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January 19, 2009


Thought I Saw A Bum

lol, KPTK going out of their way to put a local spin on things, hours after it's over will hear Eddie and Randi playing it like it just happened.


That's true, Bum. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

I watched the last hour and a half on CSpan of Obama RadioNation or something like that. It was great. I wish CSpan would repeat it so that I could catch the first hour. It was fun to see most of the kptk talkers all in a bunch.

The only sour note was the last speech by Steny Hoyer. I just wasn't interested. He's one of the do-nothings in Congress. I'm still pretty mad at them.

Puget Sound

for the same reason bush didn't let his congress pursue investigations into the clintonistas in 2001 it is unlikely that meaningful investigations will be done by this congress in 2009. obama knows that the easiest way to guarantee that he will be facing investigations in 2017 will be to unleash em in 2009.
oh sure, the dem party will tantalize the 'base' with such talk to get your dough but it'll be like the repubs in 2000 tantalizing their 'base' with talk about slapping the cuffs on Bubba right there on the Reviewing Stand after W assumed the Presidency.
if you doubt me, ask why no serious investigations in the House to date? just excuses and promises. even joanie has caught on. there is a reason why steny hoyer is in Dem leadership.
i caught part of the gang on CSpan whilst watching the football game. Geez, kind of funny how Stephanie Miller use to make fun of how Britt Hume looked...Randi looked unsteady...and Bill Press telling the crowd how they'll hold the Dems feet to the fire to get those investigations going.
Gin up the crowds, give 'em some bread and circuses is how it goes. Enjoy

Meanwhile, Obama will continue to sell out the left and make deals with the right. Called moderation. Rahm will make sure that the old Clinton-Dick Morris Triangulation Playbook is used.

Puget Sound

nice NYT Article. The paraphrased money quote, I would have made those choices myself. John McCain on Barrack.

Moderation...a good thing when your side loses

Puget Sound

...and it CAN be a bad thing when your side wins...
so depending upon how you viewed the Clinton's in the 90's it MAY be a window in to how you will view the next few years. somehow i doubt the base on the left is gonna sit still for a replay of being 'triangulated' with welfare reform, nafta, reversal of gay rights, etc. but maybe they will. should be interesting.
grab your popcorn chucks, et al. this will be 'educational'

Puget Sound

Duff, Nevets, KS, Chucks, et al.
won't it be interesting to see if the war protesters will continue during the obama administration. same war, largely the same people leading it ala Gates/Policies just a different president.
or is war only bad if W leads it. that should be instructive as to exactly the motivation behind the war protests. was it really heartfelt against 'the war' or just using the blood of our soldiers for political gain gain against the bush administration.
we have had war protests on the same corner over the last 2 years. i'll be watching over the next year.

anyone care to bet?


Some things I see happening that poor President Obama is facing before he even takes the oath.

1...Like many others I lost my job three months ago and have no realistic expectation of being rehired anytime soon.

2...Because money has become so tight most of the residential constructions sites that were keeping me busy have mostly shut down until sales return to normal.

3...that means I know longer have health insurance. I am 62 and have no way to pay up front for anything other than basic services.

4...Which means that my spending on unnecessary wants has been cut way back.

5...Millions are in my boat and the number increases daily.

6...Many retail stores depend on real estate activities. That is why so many furniture stores are closing.

7...The other day there was a line of at least 50 men hoping to apply for a minimum wage job.

8...Stores are slashing prices in hopes of getting some cash flow. Eventually even that will fail unless business returns to normal.

9...The government keeps pumping billions into banks who refuse to put it into circulation. But they do continue handing out bonuses to the same idiots that got them into the mess.

10..China is tired of loaning money to a nation on a spending spree.

11..Radical leftists want the government to concentrate their efforts on prosecuting everyone ever involved with George Bush the 2nd.

12..Radical rightests are irrelevant. No one really cares about the Limbaugh types anymore.

13..Credit card companies are reducing customers crredit limts to the current balance. Plus raising interest rates to loan shark levels. Even with customers like myself who never miss payments.

14..Americans, out of necessity, are suddenly becoming cautious with their spending. That alone with cause a crash of the economy as we know it. Everything we know about economic reality is going to readjust. That will cause enormous suffering in the short term.

