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December 24, 2008



Why does Dave always wear that stupid bear suit? He doesn't seem to be that kind of guy, frankly.

Chuck from Tacoma

Maybe the Mormans can buy KPTK and fix it.


It's gotta be Dori Monson, TBTL, and Dave Boze's wife.

KIRO was off the charts in daytime. The ratings for KIRO after 6PM go into a nosedive and don't break the top 10; this is triply worrisome when your daytime shows are up against live shows on competitor stations and blowing them out of the water but your nighttime shows are up against reruns on competitor stations and getting creamed. Now TBTL has gone into 2 weeks worth of reruns, which is a bad idea when you are critically struggling with audience numbers. Conventional wisdom is TBTL will go the way of Weekend America, the Bryant Park Project and Sea Monkeys either right after the first of the year or in April following the switch.

TBTL is dead man walking at this point. They had a good run but it's 5 minutes to midnight and there's nothing else they can do to save the ship. Will be interesting to see what KIRO dreams up to put in that slot - another local show or will they go the more formulaic route of syndicating a second national to bump up against Phil Hendrie at 10? My bet is syndication, which is a shame. I'm hoping they at least keep Burbank around to host a weekend show or something, he could be a good fit in a small market like Seattle with the right place but he's not quite ready for prime time as we saw with the TBTL experiment. He might be good in Phil the News Junkies place.


KPTK is a puzzle. Even I'm tired of it. Lee Callaghan is overly used just as Dori is overly used on KIRO. She's okay in small doses but I'm sick of all the cute.

Richard Green is a total waste of time.

Instead of fill ins on holidays and even regular days sometimes, you hear repeat programs such as Big Ed's show today which was originally broadcast before the election. And they never tell you the date of the broadcast or that it's a repeat. You sort of figure it out once you realize their still talking election strategy and forecasting votes.

What's with that?

An hour of Maddow's show every day is the previous MSNBC's show. I sort of like that since I don't subscribe to fullcable but it is dated by then.

KPTK used to be better. Whoever is running that station is determined to run it into oblivioun.

And they keep changing their weekend programming. That's annoying, too.

Now, for KIRO: Seahawk madness must be partly responsible. But I think their enhanced website and presence online is helping. They have show logs, Dori is more flexible. He used to only take email messages instead of instant messages. Dave is finally offering a topic menu online - remember when I chastised the great Tina Nole for not doing that? - and he's recognizing and interacting more with his bloggers now that he has bloggers.

It is a more interesting site to visit.

KIRO got real lazy under Entercom. Now if they'd just do something about Phil Hendrie. And whoever filled in this week for Dave. I'd rather have either Frank Shiers or Goldy.

And you said talk radio was dying...


fans in NYC threw a TBTL-themed party and it was sold out.

I do have to say that part is cool, though I googled it and, according to this blog from one of the attendees, "sold out" = 8 people. Which is nothing to be ashamed about, but is helpful when dealing with solid numbers.


(No offense, but I've been kind of wondering for awhile about this --- is this blog reporting on TBTL or marketing TBTL? The commentary on this show doesn't really seem to sync up well with the proverbial "word on the street.")

sam Iam

Goldy is dead to KIRO. They just never told him. Notice that he was never not once called for fill-in this Christmas and snow season. Dori Monison is responsible for that.

blathering michael

I love TBTL, even though I don't listen to it because I'm about 40 years past its target audience. I want all the new ideas: TBTL, Nightside, BPP, all those to make it. some, most, haven't won't. People younger than 30 are not listening in droves. It's simple attrition: figure out how to get 'em or die. If it faails, Luke will take that show national -- not sure on what platform, but there is a large audience for what he's doing, as trivial as it may seem to those of us stuck in the old forms.To wish ill of these new shows is to wish the further decline of the medium in which you say you work, Saxitoxin.
The pie is shrinking, as I have said Joanie. the music stations are in trouble, the rest are fighting over that shrunken audience. KMPS the country statiobn, ruled for years and years... other music stations delivered listeners reliably for decades. Talk stations are growing in number, because they're left with little else than the cheap option of talk... made cheaper yet when it's syndicated. KIRO is an anomaly with its local talkers and bless'em. KPTK is just a downsized, robotized CBS pipe for syndicated shows -it's never been given any investment and therefore, a chance.


