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January 07, 2009



Well said Bla'M, I totally agree. I've been a fan of TBTL since inception and I'm certainly no spring chicken. Their 'loose' (putting it lightly) and seemingly 'free-flow' style is easy listening and at that time of day that's what I'm looking for. And, truth be known I'll bet it's not so 'free-flow' as it seems, as I think Jen is one heck of a producer and organizer and works her butt off trying to improvise and create new ideas and then works even harder to make those ideas work. Luke is a real personality with great recall and command of vocabulary, but IMO Jen 'makes the show work'. I'm surprised she hasn't already been snatched up by the New York national media. The whole combination of the three (3) of them and the temps and/or interns they have on ocassion work well. A new twist indeed and a bold and much needed experiment in 'talk/entertainment radio'. KIRO, I salute you for giving it a chance.

Lesbian Teacher

Michael, just admit that Jen has a pic of you sucking her cock. I wanna like TBTL, it's aimed at me but I just don't. I hope it lasts for the sake of local radio but Frank does a better show when he has co-hosts. Luke isn't interesting, he has no help. You need compelling personalities, he needs his Stern or Dahl. He needs an alcoholic or reclusive nut, a guy who is constantly in turmoil. Jen laughing at everything and Luke mumbling about Beyonce gets old real quick.


I'm 58 years old and I LOVE TBTL. But what's with that picture? Luke looks seriously hungover.


Yeaaaaah Dana...you're a youngster. Luke hungover?...what a surprise! :)


From what I've heard of TBTL it appears geared to the female audience.

I can't understand why any male would listen to such nonsense, unless he is not yet sure of his true sexual identity.


OMG Upton, thank you so much; I knew I had a problem but was unsure of it's nature...now I can focus correctly thanks to you. So very Dr Phil'ish of you.




I'm 51, and TBTL makes me happy... dunno why, but it is funny, smart, and totally trivial. I'm addicted. Can't listen to the political screamers anymore.

Saginaw 10

TBTL changed my life, and my wife. Even if Seattle rejects them, TBTL will live on across the world.


Luke is the anti-Dori.


WHY DORI MONSON IS A PUNK- REASON#134 This afternoon Monson is yukking it up bigtime a she regales the audience with descriptions of two photos posted on his showpage, of a Vail skier who fell through the chairlift chair and was caught on the chair hanging upside down by one ski with his pants pulled dow. he ptographer who took and distributed thepics was rightly fired. Monson thinks the photos are a laffriota and that the newspaper who fired him are the real buttheads not the photgrapher. Of course the newspaper was right on, the photographer is a creep and a butthead, and, need i speak the obvious- Dori is a punk. Big yuks for a little putz.

Alba y Marta

This post was interesting.

Previous posts on TBTL have asserted X or Y statistic as to why it is or will be a success. Each of those have been fairly quickly or efficiently dismissed for cause by posters better than me.

Having been rebuffed at each turn, this most recent post throws out the idea of trying to quantify TBTL as a current or potential business success (since we've seen it is not) and finally resigns to saying "TBTL iz Good Becuz I thinks so." This is an honest representation of the view of many TBTL listeners and, while surprising coming from an industry observer, is probably telling.

Alba y Marta

One thing does disturb me, though. It is the hysterical refrain that those of us who think TBTL is a derivative piece of shit somehow don't want to see youth-oriented radio succeed.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I very much want to see youth-oriented radio succeed. It's for that reason that I am so aghast by TBTL; I'm afraid that their rather spectacular failure (poor ratings, poor web traffic and poor podcast numbers) will poison the well.

I think commenter "Witty Poet" said it best last week:


Is Burbank on air?
We don’t mean to stare.
But each time we tune-in,
We just hear dead air.

Seahawks and reruns,
Often preempt,
We agree he looks 40,
And rather unkempt.

“I’m better than you!”
He snarls with a smirk,
“I make do with Seattle,”
“You miserable jerks!”

His topics are Gotham,
Los Angeles, too,
But not poor Seattle,
“It smells just like poo!”

A similar cry,
Once heard from Mike Seagel,
Where is he now?
Oh! Dog walking beagles …


Mancow got time,
On W-L-S?
Surprisingly good,
We’ll have to confess.

This crazy shock jock,
Made the transition,
He’s bringing in youth,
To an AM talk station.


Thanks A&M, for a minute there I thought the topic had changed to the Happy birthday, Dori show.


Dori just announced with a giddy, salivating tone in his voice that Ann Coulter was going to be coming on his show.hhmmmmm Memories of that night in the hotel suite on Lake Union?............Ann wearing her strapon......Dori prone on the bed...the vaseline...? ohhh Ann!

Dave (not dave ross)

i guess even when dori attempts something light hearted he cannot do anything right by some people. for the many of us who ski here in the northwest the picture and position of this skier hanging upside down naked from the waist up was funny. i admit i was surprised when i saw it on drudge last night and even more surprised that i first found humor in the situation before i felt compassion. i am glad only his pride was hurt. for those of us who ski it does underscore the importance of checking that seat before you sit down.