15..States are wanting to get projects going early so as to put perople back to work. Just give them a blank check.

16..But even with all these government make work efforts it will take who knows how long to get past all the red tape involved in getting anything started.

If President Obama is able to get any of these problems under control he will become known as the greatest president of all time. Not even Plush Limbo will be able to stand against him. But then we all know that there will be many political sorts on both the left and right who will do everything in their power to destroy him UNLESS he caters to their every demand. Many on the left already complain that he has betrayed them.

Oh well, no time to proof read this. Gotta go take care of business. Sorry if I am not as articulate as some of you. All I can say is that I find myself in the same boat as millions of others who have either lost their means of life or fear they may. Somebody better fix this mess quickly or these issues arre going to snowball in such a way as to make the great depression look like a time of prosperity.

Puget Sound

sorry about your job loss. it's painful. whatever you do don't give up. get back in the game. right now the unemployment is less than ten percent.
ask chucks. he went through it about 4 months agi
(although someone on this board made sport of it)
but he kept at it and was able to get a job.
please keep posting. you are more than articulate enough for this crowd.


Ryder, since the focus of the stimulus package Obama wants passed is construction or retrofitting of our nation's infrastructures hopefully there will be business for you. Schools are on the list of places that need great repair, so maybe you can get into that area?


Hey Ryder
What Putz said is true. I got laid off in mid July. It was mid November that I found a job at about 20% of my normal pay. I took the job knowing that it is easier to get a job whilst you have one.
Got a new job that started last Saturday that looks like it will get me closer to 60 or 70%. We are thrilled and grateful.
Anyway, you are in my thoughts. Good luck on your travels.
By the way. If you do have to take a minimum wage job along the road, as I did. Only work up to 39 hours or less per week. You can still get a little unemployment money on top of the minimum wage. I got about $200.00 per week on top of my salery. It could just make the difference between a tow truck taking your car and your making the payment. You just have to keep looking for a good job whilst (I like that word) collecting.If it drags on, keep in contact with the company's you owe money to. Many of them will work with you. Just don't wait for government. It will be screwed up different than under Bush, but still screwed up.
But then again, it sounds like you are taking care of business for yourself anyway.
There are a couple of asshats that post here that seem to enjoy kicking a guy when he is down. Carma is meant for them. Fuck them. I hope you find the best job of your life quickly.


Oh yes, back on topic.
It would be nice if there was to be a Sounders soccer game on Wednesday. That would make radio worth hearing.


Ryder, good luck. It's gonna get worse before it gets better, the man says... You always preferred rabbits, now you might have to eat them.


chucks you got another job? same outfit or a different one?


New job, new place.
But now it is time for Ryder. For a man that takes care of his own, it is tough when you can't.
We need to be rid of Reid and Pelossi so our economy can get back on track.


I agree we need to rid of them, but probably not for the reasons you want them gone :P


Well, ryder, I guess we know you better. I don't know what to say. In all the time you've posted, I've never been sure of your politics.

It matters who's in charge.

I think there's hope if Obama acts quickly and I'm sure he will. The one thing I've noticed about him is that he pretty much knows what he wants to do and he's ready to do it.

As for the left betraying him? Did you listen to Dave Ross interview Sirota this morning? A blank check is what, apparently, he wants to write Wall Street for the second half of the bail out. Congress want some strings.

What do you want? No oversight which didn't help last time or some strings which might actually make something happen that will benefit you?

It wasn't progressives or even liberals that got us into this mess. It was a lot of ignorant and greedy people. Please don't ask us on the left to join that group by calling us betrayers.

I am so sorry, Ryder. I like you . . . sometimes.

"Obama's veto threat trumps campaign pledge to harness greed.


One more thing: there's a lot of people who are looking to get small jobs done. I just recently found a handyman that I could trust. I don't know how aggressive you are, but make some flyers and put them out there. If you've got skills in any area and you're honest and hard working, you'll find work.

If you want tons of money, forget it. But you can make decent money. Certainly better than minimum wage. I wonder how you would find lists of single women? That market could be a gold mine. Maybe check the obits for recently widowed women.

