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February 22, 2009



He really has nothing to talk about, does he.


Beck is to TV what Art Bell was to radio. Coo Coo !

woody held

Here I have to agree with the ladies. Beck would have us think we are Germany in the 30's headed for hyper-inflation followed by Hitler.

In fact we are just headed for a repeat of Jimmy Carter's reign with 10-15% unemployment and 10-15% inflation. Those of us old enough to remember, it was bad but not unbearable.

Woody Held Statistics


Umm, Klueless! KLueless! Wanna hear blanket generalizations? Wanna hear nonsense? Wanna hear calling it from his ass?

How do you spell "you hoo"? Anyway, this guy doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. But then, he practices every day. Doesn't he?

BTW, his rant sort of reminds me of your posts. Go figure.


Well, carnahan, you apparently believe everything you read whether sensible or not. But your ability to comprehend it is in question considering you ass-ume that jaonie is me.

So, considering the evidence before me, I will continue to make my own judgments rather than depend on yours.

BTW, Thom Hartmann also regularly talks to Batra. Do I believe the world will be in disarray? I don't know and neither do you.

I'm sure you were one of those who holed up in his basement stocked with ten years of bottled water and spam when Y2K happened. How did that work for you?

Anything is possible. As someone who takes life a day at a time, I'm not compiling my arsenal just yet.

BTW, wasn't carnahan a Carson-joke? And nice to know you read the blog regularly and that I'm a first-grade teacher. You remind me of someone . . . now who could that be?


BTW, carnahan, did you post as jaonie just to have something to talk about?


I'm curious. Who is calling the protests in Iceland riots? They look like peaceful protests to me.

Rightwingers are scary - any excuse to get out the guns and swat teams.


G'night, GG.


You're already there.

lotus eater

That clip really scares me. I'm not kidding.

woody held

what was that about? Anyway you have to give Beck credit for coming up with the impending doom shtick. It has been used before, but he is turning it into an art form. It can be entertaining and thought-provoking, which makes it good radio.

I always ask these self-styled prophets to give me some specific predictions. If they're smart they shut up. If not they invariably provide the rope to hang themselves upon answering.

Bill Davis

Yeah, yeah Beck, I've heard it all before. Like it was posted earlier....Art Bell, plus a lot of short wave-in-their-momma's-basement-underwear-clad-unabomber-wannabees....Howard Ruff's junk silver 70's scare, yada yada.

And I agree with Woody...it's certainly entertaining.

Now, where did I store my 3 year supply of dried food and peanut butter?


"How do you spell "you hoo"? Anyway, this guy doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. But then, he practices every day. Doesn't he?"

So then, why do you seem so hysterical, Ph(J)oanie ? You don't want to believe it for different reasons than I don't want to. He is pointing the finger at the left, which offends those, especially the neo-marxists who would love to shut down the opposition, for the end justifies the means. Your pal, Nancy Pelosi would love nothing better than to slam the door on the rightwing talk shows - she doesn't care if its fascism, it matters more about not hearing people with dissenting views so they can implement their agenda. Your kind of Speaker - you and her are two peas in a pod...


bla bla bla...


KS, there is no legislation anywhere for a Fairness Doctrine. Relax.


Ahh, Sparky finally figured out her argument for a Fairness Doctrine is all washed up that she has changed tactics. Now she will try the new tactic she learned from the Obama campaign, tell them lies and sooner or later they will drop the subject. Like the "CHANGE" she told all those she called and reached was coming to D.C. if only they vote for Obama. Is that how it goes Sparky. How many of those you called did you tell that McCain would "just be the same" and continue selling out our country to China just like Bush has done the last 8 years. You have to be feeling like you were used now that Obama sent Hillary there to plead for them to keep buying them bonds.


I know that. The Fairness Doctrine, which is will not be called - would be implemented by the FCC - I'd say that its 50-50 it will happen. However, that doesn't mean it will become law - there is a groundswell against it and the courts would likely become involved and shoot it down.

That's not new, I have known that for a few months. It is well documented that Pelosi, Stabenow, Waxman and number of the other leftists want it, but the President says that he doesn't.


Ah Steven, you are so funny. We never mentioned McCain in our calls, just asked people to get out and vote, and hopefully they would vote Democratic. Why would I feel used? I have never said I am in favor of a Fairness Doctrine. I think its hilarious how the right huffs and puffs about something that isnt going to happen.
You spend too much time trying to "interpret" what I "mean."


Looking at the way Pelosi does business, it would not surprise me to see the silence desent doctrine stuck in a little corner of a major defense bill, not to be disclosed until after it has passed.


But you did promise them "CHANGE" right Sparky. And not seeing that happening now and just seeing more of the same you have to be feeling used by the Obama campaign. Doesn't all this just make you want to call them again and tell them you are sorry. Especially with Obama sending Hillary to China to plead for them to buy our Bonds and continue selling out America. That is how you put it "selling America" when the subject was brought up time after time before.

As for the Fairness Doctrine. You have consistently supported the idea for its re-enactment. You even came up with an analogy for it. Remember the "Trader Joes" and how much you like shopping there but there is not one in your neighborhood.


Don't you have some carts to push around the parking lot?

woody held

"KS, there is no legislation anywhere for a Fairness Doctrine. Relax."

Ah yes, the ole 'we did nothing wrong and we've stopped doing it.'

