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December 16, 2008



T-man is a cretin.

Lesbian Teacher

So you cant call women a ho anymore? Is whore ok? How bout crack ho? And thanks for this Michael, you dumb fuck... "some black women of color"


Parents these days are not doing a very good job of raising their sons to respect women.


Parents aren't doing a very good job raising their sons and daughters. In general, they are too self-absorbed and the kids can see right through it.

With that said, T-Man is no role model. He dares to be politically incorrect, which raises the hackles on the progressives and also the religious right for a different reason. Has he weighed on the war on Christmas yet ?


Here is the T-Man response to the Seattle P.I. article as per the newspapers website:

This is the T-Man. I doubt this response will get much further than this small area of this P.I. website but I must say that it is typical of this author to fabricate untrue accounts of my show. The timing is also ironic since this is an event that happened two months ago and I've just begun an extended holiday vacation and have no opportunity to defend myself other than me writing this quick retort from out of town.

If the author had done any research into this matter he would have known that the comment on October 24th 2008 was a text message from a listener that I read on the air. And it was not about Native Americans. It was a comment regarding women from India. I read it because I'm fond of the first amendment and think most thoughts are less dangerous when vocalized and then discussed as opposed to being censored. I quickly dismissed the thought from the listener as untrue. I continued by saying that women, more and more, are acting increasingly liberal with their bodies but it crosses all race, religious and economic boundaries.

A listener misunderstood the text message as an insult to her community and informed the tribal casinos. They asked for an apology which was given by the station to not threaten the advertising dollars that the casinos spent with the company.

The reference in the P.I. article about Mexicans is completely without any merit whatsoever. No such comment in any form was made on my show and my jaw literally dropped when I read it.

Being a devout liberal person myself, I am very sensitive to stereotyping and relish the diversity that our Seattle community embraces.

The 2001 references are also revisionist history by the author and I will give my side upon request but will refrain in this response in lieu of it getting too lengthy.

In conclusion, I will step down if the author can prove anything I've written is materially inaccurate . If he cannot and therefore can't support this slanderous, inflammatory article written against me I would ask him to resign his post. I will produce tapes of any show in my possesion and authorize Clear Channel to do the same as long as the author accepts these terms in advance.

I believe that the Seattle P.I and its editors owe it to their readers to provide less shoddy journalism especially at a time when increasing media choices allow for better quality coverage.


The T-Man


Damn this is getting confusing. He calls himself a 'devout liberal' (like Imus) yet he spews this racially-charged banter (like Imus).

I had thought sure that the right-wingers like Limbaugh, Beck, and OReilly were the racists. I thought guys like T-man were had exemptions, just like Chris Rock, to spew racist blather. Theyre just keepin it real, they're bros, right?

But now if a writer of color like Jamison is offended, maybe I should be offended too.

aaarrrgh. How do I sort this stuff out?


Imus is nor never was a liberal.


So much ado about nothing. Absolute rubbish.


So funny, just tried to post a question and guess what. The Beasts original name has been banned. Sparky got her way again.


Are you saying that G*3 G%$y got punted?
Say it ain't so Michael.
Bla'm does not ban lightly. I know, I'm still here.


And he doesn't take requests, nor does he ask any of the rest of us about it. I didn't, nor have I ever requested anyone to get the boot.
Not that I wouldn't like to, sometimes, but it is easier just to ignore. Steven, I have told you that before, so if you want to continue to believe I have magic powers, that is your problem.


Aaah yes, the two school-marms are the salt of this blog but I sincerely doubt they would influence the host even if they could. :)

[Otherwise I'd like been history many moons ago...ha]


You were banned once


You're wrong Einstein...as Bla'M as stated many times, I've never been banned...warned, admonished, belittled...yes may be, but never banned O Wise One. haha

wild bill

TBTL IS DELICIOUS RADIO GOODNESS, LIKE A FRIED EGG AND SALAMI ONION DISH, as far as T Man, don't listen to the station, never have, could care less. People say things all the time, other people say things back, some people take great offense, some people chuckle, some yawn, and some drive off the road and burst into flames....in the end what fu*king difference does it make when your goiter finally withers? In the meantime, enjoy the crunchy, crisp, lightly battered tbtl

wild bill

with a fine buttermilk, dill dipping sauce mmmm mmmm tbtl

Puget Sound

GG banned...wow.


C'mon Sparky. Your fingerprints are all over this one too.

Sparky, check this out.

The program provides a unique environment for learning and teaching by sending kindergarten through college-level teachers to sea aboard NOAA research and survey ships to work under the tutelage of scientists and crew. Then, armed with new understanding and experience, teachers bring this knowledge back to their classrooms..

Maybe you'll bump into Roz and you two can have some hot cider as he explains how to read a temperature gauge.


I remember Audioslave being banned for using too many aliases. Who knows? The only people I think should be banned are those who use the names of current posters. If that was Gary, he should be banned. My name has been used several times and I complained. If it was Gary, good riddance.

It will be interesting to see how many times my name will appear on SP. I'm sure sputs will apprise us of each and every appearance - having nothing better to do with his time.


I Became aware of his departure, damn! why did take this long?

Big Boi

T-man is awesome, you idiots are too easily offended.

MoterCity Man

Boi, looks as if you’re sending a subtle message.

Cheezey Smegma

I'll love the sound of pissing on his grave.

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