I'm not being funny although I'm laughing. Give it a try and get back to me.


Gee, chucks, hard not to sound gleeful when you're a salesman ("who can always get a job"-where did I hear that before?) who makes his wad gambling his life's savings and wins, isn't it?


Radio coverage will be helpful, but this historic event needs to be watched on TV by the world. This can be a new beginning for the USA to regain international respect. A truly momentous time in our history and it should be touted loudly and seen by all. If you can, WATCH IT on TV and take pleasure that you are witness to this incredible spot in American history. :)


One thing Bush did that was not bad - He pardoned Ramos and Campeon this morning (the two border patrol agents who were jailed for 12 years each for stopping an illegal drug smuggler, but not using border patrol protocol). At least he had the decency to do that.

The inauguration will be nice, but am put out about the mentality of masses who are worshipping Obama as an Idol with all of this childish adoration and come across like baby barf. It's OK not to be adults anymore even if you are over 40 and be irresponsible - so says our twisted culture. Narcissism reigns supreme. Also, why does BHO's inauguration cost more than 4 times as much as GWB's ? (the comment has nothing to do with the individuals)


I hope the inauguration will be rebroadcasted at some point. I am going to be sitting in a dental chair when it happens…bad luck for a history nut!


Record it rozskat. I am a conservative Republican and am going to record the whole damn thing on both Fox News and CNN. It is history and should be saved. It will probably be available on DVD next week on late night TeeVee, but just in case.
Besides, I still have hope (?) that Mr Hopey-Changey can pull it off and fix the mess that Pelosi and Reid, along with co-conspirators Frank, Dodd, Waters et al created.
Hell, if he can fix that mess, I may vote for him next time.

Puget Sound

it'll be available for you all over. c-span will rebroadcast it later in the day.

congrats on the job upgrade. i knew they couldn't keep a man of like you down.

you can do it, stay positive, and don't give up. start hitting that rolodex of yours and think about trying something different. if your starting to have problems with the mortgage talk with your bank early in the process. trust me, they don't want your house and they will work with you. foregiveness and forebearance programs vary by bank but they do exist. and as usual, chucks has a great practical point about staying under the 40 hour limit.

and don't let the one sour note take you out. most of us don't try to figure one's politics before deciding if they can talk or empathize with you.

Puget Sound

"Gee, chucks, hard not to sound gleeful when you're a salesman ("who can always get a job"-where did I hear that before?) who makes his wad gambling his life's savings and wins, isn't it?

Posted by: joanie | January 19, 2009 at 12:29 PM"

actually, it's pretty easy for most of us. when someone loses a job they use to support their family you don't kick 'em. you just don't.

at least that is the way most of us were raised.
even if YOU lost your job i wouldn't be crowing or throwing poo at ya. it just stinks.

and why the hell would ryder's politics matter at all in this situation?

Puget Sound

the reason you like Clint Eastwood is that Clint makes young people behave!


A celebrity playing fictional characters making young people behave, what does Paul Harvey do?

Puget Sound

well look, the whole concept of making young people behave is fiction in and of itself, right?

...and now you know the rest of the story.


Well Coiler, you know that there is always more to the story. Paul will tell you the rest of the story every evening at 5:55 PM on KVI.

Puget Sound

ha ha ha
just the thought of coils carefully checking the time on his watch to get on kvi at exactly 5:55 pm and then off kvi at the end LEST he get some 'conservative' talk crammed in his noggin.
too funny.


I can watch the real thing tomorrow starting at 9am. It is good to see a black man become president in this country.


Limbaugh's colon will jam up too, at 5:56. I'll be able to hear it without a radio.


Puget Sound


Posted by: Coiler | January 19, 2009 at 07:05 PM

nice Coils...


Hey guys, thanks for the info and suggestions on the inauguration. I looked at the VCR and need to reconfigure the cabling to record it. You’re right Chucks as they will likely have a DVD in a matter of a week. With all the Obama commemorative plates and coins, it would be hard to not see a DVD set coming. Question is how long will it be before we see the first ads?

I will look for C-SPAN coverage. I should be back from the dentist by ten but waiting for the Novocain to wear off.


