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February 01, 2009



Love it


Yes, I love it too. Rush will continue to amass his fortune, but his herd will be the butt of jokes far and wide.

Is that you in the picture, BAArt?

Alba y Marta

The extended victory dance and "we now have power forever!" refrain on this blog reminds me of something I saw before ... in January 1993 ... let me know if anyone needs a reminder about how that turned out.

Some of us - Democrats - aren't so quick to think the GOP will slink silently off into the shadows. We, unfortunately, seem to be fighting a losing battle against the branch of the party who thinks it's already time to replace Lincoln's face with Johnson's on Mount Rushmore.

Bob Brinker today - who has always struck me as being "truly" down-the-middle in a way the broadcasters who claim they're down-the-middle never are - was predicting the downfall of the Democrats in 2 years if we don't get control and discipline really damn fast because of the compounding upon compounding of governance errors that the GOP is already scheming a way to play with when the time's right.

Unfortunately the confetti & cake crowd, a la joanie and Sparky, seem to be running things right now. This celebration is going to go by really damn quick ...


WEll, that's a change of topic which we are trying not to do. And your post has a familiar ring to it.

However, I agree that anything is possible. And if you've been on this board long enough to know my or Sparky's "ring," you'll know that we know that anything is possible. Neither of us underestimates the need on the part of Republicans to destroy this country in order to reserve power for themselves. That's been evident for eight years.

However, if you check out the Gallup Poll currently out showing Democratic vs. Republican States, you'll see that few are firmly in the Republican camp. Most are now leaning left. So the Republicans have a lot of work to do if in two years they expect a big payoff.

Also, Brinker may strike you as being down the middle of the road but he's pretty conservative fiscally. I don't think I'd trust him. He was hopping mad at his discovery that all his trusted Wall Street friends still had Sherson Lehmann stock in their portfolios months and months after things started turned sour. He was caught off-guard and pretty upset about it. I've never heard him on the air ranting the way he was for a while. So, even he can be wrong.

Finally, if the GOP continues to make every vote a showdown at the OK Corral without any flexibility at all, voters will not forget and they won't forgive. Two years is a long time made even longer when you're living on the street and still uemployed. And living on the street is a great motivator to get the guys that did this to you. And it wasn't the Dems or Obama.

AS for cake and confetti, you equate calling out Rush's herd of baaing sheep as celebrating with cake and confetti? I think, Alba and Marta, nobody is celebrating right now. We have too much at stake. You sound like someone who should know that.

You'll have to be more explicit if I'm to understand your Johnson/Lincoln comparison. Sorry. I don't see the analogy nor the relevancy.


It does have a familiar ring to it, when someone prefaces it with "some of us, democrats"... sounds like a CPA wrote it.

Alba y Marta

However, if you check out the Gallup Poll currently out showing Democratic vs. Republican States, you'll see that few are firmly in the Republican camp. Most are now leaning left. So the Republicans have a lot of work to do if in two years they expect a big payoff.

I don't overestimate polls and I don't underestimate Republicans. We won an election even Republicans have been predicting us to win for three years, and we won it by a few percentage points. As much as it's going to take President Obama a few weeks to settle in and get things going, it's going to take the GOP the same to start mounting an opposition. Anyone who takes the growing pains of minority as indicative of a trend has a gun to their head.

You'll have to be more explicit if I'm to understand your Johnson/Lincoln comparison. Sorry. I don't see the analogy nor the relevancy.

Apology accepted.

sounds like a CPA wrote it

Hmmm ... I do have my CPA but I'm curious how you know that?!?


I am running things? I have power? Why didn't someone tell me this earlier? I wouldn't have made lesson plans for today.

You sound like a DLCer Alba. And I am not the least bit apologetic about thinking that your claim about Mt. Rushmore is hyperbolic at best, and just silly at worst. Just take a deep breath and give it more than a couple of weeks, ok?

Bob Brinker is a wienie head.


What is this, five or six quick Rush Limbaugh posts in the past week or so? It is nice to see you take your responsibility as a KOS Kid seriously.
I wonder what the daily visit count will be when Limbaugh shares this with the world. Poor lonely old joanie will have to hide her head up her arse until the attacks subside.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing chucks...so many 'Rush' topics..yet NO Blago topics. I guess folks here must think Big Pants is worthy.


