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January 16, 2009


Rich Johnson

Ask yourself this: who will fill in for Keven when he's off doing TNT games?


Nothing like giving him the benefit of the doubt before he even broadcasts his first game.
This is absolute rubbish. KIRO (& Bonneville) ROCK! Critics need to step aside and get out of the way.


'Ask yourself this: who will fill in for Keven when he's off doing TNT games?'

May be they could persuade 'Rev' [he, of '..Professional Soccer Writers of America' fame].


Watching soccer on tv is bad enuff. Listening to soccer on the radio. Just shoot me.

What little experience I had watching soccer on tv many years ago was that there would always be at least one goal scored during a commercial break. Time outs did not exist so the network would cut to commercial in the middle of play. Perhaps that has changed. Don't know. Don't care. Its boring.

Anyone remember when Mariner games used to be reguarly tape-delayed so as not to interfere with basketball or football?

Oh well....Me---I like rabbits. And Joanie....sometimes.


There's a market for all sports and I think that's great. But if I wanted to listen to sports, I'd turn the dial to a sports station.

And between the games, the before-game talk, after-game talk, and next-day/later-in-the-week analysis, that's a lotta sports!

It is a loyalty issue with me. But, then, I don't listen to KIRO anymore for that very reason. Too many changes too often.


Understandable, but goal-scoring does not a futbol match make.
You'd have to understand the nuances of the game to appreciate it. Obviously 18,000+ understand it enough to fork out for season tickets. So, revert to baseball and watch those 'athletes' spit and scratch their private parts.
SOCCER (futbol) RULES!


Time outs did not exist so the network would cut to commercial in the middle of play.

I've never watched a soccer match, whether it be on ESPN, FSC or Setanta, in which a commercial was shown during play, commercials are only shown during halftime. In fact, one of the things that originally attracted me to watching the sport was the lack of ads every 3 minutes...something the NBA and NFL seem to excel in.

Many Americans seem to think their enjoyment of a sport should begin and end at the US borders...if it's not American, it must be no good, or "boring"..right?

There's a reason why soccer is known as "the beautiful game" and is the most popular sport in the world. It's GREAT!


The big problem here is that it does nothing to improve the overall health of the new FM property.

One of the major benefits of having the Mariners on KIRO was that it brought new listeners to the station, who would generally leave their radios on KIRO after an evening game. This boosted the ratings of the key morning news block.

The Sounders will never garner an audience anywhere near as large as the Mariners, so KIRO FM will lose that audience to the new sports station. When the ratings tank for the morning news product, look for KIRO to announce an exciting new AM/FM simulcast of the sports station.


I want radio bowling!


"When the ratings tank for the morning news product..."

Excellent point. Can Gregg and Jane survive on FM?


Why are you getting your panties in a bunch over soccer? Maybe the reason they will be on FM is that the M's will be on AM. Do you expect KIRO to preempt Mariner games? I seem to recall Calabro simulcasting Sonics games too. If I am going to be tortured listening to soccer, I'd rather hear it from him rather than some hack.


From a soccer fan's perspective, this post only makes sense if Calabro is obviously worse than other soccer broadcasters.

Isn't it too early to render that verdict, though? The guy's a Seattle broadcasting legend, and an amazing play-by-play man. Give him a chance.

As somebody regularly tortured by FSC's Max Bretos, and the other awful American soccers commentators, I believe Calabro could easily become one of the best American soccer play-by-play guys out there.


aren't the games played on Saturday night?

what news program or talk show does KIRO play on saturday night (I don't know, I don't listen to the radio then).

I imagine they would get better numbers running a soccer game rather than the "best of" TBTL or something else.


When I heard the announcement they said the games were Saturday nights.

I can do without TBTL reruns.

Dave Clark

"Ask yourself this: who will fill in for Keven when he's off doing TNT games? "

I have asked Kevin this, and he's quite clear, he will not be ignoring Seattle for National gigs. They offered and he has said no.

Thought I Saw A Bum

Soccer fans are once again proving to be Americas most annoying sports fans. Wahhhh, look at us, lots of kids play and it's the most popular sport in the world". Problem is, Nascar is the second most popular sport in this country and you don't hear anything about it on the radio. Please show me all the major market stations that pre-empt regular programming on a non-sports station for soccer? Please, show me. Hockey, Nascar, Soccer and UFC are all popular but get over it soccer fans, most the soccer fans in this country aren't listening to KIRO or any english speaking stations.


A virus alert from my school district which seems worth passing on:

"There are new viruses circulating by email that trade on interest in the inauguration of President Barack Obama. One of these arrives in an email with the subject line ”Obama Acceptance Speech.” There are likely to be many others, all with some reference to President Obama as a temptation to open the email.

If you receive an email with any reference to President Obama or the inauguration, do not open it unless you are absolutely sure that it comes from someone you know. If it appears to be a message that was forwarded, you should not open it no matter who sent it, as it’s possible that the sender opened a virus-containing email which is now forwarding itself.

The email with subject line “Obama Acceptance Speech” contains malware known as a Trojan Horse that will steal all passwords and user IDs on your computer, which will expose you to identity theft as well as causing deep harm to District systems."


'..most the soccer fans in this country aren't listening to KIRO or any english speaking stations'

...WILL BE SOON! haha


Thanks for the virus warning joanie...that's always helpful to know.


"Soccer fans are once again proving to be Americas most annoying sports fans. Wahhhh, look at us, lots of kids play and it's the most popular sport in the world".

Soccer haters are using the station swtiching to sports and carrying soccer as an excuse to make snarky and elitist comments toward a sport the most of the world loves.

They don't get the game never took the time to get the game and yet verbally crap all over it and then wonder why soccer fans come out of the wood work to call BS on them.


Soccer fans are once again proving to be Americas most annoying sports fans. Wahhhh, look at us, lots of kids play and it's the most popular sport in the world".

And socccer haters are once again using the excuse of KIRO switching to sports and adding soccer to their broadcast to make snarky comments toward soccer fans and bash a sport they know nothing about and never took the time to find out.

I guess in your view soccer fans, kids that play it are a bunch of jackasses and you and the other haters are better and more evolved than all of us.

As they say in England, Sod Off Wanker!

Dave Clark

NASCAR is on Sirius ch 138, and is carried on stations in Phoenix, Miami, Vancouver BC, San Fransisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Baltimore, Detroit, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Cinci, Cleveland, C-Bus, Pittsburg, Nashville, Dallas, etc.

Oh, and on KRKO here in the Puget Sound.

It is on stations both AM and FM, on news/talk and sports stations.

Basically you were just posting out your ass, and are woefully and pathetically wrong.


This makes me SOOOOO glad I purchased a Wi-Fi radio. Now I listen to KGO from SF. Great talk radio like it used to be. Now I can hear moneytalk uninterrupted. It's really too bad the Seattle market is in the toilet

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