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December 02, 2008



she'll just try and tie him to George W Bush and the the argument will be over in her mind - ROFL.


Errata in the above comment: one too many "the's" for those who counted.


O'Reilly showed what a bully he is when he controls his environment. These interviews are usually taped ahead of the show and he cuts out the responses he doesn't like. He would make a good communist.


He just better be careful, or the producer he sends with a camera. Get too close, the State Patrol might get in there face. I am all for a free press, even an activist press at times, but not one that borders on stalking when they are not getting an interview.

As for the War on Christmas, Bill O'Reilly's side can have the Bible Belt, but in states where there is diversity of faiths and cultures, there has to be reasonable accommodation. Bill O'Reilly I guess forgets the days when Catholics were persecuted in this country. The Irish Immigrants fighting for a divided country during the Civil War(Most were on the Union Side) helped change that image.

The Other Kevin

Get too close, the State Patrol might get in there face.

O'Reilly's tactics can be obnoxious but, since he's stood-down the Secret Service when he went tete-a-tete with Obama I can hardly think he'd be worried about the gaggle of traffic cops that tend the robes of Queen Christine.


Hopefully, she will remember to shout
"Hey Bill--How is Andrea Macris doing"?

anne bremner

The host of this blog's comments about me and about another Seattle attorney are sexist and degrading. And this is not the first time this has happened whether via the posting unflattering images and or comments.


Sparky, that reminds me of when Bill Moyers was confronted by one of the producers a few months back. Before Olbermann showed the clip, he showed his own film of how to turn the tables on the stalker producers, and the "I was speaking to Andrea Macris the other day" was one comment he used. Anyway, Moyers held his own without that advice.

As for the State Patrol, if you have seen the film at their exhibit at the Puyallup Fair, you will know that they are more than just traffic cops. The traffic cops are the face of the State Patrol, but they do much more. They are the state crime lab, run the Commercial Vehicle inspection(Weigh Stations), investigators for small police departments that cannot afford detectives full-time, and back-up local law enforcement in other ways.


Anne, it was your on-air performance that was truly degrading -- and that was witnessed by a lot more people.

Jared Heath

I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and say you don't like Bill O'Reilly?

How about you spend a little more time telling us why he's wrong instead of making yourself sound like an ass by calling him names every other sentence?

I might be more inclined to read more of your crap if that were the case.

Barbara Stanwreck

Nick, Heath,Jared, there's a fire in the barn!

The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

I don't quite get how anyone could either criticize or denegrate either David or Anne. I think they said about 12 words between the two of them in the whole segment.

David did have a bit of a deer-in-the-headlights vibe about him when Bill brought up Lynch vs. Donnelly; it may have been unintentional but meandering pauses can seem like an eternity on TV. For her part Anne seemed a bit bored to even be there. But all in all I thought both David and Anne did a really nice job and represented Seattle very well.

David dressed nicely but I'd ask him to rethink the tie, it was kind of '80s in cut and, if you're going to go with a color it needs to be bold against black. Other than that an A in fashion.

Anne's necklace was great, it softened her neck line and just looks nice. She also really does a good job of how she wears her hair.

You can tell David has done a lot of work on his voice as it has improved markedly since his KIRO days and is coming across pretty well now. Anne did a good job of injecting some dead-pan levity.

It was a spirited and fun back-and-forth between the three of them, never terribly wound-up, passionate or incensed, just kind of a pleasant convo. A hearty "well done" to all.

(I still support the sign, regardless. In fact, I'd like to see the tree outta there.)

The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

Anne, it was your on-air performance that was truly degrading -- and that was witnessed by a lot more people.

Posted by: Geov | December 02, 2008 at 10:24 PM

Anne, pay not attention to Geov, he's still doing the angry white male thing about a little scrap-up we had over a geography question some weeks ago.

You and David both did an excellent job. Kudos to both of you. (I didn't see the whole segment, just the part with the two of you and Bill, as I had late wrestling practice tonight so had to check it out on YouTube.)

The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and say you don't like Bill O'Reilly?

How about you spend a little more time telling us why he's wrong instead of making yourself sound like an ass by calling him names every other sentence?

I might be more inclined to read more of your crap if that were the case.

Posted by: Jared Heath | December 02, 2008 at 11:12 PM

Jared, I think your message is uncalled for; there is a certain class in the Republic upon whom the responsibility for refined and civil discourse falls. They, by virtue of that social position, are the decision-makers. The decision-observers, also to by virtue of their position, have an entitlement to front a certain level of hyperbole and wild-eyed mania.