NO apologies from me unless in your fantasy world, alba . . . or is it apologizer? Oh, who cares.

And, chucks, thank you for being predictable. Did you know children love predictability? That's why we keep things simple for you on this blog. Have a nice day playing with your overpriced, gas-guzzling motorized toys, chucks. At least you've got the bride to pull down the real bucks.


chucks appears to be a fine hard-working American who cares for his family and I fail to see why you would choose to put him down?
Very strange and bewildering...you're not really that way, are you joanie.


OH, alba, marta, whomever...I realize you mistook my "sorry" for an apology. Well, if you misconstrue feeling bad for your unfortunate confusion and inability to articulate your point about johnson/lincoln as an apology, so be it.

We'll have to start keeping things simpler for you, too.

And duff, go back to your pillow by the furnace, position your tail comfortably between your hindlegs, and go back to sleep.

Now, what do you think of those niceties, Baart?


Cartoon could just as well read: 'If POTUS Obama's team told you to pay your taxes, would you?...that wasn't rhetorical'


On a serious note:

The cult of personality appears to have ebbed a bit since Barack Obama had to begin governing two weeks ago. The Washington DC radio station calling itself Obama 1260 and featuring liberal talk stalwarts Bill Press, Ed Schultz, and Stephanie Miller has given up the ghost already, a victim of undetectable ratings. Howard Kurtz notes that not all political radio has that problem:

President Obama may be riding high in Washington, but OBAMA 1260 is not.

The area’s only progressive talk station is changing formats, dropping such syndicated liberal hosts as Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller and Bill Press in favor of financial news, starting next week.

The move by Redskins owner Dan Snyder, who purchased the station, WWRC, and others in Washington last summer, leaves the city without a liberal radio outlet. Program Director Greg Tantum says he thought the station could work because of enthusiasm over Obama, but that ratings collapsed to a level that could not be measured after the election.

But ratings nearly doubled, he says, at Snyder’s conservative station, WTNT, which features Laura Ingraham and Bill Bennett.

Ratings undetectable-not unusual for progressive radio.


No one can discount the GOP too soon, as anyone can remember 1980 too well when the Republicans were DOA six years earlier. Americans vote with their pocketbooks, which lead to GOP defeat last year. The voting public can turn on you real quick as any politician can attest. Obama can take lessons from Carter, Johnson and both Bush 41 and 43. Unfortunately being human, he will have created his own set of mistakes for others to learn from.

Maybe Blago is regional or that type of corruption in Chicago politics is the norm so the attitude seems to be “what else is new” with past names such as Daly and Rostenkowski.

Read Limbaugh’s books a few years ago and interesting that EIB was started by San Francisco businessmen who saw potential when he was at KFBK in Sacramento. Will Mr. Limbaugh play Barack the Magic Negro again or point out that Michael Steele was elected GOP chairman only because Republicans need a black face? Considering he thrives on controversy and how sincere is he about his politics or is it just for the big bucks?

I recall Steele’s frustration at losing the Senate race in 2006 saying that if Bush had fired Rumsfeld a week earlier he would be called Senator-elect. If Steele can pull off what he wishes to do, then what will become of folks like Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity? How conservative is Michael Steele? Congressman Gingery’s apology to Limbaugh was beyond any pathetic display by a congressional representative but again consider the source.

Chucks, a late congrats on the new job and looks like it is keeping you busy. Don’t see you as much but same here with preparing to sail to Hawaii (already three postponements) and daily commutes to Bellingham (adding mileage to a 183,000 plus miles to a 12 year old car). Hope the state doesn’t shut down roadside rest areas. Good places for power naps. You’re fifth of tequila comment a few weeks ago still has me chuckling.


Just curious Habu, what's your source for this besides hearing it on Kirby Wilbur this a.m. ?

Alba y Marta

Joanie - re "safe states" ... party loyalty is like a chameleon. It's easy to change the color of the skin, not as easy to change the color of the blood. One election does nothing for us.

When I was still teaching we had a maxim - blacks are a "safe constituency" for Democrats, Arabs are a "safe constituency" for Republicans (now there's something that's changed for the time being), and the unemployed as a "safe constituency" for whatever party is out of power. Without having to lift a finger, the Republicans are building the safest constituency possible.

