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January 23, 2009



Let the 'sunlight' shine! Good for POTUS Obama...BRING ON the 'facts' regarding former President Bush and Rush: STFU!


Missouri Fats wants it both ways, which is why the gop lost so big this time.


I've been reading the reader responses over at Think Progress on this commentary. They are funny. I love good liberals. Why are liberals always funnier than conservatives? Hmm?

He oughta know banana republics. Isn't that where he goes for some satisfaction? Maybe he ought to stay there.

Did Bush pardon himself or anybody else in his administration? I haven't heard that he did. Maybe he's so pissed off with Cheney and all the rest, he wants our magical Obama to go fishing until he catches them. Maybe Bush blames them all for his crummy legacy and maybe he'll turn states evidence if the others ever get prosecuted.

Don't you just love our brand spanking new President: Barack Hussein Obama?

Don't you just love that name? Especially the Hussein part?


Ryder, check in please. Anything new?


Yes, Commander in Chief Obama

Howard Stern said our President has done more in one week than Bushler did in 8 years


OH MY GOSH! A must-watch show on Bill Moyers tonight featuring BOTH SIROTA and FRANKS.

Be there or be square.

It's fun to watch online. You can replay parts missed or just interesting. immediately.

I know: duh


things like . . . umm . . . showing up for work?


Oh dear! I'm the only one I know posting! oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Anyway, just watched the most interesting conversation between Sirota (the world's sexiest man currently) and Franks. Michael Hood, you old centrist, you must watch two young progressives telling it like it is. Obama actually called Sirota in 2006 and defended his progressivism and Sirota followed him around for a day. Sirota says he's (Obama) brilliant and rhetorically gifted (we know).

Franks says that Obama is trying to work within the rules of the establishment. Franks says now's the time to throw those rules and the old guard (U of Chicago/Harvard) out and make new rules which is what FDR did. Throw out the old orthodoxy which has been discredited.

Absolutely fabulous and fascinating discussion.

And, of course, Krugman's on the same bandwagon.


Progressives could well be the downfall of this administration, just as neo-cons (big government, faux conservatives) were the downfall of the last administration.

Rush wants to have it both ways. He should just come out and say, he wants smaller government as well as open government, but he goes ideological and plays the fear card. It is good that Obama is reluctant to go after Bush officials - because that would be distracting and probably f up our economy more than it is already - but if the progressives had it their way, they'd want a witch hunt - the economy be damned. To Bush's credit, he didn't go after some of the Clintonistas that could have prosecuted.

I harken back to a quote from Ronald Reagan - Government isn't the solution, government is the problem" Too much government will come back and bite us in the backside. With bigger government, we will lose more of our freedoms. All of the progressives were whining the loudest about the last 8 years - guess what ? government became larger and more obtrusive, which lead to the perception of losing freedoms. It can and will happen under this administration with bigger government. Not the fear card, just the facts of life.


If it would be detrimental to Obama's presidency to have Congress investigate and charge Bush of warcrimes, then why are the Congressional Republicans working so hard to make sure there is no investigation??


Why do congressional Republicans care much at all about Bush ? He screwed the pooch big time and led the current demise of the Republican Party.

I'd say that it is more about reviving our economy and maybe even representing the people who voted them in, over their own self-serving interests. I know that is a unique concept for today's politicians.


Why did Republicans make a big effort to distance themselves from Bush in the last election ?

They know that trying to prosecute Bush and his cronies for war crimes would do little more than distract the country. Why has this action been an exercise in futility up to now ? Just sayin...


When last we left the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, John Cornyn (TX) was taking a stand against accountability by insisting that Attorney General nominee Eric Holder promise not to prosecute any intelligence official for possible interrogation abuses at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere.

The statute of limitations on what Bush did with FISA in march of 2004 expires in March of 2009. The longer they can drag this out, the chances increase that Bush cannot be held accountable.

