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January 31, 2009



thanks for my laugh of the day...!!


Holly crap, that guy says some funny stuff. I am gonna have to start DVRing his show on the teevee. I might have to put a radio in the bathroom and listen his raydyoo program in the morning.
No wonder he is doing so well on his new show on FNC.
Thanks for, in your very own sick-twisted-deluded way , sharing that Bla'M.


The crazies on the left still far and away outnumber the crazies on the right IMO.


Glenn Beck's head fat...Hmmm and we couldn't have a topic on Blago even tho he was one ot the hottest topics on talk shows?


I like Beck's twisted sense of humor as shown by his quotes - sick, twisted freaks. I don't listen to him on the radio very much. Headfat, hmm... how many of the posters here including Bla'M have noticeable head fat ?

Blago is also twisted, besides being corrupt and maybe Glenn Beck and him should team up and be the new Hannity-Colmes from different locations otherwise there could be some in-studio violence, such as ripping out the other's lungs or breaking of faces, probably initiated by Beck.

Falun Motvi

FINALLY, a topic I can get into.

Here are my thoughts on the physique of different radio persons:

Luke Burank - What's up with gap tooth twinkle toes? Seriously, I could drive the Titanic through his two front teeth. No smiley in headshot, please!

BJ Shea - Needs a botox clinic as a show sponsor. BADLY.

David Boze - nice beard. You look like a '70's porn star whose videos have ended up in the bargain bin at Lusty Lady.

Rachel Maddow - chairwoman of the itty bitty titty committee.


That's what I like...well reasoned, articulate conclusive posts.

Puget Sound

hey Duff

you know they don't want to talk about Blago

very uncomfortable with that whole Dem issue. (I'll wait for the obligatory Larry Craig Bathroom Rejoinder)

Any-hooo, here is Blago letting loose with the F-bombs on CNN

this man is ready for his own show-Blago Live!

Falun Motvi

'k then here's some more reasoning.

Dave Ross - the Fiddler on the Roof look is getting old, just like you.

Alan Colmes - you look iller than Steve Jobs when everyone started worrying if he was dying. Eat a Ruth's Chris steak every once in awhile, you're obviously in no danger of being asked to fill in on the runway during fashion week so stop starving yourself.

Sean Hannity - lay off the Ruth's Chris steaks. You're starting to look like a kids bouncy castle toy at Chuck E Cheese.

Dori Monson and Don O'Neil - you both need a refund on your sunless tanning lotion.

Ron Upshaw - Ron doesn't only have head fat, he also has thigh fat, gut fat, calf fat, neck fat, finger fat and sphincter fat.

Ron Upshaw's Wife - Nothing bad to say on this front. I splooge my pants every time he posts a picture of her.

Ed Schulz - not totally sure who he is but saw a pic of him on this blog. Nothing like flaming fire crotch to act as birth control au naturel. (Why do white folks allow red heads to exist? I don't get it.)

Larry Craig  bathroom attendant

I agree,Glen Beck has a lot of head fat


I already said Blago should go to jail, Puts. What more do you want?

Falun Motvi

Demand he be executed and disemboweled and his family water boarded or you're not a real American. DO IT.


May I ask WHY you think he should go to jail? What 'exactly' has he done wrong (from a criminal standpoint)?

Puget Sound

you cant find the humor in blago dropping the f-bomb on dl hughley's promo ad? or the fact that his disdain is such that he would prefer to go on 'the view' then testify at his senate impeachment?

that's the deal with Blago, we have had a lot of talk but Fitz may have pulled the trigger too soon.
why oh why didn't we get to see exactly 'who' was gonna come up with the million bucks for the senate seat. hell, it's like arresting the prostitute and letting all those 'johns' go free. ain't fair.
i know the newspaper said it was gonna publish the story but why in the heck would they not want to find out who was gonna pony the dough.
unless of course they were afraid of the outcome...

anyway, we'll see if blago does any time.
personally, i can't wait for the trial the witness list should be fun to watch.
blago is asking for all the tapes to be released.

should be fun.
okay, i'll return to the topic of this thread.
head fat. whooo-hoooo.
man, it's gonna be a long four years....


Exactly Puts...and at least all that I've read, Blago said some bad words and 'talked about' doing some bad things. Within WHAT context??? The facts haven't come out...the folks to be called will be VERY interesting. Why are you so ready to convict him Sparky...I really don't understand. On topic, you seem to be drawing premature conclusion...much as Beck does.

