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January 16, 2009



Good for Rachel; I'd prefer she focus on the TV side but hey whatever she feels like handling I'm sure she can easily handle. She is one who does her homework and has a wealth of info in that head of hers.


Right on Mr. Duff. You seem very mulit dimentional. You, as I, seem to have positions all over the map. Right on Rachel as well, aka the smart one on unfiltered. A show I still miss.


Does that mean they will repeat the show at each of those hours ( East Coast time) or offer it for the local stations to pick up when they want? Does that mean the end of Bill Press??? I wouldn't mind that.

Puget Sound

Seattleite Ron Reagan got those two more hours at Air America (as we knew he would). He'll take the 6-9p (EST) early evenings vacated by Rachel.

Reagan producer ex-Seattleite Tina Nole says, so longer format also allows for some human interest type interviews and other things besides politics. Although our primary focus will be of course be politics."

She says the longer time allows for more callers to the Ron Reagan show. .

Schedule changes to both shows will be on Feb. 2."

as Joanie goes, 'grrrrrr' as the rest of us minions of Blatherville sends out a collective 'go Tina!'


3 hours of GayRea. Ouch. Need to take 1090 off the presets.

ha ha

you never had it on 1090 to begin with. do you dress up in army uniforms too?


Another thousand words from El Parroto to utter a single original sentence. What a birdbrain.

Anybody hear Reagan tonight with Jonathan Alter? It was a tight and interesting analysis of Bush and some interesting insights on Reagan the elder as well.

Alter said that Bush and Cheney haven't been so tight for the last couple of years. Apparently, Cheney may have worn out his welcome as Bush's brain-dead policies wore down the patience of the American people.

Listen here

The clip is solely the Reagan-Alter conversation and not Reagan's whole show.

If the parrot listens, he may have something to talk about besides me.


Can't wait for February 2.


Hmm, thought it would be the whole discussion between the two but the clip appears to be only that portion devoted to the elder Reagan and some comparisons to Bush the younger (or Snotlout as he's affectionately known around our house).


PBS was airing the speech from last night and the camera panned the audience and caught Cheney dozing off. heh.

Puget Sound

...Joanie can't even get her own clip lined up correctly. Exactly what was the point you were trying to make with it anyway?

No wonder Tina Nole kept ignoring Joanie's asinine 'suggestions to enhance' the Ross Show.

Oh well, Joanie you keep working on that 'clip' and try to catch up with the year 2009. It's been an interesting year to date.


Still obsessed with me, birdbrain?

For the rest of you who can comprehend something else, you should watch Moyers' interview with Simon Shama who wrote THE AMERICAN FUTURE A HISTORY. It is powerful, filled with complexities and an insightful look at American values and the state of our democracy. He also has some interesting comments and insights about Obama.

It is a compelling half hour.

Oh, and let's get it out of the way before El Parroto parrots once again: Bill Moyers is the hateful and devious planner of the daisy ad for Johnson.

Hopefully that will put El Parroto to bed for the night. Cover his cage now.


Sparky, you got the television in the classroom on the correct channel ready for Tuesday to make sure the kiddies get a chance to see history in the making?


BTW, if anybody wants to hear the whole Reagan hour, here it is. Click on 1-16 and then on "view link."

Jonathan's dry humor re Bush and Cheney at the beginning is fun and unusual for him.

I think at noon on January 20, the force emitted by the sigh of relief exhaled by Americans from coast to coast could be used to power the energy grid for New York City for a day. At least.


Excellent news about RR! I really enjoy his attitude and ability to be upset without being nasty. We will need that during our country's recovery. I think Rachel has the same sort of abilities. Things are definitely looking up!


Sorry but I'm cruising the net and finding some jewels. This from Gail Collins yesterday:

"Tonight President George W. Bush bids adieu to the American people.

Excitement mounts.

The man has been saying goodbye for so long, he’s come to resemble one of those reconstituted rock bands that have been on a farewell tour since 1982. We had exit interviews by the carload and then a final press conference on Monday, in which he reminisced about his arrival on the national stage in 2000. “Just seemed like yesterday,” he said.

