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January 03, 2009



TBTL went from 2.0 to 2.2 over te course of a year. True or False?


Whatever happened to Tom Leykis? Years ago, wasn't he a major force in Seattle afternoon drive time radio?

Puget Sound

I thought he might be a 'winner' for 2009 but it looks like his past may be catching up to him. If your willing to do this,it will be interesting what else they'll find.

Roland Burris, we hardly knew ya.

This doesn't bode well.

willing to let an innocent man go to his death

Puget Sound

(history here so close your ears joanie)
So what you have is this. Given that, one wonders how hard it would be to promise Gov Blago something in return for the appointment to the Senate Seat. Ahhh Fitzmas -if he hasn't screwed up the case- may come early in 09.

"While state attorney general in 1992, Burris aggressively sought the death penalty for Rolando Cruz, who twice was convicted of raping and murdering a 10-year-old girl in the Chicago suburb of Naperville. The crime took place in 1983.

But by 1992, another man had confessed to the crime, and Burris' own deputy attorney general was pleading with Burris to drop the case, then on appeal before the Illinois Supreme Court.

Burris refused. He was running for governor.

"Anybody who understood this case wouldn't have voted for Burris," Rob Warden, executive director of the Center on Wrongful Convictions, told ProPublica."

The article goes to point out that Repubs were also guilty of allowing an innocent man to face death in this matter. Of course, none of them are slated appointees to the Blago Seat.


I think Ron Reagan is a winner too!

Puget Sound

Bryan Suits is one of the wittiest personalities to come out of Seattle Radio. Hopefully he'll come back one day to host a daytime show.
Glad to see he is doing so well in LA.


Suits is a good example of why management should encourage and develop their talent. You know, air-checks and coaching? Suits was left to his own devices here, failed and was dumped. Given the little fertilizer of attention by an interested PD, he became a real talent and stating achieving what he is capable of. Radio management has forgotten how radio is managed.


Unconventional to throw a bouquet to a producer (well, except for the overrated junkie, Phil), I think Libby deserves an honorable mention. The chemistry between Ross and her is really good and she adds to the show. She's not shrill.

Maddow should be hosting MTP instead of guesting. She's a hundred times smarter than Gregory.


Weissbach is interesting, but is a bit short/rude to his callers. He makes sense though and is more of a populist/libertarian than a conservative. I'm not holding my breath about him going on KTTH. He was entertaining when he teamed up with Boze.

Maddow should fill in permanently for Olbermann, and MSNBC would get more viewers and credibility.
Kudos to Bryan Suits, and where would they all be without Barack Obama ?

Dave (not dave ross)

For Orcas, Tom Leykis is still broadcasting out of LA afternoon drive time, and syndicated over 80 radio stations. Locally he is rebroadcast on KISW fm about ten pm or so, competing with KNDD's Loveline programming with Dr Drew, whose show is a guilty pleasure of mine. Seattle always supported tom with excellent ratings on the old 100.7 the buzz, however it went country and there has been no local available time slot for him.


Didn't feel like bouquet to me.


In November, KIRO got about 200,000 downloads of podcasts, half of which were of TBTL.

'k ... critical thinking skills on ... 100,000 downloads / 20 shows = 5,000 listeners ... 5,000 internet listeners + 16,000 terrestrial listeners =21,000 total listeners.

KIRO Saturday Morning News reading AP headlines at 6AM on the weekend gets ~60,000 total listeners. I should check, but I wouldn't be surprised if even Phil Junkie has more listeners - averaged by day - than TBTL, even with Luke's precious 5,000 podcasters.

The only thing keeping Luke and Jenn employed at this pointis PD Arquette's vanity; his refusal to cancel the only programhe added since taking over (and one he put a huge investment into).

The only sad thing is that the many people fired from KIRO recently were axed to keep Luke's failing program subsidized. Hope he sleeps well at night.


Don't get me wrong ... the idea of 18-34 talk radio at night is not a bad one but you don't hire a 40-something NPR assignment reporter to try and cobble it together. Even among those of us who thought TBTL would fail, none imagined it would implode quite this fully. This wasn't just a failure, it was a complete disintegration. There's not much in radio that you can call career enders but this very well might be one.