Puget Sound

Spot on KS:
Too funny, Obama's hardcore left supporters haven't figured it out yet...I'm just saying.
From the Economist:
"It has been only two-and-a-half months since Mr Obama was elected, but his “Yes, We Can” coalition is already fraying at the edges. In his appointments and pronouncements, Mr Obama keeps hinting that he is neither as radical nor as pure as his progressive supporters dared to hope. Anti-war activists, who rallied round him in the Democratic primaries because he was the only top-tier candidate to have opposed the Iraq war from the outset, now see worrying signs that their hero is a closet hawk. On the stump, he used to say things like: “I will bring this war to an end in 2009. So don’t be confused.” Now he says it might take a bit longer. To make matters worse, he has kept George Bush’s defence secretary, Robert Gates, in his job. “Not a single member of Obama’s foreign-policy [and] national-security team opposed the war,” fumes Katrina vanden Heuvel, the editor of the Nation, a lefty magazine, adding that Mr Gates is “a terrible pick”.

Far from ending Mr Bush’s war on terror, Mr Obama plans to ramp it up in Afghanistan, albeit under a different label. When Israel started bombing Gaza, he barely protested. Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, an anti-war group, howled that Mr Obama “has been missing in action” while the people of Gaza were being massacred. Others go further. John Pilger, an Australian journalist, bristles that the vice-president, Joe Biden, is “a proud war-maker and Zionist”, while Mr Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is a Zionist who “opposes meaningful justice for the Palestinians”. Some folks are outraged, too, by Mr Obama’s rumoured selection of Dennis Ross, a veteran of Bill Clinton’s administration, as his point man on Iran. Robert Naiman, an analyst at a group called Just Foreign Policy, thinks Mr Ross might “set the stage for war with Iran”. (Mr Ross favours offering Iran carrots and sticks to abandon its nuclear ambitions, but will not rule out military action.)

During the campaign, Mr Obama called the prison at Guantánamo Bay a “betrayal of American values” and promised to close it. On his first day in office he suspended legal proceedings against the inmates. But he has yet to figure out what to do with them. In an interview with the Washington Post, he said he would consider it a failure if he had not closed the prison system down by the end of his first term. On anti-terrorism policy generally, Dick Cheney, the former vice-president, recently remarked that before Mr Obama started to keep his campaign promises, he needed “to sit down and find out precisely what it is we did and how we did it.” Mr Obama described this as “pretty good advice”. The people who used to flock to his rallies with placards demanding that Mr Bush and Mr Cheney be tried as war criminals are aghast, not least because Mr Obama appears disinclined to prosecute anyone.

For the left, the list of Mr Obama’s betrayals—real or anticipated—is getting longer. His economic advisers are nearly all centrists. Far from bringing capitalism to heel, he is planning to save it. His choice for attorney-general, Eric Holder, used to work for big corporations, making him a “poster-child for…selling out,” grumbles David Corn of Mother Jones, a progressive magazine. Unions fret that Mr Obama will not campaign hard enough to increase their clout. Greens worry that he will not move fast enough to rescue the planet. The National Organisation for Women complains that his economic-stimulus package will pump too much money into male-dominated industries such as construction, leaving only scraps for teachers and social workers."

Puget Sound

My oh my, isn't Triangulation fun?
It's a 90's flashback.

Obama will study Gitmo but he knows if he starts to change the policies and say we suffer an attack on American Soil like we didn't for the last 7.5 years under W -thank you President Bush!- that Obama will be held to account for it. The Right has already started its count and the Dems who run the party know the quickest way out of power is to be soft on Security. Don't believe me? They all talk about being against the USAPATRIOT Act but they pretty much all vote for it.

Responsibility is hard. The Campaign is over and it's time to lead.

Politics aside for a second:
Finally, I am so ticked about the fact that the four world class musicians who played on inauguration of President Barack Obama were actually listening to recorded music instead of the actual performance of the Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman-led quartet were lip-synching.

