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January 22, 2009



I like this blog, basically, but the obsession with Dori Monson is a little out in white lab coat land. I don't care for Dori but the normal response is to stop listening, not to start stalking.

Spending this kind of time (this kind of time = any kind of time) researching a radio host's childhood really comes across as more than a tad bit off-kilter.

Why do I get the feeling Michael has a teddy bear at home with Dori's face pasted onto it with which he has heated debates, then makes-up, makes-out, takes it out to dinner, tortures it, drives it around town, debates it some more, makes-out again, dismembers it, sews it back together ...


Learning about a person's childhood can reveal interesting insights about how a person came to be who they are today. How, for example, did this person come to regard the homeless as human trash and develop a tendency to blame the victim?


See what I mean about this blog being one of Dori's ardent supporters (while possibly being ignorant of it). As I've said mucho x's, Dori's biggest fear is being ignored. His goals are to create controversy and he does that very well while on-air. This blog helps him out by creating it off-air as well and ergo...helps him garner more listeners. He's lovin it all the way to the top of ratings and to the bank.


One-way rivalries are always sad and rarely healthy.


I like hearing Michael's snark about the little wretch. He used to write about a number of hosts the way he does about Dori, but everybody is gone now. There aren't many hosts to talk about in the local scene any more. Maybe Peter Weissback will help.


So true, he heaps praise on Monson compared to Styble and Webb.

Would you accuse all of Bush's critics of maintaining a one way rivalry or do you only use that device when it's convenient?


Ummmmm ... "Michael Hood : Dori Munson :: Rachel Maddow : George Bush"?

Or ... "Michael Hood : ;Dori Monson :: Lichard Ree*: Mayor Greg Nickels"

* Seattle's resident public access TV nutcase/self-credentialed "journalist" ... the dude with the Kurt Cobain Was Murdered show who shows up with his handicam and his screaming lunatic routine at Greg Nickels public apparances

Senor Snooze

If Dori was the only one Michael went after, I would agree with you Saxitox. I do wish he would leave public radio alone, they're non-profit. You have to admit, Dori begs for it. Face it- nobody else even writes about radio in seattle. Wonder why there is no competition? I'd read another radio blog, especially one that s not so liberal.

Puget Sound

That dude your referring to is Seattle's own Richard Lee. Man that show of his on public access was must see TV for me back in the late 90's.

Puget Sound

See what I mean about this blog being one of Dori's ardent supporters (while possibly being ignorant of it). As I've said mucho x's, Dori's biggest fear is being ignored. His goals are to create controversy and he does that very well while on-air. This blog helps him out by creating it off-air as well and ergo...helps him garner more listeners. He's lovin it all the way to the top of ratings and to the bank.

Posted by: Duffman | January 23, 2009 at 05:28 AM

Agreed Duff.
Off in the distance Star Monson happily barks as the Dori-haters play right into Dori's tiny little hands...


Probably. Pretty sad state-of-affairs for Dori if his only non-caller critic is the Richard Lee of Seattle radio.

But I guess everyone has a slightly obsessed critic. Greg Nickels has Richard Lee. Colin Farrell has Dessarae Bradford. Luke Burbank has Faloon Motvi. Dori Monson has Michael Hood.


(I actually do love these posts; I'd never want to have my name behind them, of course, because they brand the writer as a resident nutjob, but I'd be lying if I claimed they weren't entertaining.)


Sexitoxin, what are you blathering on about? Left - right? Monson? Lee? Hood? Nickles? Rivalries? Instead of psychoanalyzing everybody else, talk about radio.

Why do I get the feeling you're just here to critique Michael?

Do you or don't you like radio? What do you listen to? What do you think of Monson? Ross?


Jenni - not trying to psychanalyze, just having a laugh. With folks like Richard Lee, Michael Hood and Deseerae Bradford that's all you can do. You don't psychonanalyze the dude on the streetcorner with the scraggly beard and the "end is nigh" sandwichboard.

Annnnywho, in answer to your questions ---

I listen to Here & Now, Bob Brinker and Ed Schulz.

I don't care for Dori Monson (read: "I don't care for Dori Monson", not: "I secretly want to rifle through his hamper and smell his dirty socks while looking at pictures of him at the age of 16.")

Ross is okay.


Well, sexytoxin, for someone not trying to psychoanalyze, you're doing a pretty redundant job of it.

Interesting you like Schultz. Me, too. He's not a big item on this blog.

BTW, if you want something else, go find it. Michael's never made any secret about the personality of his blog. It's the Page Six of radioland. You might find another section more interesting. Or even another paper.

Just sayin'... or stick around and help to keep the conversation interesting.


Dori says; " thank you for giving me attention, Michael. I'll remember to mention Blatherwatch at least once a month if you keep these shameless plugs coming. "


The cute little guy in the picture is my husband, Myron. It's not Dori. You can go ahead and post another correction tomorrow. thanks


Wait a minute, the little guy in the picture is my boyfriend, Rick Riz. We expect a correction, immediately.


That is a picture of Dori, he set my dog on fire in Ballard in 1971.


Was it a spontaneous combustion thing, using his piercing eyes or did he use a match with paper?
Was it a little sissy dog or a big scary dog?
We need details to pass judgment on Dori.
Details please..

Dave (not dave ross)

puget i too was mesmerized by richard lee, it was kind of a guilty pleasure, the greasy forehead, mad scientist black glasses all with his head about a foot away from the camera doing his thing on public access television.

albert lee

gotta agree with the other posters -- michael and geov do have a kind of tweedledum & tweedledee thing going on through this blog ... should make this year's seattle's biggest kook olympics interesting ... i think mike and geov will best richard lee in the yelling at stray dogs competition but there's no way richard is going to lose in the tin foil hat making event - he owns that one

Jeff Monson

What I want to know is this: Is Jeff Monson, that mixed martial arts fighter who vandalized the Capitol Building in Olympia with anarchist graffiti and who has since been arrested in NC on a domestic violence charge, related in any way whatsoever to our beloved Dori?

Dame Deb

Myron was my first kiss. Dori was a brilliant little boy.


You goofed. The picture above is of Myron Monson. I went all through school with both Dori and Myron.

And, your obsession with Dori seems weird. Are you stalking Dori?


Are Dori Monson and Thomas S. Monson--head of the LDS church--related?

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