Good wrap-up BLAM. I love how the tbtl haters pounce whenever they get an opening. Folks, get used to it, even if it's not tbtl, Luke Burbank is going to be around for as long as he wants, most likely on a national platform. Phil, don't sweat it. You're an awesome Producer, a funny blogger, and your show is solid. BLAM, you always key in on this angry man thing with Dori. Well, sure he gets steamed, but not without reason. Look, at how he was right about the crater of a State budget hole, and how he ridiculed Mayor McCheese long before the snow event tanked McCheese for the masses, You overlook one crucial fact about Dori, he's funny..... Off the beat a bit, but did you guys hear how good Frank Shiers was subbing for Dori and R&D? Frank, Katie and Sean together were very good radio, and it brought out a funny side in Frank that he should embrace. I would love to see him get the 10 pm slot back. Hendrie is OK, but live and local rocks. I must say that, respectfully, Weissbach and the other guy (brain freeze) that subbed for Dori and R&D were a big step backwards for KIRO. Weissbach did an hour on Insurance companies charging rates based on BMI,,,,yawn, urp. Anyway, BLAM is the best thing about Blatherwatch, and some of the loons are amusing from time to time, but their tendency to view everything from a political "side" is very tiresome, and hopefully a dying beast. Happy New Year Everybody (say it like Dr. Nick in The Simpsons.....)


...the idea of 18-34 talk radio at night is not a bad one but you don't hire a 40-something NPR assignment reporter to try and cobble it together.

Hmm, he's got a point. I wonder why KIRO doesn't consider getting some younger talent for that program. Younger, quirkier, and it wouldn't seem quite so banal and silly. Younger might be sharper and really hipper as opposed to the peter pan shtick that Luke puts out.

Like the thirty-year-old still living at home with mama. He's too old for that show.

wild bill

JOANIE, get your facts right. Burbank was born in 1976, sooooo he's 32. At least type the truth. Your entire post, the veiled swipe at Burbank, is moot. the truths shall sets youse bums free.

Wild Bill

and Sean-E is 31


AS for Jeremiah Jen, it's up to a woman to tell her age. I'll just say Flash is in the same range. Joanie, come on read your own post. I mean, you're talking about hip :)


"banal and silly," Joanie.....
good grief, go get a bottle of fine red and read some terrible tragedy and weep at the utter futility and horror....yawn. "Gentleman, you can't fight in here, this is the War Room!"


bill are you in the age demographic for TBTL? I'm wondering why you like it.


I stand corrected by my friend, he who goes by many names...

Blah, get your facts straight!


Why does one like anything? Cuz they does, I believe. I believe the demographic is anybody who listens to it, sincerely.


Umm, over thirty? I stand by my comment.

BTW, Bill, you interested in tragedy?

Which American Shakespeare wrote these words?

"...The United States finally brought down the Sandinista government. It took some years and considerable resistance but relentless economic persecution and 30,000 dead finally undermined the spirit of the Nicaraguan people. They were exhausted and poverty stricken once again. The casinos moved back into the country. Free health and free education were over. Big business returned with a vengeance. ‘Democracy’ had prevailed.

But this ‘policy’ was by no means restricted to Central America. It was conducted throughout the world. It was never-ending. And it is as if it never happened.

The United States supported and in many cases engendered every right wing military dictatorship in the world after the end of the Second World War. I refer to Indonesia, Greece, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Haiti, Turkey, the Philippines, Guatemala, El Salvador, and, of course, Chile. The horror the United States inflicted upon Chile in 1973 can never be purged and can never be forgiven.

Hundreds of thousands of deaths took place throughout these countries. Did they take place? And are they in all cases attributable to US foreign policy? The answer is yes they did take place and they are attributable to American foreign policy. But you wouldn’t know it.

It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest. The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them. You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It’s a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis.

I put to you that the United States is without doubt the greatest show on the road.

Still, radio. I heard the author speak these words a few minutes ago on Democracy Now. Stunning. Read the whole speech.

Oh, and before anybody disputes facts with me, remember, I didn't write it. Take it up with the author.

wild bill

Joanie, if this was to me, I assure you, my God strike me down, I have never ever posted on this blog or the KIRO blog (the only two I unwind on) under any name other than Wild Bill, with all due respect. Sorry, I get vitrol at times. I do read everything you post.


DEMOCRACY NOW? OH, Now I understand. Sorry...without pushing the link, I'll guess that's Howard Zinn, an interesting fellow, but not existing in reality. My beef with Goodman, Zinn, Chomsky, et al other than having zero charisma (and talk about dying off), is they're so Empirical in thought. They proclaim: I have examined the issue, and here is the logical answer. So it is written, so it shall be done. They're all fine folks, I'm sure, but as close minded as Evangelical Wack jobs. No difference to me, "Far" Left, "Far" Right, both say we are right and all else is wrong. Both sides, deluded zealots. No thanks, I'll take reality, not an agenda.


