much money is being sucked out of their paycheck it will be difficult getting them to willingly go back to paying the payroll tax."

Just offer them a job on President obama's cabinet Puts and that will get them to pay it.


Aren't you glad you asked, Roz?


What this, Joanie doesn't like facts when presented?


You're all too used to SParky's attempts at ejucating you. I gave up long ago.

Let the name calling and hate memes continue.



Of course Steven, for you and Brian it is bad for workers to get pay raises or a decent wage, which minimum wage is neither, while executives award themselves multimillion dollar bonuses for failing companies. When exec pay and worker pay has a large disparity, the middle class will evaporate and what is left is the haves and have nots. At this pace this country will be soon be there.

I could only chuckle at the conservative Southern senators who said to hell with Detroit because they had Japanese and Korean transplants in their states. Well Senator, what that means is that your labor rates are so cheap and workers will not be paid a fair living wage due to your right to work laws. Conditions are no different than that of third world countries, at which some areas of the rural South are.

So let the conservatives point fingers, dwell in the past, come up with creative name calling as people will find out, that will not accomplish anything.


I know Joanie and quoting Daffy Duck….”I had to ask.”


"chinky eye thing!" Andrew? FUCK YOU!


Lets me get this straight Roz, you prefer unemployment at 7.6% (and rising) over a minimum wage of $5.85. Maybe its just me but I think thats a little selfish on your part.


If we don't lift the min wage, where will the wal-mart shoppers go for their Hitler cakes?


And if Blatherwatch didnt exist, where will the little Coilers go to post the name Hitler.


I only wanted to throw your employer some business.

Wal-Mart Takes The Cake For Hitler Tot



Steven probably clicks his heels together every time he goes into the bakery for a freebie.

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