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December 19, 2008



Another case of count and recount until the Donk is ahead, then stop.

Puget Sound

whatever the outcome, lesson to be learned: vote.


Wow, what a nail biter. Just the day before they were saying it was over for Frankin.

Puget Sound

I wonder if it will be one of those wins in which the winner has difficulty governing?
Being a Senate seat it may be easier. Plus whoever wins has 6 years to establish their bona fidas.


The AP now has Franken up by 1. Amazing.


Seattle is good for fabricating fraudulent votes. Minnesota can count on them for help.


Henry is good at fabricating accusations but not so good at providing any evidence. And no, blogs aren't evidence.

first grader

Isn't democracy great when all the votes get counted?

My mommy taught me that whoever gets the most votes wins.

Then she told me about Florida where Sandra, Clarence, Antonin and some others didn't think we should count all the votes. That was confusing.

I'm happy now.


Oh my gosh, his lead as of 12:26 is 250 votes up!

Franken pushes his lead over Coleman past 250

The state Canvassing Board's ballot rulings today in the U.S. Senate race has unofficially put challenger Al Franken in the lead by more than 250. Updated 12:26 PM

Minnesotans aren't no dummies.

Dark town

Coleman after all these futile attempts to stop the count the law suits, the complaints by surrogates like Ann Coulter, has lost what dignity he had left. It's sad, he should withdraw now.

Puget Sound

Minnesotans aren't no dummies.

Posted by: joanie | December 19, 2008 at 12:37 PM

Yes, I recall the pride my relatives expressed to me about Gov. Jesse 'the Body' Ventura tenure in office and his later work as a 911 Truther convinced that the Gov't was behind the WTC attacks.

BTW, don't you owe Pudge an apology?


Watch it Puts. Sparky might think you are harassing Joanie and cry to B'lam. You know what happens then. Dont say you were not warned.


Thanks, Steven. You recognize it as harassment, too.

Your getting smarter.

Personally, I think he's just lonely.


Hell yes, you all should beeeeeeeee afraaaaaaaaaid.

Ok both bathtubs are full of water, I have stocked the freezer, have batteries, tealight candles, gas in the cars. I am ready for whatever Ma Nature wants to throw at me. I can't imagine what more snow will be like here.


Now its "Ma Nature". Seems like Sparky is coming to her senses. Not long ago she would have said "Gorebal Warming"


She would never have said that, Steven. Half-assed backwards, as usual.


Puts what makes you so certain that was really joanie on Sound Politics?

There were several key things that make it pretty obvious that it wasn't her. I would give the person about a C average for trying to impersonate her...close but no cigar.

Is this what we have to look forward to? Not only people posting under our names here, but there as well? Of course, we can't stop you, but I will say that if I ever see my name over there, I will notify Eric Earling that someone is pooping in his blog.


Well, the Decider is making another rush to judgment. He never learns:

"Today, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is auctioning off resource rights to over 110,000 acres of public lands in Utah to oil and gas producers. The lands include parcels near Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Dinosaur National Monument, and Nine Mile Canyon, which is home to “the highest concentration of Native American rock art in the United States.”

Yesterday, Robert Redford spoke out against the sale. He noted the lands’ significant historical value and criticized the Bush administration for its “deception” and “slight of hand” in rushing to hold today’s auction:

The lands are not Cheney’s and Bush’s. The lands are ours. They’re ours because they are part of our legacy. They are part of the human, American legacy. … We should not allow this to happen. It’s criminal.

...Indeed, the National Trust for Historic Preservation filed suit Wednesday in an attempt to block today’s auction for that reason. According to the suit, in rushing to complete the sales before the end of the Bush administration, the BLM violated multiple federal laws including the National Historic Preservation Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and Federal Land Policy and Management Act."

When will Bush be required to follow the laws of the land? Can anybody tell me?

We're going to look like China before he's through.


Bush had that planned all along. His idea of zoning is what is mine is mine and what is yours is also mine.


Answer: never

Fortunately, Congress can overturn much of what he puts in place in the next few days. It takes time to set up a drilling operation, even after they have determined where to drill. This won't have to happen, even if it doesn't go to court, which I think it will.


I hope so. These Bush Rethuglicans have taken duplicity to a new level. They are good at tying things up legally. They've had lots of practice at greed and deception.

I'm not letting our own Dimocrats (thanks chucks) off the hook either. If there's gold in them there hills, seems like the politicians want it as much as Bush's base.

I'm losing heart. Why do we have to fight so hard to keep some of the wild America that makes us so different from the rest of the developed countries? That one man could wreck a country for his own financial interests is beyond comprehension.

I have a grandparent who helps me several times a week in the classroom. He is seventy-five years old. He knows I listen to radio on my planning time but has never mentioned it. I finally asked him if he were political. He said no. Then I asked him if he were Repub or Dem. He answered very quickly, "Republican."

I was shocked. He said, "Honestly, joanie, I didn't vote for Bush in 2000 and I was appalled that he won again in 2004. I don't get it either."

That was all he said.