Do you think I would consider Zinn (who is a great historian!) to be a Shakespeare? My dear, that never entered my mind. Nor do I think Zinn ever received the Nobel Prize for literature. But - she says, hedging her bets - I could be wrong.

I will leave it out there. He died recently. Have you read "Proust was a Neuroscientist"?


BTW, it was the reference to red that made me think you part of that small fan club that seems to bleat the same meme as our resident parrot.

And a second friend in my fan club seems to be quite the character actor. So, I accept your words but excuse me if I trust but verify.

Finally, to borrow a precious good-bye icon from another Blatherer, I bid you a kind . . .



In a way, Dori, and Rush and Hannity and Beck can be considered "winners" with the election of Obama because they have a new opportunity to play a victim for 4 and hopefully 8 years. My guess is that each and every one of them voted for Obama for just that reason. Of course, it won't be quite as pleasurable as if Hillary would have one--that would have been positively orgasmic for Rush--but I am sure they are gathering crap as we speak.


Sorry, but the writing is so flat and academic that the thought that it was written by a "writer" never occured to me. I never even heard of Proust was a Neuroscientist.....off the track, a "great historian" is a historian that you can agree with. History is like Economics, half religion. Man, I could use a good tbtl drop about now......


Well, there's always podcasts - if you're that desperate.


Puget Sound

...wonder why people are always accusing joanie of drinking...meme is code for 'why the heck are people always calling me a drunk?'

anywhooo, a winner for 2009 will be the american public as we wake up to the crap that al 'the science is in' gore. this from the Huffington Post (amazing)

don't bother reading joanie, it has reason and logic


Another winner not mentioned - Tom Douglas. I've started listening more regularly. He gets a lot of calls and many from men. I'm wondering if his audience isn't increasing. I enjoy that show.

Didn't realize they had a best of TBTL on Saturdays. Can't say it lacks exposure. I wouldn't think Sat night is a time their target demographic would be listening.

Still on the drinking meme I see. Well, when it's all you have to offer...

Puget Sound

spot on.
see you missed the point of the article.
pretty much de rigeur.


spot on...spot on...spot on...
speaketh the parrot who never disappoints.

Oh, what article?


I like him too, joanie..he was on the Food Network one night on Iron Chef, and he won the competition.
It sure is a different show. I can listen if I am out driving in the car...


The author is a global warming denier, joanie.

When Bla'M posts a thread about global warming, I will respond with two comments from the article that I think are "spot on" as the boys like to say. Otherwise, Im sticking to the topic of the thread!


Peter B is back on! I was listening to Christine Craft on KGO - very interesting show on the current strive in Gaza. Compelling. I forgot about Peter B.

So good to have him back. Talking about the FCC and net neutrality and possible break up of monopolies under the new FCC chairman.

Just said Clear Channel has more than seven stations in every market. Too big to fail?


Perhaps too big NOT to fail in radioland/advertiserland?

Just said that even Bob Dole was calling giving TV stations more media outlets in the nineties "corporate welfare." I didn't know that.

The program just finished. The theme was "the future of media." I'll have to podcast it and listen.

Puget Sound

oh sparky, you're not one of those 'the science is settled.' are you? thought you might look at it since it is published in the huffington post
the 'flat earther' is al gore trying to stop scientific debate. oh well. it is coming out and in 09 we'll see it turn around.


This just in..

The Counting is Over and ....
Al Franken is up almost 300 votes.
Note to Bill Orally and The Radio Fertilizer...


Puget Sound

Some great imagery of the 'Winners' of 2009:

Senator Al 'Landslide' Franken, Senator Caroline 'Princess You Know' Kennedy, and Senator Roland 'let no taint stick to me' Burris.

Coleman will likely lose his appeals in Court.

But yes, Sparky 1, Radio Equalizer 3.

Puget Sound

hey Sparky, only fair if you are going to gloat when you win that you also own up when you're wrong.


Oh, Bender is soooooo verbose! Of course, he was just interviewing his celebrity friend, Hal Sparks. Anyone ever heard of him?

Good discussion of how the right keeps nibbling away at Obama. Compared it to their continued nitpicking on Whitewater and the blue dress episode.

I guess the right doesn't really think running the country is important. They prefer one who is on vacation a lot and prefers cutting brush to looking out for the citizens of America. Another eight years of that and we'll all be cutting brush for a pittance. There will be nothing left to our country. We'll look like Africa and Blackhawk will be in charge. Eric Prince will be crowned King of America by the Bush Dynasty.