What bullshit. I love live music with all its imperfections -I am a huge jazz fan- and can't believe that the music played by these best of the best musicians was not live. It takes out all the excitement of the moment to find it was prerecorded.

Puget Sound

Hey Ryder, hope the job hunting is going better. Keep us informed.

Puget Sound

Poor Caroline, yet another tax dodger with nanny issues.


Puts-why are you surprised that the music at zero's kool aid drink fest was fake? Everything else about him is.


Yeah, Puts in some way I guess one could say (at least in terms of keeping this Country as safe as former Pres Bush did) that POTUS Obama serves at the mercy of OBL. THAT man could disrupt EVERYthing...yet AGAIN. Somewhere (possibly in a cave in the mountains of Pakistan) OBL is no doubt smirking at the devastation he feels responsible for in terms of America and it's economy. That ONE person with fragmented supporters could cause as much damage (literally world-wide) is truly astounding...and outright SCARY. I know you don't (pray, that is), but I PRAY that Osama doesn't mess with Obama.

Puget Sound

Politics aside, I think all of us can appreciate world class musicianship.
And I just naively thought that the integrity of musicians of the caliber of a Yo Yo Ma, clarinetist Anthony McGill, Gabriela Montero on the piano and Itzhak Perlman on violin would preclude an Ashlee Simpson Saturday Night Live lip synching. Why have them on stage miming it if you were going to pre record it. Just a sham. Next time I see the Army Marching Band at the Ceremony playing is that live or pre recorded.

Puget Sound

just a beautiful 8 minute take apart of the original bathtub boy, keith olberman.

nice hairpiece, keith


Hey Puts.."why dont you just use the link instead of printing out long articles?"

Isn't that what you told Joanie?

And, regarding the pre-recorded music..if you knew anything about music or musical instruments, you would know that it is not only impossible to play most of them in tune in below freezing temperatures, it also ruins the instrument. So this "integrity" you are huffing about was nothing more than the artists using less expensive duplicates outdoors, having pre-recorded the music earlier in a nice warm studio. Do you have any concept of how much Iztak Perleman's violins or YoYo Ma's cellos cost?? Obviously not.

If that is what gets your and Habu's undies in a bunch, it is going to be a very long 4 years for you guys, isn't it?

Now I must return to rendering of garments, gnashing my teeth, tearing my hair, or whatever it is your anonymous source told you we progressives are doing.


"Now I must return to rendering of garments, gnashing my teeth, tearing my hair, or whatever it is your anonymous source told you we progressives are doing."

Progressives needn't do that - its their choice. Everyone is responsible for their actions. I know rank and file progressives don't like to hear that -too bad, because its the truth. There's a lot of things from progressives the rest of us don't like hearing either. Can you say narcissistic ?

Why do we know this ? because of progressive icons like Bathtub boy Olberman, Randi Rhodes, the Daily KOS, Huffington Post have their forums.

Puget Sound

wow, it's gonna be a long four years for you isn't it? i am not making a political point -in fact i said that- and just pointed out my disappointment with what took place.
btw, i guess those marching bands that went by were also faking it?
you really think that musicians of their stature only have 'one' instrument? this was a performance in front of hundreds of millions of people all over the world. they have a variety of instruments. some suitable for inside and others on 'special events' -such as performing in front of the world- they'll bring out a very serviceable instrument.
moreover, if they wanted to play the perfect version why have them up their like a bunch of miming apes. it's disrespectful to us and to them.
why not just play the music and let the cameras scan over the beautiful views of the capital.
i've played an instrument for over 12 years and performed in and outdoors. i can tell you playing a brass instrument in such cold weather is a challenge but not impossible.


""You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done."

Actually, there is a point to what the Pres. said. Rush is ego-driven, too much of an in your face ideologue and continues to polarize our country. He could use lessons in tact and how to disagree more respectfully and he would get more respect and even consideration from those on the left from those who aren't ardent socialists.