Puget Sound

it's funny, cause the same ones who were looking so damn damn hard to find an excuse or exculpatory comment on behalf of 'the liberal lyon' bernie ward won't even give now former gov blago a chance.

duff, you and i want the truth to come out. lets have a full and extended trial to give former gov blago a chance. his day in court.

chucks, ks, nevets, and the rest of us can grab some popcorn and watch the proceedings.
all those democratic operatives/politicians being discussed. only GOOD can come out of his, eh?
lets shine the light and see what happens.
blago, blago, blago, blago...

dave (notdaveross)

eewwwww...sphincter fat


Blago's not in radio. Another meandering journey into stupidity.

Nothing funny about the commentary, Michael. Reminds me of a joke I read yesterday about removing the wheel chair from a crippled retard or something like that that got a few laughs from these guys.

I'm reading a book to my kids called "How to Train Your Dragon" and oddly enough, the characters in that book remind me of the posters you now have on your blog. Some of their names? Snotface Snotlout; Fishlegs; Dogsbreath the Duhbrain.

You post a commentary about a radio guy who sells hate for a living and these neanderthals - or viking barbarians - turn it into a story about an already impeached Democratic Illinois governor.

And you ask me, Duff, why I don't respond to your discussions?


I don't remember asking, thank you.

This blog (as you should well know) is 'Listening to talk radio so you don't have to'. Blago was talked about BIG TIME on talk radio this past week...ergo DUH!

Puget Sound

joanie's just willfully ignorant.

i like how she keeps telling us she isn't going to respond failing to see that she is actually responding.

kind of like her constant bragging about how smart she is, how smart liberals ---oooops, i mean 'progressives' , etc.
if you're smart, isn't it self evident? if you have to go on and on about how smart you are it's obvious that you're not hearing it from others. so saying it doesn't make it so.


The above comment was not posted by me!


No, you veered off topic. You can do a sputs and convolute all you wish, but the change of topic and irrelevant Blago-reference speaks for itself.

And you're welcome about the reminder. Eating too much sugar plays havoc with memory cells. Judging from some of the syrupy stuff you tend to spew on this blog, you might want to cut back on your sugar intake.


Then, Duff, I apologize. (But, I am not the apologizer.)


The 07:55 post was not me. It's goin bonkers again.

Puget Sound

for the record, i wasn't yukkin it up about 'retards'

now, back to 'headfat'

Puget Sound

i guess that means joanie is taking back her apology.

Falun Motvi

Well, I'm not totally up on these boards since Wild Bill just alerted me to them, but I FOR ONE, liked the Glenn Beck head fat commentary.

I often make fun, for instance, of Luke Burbank's gap tooth ... like I'll post comments on mynorthwest.com like "what does he floss with, the tether ball ropes at his daughters school?" or "who's his dentist, Jack Kevorkian?" and I get a lot of flack for that which makes me feel a little bad (not too bad, though). But I think it's an important check and balance to call radio deejays now and then so they don't get too uppity. In fact, this post has inspired me and
I might actually restart my own radio blog in light of this. (I used to have a blog that was dedicated to critiquing the appearance of Luke Burbank and Katie, the Ron & Don producer. And sometimes I'd talk about Jenn, Luke's MILF.)

NE-WAYZ, that's my $0.02.

Puget Sound

Whose headfat? Mine?

Puget Sound

no yours....
play with your own name...


I leave it to Duff to know whether or not he deserves an apology.

Too many idiots on this board these days anyway. At least I've got Peter B. for company.

Night all. (Any further joanie posts may be referred to "The Apologizer" who seems unable to move as as promised.)


joanie's right...too many kooks, I'm done posting for the day.


That neck fat, it's from all the Frosties!


Seems like all of the leftwingnut/moonbats from Horseass.org have infiltrated this blog and are playing their infantile games. They seem to do that very thing over there frequently - that's where I first saw this.

I. Wrektem.

I have listened to Glenn Beck and while his financial armageddon schtick is easily dismissed, I'm not so sure for once the doomsayers might have a point.

We are already in the classic position of paying off one credit card bill with another (the 'stimulus' & 'bailout' pkgs).

We voted to build a new $20 billion toy train last yr at a time when we're coming into an $8 billion state budget deficit. California, once the jewel of the nation has an even worse deficit and last year voted to build an (approx) $50 billion bullet train system.

Something will have to give.

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