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January 22, 2009



Now that the election and Inauguration is over, it will be interesting to see what shakes down.


I'm not too impressed. They had to murder and animate the dead carcass of KBSG to get there on the back of possibly the most exciting presidential election in US history. They will have a toast to themselves for sure, and why take that away, but it won't keep up into the new year.

Puget Sound

Maybe Radio Blago! yikes, a taste of things to come...?

"CHICAGO (AP) -- A Chicago radio station is offering embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich a new job.

During a show early Thursday, the program director at WLS-AM announced that if Blagojevich resigns, the station will offer him his own weekly radio program from noon to 2 p.m. on Sundays.

Program director Bob Shomper said the station is asking the governor to spare the state the embarrassment and expense of forcibly removing him from office.

Blagojevich has been impeached by the state House and faces an impeachment trial in the Senate starting Monday that could end with his removal.

Shomper says the station's offer reflects the will of the people, who he says want the governor gone.

Messages left for the governor's spokesman were not immediately returned Thursday."

If we could just get him paired up with a good Producer....


No worse than Joe the Unlicensed plumber doing war zone reporting from, Jerusalem.


Blago should do his show from a jail cell.


Why? What has he done wrong...over and above 'talking about doing something wrong'. I haven't seen/read an evidence of illegal action, have you.


Luke Burbank actuay put on a great week of 9-10 pm hours this week He had some guy on who is a TB-head (fan of the show) who actualy robbed nearly 40 banks in his twenties and spent 5 years in federal medium security for his efforts. I listened all the way fromMonday up unti half into last nigh'ts hour when the guy got cocky and started bragging about what a 'great time" he had in prison. Yeah right- must have been a laffriot. At that point he became obnoxious, just like Luke is most of the time. But the preceding hours of interviews had been gangbusters, really riveting. He took us through his descent from middle class respectability (freshly minted UW grad) to painkiller junkie, to failure in the workplace and ultimately, unarmed serial bank robber (he said he had a gun in his notes). Terrifying, reality radio. Unfortunately, i predict this to be the one and only great week for Luke- this type of material comes around once in a blue moon. you can archive the shows from monday on, at mynorthwest.com. i might listen to the excon's tale wrapup tonight but i;ll turn him right off if he starts getting cocky again.


haha Rush is blaming Obama for botching the oath of offic when the blame lays squarely withe Roberts. Idiotsavant apparent Roberts thought he could get by without a cue card, (I could do have done it without a cue card just from watching and hearing the swearing in the various ceremonies being broadcast and repeated again through the years) but then preceded to botch not one but twoo parts of the oath. First, he refused to take the traditional pause after "I, Barack Hussein Obama", and went right into "do solemnly swear. Obama, familiar with the correct version, started saying his name right after he heard it, thus walking on Robert's line. then, after that, Roberts inexpicably misread the next big phrase with an awkward sounding rearrangement of the word "faithfully " from the beginning of the main phrase to the endof it . Barack paused before where the word faithfully was normally supposed to come, as if unsure whether to say the correct version of the phrase or Robert's incorrect version. Then Robert's said the correct version of the phrase and Obama covered his bases by saying faithfully at both the beginning and end of of the phrase. Robets screwed up Obama's big day and I blame him for it alone, not Obama, who can be expected to be nervous already. The fact that Rush is blaming Obama only proves what a total buffoon and clown he has become.


Assclown and professional prude Laura Ingraham at least acknowledged that Roberts screwed up, but then went slyly on to partially blame Obama, and then just chuckle and chortle about it as if it was just the silliest, most trivial thing in the world. It wasn't trivial it was bothersome and more than annoying. If Chief Justice Hillary Clinton had botched Sarah Palin's inaugual oath, Ingraham woud have been furious and you can bet your ass there would have been no sly "blamesharing" from Ingraham.


You SHOULD be listening to KIRO...THAT's where the action is Tommy my man. Laura & Rush are 'has-been's'.


Indeed, Roberts should of memorized the oath, all past justices have done so in the past. He supposedly prides himself to read extemporaneously without fucking up. Roberts fucked up. Obama is a constitutional law professor.


coeection- in jfks swearing in chief justice earl warren says "i jfk do solemnly swear" without a pause, so i guess thats not a mistake on roberts part.so at best he made one glaring mistake, not two. one mistake too many.


That string of words was kind of confusing. I didn't blame Roberts for screwing the pooch but it made me all the more spellbound by Obama for catching the mistake and then patiently waiting for the Chief Justice to unfuck himself. Such class.


Ron and Don are two of the good guys at KIRO. Monson is one of the villains, or actually the only real villain left after the departure of Lou Pate. Speaking of R and D they had Anne Bremner on a while back. She's championiing the cause of Amanda Knox who appears to be the victim of a "railroad job from Hell".Go to friendsofamanda.org for more info. There's a benefit for her defense fund at Salty's 0n Alki tomorrow from 6:30 to 9:30pm .suggested donation is 100 dollars a plate.Defense costs for lawyers to battle the rogue bastard Italian prosecutor has bankrupted the middle class Knox family.


So Ross isn't all bad, Tommy?

I think Roberts is smarmy. There's some real arrogance and more than a little menace behind that angelic over-rated smile. Or is it a smirk?

Smirks seem to run on the right.


sugested donation is 100 dollars a plate.Defense costs for lawyers to battle the rogue bas Italian prosecutor has bankrupted the middle class Knox family.

Is that the same Anne Bremner that Michael "Richard Lee" Hood and his sidecar sidekick Geopcalled an oral sex obsessed wh't be at the benefit! J/K ;)


You're a fan! Glad to read it.


say what you wantabout Anne Brenber at leat she's an attorney with a heart and a soul. I'm reminded of another blonde attorney , the prissy judgmental young assistant District Attorney is San Diego a few years back. That bitch foolishly prosecuted a hapless Marine widow who had lost her husband due to his sudden heart attack. They claimed he had been poisoned because the substandard military lab they sent the tissue samples to contaminated two of the four with arsenic. An arsenic expert theprosecution hired told her there was no real arsenic poisoning, but she went ahead anyway. It was on CourtTV- Nancy Grace sneered and scowled, repeating over and over the sinister news that the wife had gotten breast implants and partied after her husband's death. A dumbass, narrowminded jury found her guilty but she was granted a new trial a few months later.Before it could go through the prosecution "found' some untested tissue samples,finally sent themt to the hightech lab they should have sent them to in the first place, and were shown the samples contained no arsenic. They dropped the charges. The widow and her parent's are now bankrupt from legal fees.


sorry- Anne Bremner not Brenber

Puget Sound

Joe 'the un-licensed' Plumber you are all over it Coils.

And I do like the Blago radio show from Jail. Who's he gonna interview, Rezko?

Everyone is still waiting for Fitz to come up with the case he promised. Those tapes will come out.


Nancy Grace-less is a tabloid shill and an ambulance chaser. Her coverage sucks. She belongs in the same studio with Bathtub boy Olberman.

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