Bailed-Out Banks Dole Out Bonuses

"Bonuses across Goldman Sachs will be down significantly this year," a bank representative told ABC News. The spokesman refused to disclose the size of the bonus pool or how much of the compensation fund of $10.93 billion was planned for bonuses, but some employees are reportedly being given more than $200,000 in cash.

Paulson's faith based approach of trusting the same financial wizards who created this crisis to do what's best for the economy and the country is just as naive as Greenspan's misplaced faith in banks to what's in their long term best interests, instead of doing what will bring in short term profit.

Morgan Stanley is in the same boat, having received $10 billion in government money. Their bonus pool this season is around $2 billion, according to a report in the New York Times. That figure is down 50 percent from last year.

Many people wonder why the banks' bonus pools would even be $1 this year.

"The banks are broke. They shouldn't be paying out bonuses this year," said Peter Morici, economist and business professor at the University of Maryland. "They're begging at the Treasury door. I don't understand why a waitress in Indiana should send her money to fund a million-dollar bonus on Wall Street."

"It looks like Goldman Sachs is treating this as business as usual," said compensation expert James Reda. "They are taking our taxpayer money. They should be able to account for that money."



No shit.

Puget Sound

I have a grandparent who helps me several times a week in the classroom. He is seventy-five years old. He knows I listen to radio on my planning time but has never mentioned it. I finally asked him if he were political. He said no. Then I asked him if he were Repub or Dem. He answered very quickly, "Republican."

I was shocked. He said, "Honestly, joanie, I didn't vote for Bush in 2000 and I was appalled that he won again in 2004. I don't get it either."

That was all he said.
Posted by: joanie | December 19, 2008 at 07:45 PM

Probably doesn't want you taking it out on his child. When he got home he no doubt warned the family about the 'nutter Teacher' and not to set her off with any political talk.


Puts, a grandparent is an Senior who helps out the schools. I know a few, my stepmom was one. Joanie, was he Filipino. I notice most senior filipinos get into that type of volunteering. They love working with kids.

Puget Sound

"Watch it Puts. Sparky might think you are harassing Joanie and cry to B'lam. You know what happens then. Dont say you were not warned.

Posted by: Nevets | December 19, 2008 at 04:14 PM"

Yikes. Well I have donated to keep this blog going which may keep me in good standing. Although unlike Carlin's seven dirty words you can't say I am restricted to one. But I can live with that.
I will also say that people do post things under my name that I ignore. So not all that you read is coming from me.
I think if we moved to a website that you had to register with a valid email address a lot of this would go away.
I use other websites that have such a system and the message boards -while spirited- tend to be a little less angry.
but I am not the ramrod of this outfit. Just a lowly cowhand riding the line.
If it is true that GG is banned -is that true B'lam?- I wonder why unless it was because B'lam was a concerned parental figure and didn't like GG staying up so late to blog on a school night?


Anyone think Redford will give back to the Native Americans that 6,000 acre resort he owns up in Northern Utah called Sundance. Maybe he is mad becasue he can't build another resort in that area to take advantage of all the tourists who visit the Arches.

But dont be afraid. It wont be man-made forces that bring down the Arches. They have been eroding for thousands of years. Why do you think they are so wonderful. And what is the matter with putting an oil well out there. It is no worse than putting a skyscrapper in the middle of Seattle and blocking all of its wonderful views. But you Libs dont seem to mind that going on around here.


No, Steven. He's a white American male who is a retired engineer. He lives on Queen Anne Hill. And he loves helping out in the classroom.


Puts, just try typing in the two words that start with "G". Like the "S" word you will get the spam filter.

Puget Sound

Wow, I guess when you start to ban it gets easier and easier to do.

Puget Sound

Nevets, I gotta tag you in as I got to pick up some kids at Karate practice.


Talk is alarmingly cheap on this blog, but this isn't the only one. Feeling blogged out here - maybe its the weather - that dam global climate change.

I would say that one reason that the left is fuming about Bush because in some instances he beat the progressive leftists to the punch by doing to the people what they wanted to do.

In a related story, Dennis Miller picked Harry Reid as the Pinhead of the Year and OJ was #2.


I just finished catching up on Moyers Journal and this one was custom made for our discussion of the rule of law and detainees. Steven, you should watch if you have any interest in an accurate appraisal of what's been going on.

Click on Greenwald and he'll teach you about the rule of law and the Constitution. He makes puts look like a googling fool. But then, you may prefer to learn from fools.

Glenn Greenwald

Puget Sound

Any chance you'll consider the ramifications of it?

Moyers, isn't he one of the chaps behind the illegal wire tapping of MLK, getting journalist fired (morley safer) who reported 'incorrectly' on his boss, or one of the behind the scenes fellow on the most infamous political ads in history? But hey, it worked (hmm, electing LBJ over Goldwater -how'd that work out for America anyway?) and it was such a long long time ago...
And lets not forget his little money deal with PBS.
A weak fellow like that -no matter how 'moral' he claims to be- is someone I want to take my p's and q's from in life given he won't come clean and own up to it. He makes Chuck Colson look like a choir boy. Oh yes, I am sure it was a very 'balanced' discussion. Saint Bill would never gin up something, eh? Naw. Too funny. ROFL.
Enjoy the trip Joanie.