I think I speak for the entire nation when I say that the way this transition has been dragging on, even yesterday does not seem like yesterday. And the last time George W. Bush did not factor into our lives feels like around 1066.

So far, the Bush farewell appearances have not drawn a lot of rave reviews. (Most striking, perhaps, was a critique of that final press conference from Ted Anthony of The Associated Press: “It all felt strangely intimate and, occasionally, uncomfortable, in the manner of seeing a plumber wearing jeans that ride too low.”) A Gallup poll did find that his approval rating had risen slightly since they began, but this was probably due to enthusiasm for the part about his going away.

Bush is going to devote some of his time to defending his record, although there has been quite a bit of that already. Over the last few weeks we have learned that he thinks the Katrina response worked out rather well except for one unfortunate photo-op, and that he regards the fact that we invaded another country on the basis of false information as a “disappointment.” Since Bush also referred to the disappointments of his White House tenure as “a minor irritant” it’s perhaps best to think of the weapons of mass destruction debacle as a pimple on the administration’s otherwise rosy complexion.

If there’s any suspense about the speech it is how many times Bush will use the word “freedom,” which popped up 27 times in his relatively brief second inaugural. The man who gave us Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Freedom Agenda, the USA Freedom Corps and the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health has so thoroughly debased one of the most profound concepts in our national vocabulary that it’s getting hard to hear it used without remembering Janis Joplin’s line about how freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose."

So well put.

I love good writing.

Puget Sound

actually joanie, it was moyer's role -see his testiomony i linked to earlier- in helping to disseminate information to discredit martin luther king that i find most disturbing. but -as usual- you only get it half right.

but yeah, his inability to come clean on it is disturbing for most. evidently not an issue for you since he serves to confirms your beliefs.

Puget Sound

ah the big wind from birch bay snatches yet more bandwidth by instead of linking the story just dumps the story as the link. hope you are sending blam a check for your self indulgent behavior.

it's a fairly lame attempt at making people read it by putting in the story as the link. what's wrong joanie, people just ignoring your links?

and yes, gail collins was the one who wanted to circumvent the constitution by having bush/cheney resign in november and speaker of the house pelosi take over until january 20th.

if you actively read the ny times instead of spending it googling 'hate bush' and jumping from story to story you may get some perspective on the issues of the day. oh well, just crank up the randi and let fly.


Just as an aside, don't you wish we could have real leaders in Congress with half the character of Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger.
Can you possibly imagine either Harry Reid and/or Nancy Pelosi pulling off what this fine pilot apparently did. Not no...but HELL NO!
PLEEEEEEEEASE POTUS Obama see about replacing those two dolts!

Puget Sound

spot on duff.
mr. sullenberger is the real deal.


Steven, yes. I will be having 3 classes come in to the library, the rest will either watch it on a TV or stream it to a projector in their classroom.


>>Does that mean they will repeat the show at each of those hours ( East Coast time) or offer it for the local stations to pick up when they want? Does that mean the end of Bill Press???<<

Yes, Air America will feed it three times and the stations can air it whenever they want. And stations that carry Bill Press (who has nothing to do with Air America) can substitute Maddow for one hour of Press's current time (or not).


Yay! It will be good to hear more of Ron Reagan, an out and proud atheist. Also, looking forward to Rachel's radio only content...her p.m. show is a rerun of the previous day's MSNBC show. No dittos!

Puget Sound

me and you are the only atheist on this board.
it will be good to hear ron reagan now that he has a top notch producer and 3 hours to fill.


There's a wonderfully happy picture of Obama and Biden online at the NY Times. Obama looks absolutely joyful.

And Collins and David Brooks have jointly opined in The Conversation and it is interesting to see the different tact each takes in the discussion.

For me, there's a familiar flavor in how each contributes. Seems like Gail is more self-deprecating while Brooks still demeans the left in his cute way.