In the current environment, losing in '08 may reap more long-term gains for the Republicans than winning could ever. I'm holding out hope we can make sure that's not the case but we have an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Sparky - I used to do some work for the PPI, but that's as close as I ever got to the DLC.

Alba y Marta

inability to articulate your point about johnson/lincoln as an apology, so be it.

We'll have to start keeping things simpler for you, too.

Joanie - I respect your enthusiasm. This is a great blog, let's try to get some great commenters on here by elevating the style of discourse and giving others a chance to participate. Thank you.


So what is Obama supposed to do? Give the elephants what they want so as to gain their approval? It would be nice if they could put together a program that was something other than a social spending program for every special interest lobby that sees a sudden pile of cash. But that is politics regardless of who is in power.
The fact is that the donkeys know that if in two years things are worse than now they are done for. And the elephants had better understand if they block everything it will be them who will be done for.

Bottom line: All these clowns better start finding a way to work together or it won't matter who is in power. There will be such a depression that there will be riots in the streets.

These politicians and business people who let this happen all claim to love America. But they don't. If they did we would not be here in this mess. To them money and power is just a game.

Me, I like bunnies. Joannie is okay too. She speaks her mind. Deal with it.


Duff-I wasnt listening to Kirby this morning. Carleen is back and I dont care for the Company-prefer Kirby solo. I read it at Hotair.com.

Alba y Marta

So what is Obama supposed to do?

Something, I hope! I don't like being a debbie downer but, honestly, I'm not sure there's anything anyone could do the way the national situation that Bush created is looking. Voters have a short-term memory, far less than 2 years, definitely less than 4. Obama is now in a position where he has to play every card perfectly and no politician, no matter how good, can pull that through. I hope, for our sake, he proves me wrong.


Thanks Habu, I'll check it out. I too don't care for the Carleen thing but I did hear mention of it briefly this a.m. when I tuned in for a few minutes.


Thanks Habu, here is the link in case others might want to read Obama Radio.


Air Limbaugh...Air America: BOTH simply full of hot air!


Joanie - I respect your enthusiasm. This is a great blog, let's try to get some great commenters on here by elevating the style of discourse and giving others a chance to participate. Thank you.

F-U! In just 1,000 more posts I'll have won! Which means I'm only 3 days away at my normal posting rate! I'm going for the gold, bab-ay!

OH, also ... I'm crrrraazzzzy! Booga-booga-boo! AIIIYYYEEEE!!! *glug glug*


...that doesn't seem like joanie??


Alba, glad you are not DLC

Habu, I would have guessed you read that on the Radio Fertilizer site. He has been predicting the demise of progressive radio from the beginning. And now, one of its hosts is poised to become a US Senator. Baloney will have to go buy new golf balls.

Agreed, Duffman, that was a pathetic attempt at impersonating joanie, so "that person" is at it again.


"I'm not sure there's anything anyone could do the way the national situation that Bush created is looking. Voters have a short-term memory, far less than 2 years, definitely less than 4."

Lets see if your memory falls into this catagory Alba, can you tell us what happened in Jan. 2007?


"And now, one of its hosts is poised to become a US Senator."

Only because he couldn't make it as a pergressive radio host Sparky. So tell me, what did the kids have to say about that historic moment when President obama signed his first bill into law?


You are wrong Sparky.

I went to Maloneys site for the first time in months this weekend. Didnt find anything of interest so grazed elsewhere and worked on courses. I never cared for his show when he was on air in Seattle. First heard him in Reno and seemed pretty good but when he came to KVI and later KIRO IIRC he didnt hold my interest.

Oh yes, the very successful (not) progressive former radio host that was also a tax cheater. He will fit right in with this admin if his Senatorial bid prevails.


they said "we're glad idiot bush is gone"


Actually, the said " We are REALLLY glad that idiot Bush is gone!"

Habu, read what I wrote again. I acknowledged where you read your fantasy about progressive radio.
Also, Al's accountant paid his taxes, but he paid it to Minnesota and not New York, and it was taken care of right away.

Steven, you are right. Becoming a US Senator is the first choice of radio hosts. Perhaps Erin Hart will decide to run against Patty Murray.

Daschle is a disaster on a number of levels and I hope Congress does not approve him.


'Daschle is a disaster on a number of levels and I hope Congress does not approve him.'

Totally agree with you on that one Sparky.


Amazing how taxes are taken care of right away when one is running for office and the "error" comes to light.