This is the way it has been, this is the way it shall be.

The question for you, Jared: do you choose to be the proletariat-of-fact or the aristocracy-of-the soul? A caring, velvet gloved hand guides the national interest. Do you choose to wear the glove or be gently positioned by it?

My Well Wishes and Warm Regards,

The Beast Rabban

The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

Oh Jared, no sooner had I composed my above missive I noted this headline cross my ticker:

Obama quietly drops windfall tax proposal

Jared, awake from evil dreams and take hope, there is no need for mania or hysteria or to ever get wound-up over American politics, or - frankly - really that interested in it at all. From FISA, to the Patriot Act, to Gen. Jones and Sec'ry Gates, to troops overseas, bailouts and all the nice goodies and marzipan squares in between, our new President is guided by the gentle directions of the velvet glove. Anything else is impossible.


The Beast Rabban


Goldy does well in a debate forum and good for him. As GG writes, Goldy has come a long way in terms of his on air voice.
Tip to Radio GM who need to find something to fill the air in local Seattle Market: Goldy is likely available and I am willing to bet at an extremely reasonable rate. Maybe even at Mike Seigle-esque prices...
Tip to Goldy: If you get an opportunity for another Radio gig you should do it with a counterpart (Shark or Tim Eyman are you listening) to debate with you. That is your forte. By yourself it is a bit of a drag. But when you are paired correctly you are very good.
It would be electric radio.
Of course, now that we will have a Dem Pres and a Dem Congress (similar to WA State with a Dem Gov and Legislature) Goldy will have to be on the defense a bit more which is a position he isn't accustomed to take. Another reason you need an on air partner.

PS: Why the heck would Gov Gregoire be responsible for what happens in 'GA'.


I'll throw out a challenge for someone to come up with a substantive reason besides Andrea Makris and he's a bully as to why Bill O'Reilly is wrong here. He is on the correct side of this issue, IMHO. The Gov. is showing her mediocrity once again, but those who elected her are defending her - for what ? What do you stand for - political correctness ? Does it hurt your feelings that he may have succeeded in making those in Olympia look stupid ?

With that said, I am not in lock step with O'Reilly on a number of issues. He tends to paint a number of issues with too broad of a brush and thought his conduct with Mackris was unprofessional and pompous and he paid for it.

However, he is spot on here for calling attention to the tone of the atheist signs beside what is really called a Christmas Tree.


Christmas is recognized because it is a major part of a religion to which the vast majority of Americans subscribe. Hannukah, Kwanza and Thanksgiving are other holidays that likely are recognized with displays in government buildings. Atheism does not have a “holiday” or any day of recognition this time of year. It is a position taken by a relatively small number of Americans. If atheists would like to petition the government for a day or week of recognition, they should do so. And when they do, if they wish to place a display that insults, degrades and demeans millions of Christians in a government building as the sign in question NEEDLESSLY did, I will support them 100%.
O’Reilly mentioned Martin Luther King Jr. Day and it’s a fair analogy. Martin Luther King Jr. has a day named in his honor to recognize his importance just as the government has named Christmas a holiday to recognize its importance. Just as some atheists see no significance in the celebration of the birth of Christ and enjoy demeaning it, there are a relatively small number o f Americans who see no significance in the work of Martin Luther King Jr. and choose to demean him.
If there was a display in a Washington state government building recognizing Dr. King and a group of white supremicists requested permission to place a sign next to it spewing racial slurs and stating he was insignificant, would that be allowed? Likely not, nor should it be. For those of you who say, “Yes, it should be.” I don’t agree with you but you have my respect. However, I fully believe that most of you who applauded the governor for allowing the presence of the atheists’ sign would denounce her if she allowed the sign representing the racist views. If so, you’re just as thoughtless, ignorant and arrogant as that awful O’Reilly guy you can’t seem to stand.
This is politically ridiculous. Now, go ahead and berate ME because judging the tone of most of the comments on here, I expect no less. Merry Christmas to all 


Our statehouse doesn't look like Alabama's, KS. there is nothing mediocre here.


don't know about the traffic cop crack - I think the WSP would be less than amused by Billo's ambush antics.


I see that Kirby is going to be on The Factor today. It is good that O'Reilly is willing to show the sane and reasoned side of Washington state.
I believe that I could be ready to buy in to the "Fair and Balanced" theme of FNC.


I would like to see video of Billo playing checkers with them in the Clink.