The headline doesn't really fit the discussion.

Now, to handle THE BIRDBRAIN:

Actually, el parroto, you've said that before. Try polly want a cracker?

That at least that would be something new.

from "whilst" to "me and you?"

Keep trying.


The Top 43 Appointees Who Helped Make Bush The Worst President Ever»

Dick Cheney beat out Karl Rove for the number one spot.


Putz,, appreciating atheism isn't the same as being a card-carrying member of the club. If atheism is the only p.o.v you and I share, I won't be tithing at your church.

Puget Sound

gotcha. i understand you gotta stay faithful.


Praise the Lord! I'm hearing Sam on Ring of Fire!

Thought I Saw A Bum

Well, Ron is broadcasting from Seattle so it's local, right? How is it Hannity does a 3 hour radio show and a TV show that trounces Rachels show, yet Rachel can only do small bits for the morning? Will 1090 still have Stephanie? Is rachel doing some Paul Harvey type shit that will wipe out Lee, the only local interaction the station had?

Whatever happens I'm sure the station will still have no local programming, no board ops and lots of PSAs. They run PSAs all day, morning drive and afternoon drive and after 6PM they don't play one spot just PSA's. LOL, how pathetic, are the people who work their ashamed, is the place like a morgue or are they to stupid to realize how awful and high school sounding their station is?


duff, that last statement of yours was idiotic at best. As former military and a civilian pilot I highly doubt Mr. Sullenberger had time to give much thought other than not catching a wingtip while setting up his crippled bird for ditching.


He obviously had enough time to give thought to being a responsible leader by apparently (& reportedly) walking the length of that airplane twice (after he'd landed it 'of sorts') in ever-rising water to make sure there were no other folks in need and insuring he would be the last off that bird. THAT's true leadership with honor and if I'm idiotic for thinking that...so be it.


oh that. sure, that is responsibility - think our soon-to-be-gone 5 deferment Veep would have done that?


THAT's true leadership with honor and if I'm idiotic for thinking that...so be it.

No, that's true PILOTING leadership - not government. Apples and Oranges.

And yes, you're an idiot:

Pres-Elect Obama will have no power over promoting/demoting, or firing members of Congress. It's called understanding separation of powers, but I'll chalk it up to you being an idiot


Reid & Pelosi...if you all live by and support them...YOU truly are the idiots...Cheney & Bush are history end of subject.


Joanie – I think you are unfair and your criticisms are too harsh on the 43rd president. President Bush should be elected MVP by progressives. I believe he has done more to enhance political stature of women and minorities in this country than any other president including Democrats. A Bush Legacy that includes “Ownership Society” “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq” and “No Children Left Behind.”

If not for his incompetence, lack of leadership, exclusive of those of opposing political viewpoints and inflexibility, we would never see a Woman Speaker of the House; Democrats regain and make more gains in Congress, return to Keynesian economic theories and an election of America’s first African-American president. We almost witnessed a woman coming close to the oval office or one in the vice-presidency. As Senator Clinton said either she or Obama were destined to make history. Governor Palin was part of that history making event.

Under Bush more small businesses were created than any other administration. This includes General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Northwest Airlines, Citigroup and too many more to mention. Free market competition became those of less choice instead of more. His vision of America’s “ownership society” did not mean pursuit of the “American Dream” of home ownership with a two car garage and a chicken in every pot but taxpayers owning Bank of America, Citicorp, GM and Chrysler. Americans no longer pursued or practiced the American Dream but struggle to survive it. Even our daily vocabulary changed to include Homeland Security, Guantanamo, Right Thinking Americans and water boarding. Words where definitions changed include freedom and patriotism. However, liberal, lib or progressives is no longer a dirty word.

So Joanie, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were the best thing that ever happened to the progressive movement. Just think though, there may be a president in the future who could make Dubya look real good and nostalgic. After all it happened for Herbert Hoover and James Buchanan.