But..but..but...joanie, Thom Hartman has been live all week, including this morning. Frangela has been filling in for Stephanie Miller so far this week and will do so on Friday as well. Rachel's first hour has been live all week and Mike Malloy has been live all week, until last night --omg he played Wesley Willis singing Oh Holy Night(mare)--and had a great Christmas party show. Now he has a sub,,a wonderful woman lib talk show host from Anchorage who is telling hilarious stories about Sarah Palin before the rest of the world knew who she was...I agree with you about the Green brothers and I dont like Lionel in Peter B.'spot. But, I have also been streaming NovaM when there isnt anything on AAR that I like. Blam's link to LTR over on the left of the screen has a long list of other lib broadcasters. Its a borgashmord!


If it faails, Luke will take that show national

Great! More power to him. Plus, that's really a
feather in Burbank's cap that he's so dedicated to doing a
local, off-hours show in a small market that he's choosing
not to "just go national." Next time I talk to someone in the industry who
loses their gig that'll be good advice I'll remember to give them, "don't
complain, just take your show national."

not sure on what platform

Me either. I'm not aware of anyone who makes a living podcasting without
a terrestrial signal. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I just don't know of
anyone who's doing it (outside of self-help and religious programs).

but there is a large audience for what he's doing

OK. Well, someone better tell the large audience to start listening
and to do it soon - like in the next week. CW is they only have one full book (at most)
before the axe falls.

To wish ill of these new shows

I don't think acknowledging the real Arbitron stats in blog comments is "wishing ill" anymore
than frosting the Arbitron stats in blog posts is helping the show. The stats are the stats.
The show is dead. I feel bad. As I said above, I like the show. But, I'm not highly enfranchised
of it or going to tear up when Shiers or Styble or Siegel or Lars Larson or whomever gets plugged
into that spot in a few. It's just another radio show. Radio talent come and go. This is not a skilled
occupation. Some people are skilled at it but it's not a skilled job.

Anyway, no point arguing over this anymore, one can only assume the deal's pretty much done at this point by any objective assessment.


One edit - I would like to take back my critical tone that was directed at this blog in my first comment. In the original post it clearly said "we haven't seen any dayparts numbers." I didn't pick-up on that so my ensuing chastising of this blog for "frosting" TBTL was obviously unnecessary and I apologize.

A reasonable extrapolation made on stationwide trends was made. It is indeed unbelievably odd that TBTL is going south so fast relative to the rest of KIROs numbers and, without seeing the dayparts, that wouldn't be something one would naturally assume. So, again, I was wrong to criticize this blog and I apologize for that.


Michael, did thirty-year-olds ever listen to talk radio? You may know that better than I but I think talk radio tends to attract an older, better-heeled market. We have the time and interest. Not sure. When I was young, I listened to music. Ipods explain the decline in that market. I least, I think so.

Also, more live and local as opposed to corporate radio might help. But, radio seems to be stuck in the "greed is good" mode. Some harsh words for Kevin Martin (can't remember where I read them) and his pro-corporate stance. He's been very bad for radio.

Sparky, I didn't know you were such a KPTK fan. I'm not up in time for Stephanie and I don't listen for three hours of jokes. She's good but she's not my taste. I've always preferred Ross over Hartmann. Rachel's first hour is her MSNBC show from the day before. Has been for a long time now.

Sometimes I listen to Malloy and sometimes I don't. I sure don't listen to him read books and I detest Christmas shows. Sorry.

I've heard the Alaska host fill-in several times and she's not my cup of tea. Last weekend, it was not Lionel in the Peter B. slot. Some guy I haven't heard of before with a new format. I listened for a short time and tuned out.

Richard Green is not part of the Green brothers. At least I've read that he isn't. That's why I don't understand why he's still on. He is an abomination. I'm beginning to think he's an infomercial for some est-like spiritual group- can't remember its name.

