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January 05, 2009



First, an uneducated, washed up so-called wrestler as governor, now a obnoxious comedian as senator. I really question the IQ and education level of at least half the people of Minnesota. Oh well, better them than us I guess.


Hey DD...lament not, we're not left out...we have McDermott.


Al Franken graduated graduated cum laude from Harvard and has been married to the same woman for over 40 years. He's obnoxious only to those who disagree w/him. With this narrow but winning margin, he's got some work to do, but Christine Gregoire did it, and so can he in a Senate that's going to do big things led by a president with a lot on his plate. Republicans and conservatives better learn not to stay out of the way, and not look like a bunch of grouchy obstructionoists. Congratulations AL Franken!!!


Way to go Al! I used to listen to Al's show on Air America, the man is much more than just a comedian..He's more politically aware and educated than 99.9% of the redneck Republican minority.


One more death nail in the republican coffin. The 50 state strategy worked for us while the pubs fixated on keeping the Moron Crescent from WV to ID.

Ted Smith

You seem to have overlooked a major roadblock to seating Franken: The Republicans who still run the Senate will challenge seating him. And spineless Harry Reid will have no choice but to go along. It's not like Old Harry is his own man or anything. And Harry would rather see Minnesota do without its second Senator than risk angering his Republican overlords.

Worst Majority Leader Ever.


Would Fred Grandy be considered a comedian???

Al is not as liberal as some would believe. He is intensely patriotic and spent many months over in Iraq entertaining the troops. He will make an excellent Senator.


An editorial from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, a liberal leaning newspaper, like the Pee-Eye.

Editorial: Court review is key in Senate recount

Canvassing Board lacked authority to settle key disputes.

The State Canvassing Board has spoken. Based on a meticulous hand count of every ballot in its lawful reach, the board certified Monday that DFLer Al Franken got more votes than Republican Norm Coleman in the Nov. 4 U.S. Senate election.

As Minnesotans are learning, that determination is not the same as declaring a winner in this amazingly close race. Coleman attorneys said that the now-former senator will file an election contest, arguing that he, not Franken, is the rightful winner. By law, no election certificate can be awarded until that contest is done.

Coleman is justified in going to court. We give him that nod not because we believe that the Canvassing Board has erred. On the contrary, the board rigorously followed state law and court instructions. Its work was remarkably thorough, careful and open to inspection. The Canvassing Board served Minnesota well, and deserves thanks.

But as several of the judges who sit on the board pointed out during their proceedings, there's only so much that an administrative, vote-counting body can do. The Canvassing Board lacked the authority to order county election officials to act. It could not conduct evidentiary hearings, take testimony or make findings of fact.

Courts alone have the legal standing to do those things. That makes the judicial branch best suited to pass judgment on which remaining rejected absentee ballots should be counted. The courts can better determine whether some ballots were double-counted, as the Coleman campaign claims. They can better decide how or whether the 133 missing ballots in Minneapolis should be counted.

Both Franken and Coleman should want court-ordered answers to questions that the Canvassing Board could not answer. The winner of this contest deserves the legitimacy that would come with a court's politically independent finding that he got more votes than his opponent. The loser deserves to know that every legal ballot was counted and that he came up short.

The worst-case scenario - One more prick in the US Senate... (note: Coleman was already there)


I don't see why Burris should not be seated in the US Senate. Legally, he has every right to be there - the Gov. who is innocent until proven guilty fulfilled his obligation and selected him. Agreed - Harry Reid is the worst Senate majority ever and Nancy Pelosi is the worst Speaker of the House ever.

Pres. Obama would do us all a service to replace them and it would also help the Democrat Party in the long run.


Just like in Seattle in 2004. You just keep counting and creating ballots until you get the result that you want. Mission accomplished. No protest or concerns by any of you on the left as it is the result you wanted.
Do not count the remaining ballots. Do not explain the more votes counted in precincts than votes cast.
Armed revolt is probably closer than anyone of us would like.


Then how come Rossi lost by a larger margin if people are still angry over his first loss as you alude to by 'armed revolt?


Frankenstein's ideology taps into "Who votes does not matter, it's who counts the votes" - Josef Stalin

If this country really cared about honest elections, they would do as Canada does and require all voters to re-register before each presidential election. That would create less of an opportunity for ACORN to do their election fraud voodoo. I didn't realize Minnesota was so dumb...

Puget Sound

oh chucks, you did it this time.
we await the stormy arrival of the big wind of Birch Bay and hope the Poligrip Denture Cream can keep those ph(J)oanie teeth adhered to her yapping braying mouth.
My educated guess is she'll start the rant off with an insult, cite to some Randi Rhodes beer based 'facts', proceed to make some irrelevant points, and then take a shot at the fact that you are a 'mere salesman.'
Oh yeah, then she'll claim to never ever read your posts again. That is until your next one.
In that case, just 'wash, rinse, and repeat' the cycle.

Puget Sound

KS, this is the state that gave us Jesse 'the body' Ventura. Last seen on late night television expounding on the '9-11 inside job.'

Things have gone downhill since the days of Hubert Humphrey.

Puget Sound

oh my, the big rumor: chrisitne gregoire is to be named the commerce secretary in the obama administration.
why oh why? wtf does this lifelong gov't worker know about private industry?
commerce secretary? yikes!

let's just hope this is rumor. I can hear coiler now,
'to the KOS!' to check it out.


Gregoire - Secretary of Commerce. I don't think I'd want to wish that on the rest of the country, but its tempting if it would mean a different governor.

