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December 10, 2008



so fixie ridin', tight jeans wearin', trustafarian hipster is a viable demographic now? Who knew???

what I want to know is how much the turbolearning.com guy paid KIRO to have dave ross "interview" him today. His website is priceless. Didn't know Dave sold out for such shameless bullshit promotion.


Must not move many copies. There's been only three left for 12 hours.

Lesbian Teacher

Please point out what is so groundbreaking about TBTL? Everything Michael thinks is so groundbreaking and earth shattering was being done by WNBC and WLUP in the 70's and 80's


There is something "queer" about this:

Obama ‘proud’ to have homosexual band march in inaugural parade
Catholic News Agency ^ | December 10 2008 | Catholic News Agency

Posted on Wednesday, December 10, 2008 6:38:03 PM by Dumb_Ox

President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden have officially invited the Lesbian and Gay Band Association to march in the Inaugural Parade. One of the association’s web sites reports that the group will also march in September as part of the homosexual “Southern Decadence” festival infamous for its public lewd acts.

The Other Kevin

I've also wondered this in the weekly-cum-monthly love notes to TBTL on this site; the obligatory "groundbreaking" adjective placed prior to the show's name, never an explanation as to what exactly is "groundbreaking" about it.

I did, however, laught out loud when I saw the runaway success of this show was an increase in share of listeners from 2.0% to 2.2%. I wonder how much that 2-tenths of 1 percent increase cost KIRO? Considering Frank Shiers supposedly didn't have a producer and(probably) worked for a pittance of what the pleasantly portly Burbank pulls, I'm going to guess KIRO is realizing a net loss on TBTL if they've only managed to eke out a 2-tenths-of-1-percent increase in audience.

The Other Kevin

Also, it should be noted 2 stations have gone off-air in the year the GROUNDBREAKING TBTL has been on ... the disbursement of those stations audiences across the remaining few (including KIRO) in this dying medium should account for that tiny two-tenths-of-one-percent increase in audience ... all in all, the quality verdict on TBTL can be left to individual taste, but, any way you dice it, the business verdict is: FAILURE.


The Stranger loves TBTL since all the male regulars on the show might not be technically gay bu tmight as well be. Sorry magazineboy. despite your puffball article onthe show itjustisn'tcompelling or even interesting radio.The other night Burbank was ranting idiotically about how Kevin Eubanks Jay Leno's black bandleader seemd like a kind of fawning Steppen Fetchit throwback, the way he always is kissing Jay's butt and guffawing at his jokes.it seemed "vaguely racist" our sensitive male host Burbank proclaimed, in a tone of concern. what a crock of crap. hey Burbank-do you ever watch Paul Schaefer interact with Letterman? That's what bandleaders do on network late night shows like Tonight.


Radio has been dying for thirty years. Ever since Larry King suppposedly revived it in the seventies.

The rumors of its death are greatly exaggerated.

Ross does not hold political shouting matches.

And, I'm thinking that the people who listen to TBTL should be reading books for a change. Seems like it is targeted to people who are enjoying excessive mental time-outs. (Anybody who watched Turkey 101 with Luke and Jen know what I mean.)

Is that you, Eli?

The Other Kevin

"guffawing at his jokes"

Was producer Jenn offended when Luke said that? Her role on the show seems to be limited to a laugh track.

But it is funny, albeit kind of sad, that Luke invites Stranger reporters on his show to talk about articles in their newspaper and WHAM-O, a month later they reciperocate with articles on Luke's radio show. Sort of shows the tiny town / mini market reality of Seattle, unfortunately.


That ratings boost from 2.0 to 2.2 seems less than modest. 17th to 15th? Is that seriously considered good? I'm not sure how much the show costs to produce or how much Luke is compensated comparent Frank Shudders or Phil the Junkie but I had assumed from the begining that they would need some large numbers to pull it off.


Also this should go without saying but the podcasts are useless to advertisers. For Burbank to say the podcast is preferable is disingenuous if he cares at all about paying rent and eating. The 450-700 Facebook friends doesn't strike me as too impressive either with nearly a year on the air. My intuition tells me that this isn't good news.

