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January 20, 2009



Wow....I'm first.

Daniel K

Good point. The right loves to talk about the failures of the blogosphere, but this is a big failure of right wing talk radio pundits


IMO the power of 'talk radio' has always been over-stated and over-rated. It's not so muckin futch...and diminishing from there.
So, get over yourself Rush. Haha


The right wing talkers are degrading the popularity of President Obama and at the same time they use his popularity to get listeners to call in. Right wing listeners don’t have enough sense to know they are being played. I think some of them have figured it out and ignore it totally. If you take a look at some of the right wing blogs they are calling for a personal media blackout. Akin to sitting at home eating sauerkraut and biscuits while cleaning the shotgun.


Now that Obama's in the WH it marks the beginning of the resurgence of right-wing talk radio. Don't believe me? Come back in a year or two and look at the numbers.


It is weak republicans fault- this meager, overrated, long winded lite-weight has been elected. it is a sad day, and one this country will long regret.

Puget Sound

robp is correct.

jeez, the former klansman senator byrd -who was still using the n-word in the 90's- keels over at the sight of a black president. who woulda thought byrd would react in such a way?

get use to it senator byrd. it's a new day.


I didn't believe it before, but I believe it now. Americans are sick of this mean and hard partisanship that has been the focus of talk radio. Republicans are beginning to get it even. Radio must interest a wider group of people if it is to survive, and there's no growth in the old model.


It was fun to listen to Rush blubber and bluster how nothing will work but his ideas... ah worn out dogma indeed!


Klansman Byrd might have been, but when it counted, and ever since, he was there for civil rights. He voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which is a lot more than many conservatives. He's over 90 years old, ha been stripped of chairmanships, and is a placeholder until he dies. The people of Virginia want it that way. When he dies, he will be replaced by a young Democrat. God bless 'em.


former klansman....did Helms or Thurman ever repent?


Here are a few quotes I pulled from "Free Repub".

God help us.

Agreed, but let’s hope that Nostradamus and the Mayan Calender are wrong.

We are in a world of sh-t!

The people of the nation voted for a government devoit of God, well, they got it. Now watch as the USA falls apart.

Dear Lord, help us.

We’re so screwed it’s not even funny.

Like I said, they don't need radio talking heads any more. They can be stoopid and scaired all by themselves now in the privacy of the blogosphere.


I do believe that Byrd was the only Northern Democrat Senator to vote against the Civil Rights act of 1964.
I also believe that a larger percentage of Republicans voted for the act than Democrats.
Some of our nations history is screwed up enough with out making up the results that you want.
What is even more significant in my opinion is that we have a mixed race President. Sixty years ago, Obama's father may have been strung up from the nearest oak for that "sin".
Although I have no use for his liberal politics, I am proud of us as a nation for the vote.
Barrack Obama is my President. I hope he does not screw things up too bad.


I do not see anything in those posts that is racist, or that should be objectionable.
Good grief, you just elected a liberal to POTUS.
What do you expect? Do you want us to stand up and yell yipee?


Great comment on Sheets Byrd. The Swimmer was also packed out on a gurney and may be sharing a room at the hospital with Sheets. A two fer-

The market is expressing confidence in Zero-down 335 points. Worst performance in inagural day history.

Great start.



Racist? How does “stupid” and “scared” turn into racism? Are you conflating or are you projecting? What I’m trying to say is these folks don’t need some knob head talk show host to lead them around by the nose. They can contemplate the end of the world all on their own. Never mind discussion of policy differences. These folks are in full blown dread….

Puget Sound

robert byrd not only did NOT vote for the 1964 act he participated in the Filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, personally filibustering the bill for 14 hours. He also opposed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Doesn't sound like a strong supporter when it counted to me....

but heh, it's a good day for America. we have a new President and we want him to succeed.


Both Dave Ross and John Carlson lost their respective policital races to non talk radio oponents. We're not hurting anyone's feelings here, we talk about how they are irrelevant all the while the stars of talk radio have more money and vacation homes than they know what to do with. I envy them. I will sell you all out.