A woman just made a point (so long ago I can't remember what) and Bender started talking again. He talked and talked. Then he started to say goodbye she gasped a final attempt at a comment but it was break time. All you heard was the initial sound of the word she was hoping to say...


Wistful Poet


Blatherwatch winners,
Unsure what to think,
Embrace each of them,
Or seven* in the stink?
* inches

In light of the chit-chat,
And ill-fated tit-tat,
We’ve named our own winners,
The poet’s dubbed “fit / fat.”



Dori’s the King,
Of AM News-Talk,
But when he’s on FM,
Will he still be class jock?



For his views we don’t care,
But say what we like,
Production is tip top,
He’s a talented tyke.



Suits is a riot,
And Kennedy’s hot,
In a Palin-like way,
(Though Fey she is not.)

K-F-I’s bomb,
But the board op from Guam,
Who worked for Bill Handel,
Is suddenly gone?



Saturday eve,
We catch Boogie Nights,
K-BIG achieves,
Where Seattle is light.


He’s king of the weekends,
I’m partial you see,
Don’t invest or grow plants,
And my cooking’s like pee.



Adam Corolla’s,
Rocking the west,
Free FM’s dead,
But Adam’s the best.



Yo was a Go,
But now he’s a No,
His show taken off of,



Is Burbank on air?
We don’t mean to stare.
But each time we tune-in,
We just hear dead air.

Seahawks and reruns,
Often preempt,
We agree he looks 40,
And rather unkempt.

“I’m better than you!”
He snarls with a smirk,
“I make do with Seattle,”
“You miserable jerks!”

His topics are Gotham,
Los Angeles, too,
But not poor Seattle,
“It smells just like poo!”

A similar cry,
Once heard from Mike Seagel,
Where is he now?
Oh! Dog walking beagles …


Mancow got time,
On W-L-S?
Surprisingly good,
We’ll have to confess.

This crazy shock jock,
Made the transition,
He’s bringing in youth,
To an AM talk station.



Boze show it grows,
But everyone knows,
Jake is the brains,
That turns highs to lows.



Michael Med-ved,
And Rabbi Dan Lapin,
Can’t tell them apart,
Was that bound to happen?


Their future is bright?
The problem you see,
Budget is tight.


Noory’s a bore,
And kind of a whore,
Hawking gold bars,
While sipping a Coors.

Please give George Knapp,
That PM talk slot,
He’s successor to Art Bell,
George Noory is not.



Two shows on each day?
That schedule is tight,
He’s a hard working guy,
Gives advice on fleshlights.



Ronald and Donald,
Katie and Sean,
They’re the 3PM crew,
And boy are they ON!



Neither listen to it,
Nor know where it’s on,
I’d rather write more,
About Ron & Don.



KVI Sundays,
I really do freak,
Give them 3 hours,
Five days of the week.

Put Carson and Kevin,
From Seven to Ten,
KIRO on Weekdays,
Buh-Bye Luke and Jenn.



Kind of a mess,
But Vampire Weekend,
They picked more or less.



Was surprised when I read,
On this here blog site,
The show’s still on air,
God – what a fright!


No salt on the street,
For thousands of feet,
As mayor he is nothing,
But a godawful cheat.

In 2009,
I’ll vote Charlie Chong,
Don’t care that he’s dead,
Now buried and gone.



Winners in ’09,
It’s too hard to tell,
Sparky told Gary,
“Go straight to hell!”

Puget Sound, Nevets,
KS and Duff,
Would all like to see,
George Bush in the buff.

Fiona and Andrew,
And AprilMayJune,
Contribute some more,
Please do it quite soon.

Wistful Poet



Boze show it grows,
But everyone knows,
Jake is the brains,
That makes highs from lows.

The poet regrets any confusion or despair caused.


Hi wistful, has it really been a week? My, how time flies...

Puget Sound

good stuff wistful poet.
i appreciate the originality.

Lesbian Teacher

KTTH finished second in a 18+ trend, it means nothing.

Once again, what is so original about TBTL? Aside from not taking calls on a talk station.

Wistful Poet

Hi wistful, has it really been a week? My, how time flies...

Posted by: joanie | January 04, 2009 at 04:10 PM

"Your rhyming is irritable,"
Joanie says with a glare,
"It's not been a week -"
"I counted, how dare!"

But the poet cares much,
To avoid being a bore,
So in deference to her,
I'll post here no more.

Goodnight your princes of Maine, you kings of New England!

Puget Sound

and once again joanie runs off someone with a little wit.

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