So, I take it you still like and listen to KPTK? I'm glad somebody does. I had great hopes for them because they now have a diversity of actual commercials replacing those mind-deadening PSAs that I endured for so long. So something must have succeeded.

But, I think they're in the process of destroying whatever success they had achieved before the exile of Peter(Paul?? - former program director - and apparent take-over by Lee. As a former loyal listener, I find it disheartening.

BTW, Terrance McNally is hosting for Rachel and Reagan and he's doing a very good job. Has an astute intellect, listens well and keeps it interesting.

I've been mostly catching up on Peter B shows via podcasts. He commented recently that he has a thriving podcast listenership many of whom send him money. That includes me. I want him to succeed. He's not greedy and I'm sure radio isn't making him rich. But he keeps me informed which is why I listen to radio. No one is better than he is. Well, except for Rachel. They do it differently but neither is better than the other for me.

In a nutshell, Randi's and Ed's old shows are repeated. I've heard Rachel's old shows repeated. That makes no sense for a topical politcal radio station.

Sparky, how do you explain KPTK's poor market share?


I dont know how they gather the information, joanie, so I dont know the answer to that. Nobody ever calls me and asks me what I listen to, nor anyone I know in three major cities in the state. I love Stephanie Miller..she makes me laugh all the way to school. Maybe I am more left than you are, so Dave pretending to be a liberal drives me nuts. I can get KIRO near school, but not where I live so I dont listen, not even to podcasts. Too Seattle-centric for my uses. Since all blogs and streaming have been blocked at school, I dont hear Thom's shows unless I am home on holidays or during the summer. I can't get KGO anymore either..not sure why. I think Rachel's TV show is the second hour since I listen to all new stuff on the way home from school..that second hour is on about the time I get home, and since I saw it on TV the night before, I dont turn the radio back on until I go to bed. Sometimes it is Mike Malloy, sometimes its a Portland music station. Maybe if I lived closer to Seattle, I would care more about those radio stations.
All of the personal appearances by the hosts on KPTK are standing room only, so someone is listening.


This is a "when pigs fly" moment - Dori Monson receiving part of the credit for KIRO's #1 rating.
Does that truth hurt ? KPTK is too negative to change much, like the conservative talkers have become and consequently, they are turning off many potential listeners. Even KVI rose a bit in spite of their problems. Key question; Was this survey taken before or after the election ? I believe there was a notable shift after November 5th.

I thought that the Spanish speaking station would have been #1 ? Haven't they been ahead of KMPS in previous surveys ?


Your answer confuses me. I don't think Dave has ever pretended to be a liberal. He's probably a centrist and is a Democrat. But he's never promoted himself as a liberal. In fact, he's can be quite conservative on certain issues. And I think Tom is fine. I just like Dave better.

Sounds like you listen to Miller much like I do. In the car...

We've been through the Seattle-centric thing before so won't go there again. (LOL!)

You might be right about the rebroadcast time for Rachel's MSNBC show. Not sure. For some reason I thought 3-4 with Bender taking over 4-5. But not lately. Now mostly Rachel herself. Then Reagan at 5.

Like you, I listen to KPTK every day 3-6. Sometimes I turn off Randi . . . depends on the rant level. Nor do I listen regularly to Malloy.

You might be more left than me. I don't know about that.

Yes, lots of liberals in Settle. So why isn't KPTK doing better? I gave my thoughts above. Maybe others could chime in as to why KPTK isn't doing better.

No comment about rebroadcasting preelection shows at key times in the day? You think that's a good way to build an audience?

Chuck from Tacoma

I laughingly answer as good naturedly as I possibly can Joanie. Pictures!!!!
KPTK does not have pictures.


I hate old news and rebroadcasts. I wonder who is in charge of deciding what gets played..local or AAR or Jones Network? If it is a local decision, its a bad one.

David Bender was on a lot for Rachel the closer they got to the election because she was on all the time on MSNBC. I know you dont care for him, but I enjoy his shows.