Politicians can strive to meet the loyal opposition halfway - bipartisanship as opposed to their way or the highway. I'd like to see how Pres. Obama approaches things - how close he stays toward the center or if how far left he veers before I pass more judgment. So far, I see him as being articulate, pragmatic and smart - just not sure how ideologically driven he is until more of his actions play out.

Puget Sound

just tell us up front. if they don't want to perform live due to weather just be honest, roll the tape music, and pan the crowd for the visual.
don't have 'em sit up there like a group of trained chimps 'pretending' to play.
but that's just my opinion. i'm sure others like to see people 'pretend' to play what was recorded two days before.


To borrow a phrase from Donald Rumsfield: Rush, Sean and their ilk who cling to the notion that govt is the problem and it should just get out of the way of Laisez-Faire capitalism. They are a bunch of deadenders. Laisez-Faire capitalism is currently failing the world over. We need regulations like one that says if you are too big to fail then you are too big to exist. Subdivide Huge banks so that if the obscenely wealthy CEO's and CFO's make retarded decisions then let them fail. Another regulation that makes perfect sense would be if your company isn't showing a profit, your executives don't get to take bonuses, Duh. Yet Merril Lynch gives out billions in bonuses right before BOA takes over and We the people have to give them billions because they are too big to fail. This right wing idea that the market is some omniscient, omnipotent force that can do no wrong is so discredited that I will repeat myself. Anyone still clinging to it is a Deadender. Get out of the way of progress and sit down an STFU!


"just tell us up front. if they don't want to perform live due to weather just be honest, roll the tape music, and pan the crowd for the visual.
don't have 'em sit up there like a group of trained chimps 'pretending' to play.
but that's just my opinion. i'm sure others like to see people 'pretend' to play what was recorded two days before.

Posted by: Puget Sound | January 24, 2009 at 11:37 AM"

What point of being honest do you not get Sparky?


What you suggest there thotman is much more complicated. I, for one agree that we need to put an end to huge banks swallowing big banks.
But the tax codes require that banks (and other businesses) reinvest to avoid paying huge tax bills.
It is one of the many ways gumment has invented to screw up the world economy. I am frustrated by this crap in my business. Ten years ago, I had 15 banks competing for my business. Now there are just three that seem to be conspiring to screw my customers.


thotman - you sound like an ardent socialist by saying get out of the way of progress by Government. Laissez-faire capitalism = smaller government - Too simplistic (like a Bush-ism). Paulson's $700 Billion bailout was socialism and I am dubious if that will produce good results. Regulations are what should have been required and oh yes, enforced.

Bottom line - People/politicians don't care about preserving this place for their children and grandchildren as indicated by their actions of spending other people's money at will. They just want instant gratification and the ends justify the means - a recipe for collapse of a once great country.


I love reading a bunch of "Rush-schooled" experts on the economy and gumment-tax system. Armchair professors. Parrots of the Pompous Parroter (I'll leave it to your imaginations if I'm referring the sputs or Limbaugh).

Instead of listening to self-aggrandizing ingrates who give nothing back, why not listen to some people who are out there fighting for equal rights, fair taxes and JUSTICE AND LIBERTY FOR ALL.

You'll find them on Bill Moyers' Journal, KPTK right now, Green960, Air America, and several web sites such as Think Progress, Huffington Post, and lots and lots of others. Also, the New York Times, and works by current (perhaps former?) Republicans such as Richard Clark, Chambers Johnson, Paul O'Neill, Joseph Wilson.

You see, liberals, being intelligent and fair-minded people, like to hear what truly smart people have to say and read what they write.

But you're all parroting the parroters who have nothing behind them but hot air and who get your emotions and poor vocabulary floating around the blogosphere pretending to be experts.

Thank god your era is coming to an end.

Thotman is right on. And as David Bender just said on Ring of Fire, you old white men are becoming fewer and fewer and America is becoming browner, yellower and younger.

In another ten years, you'll all be living together in Sandpoint, Idaho, or some other equally exclusive mobile home park wherein you can all don sheets and hang "socialists" in effigy over the bonfire every hight of the week.