The part of the equation that doesn't make sense to me is why would their target demographic be listening to the radio during evening hours? I think they would do much better 9-12 on Art Bell and Loveline's turf.


TBTL had to be successful; it suffered the wrath of T008...and as we know THAT is the badge of achievement...ergo Dori Monson, Dave Ross, KFI's Bryan Suits, etc., et al. Too funny!


I like the show but it does surprise me somewhat to learn that Luke apparently earns six-figures?
Jen does most of the work; she's one hell of an organizer and keeps everything flowing...SHE deserves the six-figures.


I love tbtl! Ron and Don are mad! Thats because they (MOSTLY Don!) Are arrogant jerks who treat Katie like POOP! Tbtl and Katie rock. Dont take their gong crap any more!


If TBTL doesn't work, then, what will? Any ideas, geniuses? or are we all going to have to start listening to glen beck and watching cable?

Ginger Vitus

The homophobia expressed on this blog is quaint and laughable. You who are attempting to defame Obama or Luke Burbank with the fag brush are squawking on the wrong side of history. The worm has turned, fools. Who cares who either one of them sleeps with. And btw, it's obvious they're both straighter than these closet cases around here.


Joanie: as far as I know, TBTL is the only show on commercial radio that has a book club which meets regularly to discuss a book they are all reading simultaneously. This show is as smart than you are, it's just not political or argumentative.


oohh or as TBTL would say-uh dude we're like as smart you are? but just not you know like political or argumentative.' smart.yeah right. TBTL and smart aren't words that deserve to ever be in the same sentence together.


KIRO is dead.

TBTL is a loser. The show is truly senseless.

Dave Ross' show has lost its course. One day his show is an infomercial for hyped products like turbolearning.com. The next day he's talking to a bunch of idiots that believe spagehtti is their god.

Dori is so full of himself that he needs to dedicate a week to reguritating all the garbage he broadcasted theorughout the year.

Ron and Don are guys that must have pictures of Mormons in compromising situations. Two 3rd graders would be easier to listen to.

The Other Kevin

"The homophobia expressed on this blog is quaint and laughable. You who are attempting to defame Obama or Luke Burbank with the fag brush are squawking on the wrong side of history. "

Huh? Are we reading the same blog?


I agree, KIRO was the best station in this town for many years. In this town doesn't much to be a media hero. Look @ John Curley.


you are old, Tommy008.


This town needs an enema. The presence of terminally hip TBTL on KIRO is proof enough of that.

The Other Kevin

I was thinking about my post the other night and I really undersold what a massive business failure TBTL has obviously been.

They have gone up 0.2% after one year that has included live remotes, listener events, three newspaper and one magazine articles and 2 other stations shuttering their operations, thereby disbursing their audience across the rest of the spectrum.

Frank Shiers was terrible. But, if Frank Shiers had live remotes, listener events (I wonder who would come to those), three newspaper and one magazine articles and 2 other stations going out of business I have to believe a miniscule number like 0.2% up in audience would be a fairly reasonable increase.

So, at the end of the day, KIRO is paying 3 or 4 times as much to staff the 7-10 hour with zero real-numbers increase in listeners. TBTL is proud of the fact that, at #15, they are getting worse ratings than EVERY OTHER radio station in this market except AM country stations, small wattage south sound stations, Spanish language and brokered time stations?

How KIRO management stays employed floating this massive boondoggle is beyond me.


Dori's getting his ass whacked by some religious whacko!

Shiers Fan

Shiers wasn't that bad. He at least talked about the news of the day. He also allowed dissenters to call in. He was railroaded out of time for the revival of Romper Room.

Styble Fan

I heard Styble would work for free!



Luke, i couldn't give a winged, flying crap about Kanye West's girlfriend, or about your thoughts, your life events, Jen's life events ,or your girlfriend Furnessa. As the previous poster stated, your sorry, pathetic loser ratings prove that this town also doesn't give a crap about what you think and feel.


...think they'll last another 6-months there Tommy???

Styble Fan

Hooray for Tommy008!

In my opinion the steep decline of KIRO began when Shiers was thrown out and TBTL installed.

Wouldn't it be great if KIRO had a revival week where they brought back all the old hosts...the ratings would be a bonanza...