Puget Sound

former klansman....did Helms or Thurman ever repent?

Posted by: Coiler | January 20, 2009 at 12:36 PM

no more than ol Dem Fritz Hollings of South Carolina.
recall when Hollings made the anti-semitic remark about Howard Metzenbaum on the Senate floor?
crap, i'll take the bird flipping by Cheney over that. At least Leahy deserved it. The Metzenbaum cracked just revealed Hollings heart...like the anti gay remark from that Texas Repub congressman years ago towards Barney Frank on the House floor.

Puget Sound

you forgot the Carter snub of the Clintons...


You are right PS. I saw the clip of that snub and the Pantsuited Queen did not look amused.

Apparently kennedy was served water by mistake and it resulted in a seizure.


Obama is our President, chucks said so. We must stop the hate.


UH, it's called possibly the worst Stock Crash and financial crisis in our history, now just starting to spread out with savage force. After the market crashed and McCain stumbled, the election was won. Talk radio? As tbtl would say, Come On!!! How fanciful, talk radio. sheeesh.


Sportscaster Dori "Moose" Monson can't understand why Pastor Rick Warren's inclusion of Jesus in his prayer is stirring up denunciation from the left. The prayer is supposed to be nondenominational, ya putz.


That religious shit was embarrassing. Here we are supposed to be the great melting pot of the world, where people from all different stripes come from all over to make a great young country all that much greater and we're preaching it up like so many Islamic extremists about to saw off some poor souls' head on YouTube. The cooky conservative right just won't die fast enough.

Puget Sound

I agree Coils. Someone needs to get a memo to the Klansman Byrd that a black man is indeed President.

I am happy that Teddy is feeling better now but no reports of whether he asked about the status of the young lady.


I would urge caution with respect to informing Sheets that a blackman is occupying 1600 PA Ave. That may flatline him.

Puget Sound

oh man, i love a beautiful snub. check out this video as Carter snubs the Clintons. wow. check out the picture and then to get the full measure click on it for the video. Carter loves up Ms. Bush and then leaves the Clintons hanging...

the look on Hillary's face is priceless

later that day Carter says no snub...you be the judge!

Puget Sound

maybe they should start Sheets off slow. ease him into it by telling Sheets that they have it on good authority that the President is sleeping with a black woman. kind of a Strom Thurmand deal.
Then when he gets accustomed to that break the news to him.

Puget Sound

To borrow a phrase from Dennis Milller I suggest we run it over and over like the Zepruder Film. (might find another gunman in the grassy knoll) Just watch Rosalyn giving the high hat to Hillary.
clearly Hillary isn't expecting the diss from her.

But Duff, a bad day for Hillary all around. First off, Biden tells the world about him getting the choice of VP or Sec of State. Next you got Sen Cornyne putting the hold on unanimous voting her nomination -that damn Bill and his Library soliciting all that foreign money with no transparency an issue for someone who wants to be Secretary of State, and finally then this diss.
Oh well, the cspan shot of Bill at the luncheon making the move to Mrs. Cindy McCain and then John coming over to take over is another priceless clip floating out there.


Stuck in traffic, I decided to listen to the whining and gnashing of teeth on KVI. I wasn't disappointed. Laura Ingrahm was whiiiiiining about how she is tired of hearing Obama's name. Then she made up a bunch of crap about hippies having dirty bare feet this morning even though the temps were at freezing...It was hilarious.


What a wonderful day this was.

Puget Sound

why would you put yourself through Laura Ingrahm when you could have had David Boze!


Right-wing radio lost the elections based on a continuation of lies. Their only base left is the south which is feeling Bushonomics more than anywhere else. No wonder all the KKK supporters here.


Nostradamus, LOL.

Just not having a washed out drunk with brain damage with his finger on the red button will have me sleeping better tonight.


Indeed, Bush was the worst president ever. At least Obama doesn't treat his body like shit.