Ryder – I am sorry to hear about your job loss. I have experienced it and familiar with what you are going through. What you said in your post couldn’t be clearer that represents thoughts of millions of Americans. I have family members impacted by the current economic malaise and preparing ourselves to help my daughter as her husband is in the housing industry in case the axe fell on them. I am not sure if you are working for yourself at the moment or waiting for results from applications. If you are looking for some small work, allow me to enter my two cents worth.

I am not sure what type of work you have done for the federal government in the past but there is another market below the business solicitations you see posted on federal web sites. The solicitations on web sites are usually contracts for procurement of goods and services above $25,000 which bidding is required by law. It’s OK for those who think big.

There are many federal employees who hold GSA IMPAC cards. Most of those are senior career employees such as me who are authorized to make a single “micropurchase” of up to $2500 for goods and services. I have one of those cards and have purchased services including routing and connecting of cables on ships during yard period maintenance. Also contractors that work for us do hire and subcontract work out to individuals or small businesses. They are not regulated by the $2500 single purchase limit.

We know about these services through our immediate manager or from other employees on word of mouth and business or line cards. Try to avoid the buyer or procurement officer route when representing you as they are nothing but bureaucrats who only remember big corporate sales reps with plenty of gadgets to give away (i.e. corporate pens and calendars). Your business or line card will never get past their desks. Unless it is a small operation like our office where we know each other and worked together for years.

You can find point of contacts through the local county economic development association, networking or knowing people. If they (economic development association) have a rep that has their act together they can give you pointers and contacts. If you work for yourself, shoot for a HUBzone (Historically Underutilized Businesses) certification. This depends on your location. Places like Skagit and certain areas of Whatcom counties qualify.

We are encouraged in our IMPAC card training sessions to use small businesses (this includes one person operations with a business license) and to buy goods and services not necessarily from giant corporations and try to refrain from using the same vendor. Good thing about IMPAC card transactions is minimal paperwork for both sides and as a vendor you get paid right away.

There has been some negative publicity in the past about these cards in the press. Stories include buying of booze, catering services and in some case use in brothels in Nevada. Having one of these cards I wonder how it got past not only the local managers but the bank who issued the IMPAC cards as well. But we still use it and the benefits far outweigh the negative.

With the new administration coming in, I am sure as federal employees we will see some directive coming out encouraging us to be more distributive with our IMPAC purchases of goods and services. Funds to pay for these purchases are already allocated in annual budgets and not part of any stimulus packages that everyone is waiting for.

Puget Sound

good points Roz.
Ryder it's a new day and lots of hope out there.

as a baseball fan seeing that we are saying goodbye to (W) 43 and hello to 44 brings to mind that most famous 44---Hammering Hank Aaron.
lets hope Obama is as successful...


WOW! Political slant aside...this is pretty fricken exciting isn't it. A few minutes to an astounding achievement in the annals of our history. PROUD to be an American, indeed! :)

pink by another name

Proud indeed. A nigger is going to become prez.

Looking at the tv it looks like Katrina all over. So many nigs in one place thinking the gumment is going to take care if them.


Yes Pink, change is almost here. If you dont like the idea of a nigger as president. Move.


Now...sing along in Ray Charles fashion:

'He crowned thy good, yes he did, in a brotherhood,
From sea to shining sea.
You know, I wish I had somebody to help me sing this
(America, America, God shed his grace on thee)
America, I love you America, you see,
My God he done shed his grace on thee,
And you oughta love him for it,
Cause he, he, he, he, crowned thy good,
He told me he would, with brotherhood,
(From sea to shining sea).
Oh Lord, oh Lord, I thank you Lord
(Shining sea). '

pink by another name

The nigger flubbed the oath. My God where are we headed to.


Hmm I see someone is bored today


Cheney showed up in a wheelchair after wrenching his back dumping documents.


Hey pink
Fuck off. I don't want anybody thinking you are one of us. You're not.
I suppose there is some place in this world that folks like you fit.
Not here in 21st century America.


Right on chucks...I 2nd that emotion.


It was Roberts who flubbed up the oath and Obama caught the mistake.

Puget Sound

hey pink, bug off with that crap...

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