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February 05, 2009



...and in spite of or because of that he cries all the way to the bank. Can't we just ignore that bag of wind. I listened to him long ago and got so tired of his bloviating and ego that I now cringe just hearing his voice. I really do think his days of high ratings are numbered.


Ditto on that Duff…sorry bad pun


Rush used to be funny. Loved the animal rights updates and all the other updates that usually showed how silly radical leftists had become.

Now all one has to do is listen to Rush one hour a week and they will get the picture of everything he will say all week. I can't believe that he can hold an audience while rambling on and on about the same subject for days at a time. In other words, Rush has become boring.

Yet I know people in the real world who cling to his every word as if it were Jesus speaking. Its not that Rush never has anything useful to say. He does give a different perspective on things. And it is true he certainly exposes alot of hypocrisy. The trouble is that just keeps repeating the same old montra over and over. Boring.

See, Dori is smart. He may rant. He may play the same stupid soundbites to death. But, unlike Rush and all the other blabbermouths, left and right, Dori has alot of fun things on his show. Dori knows how to entertain.

I agree that Rush's days of high ratings can't help but slip. He will always hold onto that hard core group. However that group will not win elections anymore. At least not now. If Obama's administration totally tanks the Rush group may help put his opposition over the top but they still won't have any more influence over actuall policy than they do now.

Me, I enjoy listening to talk radio that challenges my viewpoints as I am not afraid of hearing other ideas. What I am afraid of is those who want to shut up those who disagree.

So let Rush ramble all the way to the bank and his little hideaways in the islands. Who cares. Peersonally if I had all that money I'd be traveling, helping my friends going through hard times, supporting local causes etc. I'd wouldn't be tied down to do dumb radio show. But them some people really love the attention.

Okay, I've wandered all over the place long enough.


I can just see Bla'M hiding 50 feet up in a palm tree in his robe and bunny slippers stalking Rush in Palm Beach, madly writing notes for the next Limbaugh stalking blog post.
There is a conspiracy to undermine Limbaugh and other right leaning blow v-8 ers involving bloggers with the aid and encouragement of The White House. The goal is to destroy the man before the next mid-term election. But come on, be a little more subtle in your quest. We might notice and defend.


Will Obama ever give a Press Conference without having a tennis match being played behind the crowd? He needs to get rid of them teleprompters. He continues to screw up repeatedly and looks disconnected from the audience when using them.


a conspiracy? Kinda reminds me of GOPAC and Newt!


I feel like I'm seeing a replay of the late 90's - and Rush Limbaugh deserves lots and lots of credit. Nevermind his paycheck, his social relevance is worth more than money at this point.

Liberals have been angry for the past eight years yet liberal lawmakers never felt too inclined to give. Now conservatives are angry and conservative lawmakers are bending over for their angry constituency because it seems that Rush Limbaugh is more effective than any liberal personality at organizing the anger and forming it into a single pointed spear that frightens conservative lawmakers.

You don't have to take my word for it, the votes speak for themselves.

The good news for everyone else is that Republicans are coming off as obstructionists big time. They have no clear reason for opposing the bailout except to call it "socialist", which at this point in time is cute.

I think for the next four years the Republicans will fight every step of the way but without the Big Blow Job they will just come off as angry and out of touch. It doesn't help that Obama is a rock star.


Off Topic News Flash!:

Yet another cabinet appointee with tax problems are we up to 5 now?:

"More tax woes as Labor nominee vote postponed, WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A Senate committee delayed its confirmation vote for Labor Secretary-designate Hilda Solis on Thursday in order to review a potential tax controversy relating to Solis' husband, two sources familiar with her confirmation told CNN."

Man, right when we need government to buck up and fly straight it seems the wheels are coming off.


The most ethical admin ever!!!!!


The good news for everyone else is that Republicans are coming off as obstructionists big time.

We must be counting differently because the Repubs dont have enough votes to obstruct anything. If they are smart they will let the dims take total credit for the stimulus with 0 support. This stim is a sham and it is becoming more apparent daily as its lines are exposed. The dims are fearful of no GOP support. Zero knows what a bogus bill it is and may even be smart enough to know total dim ownership is a ride on the Titanic. Nancy and Harry have rolled him in his first two weeks. Not a good start zero.


I blame Missouri fats, his tirades blew the election for you guys.


McCain blew the election for himself as a lot saw him for what he is-a Rhino. I wish he would go over to your side and get it over with-immediately would still be too late. The media made McCain the GOP candidate as they made zero. Difference-no question of substance has ever been asked of zero. It will be interesting to see how the MSM reacts as it becomes apparent to even them that zero is at the helm of the Titanic constructed and launched by the Dim congress.


I don't think McCain is welcome on either side, he likes being abused however.


There is a conspiracy to undermine Limbaugh and other right leaning blow v-8 ers involving bloggers with the aid and encouragement of The White House.

You mean, something like a vast left-wing conspiracy? Yikes! How scary and novel!