Puget Sound

Good Samaritan...watch out!

The California Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a young woman who pulled a co-worker from a crashed vehicle isn’t immune from civil liability because the care she rendered wasn’t medical.

The divided high court appeared to signal that rescue efforts are the responsibility of trained professionals. It was also thought to be the first ruling by the court that someone who intervened in an accident in good faith could be sued.


"Any chance you'll consider the ramifications of it?"

For the pinhead to whom you are referring, Nah...
That would go against her pinheaded nature, Puts.

Puget Sound

spot on ks. spot on.

joanie is a caricature who makes leaps of logic that are amazing at times.
'she know not what she posts'
the more reasoned liberals -of which there are many- cringe no doubt at what she posts at times.
although they'll never admit it.
for the rest of us it does entertain.


Putz, Im not going to let your pissy mood ruin the season! Do you let your kids whine like this?

I sure wish we could post photos on here Michael! It is so beautiful outside my window, and it is snowing again. This is a unique experience having this much snow last for so long..Not sure I would want to live where it is like this all the time, but I am enjoying it so far. Just hoping my power doesn't go out, but I'm ready if it does. If we get as much snow as is being predicted for overnight, I can't imagine how long it will take for it all to go away. Sure glad I don't live where the winds will be in the 70mph range tonight!

If you have any birdseed, toss some out for the little guys today..I have junkos and sparrows and finches all over the back porch.

Puget Sound

you kidding, no bad mood here. just amused.
just did the santa pics.
plenty of bird seed thrown out yesterday for the 'customers' who line up outside our feeder.
we bought a big bag about a week ago.

good luck on the power. and next year seriously consider a generator...


I hear there's another storm coming in tonight. I need to head out to the store as my refrigerator is empty!

One of my students - now fifteen - just dropped by with a card and newsletter that she sends out to family. She comes by every year. That's the best part of teaching: students who keep in touch and become part of my extended family.

You watch Greenwald, Steven? I'd like your feedback.


It is beautiful outside! I've never seen my little neighborhood store so busy. Never. Three registers open and at least four-to five people in every line consistently.

They are expanding that store, Michael. It has taken over down through the bookstore. I hope their timing is right. Is a recession a good time to expand a business with a very narrow margin of profit? I remember a store going out of business when they expanded. That one was on Aurora. Just didn't have the business to support the expansion.

More dogs out than people. People being very friendly.

And not really slick. The fresh snow is like glittery powder and absolutely stunning.

I wish we got weather like this every year. It is magical.

Puget Sound

hey joanie
despite all the pooh that is thrown to and fro be very careful. this weather can look nice right now but make sure you got the essentials. when this weather temp drops it isn't a time to be looking for stuff. and don't be fooled into thinking that the power is going to be available 24/7 over the next few days.
make some alt arrangements or plan B if you have to but get thee to a place with multiple sources of heat.


SOUND advice, joanie no politics involved therein just good 'ol concern for fellow human-kind. Stay safe and hopefully warm.


Hey Bart
During times of foul weather, it is OK if we look out for each other and/or care about others comfort. We have pleanty of time to be shitty with each other over politics the rest of the year.
I have a couple of elderly neighbors behind me a coupla old widows accross that have to be pushing 85. They are lefty's like Joanie but will will be checking on them first thing in the AM, plus later in the day anyway.
We know whomever does not post tomorrow is probably with out power. We'll be thinking of you.
Merry Christmas to anybody who does not get their power back before Thursday.


By the way, using the type key register thingy makes me Chuck from Tacoma instead of plain ol' chucks.
So, that is who I am now.

Phil Dirt

BART likes to think about taking it up the ass. Any other topic is just bo-ring. Bart, you ought to call one of those blowjobbers on Craig's List. he could drop by and make all your holiday dreams come true, no questions asked.


I love storm reporting! KIRO brought our man Frank in for the evening. Life is good.

Puget Sound

frank is made for bad weather.
with those golden vocal cords he comes across as a warm voice.

goldy would KILL to have frank's pipes.

Puget Sound

Oh my, looks like the Bush Crime Family is back in business with Don Vito 41 taking care of all family business ie loose ends involving Karl Rove.
(this should keep the nut roots up tonight)

Be Afraid COILS, Be Very Afraid....boo!


Greenwald. Sounds like a guy who saw an opportunity to make a good living by sitting on his ass. Writing books.

Yes he was a Lawyer, an excellent lawyer who practiced law for what, 10-12 years. And then one day, decided to give it up. Why? He says it was boring. Boring?

Why didn't he take the Padilla case? That would have been an exciting challenge. Hell, that was where he says he saw the first sign that the "rule of law" was being broken. Did he think it was winnable. No, I suspect he thought President Bush did right thing.

But then this happened. A man he supported after 9/11 was asking for a Constitution Ammendment that would deny him the right to marry his lover. He couldn't take it anymore.

What happened next is he probably listened to hate talker Mike malloy calling for the arrest of the Bush crime family. And so began his quest to make a case out of flimsy evidence and hearsay to humiliate President Bush.

Thats what I think of that link Joanie.

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