I feel like a sucker. I watched a silly show about a non issue, with a host and two guest who could care less about the topic. Then I read the blog about this meaningless show, full of comments that have nothing to do with this non issue. Feels kind of like Christmas. Lots of fancy wrapping and pretty bows. But nothing much of value. This is my addition to the madness.

blathering michael

Doug is right... Nobody -- Billo, Anne Bremner or Goldy really cares about this sexed-up issue. Nobody except the marketers at Fox News and religious people who never let a chance to poke at rivaling religious affiliations go by. Let's not forget: religions compete with each other for "ratings," (converts) and the secularists have insinuated themselves into the race and are competing as well. It's a foolish brawl for gov't to get caught up in, and irresponsible for the media to exploit.


Doug is right. . . let's just let that linger. I don't really care what you even agreed with. But Doug is right. . . that feels so good. I know what's coming next, but for now I'll savor my rightness.


Governor Gregoire sucks; has done nothing for my state. What do you like about her other than she's non-republican?


Merry Christmas, to you proud self-righteous atheists and to all a good night.


What is most revealing is the number of Eastern Washington residents who have called Bill O'Reilly's radio show to express how they felt unrepresented by this current governor. A lot of you members of Obama's Mindless Masses moved to Washington because you thought this is a beautiful place to live. Yet you turn around and elect the same type of corrupt liberal officials who put in policies that ruined the places from whence you escaped. Thanks a lot.


LoveMyGOP: Too bad for you that those numerous residents couldn't get it up to come within 11 points to defeat this governor you say we all hate. Maybe we should have a qualifying test for aspiring Washingtonians to see if they're up to your standards to be a fellow citizen...

Bumpersticker Reader

More people in Spokane voted for her too this time than 2004 so you guys have lost spokane, boo hoo

Bumpersticker Reader LIED

I just checked the results and found verification that Spokane County voted for both Rossi and the McCain/Palin ticket.
Rossi lost King, Pierce, Snohomish and Thurston, thus Gov Gregoire won the state and is our governor.
Please do not accuse us of being as stupid as you guys. She is your choice. Please take responsibility for your piss-poor choice. She is your fault.
You dumb asses.

Leftists Suck

When I read the venemous article above, I realize you left wing zealots do more to damn yourselves than O'Reilly could ever hope to. If the atheist sign wasn't a direct attack on the Christian religion and simply expressed the atheist view on there not being ANY God and if it was posted at any time other than Christmas, I could see no wrong in it. It's funny that if you speak out against radical Islam you are accused of religious hate speech, but if some jackasses put up a sign directly attacking Christianity and insulting Christians everywhere at Christmas, that's all fine and well.

Let's put those piece of shit Atheists on the line. I want to see them post a similar sign that includes insults against Mohamad in front of Mosques at the start of Ramadan. Let's see it! Leftist double standard hypocrites are pure haters that should be bullied just as they bully the rest of us.


What did Rossi lose by this time, 2 million votes? No wonder you guys side like the vanquished.


Mr. Suck, you are missing the point. Putting up a sign in front of a mosque is not the same as protesting the display of religious symbolism on government property. Personally, I think it is too bad that both ends of the spectrum have to shit on each other to make a point, but your analogy doesn't work. Remember, Orally started out being mad at people who say "Happy Holidays" because it was "obviously" a slam against Christians. Unfortunately, this episode has given fuel to his meager campfire. He would be extremely disappointed if the sign were taken down because it would rob him of the drama that his viewers love.


L.S. makes a valid point. Why not put up a sign that insults mohamed in the capital rotunda. Be sure to have all of the willing members of the press there to record and report. Maybe we can get one of those great PI cartoonist's to make a nice insulting picture of momo for the morning paper.
It is much safer to insult Christians.


Putting it in the capital would be the correct analogy, Chuck..because you are at a government building. My comment to Mr. Suck was that if you put a sign in front of a mosque or cathedral would not be the same thing.

I dont understand why people want to stir things up by putting up the sign. I heard an atheist on the radio yesterday morning who felt it was the wrong thing to do. I am not an atheist, I love Christmas, but I dont get bent out of shape when someone says "happy holidays" and the sign doesn't bother me. Freedom of speech is sometimes an uncomfortable thing. Several people have used the analogy of a KKK demonstration on Martin Luther King day...well it happens already. Although I disagree strongly with their message, it is a constitutional right to make it.

The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

Sparky - what's the status of that source citation I asked for, regarding your claim that 49% of American marriages end in divorce? I was respectful enough to provide you with my academically recognizable source citation that the real number is 2X%. Can you please choose to exhibit a level of maturity and respect and do likewise?

I'm worried you haven't replied after 21 requests. Your friends care about you, sparky. Is everything okay? We are concerned for you.