Other then that Chucks, your tin-foil theory nearly deserves another whine-11 call. In fact, what the hell, here you go:

Seriously, stop creating these O'Reillien conspiracies to replace your dying brand. Conservatives are "supposed" to be tough. This makes you sound like a bunch of pussies.

Rush sealed his doom long ago with:

Moral superiority vs. multiple marriages,
Anti-drug user stance vs. pro-drug intake,
Anti-GOP water-carrying vs. Chief water-carrier.

Along with talk radio in general, America has moved on. I suggest you and Rush do too - or become one w/ political ash-heap


I wish i could have sealed my doom long ago with a salary in to the out years like Rush has under contract.

You libs are giving Rush last rites much too soon. I like that-keep underestimating. Zero is off to a good start at becoming a one term Pres.


I think the way Rush has abused his body, I give him 5 years


I never once mentioned money, Habu.
$$$ does not = Credibility. In fact, In Rush's case it kind of removes the empty barrel from his already-hollow shtick.

Seriously, imagine a big fat fuck with a cigar sitting on his mint and crowing about "personal responsibility" when people are losing their homes/jobs/lives. Add to this his extensive resume as a thrice failed sports commentator, and we're all supposed to take economic/political advice from him?

Thesis: Rush's populist message was swell for 1994, but the swelling has gone down.

Rush, O'Reilly, Beck, and Hannity are now just Circus curiosities. They're well-paid, but no one takes advice from viagra-fueled philandering drug-addict or a hot-head that showers with spiced fava-bean patties.


Wow...Someone on Sound Politics is getting very close to advocating mail fraud:

"Don't worry if you can't find a stamp. It's longstanding county policy to pay for return postage on unstamped ballots."


That was a thoughtful post, Ryder. made even more thoughtful and considered by the idiotic posts following it.

I don't mind hearing different points of view if they are supported by something serious. It seems like Rush and the people whose posts following yours are simply unthinking, uncaring comedians and not very good ones at that.

Rush will stay on top as long as he's the only one people can get out there in the hinterlands. People who have no choice take what they can get.

I don't really agree about Dori. I don't find him entertaining or smart at all. He does what these guys do: hears without listening; forgets what doesn't fit his beliefs; and gets very childish in his name calling. He's really worse than Rush that way. Rush comes up with some mean but creative names while Dori uses dumb words that are just mean. And he's horribly two-faced.

Well, it was nice talking. You must have time on your hands. I hope not for long.


Dori isn't stupid - he knows how to get ratings. I don't advocate Rush - he is probably still under the influence of oxycontin, but still has enough coherence to pull in the so-called dittoheads, who are slightly more with it than the drug-addled moonbats who worship at the altar of MSNBC.

Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers will ALWAYS be more popular in the eyes of the leftists and neo-marxists. No big revelation - Big Hint: time to move on to another topic, like say the future of former governor Blago or the propensity that Obama has for nominating cabinet members who don't properly pay their taxes.


Because they have Republican (all of whom are corrupt as we've seen from this Wall Street fiasco) accountants.


"Tonight, in an address before a House Democratic retreat, President Obama issued a strident defense of his economic recovery package:

We can’t embrace the losing formula that says only tax cuts will work for every problem we face; that ignores critical challenges like our addiction to foreign oil, or the soaring cost of health care, or falling schools and crumbling bridges and roads and levees. I don’t care whether you’re driving a hybrid or an SUV — if you’re headed for a cliff, you’ve got to change direction. That’s what the American people called for in November, and that’s what we intend to deliver.

Republicans — and even some Democrats — have mounted attacks on the economy recovery package with a variety of superfluous attacks. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), for instance, said, “This was not a stimulus bill. It was a spending bill.” Obama fired back: “So then you get the argument, well, this is not a stimulus bill, this is a spending bill. What do you think a stimulus is? That’s the whole point. No, seriously. That’s the point.”

The blue-dog Dems (southern republicans who pretend to be Democrats) are causing trouble for OBama. Amazing, isn't it, that so many people think the same we've been doing for eight years is the answer to what hasn't been working for eight years.


Seriously, imagine a big fat fuck with a cigar sitting on his mint and crowing about "personal responsibility" when people are losing their homes/jobs/lives.

I think of both klintons....


I am glad we have someone out there who knows that there are 50 million people out here who did NOT vote for this socialist administration. There are those of us who would like to keep our freedoms. We do not have to steal from future generations to help Americas economy. We are already in debt. Google jobs! This money is going to Hollywood producers, Acorn and unions who backed Obama. Liberals do not stay on the radio as no one will listen to them therefore no sponsors, no money! The Fairness Doctrine will go against our Constitution! Stop this insanity! America will go down if you do not! God Bless America and keep us safe!


I did not write the post timed at 07:10.


"When you subsidize poverty and failure,you get more of both."


Right on, Habu. This country is being run as in "Lord of the Flies" by the Liberal Fascism on display in Congress. Accountability doesn't matter anymore. He who has the gold makes the rules - is how things are being run in DC. Empires fall because of this attitude.

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