That dog wont hunt.


I hope Congress approves him.

I work in advertising and ads play best when you can cite 3 examples of something. If Daschle gets the OK then we have 2 examples including Tim G. (which, admittedly, is an unfair hit but I'm not really interested in fairness) - we'd just need one more which, in a pinch, could be Charlie Rangel for some nice hit pieces in October '10:

"Why do Democratic politicians want to raise your taxes? Because they don't pay taxes themselves ..." - cut to still photos of Tom, Tim, etc., ominous music, etc.

A lot of the hits - even on Tom and Charlie - are patently unfair, IMO, but fairness isn't an issue. The truth is what we tell people the truth is - it has nothing to do with facts. Any Republican who gets queasy at the idea of slicing throats open needs to close their eyes now.

(Please don't reply with some sob argument about how I typify a crass, evil, lying Republican. I don't care.)


"Why do Democratic politicians want to raise your taxes? Because they don't pay taxes themselves ..."

I love that line.

So Sparky, why no answer about the kids. On Jan 20 you were all giddy that Obama was going to be the first Black man sworn in as the President of the United States, now you seem disinterested in all the first he is going to accomplish. Whats happening? Now remember tomorrow, to tell the kids of this historic event. Another first. Gee, will they ever stop and most important will the kids stay interested.


Limbaugh has now become the most talked about talkshow dude on this blog and has overtaken Dori Monson. That means people are listening and he is drawing attention - just sayin..

Daschle will be confirmed - why not ? As long as Democrats are in the majority/no problem. If Daschle gets away with tax evasion, why shouldn't everyone else to make it equitable ? Call it the Daschle income tax evasion exemption.

The President has been disappointing recently. He is good at showing gestures, but seems to seldom follow through, such as revising the Stimulus Bill to help the people, instead of fellow Democrats in high places - the elitist approach. OK, enough rain on the Obama parade for now - someone else's turn.


They were interested in the Inauguration, but have gone back to their regular lives...just like most of the adults I know. Given the choice of any President on which to do a Garage Band report, about 10% of the 6th graders have chosen Obama, about half have chosen John F. Kennedy, and the rest is a mix of Presidents from the 1800s.
Typical kids.


Sparky - what's a Garage Band report? (If that's a common term, I apologize, I'm a naturalized American so am sometimes short on common terms of school age years.)


Sorry...Garage Band is a software program for the Mac. It's like a big mixing board on the desktop, and after kids have done their research, they record a narration, choose appropriate backround music and upload pictures from approved sites. The end result is not a Ken Burns production, but pretty impressive none the less. These reports fulfill some of the State Standards in writing, communication, technology and civics. Anything that keeps an ll year old motivated for 6 weeks is ok in my book.


Joanie - I respect your enthusiasm. This is a great blog, let's try to get some great commenters on here by elevating the style of discourse and giving others a chance to participate. Thank you.

Then knock off the disingenuous "apology" jokes.

RYder, infrastructure is not a social program. Granted, health care for kids is a social program and extending unemployment benefits is a social program. Would you like those discontinued?

BTW, I think I'd like to know you. You do not have a fragile ego like some of these poor tom cats. Thanks.

C'mon, Sparky. That wasn't even an impersonation. It was simply a put down. Best to ignore idiocy like that.

Finally, truth, facts, PR and ads that include gotchas whether under the foregoing labels or not isn't democracy. And that's why we are losing it. Benjamin Franklin said "we have a republic" if we can keep it. Ad man, if all you do is sell, then you sell your country down the drain.

No sob story. Just reality.

"They also gave Americans, already beset by cynicism, good reason to doubt whether citizens have a true and equal voice in their own government. The dangers here must not be dismissed: corruption is a great killer of experiments in self-government. In 1787, as he left Independence Hall at the close of the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government the country now had. He replied, "A republic, if you can keep it. "Franklin was worried about a tendency toward monarchy. The threat today, imminent and real, is a state of affairs in which money itself is King. "

This quote has come up over and over again in articles discussing the way our politics have been going for the last twenty years or more. This one from an article considering money in politics from 1998.

But the truth is - yes, the TRUTH - we will not maintain the ideals of the Founders nor continue to be the shining beacon of justice and liberty on planet earth while ad men control who wins and loses by the notion that "perception is reality" rather than truth, facts, honesty and integrity.