Prell, Pate, Shiers, Styble, Ebert


don't forget some Tori Ryder and Erin Hart!


TBTL- radio's version of "vanity publishing".


There's no need to hate on TBTL, I think the lack of ratings speaks for itself. KIRO took a gamble and lost. They were hoping something magical would happen and it didn't.

I don't think any criticism of the content itself is as pertinent as the fact that young people aren't listening to the radio for hours at a time in the evening. It's high podcast numbers are a testament to the horrible timeslot it has been placed in.

The only reason I can imagine they wouldn't kill the show sooner than later would be pride. The PD comes off as if the show has been a great success.

The Other Kevin

I think Andy hit the nail on the head. No one likes to lose at the blackjack table and KIRO lost.

"The Rodfather", as Don calls him, is probably just biding time, hoping Butterball gets a new gig elsewhere so he doesn't have to swing the axe so freshly stained with Carl Jeffers blood. If Butterball doesn't have a new job by Aprilish, though, there's no way "The Rodfather" could justify continuing to unload a dump truck of money for a show that only added +0.2% listeners with heavy promotion over what Shiers did with no promotion and in return for day-old bread and leftover sausages.




KIRO programming:

A cast of Skells and smegma encrusted scrotes.

The best KIRO can do?


I'm getting some insight into the Burbank mindset as i read my copy of From Larry Mathers to Marshall Mathers in Two Generations by Dr. Mortimer J. Snerd-Steensma, PhD., D.D.S.


Hey, Santos: where do you all meet? I like book clubs. What are you reading currently? What do fans of TBTL read anyway?

I'm thinking...like...comic books?
That would be so Burbank-ish. Really, what do you read?


TBTL is a terrible show and so is the Jerry Springer show. Both programs get good ratings. If crap generates ratings and revenue; Long Live the Crap.


So the power goes off at 6 pm...we grabbed the battery powered radio looking for a station to see if we can find out what is going on-- the wind wasnt blowing THAT hard...KIRO barely comes in, but loud enough to hear Burbank talk about tattoos and loose bowels. Spellbinding radio.
Power came back on at 8, thank god.


Forget the tens; that was a gross over estimate. Are you one of the .2's?


Must have been tough grading those schoolpapers by candlelight. Now that you're back, any chance you'll answer the 17 year old and clear up your misstatement of facts? All the young lad wants is a source for your facts.
Come now, we can set a better example than subterfuge and avoidance, eh? I'm just saying...


Nah, just think about how superior you guys get to feel. Enjoy!

I finished my report cards a week ago, and now I am cleaning house, baking for the holidays and having a thoroughly enjoyable time. Thanks for asking!


superior? nope. no are we high fivin.
just amused. i'm just saying.
can't ever admit your wrong, eh? and at your age...

setting a bad example for the lad, GG. he supposed to look up to adult authority figures.

but try not to choke on the cookies as you seem to be a little full of self righteousness these days. wouldn't want you to pull a W by choking on a snapdoodle and passing out.


See how good that felt? Merry christmas!


Don't mind the blathering idiots.

Us Kucinich people need to stick together. :)

Is Miss Joanie okay? All these posts about the drinking and her silence have me worried.



Don't worry about me Tori.
I am not taking the "Drinking Liberally" stuff too heart.
That's just crap the Putz, KS, Duff-gang bring up all the time.
Rest assured I am sound as a dollar.


What's the dollar trading at nowadays, ph(j)oanie?


I still dont understand why talking about tattoos and the squits makes for "good" radio. Oh, and whether or not some actress has a soul.

Ok I am all ready for the cold weather..not sure if there will be any snow associated with it, but as long as wind doesn't come with it again, I should be ok. It is nice to be on a well and septic tank when it comes to having two less bills to pay, but when the power goes out, it means no water.


i prepped for the upcoming power outs by putting in a gas stove and fireplace this summer.
being on septic like that means you need to get a generator. doesn't it also mean that in addition to no water that the toilet doesn't work?
get ye to home depot! especially if you're still taking care of your mother.


Yep, no water, no flushie. Ideally, the storm has enough warning that I can fill the bathtubs with water and then use that water in the tanks to flush.

Can't afford a generator.

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