...as any woman would likely verify :)

Dave (not dave ross)

regarding tbtl, it is becoming a guilty pleasure although i agree it is often vaginized and jen the producers cult like laughter is an irritant to me. it is amusing to me that Luke cannot keep to a topic or schedule. I will admit his one on one interviews with people who have written books or have a specific topic are often insightful and he lets the guest finish thier thought. i am older than the target demographic, however capturing the fickle youth market on a good day is like herding cats. i am also reminded that products aimed at youth are often purchased by an older clientel (honda element) or by customers going thru a mid life crisis (mazda miata). the point is someone is buying those products or listening to the radio regardless of thier age


Coulter has no idea how short Dori is.


Hmmmmm...I won't ask.


tbtl is great radio. It makes me smile, it makes me think, it makes me part of a club, it invites me in and tells me to come on in and take a load off and sit with your friends...Luke Burbank's passion for radio is showing! As is Jen Andrews and the beloved Sean-E....


LEAVE DORI ALONE!! (to be said like the kid that did the leave Brittney(sp) alone!) I'm sitting here at work and the Dorster is cracking me up, making me grin. Dori is great. Luke is great. I'm capable of liking different things....it's the end of us and them,,,,people, it's just us (and we're in a shitload of trouble, people.) RADIO is going to soar in this Depression, just like the last.

pearlie oats

Mr. BILL said it perfectly. If not TBTL, what? more brain-free ron & don? More Dori who is mad at everything? Not for this cowgirl-- TBTL is KIRO's chance at getting my precious time and attention.

he who knows

Many at KIRO hate TBTL because BlatherWatch likes it so much.


OK he who knows,,,that's very nice, and now we're going to go into the snack room and you get a cookie!

he who knows

Hood's right. There is so much jealosy over here for Luke and his project but they hate BlatherWatch even worse. If TBTL succeeds it would mean so many people around here are wrong. So many people want Luke to fail so they could say I told you so as they are getting laid off. It would mean Hood was right about something, which he rarely is when it comes to the radio business.


Terrestrial radio is screwed and Luke can't save it.

Alba y Marta

Mr. BILL said it perfectly. If not TBTL, what?

A good radio show targeted toward 18-34, not a derivative POS that's very obviously a glued together wreck of half-a-dozen FM morning shows the host happens to have heard and a couple NPR programs. There are plenty of examples out there.

Having a youth-oriented radio show that no one listens to is of no laudits to KIRO. Genius is idea + execution. Not one or the other.


My My Alba, your seething jealousy is showing. You must be a failure of some sort. Your tone is As it is Writeen, so it shall be done. Might work in your apartment with the poodle, but, psssst, you're in the outside place again. tbtl fucking rocks and kicks ass!

Alba y Marta

tbtl fucking rocks and kicks ass!

Scooter, could you step out of the room for just a minute, please? The grown-ups would like to have a discussion. Thanks.


What's grown-up stand for? Stick up your bungholeio? tbtl is Jesus Christ, ripped and sweaty, getting off the cross walking to town.

he who knows

"...a derivative POS that's very obviously a glued together wreck of half-a-dozen FM morning shows the host happens to have heard and a couple NPR programs."

Like it or don't but derivative of anything it's not. Even if it were derived from all the programs you claim A&M, that would be unique. You're probably one of thoise jealous "friends" of Luke's from eastlake. They're all cool and use words like "derivative." Let's face it, he has a show, and you don't.

Alba y Marta

Like it or don't but derivative of anything it's not.

Can you really say that with a straight face? It's 50% FM morning zoo crew downgraded to PG and 50% NPR. When that BPP train wreck was still on not a week would go by that he didn't second a topic, bit or guest. His whole book club schtick - billed as innovative and "only TBTL" - was just warmed over BPP rehash they'd done the month before. There are 1,000 examples. I'm not going to list them all for a servile fanboy, though.

Last time I checked this blog discussed radio "business" not radio fandom, which is where every discussion of TBTL tends to degenerate once Luke's geriatric fanbase of 50-somethings going through midlife crisis' gets unleashed.

Let's face it, he has a show, and you don't.

Oh yeah?


OH Alba, you're sizzling, a spicy tang! Nobody but us ears out here in Radio Land Land Land

TBTL is fire E E E


Monson is whipping up the rabble with news thata "scumbag" released sex offender( serial rapist) has moved into Dori's own neighborhood of Lake Forest Park. Aprofficerfrom L.F.P. P.D.came on to field his queries. His voice telegraphed barely disguised disdain for Dori. Monson keeps mentioning vigilanteism, quickly followed by his earnest condemnation of any of that sort of thing. Yeah right. Weasel. Monson should be taken off the air for inciting violence.


T008 Listening to talk radio so you don't have to. :)

Did you know you have a choice of whether or not to listen?


Jen admitted on air tonight she had no idea why the New York Times was in dire financial straits, didn't know that subscriptions were down, and wondered why that would even matter since subscriptions are such a small part of revenue. Jeez. Guess you don't need to know anything about the media to work in the media.


Nice experiment, TBTL. Now get the hell offa my lawn!

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