Santos Claus



Sparky is fine, it's her self esteem that won't allow her to say she is incorrect. Kind of funny to the rest of us like Duff, KS, Steven, et al.
In Sparky-speak 'I'm just saying...' we all laugh at her unwillingness to be forthcoming. Especially those of us who have gone through it before. But keep putting her nose in it, the rest of us think it is damn funny a 17 year old can do it with such ease.

Chucks, I'm an atheist and I don't understand why people would want to intentionally insult Christians in such a fashion. It's counterproductive. Although Jesus may be -the reason for the season- for many I would say that for others it is a fairly secular time serving as an excuse for family and friends to get together for good fellowship and cheer. (or if your Joanie that Turkey Pot Pie, shot of Makers Mark, and 'Best of Randi' on Radio). Just like Santa, the fact that there is no such thing as a Santa doesn't mean I don't like Christmas. (Sorry GG, I hope you already knew about Santa...)

How about this. We take out all of the obvious religious symbols from the gov't areas. If a private business wants to put something up let 'em. That whole Merry Christmas means the same to me as Happy Holidays. I think it is crazy for a private business to say Happy Holidays when most of us like to also hear Merry Christmas. Just don't force a holiday on me with making me do something I don't care to do. With all the crap going on in this world it isn't something I want to get worked up over. I got a lot of friends out of work or getting ready for the axe.

Hey, how's the new job working out for you? Hope all is going well. You've been a little spotty on posting the last couple weeks.


Why is it that when a disaster strikes (like Columbine High School shooting), people suddenly run back to God and start praying? Maybe it's time for us to give us this whole separation of church and state contortion that never existed in the original constitution to begin with. God is everywhere all the time anyway. So you choose to ignore Him at your own peril.


I think some of us have a God gene.


New job sux so far. LOL, I made more on unemployment than I do working. The people I work with and for are great. Not the best time to be selling RV's.
Thanks for asking.

Edmonds Dan

Glad to read that you're employed, Chucks.

Sparky, in the spirit of Christmas how about coming clean with it.

GG isn't going to stop. Nor will the others.

Are you really so arrogant that you can't admit to being wrong?


Governor Gregoire and Rob McKenna should send Orally a bill for services rendered that have given him a new reason to live.


Did anybody see O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly fighting over this last night?
It was entertaining.

The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

Governor Gregoire and Rob McKenna should send Orally a bill for services rendered that have given him a new reason to live.

Posted by: sparky | December 05, 2008 at 05:59 PM

Sparkster - quick Q ... if one of the kids you babysit submitted a paper that had no source citations but obviously fabricated claims and you asked them to resubmit it with a bibliography, and you made that request 22 times, would you fail them? I'm guessing not.

(Probably why welfare school kids are so dumb compared to the rest of the world in standardized testing.)


Just perused the KMPS website, and the morning team home page where Ickybod hangs out. I didn't realize that he had become so religious...there are ad for Camo bibles, bible verses, etc. Now, seeing as how he plays country music tunes, Im wondering how his beliefs reconcile with playing titles like:

They ain't Makin' Jews like Jesus Anymore

I Gave Her the Ring, and She Gave Me the Finger

Thanks To The Cathouse, I'm In The Doghouse With You

Are You Drinkin With Me Jesus?

At the Gas Station of Love, I Got the Self Service Pump

Get Your Biscuits In The Oven And Your Buns In The Bed

Get Your Tongue Outta My Mouth 'Cause I'm Kissing You Goodbye.

Hmmm..real Christian-sounding songs.


Pretty much anything Megan Kelley does is by definition entertaining.


Steven, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the Supremes have tossed out the court case about Obama's birth certificate.


The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

but the Supremes have tossed out the

Uh, you haven't obviously seen this announcement about Obama's birth certificate by the Supremes.

Im wondering how his beliefs reconcile with playing titles like:

I'm wondering how your profession as a babysitter of our nation's youth reconciles with your penchant for fabricating statistics?

On the Last Episode: Sparky claimed that 49% of American marriages ended up in divorce. I provided a link to the US Census Bureau that showed the number was 2X% and asked she do likewise for her stat ... 3 weeks later and all we have is ...

SPARKY: "I dun hear that number on the tee-vee, i knows what i hear! Gosh-gul-durn, i got me a hankerin for some burritos. Gunna go to the costco and get me some while i grades the colorin' books. I like that obama feller, he gonna git me some discounts on the fat free burritos i likes. I just a babysitter, after all, I needs to be limber when I be chasin after dem der rugrats!"

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