Regardless of whether the FD is ever officially proposed, it is a fact that top Democrats like Dubin, Schumer, Feinstein, Pelosi, and others have come out in favor of it.

As bad as they are, Republicans would never support such a horrific assault on free speech in this country. Nixon was a proponent of the FD. The Democrats now find themselves in the same column as Nixon on yet another issue (Nixon also supported wage controls and a ban on handguns).

Woody Held Statistics


"As bad as they are, Republicans would never support such a horrific assault on free speech in this country."



No, Steven. I told you..we asked people to get out and vote, and we hoped they voted for Obama, and then we hung up and called the next person on the list.

As far as the Fairness Doctrine, my argument was about whether or not a liberal talk show would be more popular if more people could hear it. That was where the Trader Joe analogy came in. Puts tried to say I wanted the Government to step in and give us more trader joes, and that was not part of my analogy,.There are a variety of ways to get more liberal voices on the air and none have to do with a Fairness Doctrine. Again, you are assuming you know what I am thinking.


Big Woody, the last time I checked, it is still ok to express the desire for something to happen, even if it never does. I wish I could win the lottery.

Republicans and free speech....um....like when the people who wore t-shirts against the war were frogmarched out of any public appearance by Bushie? I mean, back when he actually did let the commoners in and didn't have his audience hand selected.
Or like the woman who published a photo of caskets being returned to the US from Iraq, and she lost her job? Those Republicans??

woody held

lil' sparky, when you've got one after another party heavyweight speaking in favor of a policy, it's of rather more significance than somebody wishing to win the lottery.

You do make a good point about Bush. There have been some very heavy-handed tactics against protesters by the Secret Service. Some examples even worse than the ones you mention.

And don't forget that Bush signed the abomination McCain-Feingold that took a tomahawk to free-speech, although conservatives like Limbaugh complained bitterly about that.

Conservatives should have spit out Bush after the first chew, but they didn't.

Woody Held Stats


well, not having any particular power, the lottery was the best I could come up with.


Obama's biggest problems will come from within his own party. If he cowtows to them too much, his popularity will go down toward where Congress resides.

However, if he rules to the center, his popularity will stay relatively high - like Clinton's. Say what you will about Dick Morris, but he definitely helped keep Clinton's popularity high during all of the impeachment bruhaha, because he advised him to "triangulate" and govern toward the center with a Republican Congress.

Obama has a Democrat congress now, so it will be tougher for him to govern toward the center, but in this time of economic calamity- a vast majority of economists are suggesting that he use some ideas from the opposition party to reduce the deficit. If he can resist temptation from Pelosi and Reid and slap them down when they get out of line, he will keep his popularity up there.


Use what ideas from the Republicans? Tax breaks for the rich? Deregulation of the securities companies? Encouraging corporations to send their jobs overseas? CEOs padding their paychecks with taxpayer money?? Screw up the Savings and Loan industry again? Try to convince people that betting their Social Security check in the stock market is empowering? Remove the possibility for private citizens to file bankruptcy, while expanding the opportunities for coporations to do so?

Those ideas?


The same old Democrat talking points again without solutions- you can do better than that, Sparky. OK, one at a time..

"Use what ideas from the Republicans? Tax breaks for the rich? "

That is hypocritical because the Democrats did this in their stimulus package - as a result Paul Allen is Millions richer.. The Democrat party have hurt business with that blanket archaic approach and caused outsourcing of jobs. A more equitable tax system would help prevent this that would afford fewer loopholes would work, but Congress would have to approve this...

Encouraging corporations to send their jobs overseas? CEOs padding their paychecks with taxpayer money??
Both parties were involved in that. In some areas, Democrats are worse and other areas Republicans are worse. They are both asleep at the switch when it came to outsourcing jobs and our manufacturing industry.

Screw up the Savings and Loan industry again?
That was almost 20 years ago. Anything more recent was done by both parties.

Try to convince people that betting their Social Security check in the stock market is empowering?

Bush was inept at selling it. It could work if it was emphasized that people had their choice and could invest their however they wanted. Federal Government employees have a model - the Thrift Savings plan - it has been around for 30 years or more and it works well. That would have been a good idea.

Remove the possibility for private citizens to file bankruptcy, while expanding the opportunities for corporations to do so?

Again, both parties were involved in this.

My reference was to ideas about smaller government, better support for small businesses - reduce corporate taxes and not increasing taxes that much for the rich, since they are finance a large number of jobs and our economic engine - that's the way it is. If taxes are raised too high, unemployment will stay high. Either you'd like to see a bipartisan approach, or you welcome socialism - there is no in-between.


Oh, I know what your thinking Sparky. Its clear as day just like that big neon flashing "D" on your forward.

Obama had a good speech. I'll give him points on that. Again, he needs to get rid of them teleprompters. Never once did he look directly into the camera. Yes he was was talkiing to the Congress, but there were several times he directly made references to the American people and he would have sold me them goods alot better if he would have looked at me.

And did anyone notice that Pelosi gotrid of that blinking eye syndrome of hers. I still think when Bush gave his State of Union speeches with her in the background she did that on purpose to distract the viewers. Just my opinion. And that glow on her face, and her estatic enthusiasim as Obama praised the Congress for the job they have done the last 30 days. I thought for sure she was going to go through the roof.

And what checks was he talking about going out. Anyone have an answer for that.


Better than the R on your backward.


Awwww Sparky, I expecting more of a "whatever". Did Coiler give you that one.

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