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February 17, 2009



Who gives a damn. What's this got to do with talk radio, besides pushing your political views?

cracker rv sales

"Franken is the highest-elected radio talk show host in U.S. history"... Did you comprehend the article before posting double D?


Coleman makes the WA St Republicans look good. Could they have kept appealing?

Kind of sad that a party could so transparently overturn democracy and still have a following. It looks more and more corrupt every day.


It does, plus stealing a page from the gop playbook here, Coleman is a sore loser. Ed is talking about this today.


Coiler, you should be listening to 710DORI. He's got smarmy - and lying - Rossi on.

Nothing about deregulation and corruption in the financial markets, nope. But we are heading toward socialism. No connections between our situation and their hands-off free market "easy-road-to-corruption-and-bankruptcy-greed-is-good" policies.

But the fix will be "socialiism" if the Dems have their way.

This generation that grew up hiding under their desks in defense of the "Red Scare" needs to move on.

I'll take "socialism" over "corrupt" and "deregulated" so-call free markets any day.


"Kind of sad that a party could so transparently overturn democracy and still have a following. It looks more and more corrupt every day."
- Yes, reminds me of our Washington State Democrats and a recent Governor's race.
"Oh we found some more ballots in the hamper, another recount please!"
The Dems in our state still have a following here, how do you explain that?


"I'll take "socialism" over "corrupt" and "deregulated" so-call free markets any day."

After all this time you saying no one here knew the meaning of the word and now we find out is you who doesn't know the meaning of "Socialism". Because If you did, you wouldn't be saying things like that.

Question, was it finally the realization that David Sirota supports socialism that made you come out of the closet? I know you think highly of his opinions so I thought I would ask.


Rossi lost by a larger margin this time, how do you explain that?


Maybe you haven't hear of George W Bush?
Between his destroying the Republican brand and the Millions of "never voted before" Obama coat-tailers Rossi never had a chance.


Oh, I never bring up that idiot's name after 8 years of him ruining the economy. so it stands to reason that the smart, sophisticated, progressive thinkers gave him short shrift here and as far as any coat- tailers, the gop could of marshaled their religious base, but they got into a snit over McSame and failed. We told people in the bubba states that they would be fraud and be prepared to stand in line and they did. Millions of moderates and republicans alike voted and had their votes cast. It was historic! The GOP is DEAD.


Brian, I'd count votes for anybody on the ballot as long as they're legal. Wouldn't you? Or would you take away a voter's right just because it found it's way into a hamper?

And we know we're not talking about hampers here.

Those votes were verified by both parties.

Oh no! Dori is now comparing Obama with a religious symbol. He's losing it!


I don't know if I'd go that far but possibly mortally wounded. Even I was so disenfranchised last spring I had to jump over to the Dem side & caucus for Hillary


Joanie – these folks yelling “socialism,” do they really know what they are talking about or are they rehashing Cold War rhetoric and McCarthy era jingles? I have never heard concise explanation of their disdain for socialism except to equate it to communism, repeat talking points of talk shows and politicians or text books. It certainly makes cute fodder for those to conduct attacks when disagreeing.

I have heard many anti-socialists point to Sweden about high taxes and socialism. However, with the Swedes I have met and mixed with, they certainly do not hold contempt of their system, unlike Americans when the opposition is in power. Many times I find I can have rational discussion about American politics with Europeans more so than with my fellow citizens. Even disagreements are civil and I find many Europeans to be more knowledgeable of American politics in many aspects. Some of the contributors on this blog provide sufficient evidence of my claim.


Hi Roz, first, did you read my response to your last post?

Yes, it all harkens back to some primitive fear of falling prey to the atomic bomb and the Red scare of the fifties. Is it McCarthyism reborn?

I'm beginning to think anything is possible these days. Glad to hear from you.

Oh, I watched a Swedish professor being interviewed on Channel 9 quite a long time ago and when asked about his reliance on the government for so much, he said it's worth it. He has much less about which to worry than the average American. He said he wouldn't change that for anything.

I wonder if the fear so many are experiencing really does go back to all the propaganda we heard as very young children?


joanie, I think you give them too much credit. These guys would make great quilt makers...a piece of made up stuff here, a rumor there, all stitched together with the hope that someone will still buy it. The GOP governors very MUCH wanted this stimulus package. Denmark pays about the same in taxes as we do, yet they have numerous social programs that we only dream about.
It is more class warfare than a fear of Cubans. If we all have what we need, then who would get to be on top?


Oh, and lucky for the Radio Fertilizer that the story about Randi and NovaM is in the news, so he wouldn't have to cover this story. Ha..


OK sparkles
You made me have to look. It was like slowing down to see the yellow tarp over the body, but Radio Equalizer has the story.
But it was probably here first.


"I'll take "socialism" over "corrupt" and "deregulated" so-call free markets any day."

Joanie has exposed her neo-marxist leanings with this kernel shown above. God, what a bonehead ! Good job in changing the argument (another leftist trick) by injecting unregulated into it.
To that I say HELL NO, NIMBY !

What was overlooked is that large nations who are socialist are more corrupt all over (not just in elections) than we are. Socialism in Denmark and Norway is more clean because they are smaller and homogenous countries (ie lack diversity) than here. Look more at Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and China - who anyone with half a brain can see are more corrupt than this capitalist nation not to mention more fascistic - no doubt there will be some, probably including Joanie who don't get that. If that's the case, you should visit there for awhile and defect there if it turns out that you like it.

The threat of McCarthyism is always an emotionally appealing argument to throw in, but show me any similarities between then and now ? If anyone is playing McCarthy, its the leftist Democrats with their desires to regulate the internet (Rep. Waxman - D) and impose a Fairness Doctrine and even that doesn't rise to the level of McCarthy and who is today's McCarthy ?


Michele Malkin thinks McCarthy was a great american who had the right idea. whatever...


If Malkin actually said that, I disagree with her - McCarthy was overreaching, tactless and mean-spirited. (I know that Ann Coulter thought McCarthy was fine).

So, what was your point ?


Ah, thanks, KS. I got my Right Wing vixens mixed up. Ann Coulter liked McCarthy, Malkin approved of the internment camps. My bad.


Yeah Roz, nothing beats having a Socialist to rule over your life from the time you are born to the day you die. Is that really something you would like to see your kid grow up to. Once you let Socialism plant its seed and let it spread its roots outward thats what we will have here. Why? Power. Socialism brews power. Look at Cuba. Look at Venuzuela. Cuba hasn't had a leader almost 50 years whose name didnt end with Castro and Chavez just had the term limit law overturned by a simple vote.

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