Puget Sound

whatsamatter coils, can't take the fact that carter and clinton don't care for each other?

it's not a slur on obama, the poor fellow can't choose who was president before him. at least he can be friends with W. looks like the bush and obama families get along real well.


A great picture

Puget Sound

too bad Sheets didn't seem to take too well to it.


I guess Tony Snow didn't take it too well the last few years either, lying for the administration.

pink by another name

Watching the CINC Ball. I can't wait to see the gorrila look-a-like Michelle Obama dance. If she steps on those troops toes, can they get a disability for it?

Puget Sound

yeah coils, although i can make a distinction between a klansman fainting at an event (and recovering -if he hadn't i wouldn't make light of it) and a decent man suffering from terminal cancer. but hey, yuk that one up.

pink, really bad stuff. don't do it.
michelle obama is probably the most beautiful first lady that we have ever had.


Senator Byrd didn't faint..he was very upset about Senator Kennedy and his aids took him outside..but he is fine. Kennedy's seizure was most likely brought on by exhaustion, so say the doctors, on both men.

Puget Sound

great day for obama. very good speech.

not so good a day for sheets. riding in the ambulance is never a good sign.

bad day for hillary as noted above.

Puget Sound

oh sparky,
snub or just oversight by the carters towards the clintons...you make the call!


I dont give a shit about 30 years ago. I prefer hanging out in the 21st century.

Meanwhile, The Radio Fertilizer is Outraged! Outraged, I tell you, that his Sugar Daddy got pre-empted for Inauguration coverage...call him a wahhhhhhmbulance!

Instead of hearing Limbaugh's no-holds-barred analysis, disappointed listeners experienced relentlessly-upbeat live network feeds. In Boston, his show appeared to be joined in progress at about 12:38.

Subscribers to the Rush 24 / 7 premium service were able to listen via Internet audio streaming.

As 58 million Americans are confronted by the stark reality that a creepy political-religious cult has taken over the country, Limbaugh is providing one of the few remaining opposition voices. That stations are already beginning to engage in Chinese-style self-censorship provides a chilling early example of the coming battle to save free speech in America."

Creepy religeous cult? That started back in 2000 when the Fundigelicals embedded themselves in the government.

Pretty hilarious to hear Baloney whine about free speech.


Oh ok Scabby, I mean Putz. I thought we were playing a game?


Am watching The National and it is obvious that America is finally a member of the world. We have a brown face and youth has taken the torch.

Oh god, I love it!

Smug white european superiority is a thing of the past. Did anybody notice how many brown faces were in the dignitary stands as well as in the audience?

We have joined the world. I'm so glad I have lived to see it.

BTW, The National has reporters stationed around the world to record the celebrations and good will emanating from many different places. Why does Canada do such a good job of reporting?

Did American TV show the fireworks and celebrating in Kenya? Perhaps. I don't watch American TV news much anymore. They are calling themselves America's fifty-first state!

So many tears of joy from blue-eyed and brown-eyed people. And teary-eyed young black men . . . now they know there is something for everybody if you try.

Everything feels different.


And teary-eyed young black men . . . now they know there is something for everybody if you try.

Posted by: joanie | January 20, 2009 at 10:26 PM

Wow, what a racist comment. If those lazy young black men had only been trying before...


what sily,fatuous nonsense from the lib clown Joanie-"America has finally joined the world..we have a brown face...blahblah blah We're ACTUALLY AHEAD OF THE WORLD countries like Brazil and Cuba still haven't elected a black president or high officials, due to racism,let alone racist bastions like England and France.hey can you dig it? Barack had some senile old BASTARD PREACHER GIVE THE BENEDICTION WHO MADE AN INSULTING JOKE about us supposedly still racist white people. He only proved himself to be a tasteless old black racist. hey Barack- how bout you scrub Rev.Lowery off your list of speakers come the next shindig-unless it's just going to be a "black thang" for the next fouryears. Your old boy messed up, Barack.

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