Just the way it is.


Sparky -

That sounds like a novel and interesting idea. You seem like a great teacher.

Joanie -

"Finally, truth, facts, PR and ads that include gotchas whether under the foregoing labels or not isn't democracy."

In all honesty, I don't care at all about democracy. Does that make me a terrible person? I guess that's for you to decide. Whatever your decision, though, it's the real truth: I care about us securing power and maintaining power. Whatever road we need to travel to accomplish that goal is a road I'm comfortable to travel.

Democracy is a tool and that's all. Sometimes it's the right tool for the job, other times it's not.


Allow me to amend the above; that sounded unintentionally menacing, a bit Cobra Commander-esque.

What I'm meaning to say is that
you can have liberty absent democracy and democracy absent liberty. Liberty is a utilitarian imperative. A democratic mask is sometimes necessary to protect it against the rash instinct of the general population but it is a tool only.

In my home country the Army moved to suspend the democratically-elected, civil government in 1938 when it became clear the civil administration was going to do nothing to defend liberty against the fascist insect. Unfortunately, by the time they acted it was too late, but history has been kind to the generals, in retrospect.

Exigencies are sometimes necessary, a strong hand must - occasionally - gently shape the complexion of the State.


In all honesty, I don't care at all about democracy. Does that make me a terrible person?

A terrible person? No.

A terrible American? Yes.

AS for your home country waiting until it was too late to insure former freedoms, that is exactly why we must respect and protect the Constitution and the freedoms we, too, enjoy - before it is too late. You have learned little it seems.

We seem to have attracted several masters of language rather than ideas. And each post dangles yet another carrot of contradiction.

I am tiring of taking on the sophistry of blog anglers. Especially since - though different signatures - they seem to speak in one voice. Continue to sell your disingenuous words and compliments to whomever wishes to buy them . Until you can take honest ownership of your words, they mean little to me.


Sparky, so the novelty has worn off. Even for you. Maybe you should have done an experiment with the kids. You could of had half the class forced to watch the Inaugeration and the other half do what they usually do and then see which group would be most interested as time went by. I know, a little to late with the idea.

On another note, does evey kid have a Mac in your school?


Huh? Do we know each other?


Robert Gibbs told reporters Tuesday, "The bar that we set is the highest that any administration in the country has ever set."

Dims: About that vetting process you hammered on McCain about Palin....

Oh, and lobbyists. What was that about lobbyists zero?

Must have lost some of the 62 pages zero required them to fill out.

Is this a great start or what?


I didnt say the novelty had worn off. I said that most people have returned to their lives and trying to get by. It is common in our culture to move on to the next big thing. Kids by nature are narcissistic, and it is rare to find any under the age of 12 who take a huge interest in world events, unless their parents talk about it at home.
Nobody was "forced" to watch the inauguration. Some kids read quietly in their classrooms, others came prepared to discuss what it all meant to them. Your experiment would not have been viable.

We have a computer lab of 13 very old Macs, two carts of 15 Mac Laptops, and each classroom has 2 or three ancient Macs. The exceptions are 4 classrooms whose teachers were part of a Gates Foundation grant and they have 15 in their room. All out of date now. But they work for research on the internet and word processessing. The laptops on the cart are the most up to date. With budget cuts as they are, we will not be getting anything new for quite awhile. But yes, the district is Mac based at the elementary schools and multi-platform at the middle school and high schools.


Yes, Obama admitted he goofed up at not vetting more closely. Did we hear McCain say the same about Palin? Did we hear Bush EVER say he made a mistake??


And from the Mrs.......

Don't Know Much About History

"First lady Michelle Obama set out Monday on a listening tour through the federal bureaucracy, stopping first at the Department of Education to thank employees for their service and rally them for the tough work ahead," the Associated Press. While at the Education Department, Mrs. Obama committed this howler:

In thanking the workers, she told them: "I am a product of your work."
"I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the public schools that nurtured me and helped me along," said Mrs. Obama, a Chicago native who attended its public schools as a child.
Michelle Obama was born in January 1964. The Department of Education began operation in May 1980, when Mrs. Obama was a 16-year-old high school junior. Apparently she is unaware that there were public schools before there was a federal Department of Education--though we suppose that's evidence that the department does not bear all the blame for the schools' going downhill.

this is going to be a fun four years if we survive it.

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