I will be reading the blog but busy commuting to Bellingham in preparations to take the ship back to Hawaii early next month. I will be working at Ford Island in February before returning to Seattle in March. I have been offered a position to work out of the Honolulu office later this year but that remains to be seen. I like Hawaii but working there and being a tourist are two different things. It is common to get “island fever” after being there or on any island for a long time. You yearn for physical diversity of continental life though my wife begs to differ as for her it can be overwhelming.

On a positive note, it was good to see President Bush declare many of the atolls in the South Pacific a marine monument. I was part of the cruise where American Samoa Governor Togiola visited those islands and later asked the president to declare it a monument. Some of the oldest coral reefs in the world are located in these waters. For me this means more cruises to the Samoas in the future and for the wife a chance to stay in the home village while I sail the waters. The governor entertained us to a nice formal dinner and repaid me with large taros from his plantation cooked in umu fashion. It was a memorable cruise and a joy to see the outcome become a part of history.


Dont be a stranger, roz...we appreciate your posts, especially the one about small businesses!

Today at 11, HBO will be opening up their signal so everyone can see the We Are One concert at the Lincoln Memorial, and then at 1, CSpan will be covering Radio Nation, featuring Stephanie Miller, Bill Press and Randi Rhodes, with a passel of guests, for three hours. I knew non of you would want to miss THAT! :D


...ain't buying it.


Oh, Rozskat, MVP? You don't get to be MVP when you leave the the stands full of injured and distraught bystanders. The players and ownders - corporations - came out pretty good. But, us fans? Sorry. Eight years of corruption and misery just to get a democrat elected? Not my methodology.

"Ownership Society" - yep, the rich are richer and own more than they did before. So does China and Saudi Arabia. China owns our debt and the Saudis Rockefeller Center (if I'm recalling correctly). And a whole lot more.

I think Pelosi got there without Bush. I don't see the absolute connection between his Presidency and Pelosi's leadership in the House.

I guess we can thank him for nationalizing the banks but to what end? So far, I've seen the bankers getting bonuses and going on retreats besides hanging onto the money. What's in it for me?

Ah, Roz. Actually, nice response. Not often you use humor to make your points.

Agree with Sparky, don't be a stranger. It is nice to read clear, well-written posts that honestly reflect opinion supported by knowledge.

Duff, you're too used to be "sold" instead of informed.



Puget Sound

hey Duff
don't mind her rants. it's just the foul wind of birch bay braying with some playground braggadocio. no one listens to her in real life so all she can do is post here in such a fashion.

starting to LMAO in another few days many of those that post here will run into a problem.

They already have it with WA State. As you know we have no reason to question in this deep blue state over how things are run both at the state or local level (here's some salt for your roads, greg). when's the last time you heard any of the usual suspects take on the local Dem power base.

It'll be all Dems. Oh sure for awhile they can throw poo on W's coat tails and the faithful Coils will be nipping at their heels. But after awhile it's all Dems. You can already see it as Obama has taken up much of the Bush Policies with Clintonistas all around. Nary a yip to be heard.

Soon we'll learn if people were arguing their convictions or if all they cared about was party loyalty. Dem is good and Repub is bad.

BTW, where in the heck is Chucks?


Poor puts.

Puget Sound

actually happy putz.
i am eagerly awaiting the future.

you'll see how it works.

Puget Sound

see, obama is doing pretty much what i want. i like his appointments such as hillary, he is handling the banking crisis as well as to be expected, to a large extent he is continuing with W's security policies by keeping on gates, usapatriot, et al. gitmo will remain open whilst he studies it...

the ones who will be 'poor' my friend, are those ginned up souls on the left that will spend the next few years watching the parade go by. kind of like eating junk food. it feels good for the moment/sugar high but its just empty calories.

kind of like the Gregoire Administration. slams Rossi's proposed budget during the election and then immediately adopts essentially the same one as her own.


Hooray for Ron! And how cool is it Tina is working with him again.

Lynn Erickson

Ron Reagan was just replaced in Seattle Air America by Norman Goldman. Why????? I miss Ron!

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