Dr. Larry Sabato weighed on the Senate election in Minnesota - he believes that since neither of them received more than 42% of the vote, that a special election would be appropriate here and it would save the state of Minnesota the embarrassment it already has. Could Governor Pawlenty make that call ?

The process has already been fubared by the courts who gave the Franken campaign veto power from one of their earlier rulings, thanks in part to a partisan SOS. A special election would settle this. although in tabulating election results there is always a margin of error (+/-0.5% or so) according to Sabato.


Gregoire - Secretary of Commerce. I don't think I'd want to wish that on the rest of the country, but its tempting if it would mean a different governor.

Dr. Larry Sabato weighed on the Senate election in Minnesota - he believes that since neither of them received more than 42% of the vote, that a special election would be appropriate here and it would save the state of Minnesota the embarrassment it already has. Could Governor Pawlenty make that call ?

The process has already been fubared by the courts who gave the Franken campaign veto power from one of their earlier rulings, thanks in part to a partisan SOS. A special election would settle this. although in tabulating election results there is always a margin of error (+/-0.5% or so) according to Sabato.


my peeps tell me her announcement tomorrow, is nothing of earth-shattering nature... her out of state trip was planned long before Richardson dropped out. You'd think you righties would like to get rid of her since you can't unseat her w2ith a credible candidate.


Pawlenty cannot undo an election. only more or less votes can be re-counted or not re-counted, and a court has to decide that. The counting in Minnesota, was watched very closely by a canvasing board with reps from both parties and an independent. The Republicans will forever claim that Franken is not legitimate. You can blame the 3rd party candidates (the jesse ventura guy and the libertarian) for installing Franken. they got the 26% that should have been split between the real party candidates.


Gregoire is in Iraq at the moment.


I had to wait 35 minutes to get helped at a gun shop Saturday. All I wanted was a 12 gauge pump action shot gun for the back door.
The guy that helped me said business was up nearly 200% since the election. You should have heard the folks talking. People are afraid and pissed. A dangerous combination.
This was before the general public becomes aware of the election fraud going on in Mn. This is also western Wa. Just imagine the concern in middle America.


Secretary of Commerce would not Gregoire's area of expertise... she's a lawyer who got national acclaim as a hard negotiator with the tobacco companies. She's an administrator, not a trade ambassador which is what she needs to be for the Commerce job. The CommSec is in the air about 50% of the time. not her style or interest. Hate to lose her in this state. It would be a betrayal for all those who helped her be elected so decisively this time. I really doubt she would leave the state at this critical time. She's had plenty of opportunities to go to the other Washington, she turned them all down.


yeah, Gov. Brad Owens? yikes!


Did you run into Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, there?


Brad Owen would be a significant improvement, but nothing more than speculation at this time.

People with common sense would claim Franken is not legitimate, but ACORN has mastered the distributed voter fraud so that it is difficult to prove in a court of law, as was shown in this state in 2004 - it showed up as 1300 + more votes than registered voters in MN. The SOS has proven ties to ACORN and there is a subjective nature to this recount. Courts should not decide elections and that applies to 2000 - Bush vs. Gore.

Why blame 3rd party candidates ? I blame the system. Obviously, this country has brought on corruption in elections by being too lazy not to require re-registration every 4 years. We have become a dumbed-down society more interested in fame than character.


there is no corruption in Minnesota. There was none in Washington in 2004. Both these races were examined by by republicans as well as democrats. it has been a strategy of the republican party to cry foul at every close election they lose. Re- registration every 4 years? sounds like a good idea for a party that just lost the party registration race by 60-40 overall in the last election. You wouldn't say that if you were the 60 instead of the 40.
you guys ought to get some new ideas, and great candidates, and enough already with the "I wuz robbed."


..and can we move away from the polident, drinking, rant, whatever insults. That was soooooo 2-0-0-8.

Sir Mix A Little

Harry Reid is indeed spinless and an idiot. Someone are just born with a small brain. Nothing personal but Harry is as dumb as a grapefruit.

Hopefully, Dick Durban or even Al Franken can replace him.

Puget Sound

"..and can we move away from the polident, drinking, rant, whatever insults. That was soooooo 2-0-0-8.

Posted by: sparky | January 05, 2009 at 10:24 PM"

hey sparky
regarding posting: with all due respect, when you start being a little even handed with the 'advice' you'll get more traction. police up your side of this message board and others will take notice. your 'advice' always flows one direction and it gets tiresome if that's all your gonna do with it. kind of playgroundish if you will to not take a real stand and instead using it as a guise. make your points and move on. easy to be 'above the fray' when you got the faithful 'coils' to do the scut work.

and for the joanie who keeps posting about corruption being a republican thingie.
Gov Spitzer (NY); Gov McGreevy (NJ); Gov Richardson (NM) and Gov Blago (IL). Next time we hear about how it's 'only' Rethuglicans that are dirty we'll be sure to roll those of the tips of our tongue. All chucks tried to do was point out that rocks can be thrown equally at both political houses and in response he got some unhinged commentary.


"there is no corruption in Minnesota" says Phil.

When more votes are counted than there are voters in some districts would not a reasonable person think something may be afoul?

Apparently not if one is a dim.


Puts is the one making predictions around here, Is Gregoire still commerce secretary?


Ok Puts, its a deal. When she starts repeating herself over and over about you being drunk while posting or flapping your dentures, I will tell her to knock it off.


Sparky, it is obvious I hit a nerve when I called him lonely. Anybody lonely enough to devolve to those kinds of comments deserves a break, I guess.

Otherwise, he'll be getting himself a playpen, sticking his thumb in his mouth and the wife will be left to care for the kids.

I wouldn't want to be responsible for that.

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