And nobody will care. I bet you'll even have posters of Rush, Hannity, and Cheney behind you.

But the rest of us are moving on toward world peace, JUSTICE AND LIBERTY FOR ALL.

Even the man who brought all this tragedy to us on a silver platter, Alan Greenspan, has the courage to see the error of his ways and stay out of the way.

Emotions are cheap and fuel armchair quarterbacks. Information fuels liberals and progressives.

Emotions are easy to ignite. Getting people to pay attention and actually learn, think and make choices is much harder.



Well stated Joanie.

ha ha

puget should change his name to Rocky Road, since it's week 1 and it looks like the ODS is kicking in, I give him 6 months.

Dave (not dave ross)

joanie alot of this did happen on greenspans watch and he did just that, watch. I didnt hear much from him while the stock rating companies, corporate boardrooms, mortgage fantasy loans, securitization of those bad loans, and the icing on the cake: insurance of the bad stock sold in the form of credit swaps all did more to destroy america than osama ever will. Of course you did see him apologize on the book tour afer bernanke took over, and make comments that actually undermined the federal reserve.
Thotman is right on in his comments. When i saw as he noted that merrill lynch paid 3 billion in bonuses knowing they would post a 15B loss the next month, and that the president of B of A Lewis can make bad decisions time after time because he knows they are 'too big to fail' and will and has gotten hundereds of billions already from the taxpayer, i took all my personal savings and most of my business checking money (not a small amount) out of the u village branch where i have banked since i was 16, 40 years ago. no its not in a matress, i put it in a small locally founded bank that doesnt have to apologize for the way it does business.

Puget Sound

"Instead of listening to self-aggrandizing ingrates who give nothing back, why not listen to some people who are out there fighting for equal rights, fair taxes and JUSTICE AND LIBERTY FOR ALL."

...does that apply to Caroline Kennedy and Tim Geithner? Just curious how your double standards work...


Thanks, Dave and Bammer. Nice to have some company on this blog.

And for you parroters of the radio charlatans getting rich off of your emotions, read Kevin Phillips. He'll even teach you something new, chucks. "Complicated" you say; but, "complicated" you don't get. Irony.


Can't decide which name to use, sputs? Audioslave or Puget Sound?

How did you get so stupid?

Puget Sound

yawn. sounds like you got puts on the brain. but go ahead, throw out some claptrap.

and whilst you're pondering that, check this out:
Two ex-Guantanamo inmates appear in Al-Qaeda video

5 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AFP) — Two men released from the US "war on terror" prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have appeared in a video posted on a jihadist website, the SITE monitoring service reported.
One of the two former inmates, a Saudi man identified as Abu Sufyan al-Azdi al-Shahri, or prisoner number 372, has been elevated to the senior ranks of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, a US counter-terrorism official told AFP.

"We remain concerned about ex-Guantanamo detainees who have re-affiliated with terrorist organizations after their departure," said Gordon.
"We will continue to work with the international community to mitigate the threat they pose," he said.
On the video, al-Shihri is seen sitting with three other men before a flag of the Islamic State of Iraq, the front for Al-Qaeda in Iraq....
Al-Shiri was transferred from Guantanamo to Saudi Arabia in 2007, the US counter-terrorism official said.

The Defense Department has said as many as 61 former Guantanamo detainees -- about 11 percent of 520 detainees transferred from the detention center and released -- are believed to have returned to the fight.
The latest case highlights the risk the new US administration faces as it moves to empty Guantanamo of its remaining 245 prisoners and close the controversial detention camp within a year.


Still lonely, huh sputs. Well, you'll have to wait for your playmates to come out. I'm not one of them.

Puget Sound

Can't decide which name to use, sputs? Audioslave or Puget Sound?

How did you get so stupid?

Posted by: joanie | January 24, 2009 at 04:21 PM

but yeah, i'll be the first to admit that dialoging with you hasn't helped my chances of attending any upcoming MENSA meetings.


"You see, liberals, being intelligent and fair-minded people, like to hear what truly smart people have to say and read what they write."

Do you brainwash your students to believe conservatives are stupid and biased ? Other public schools do that. Seems like a lot of inhabitants of Seattle and other coastal cities buy into that claptrap- sad commentary as evidenced by domination of elected officials by Democrats. BTW - Bush 43 is a neo-con, not a real conservative.

On to other points, Dave - agreed on your comments about Greenspan. He probably instigated a lot of this along with Phil Gramm and Bill Clinton who signed deregulation of financial institutions into law. When Reagan quoted "Government is not the solution, Government is the problem" - that was in a different era. Actually, that quote holds true more today than ever. Deregulation by the Government caused the problem and only the Government can right that wrong. Sometimes Government needs to get in the way to fix the problems that they created in the first place. Nuff said.


Well Puts, I guess they should have brought their brass violin and cellos then. Im sure Iztak has an Outdoors Stradivarius lying around for just such weather.


Do you brainwash your students to believe conservatives are stupid and biased?

No, I just tell them to look at recent history and make up their own minds. :)

Oh, and in the future, I'll just refer them to this blog.


And sputs, accuracy would dictate that you make that "monologuing" with me.

I said stupid. I should have said moronic.


Get ready for my Keith Olbermann WORST RADIO EVER nominee:

Clout with Richard Green currently playing on KPTK. WHY DOES KPTK OR AIR AMERICA CONTINUE TO PAY RICHARD GREENE?

Does anybody listen to Clout? ANYBODY AT ALL?

Puget Sound

"Well Puts, I guess they should have brought their brass violin and cellos then. Im sure Iztak has an Outdoors Stradivarius lying around for just such weather.

Posted by: sparky | January 24, 2009 at 04:51

ah, missing the point. that's okay. they'll be plenty more to 'chat' about over the next four year, eh?

give my regards to critter and coils for me.

Puget Sound

i would just add to your points that the work of our congress taking all that freddie and fannie money played a huge roll. lets also not forget the rating agencies labeling mortgage back securities as AAA when the underlying assets were of substantially lower quality.

Puget Sound

Spot on to CNN's Campbell Brown: No Bias No Bull Segment

"Just a couple of nights ago, we heaped praise on the new president for announcing what he called a new era of openness, where in his administration, transparency would rule the day.

And the lobbyists that he was so critical of during the campaign? Well, he told us they will now face even tougher new restrictions.

President Obama: "The executive order on ethics I will sign shortly represents a clean break from business as usual. As of today, lobbyists will be subject to stricter limits than under any other administration in history. If you are a lobbyist entering my administration, you will not be able to work on matters you lobbied on, or in the agencies you lobbied during the previous two years. When you leave government, you will not be able to lobby my administration for as long as I am president."

That's what he said two days ago. But as we first told you Thursday, and sadly we are learning more about this Friday, President Obama already wants an exception to his own rule.

You see, what happened is, there is this former lobbyist for a big defense contractor called Raytheon. His name is William Lynn.

President Obama wants him to be deputy defense secretary. So, the Obama administration wants a waiver to its own rule.

That basically means they are saying, we will mostly put tough new restrictions on lobbyists, except when we won't.

Really? Is this how it is going to be?

Please, please don't make us all any more cynical than we already are, Mr. President.

If you have no intention of abiding by your new rules, then don't make new rules. That would be "actual" transparency."

Puget Sound

hmmm, i guess we'll want to resume that yo yo ma discussion, eh? wouldn't want to face reality, eh?

pause as i roll on the floor LMAO.


That is OK by me Putz. My daughter and her husband both work at Raytheon building really cool bombs and missles. Great stuff that make big booms. If the new brand of sluts is going to play games in DC, at least somebody I love will prosper.
Uncle Sam, please by really cool weapons from Ratheon and Boeing.
We need to finish killing sand crabs.

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