I should have been clearer about Dave Ross. I agree he does not call himself a liberal. I was referring to conservatives who claim he is a far left host. Every time I read on here how "liberal" he is, I have to roll my eyes.
Michael's point about them operating on a shoe string is probably the reason why advertising is almost nil...a lot of people I work with who tend toward the left have never heard of the station, and they live closer to Seattle than I do. I was amazed. They are all pretty involved with NPR, but have promised to give 1090 a try.
I don't know a lot of other people who listen to the radio as much as we do, so their listening times are quite short, and it is mostly music.

I have enjoyed listening to Bree Walker when she fills in for people. I don't listen much to KPTK on the weekends, I watch movies then.


Another thing you and chucks have in common: pictures!

My only comment in response is that I don't think they're operating on as much of a shoestring as they used to. Their advertising is up but it won't be for long if the current state of affairs continues. Unless people like the new brand of KPTK better than the old.

Maybe they do. If so, the numbers should be reflecting that change.

Chuck from Tacoma

I don't know the details of AAR's finances but I do know that the Green's have lost a lot of their real estate investments. SLG has gone from $140.00 per share to something like 25.00 today.
They just may not have cash to invest that was anticipated when they bought AAR.
Besides, they didn't figure out how to get pictures on 1090AM.
I got lucky. When I figured out who they were, I divested my investments with SL Green Real Estate Trust. I was smart enough to lose my money someplace else.

Chuck from Tacoma

I don't know the details of AAR's finances but I do know that the Green's have lost a lot of their real estate investments. SLG has gone from $140.00 per share to something like 25.00 today.
They just may not have cash to invest that was anticipated when they bought AAR.
Besides, they didn't figure out how to get pictures on 1090AM.
I got lucky. When I figured out who they were, I divested my investments with SL Green Real Estate Trust. I was smart enough to lose my money someplace else.


Malloy just came onto KPTK announcing today is Monday.



Even if Air America goes under, NovaM and Jones Network are still here. Thom Hartmann will easily find a new home and Rachel has MSNBC. Stephanie and Ed are Jones Network, Randi and Mike are NovaM. Young Turks are online, which leaves Ring of Fire which would probably be picked up by one of the other networks.

The genie is out of the bottle, so progressive talk radio will still be around..just maybe with a different name or call letter.


Ah, I see you're thinking in terms of air america. I want KPTK to stay in business. Without KPTK, how are all those people going to get to Seattle airwaves?

It is the radio in my car and at school and often at home that brings those people to me. Without KTPK, my access to those people diminishes greatly.

Do you think another station would take over? Considering the crummy programming right now, maybe Air America should go under, KPTK would have to be more creative. They might improve!

Now that's an idea!


I hate to state the obvious but presidential election? Helloz?


"The Greens" don't own Air America. They sold their controlling interest some time ago to somebody whose name I don't remember. And Richard Greene is no relation (notice the extra "e" in Greene). And Arbitron doesn't take ratings during the last two weeks of December, which is why most of the hosts take that time off. BTW, 2.7 is a respectable share for a station that has nothing but syndicated programming (KPTK).


I just took a look at the latest Arbitron ratings and see that although there are 13 stations with better ratings than KPTK, there are 18 stations with WORSE ratings (and that doesn't even count the stations whose ratings don't even show up).

A rough rule of thumb is that if you're in the top 50 percent of the ratings, you're doing OK (especially if you're an AM station).


Lefty: 2.7 is a respectable share for a station that has nothing but syndicated programming (KPTK).

The fact that it is the only frequency in town devoted to liberal talk (except for KUOW) must help keep that 2.7 share.

Imagine what it could be with a consistent and better line-up and decent fill-ins instead of repeats of old shows.

Thanks for the information, Lefty. Do yo listen to Clout? I can't imagine it has numbers that merit keeping it on the air unless it is paying a fee for the time.

Sparky, I've grown more accustomed to Bender but he's still low on my list. Two recent examples illustrate why I don't care for him:

A couple of weekends ago, he spent way too much time discussing Sean Penn and the Harvery Milk movie. I don't mind a good discussion of the event but he was enthralled with the actors and acting. That's Hollywood to me.

The night before Randi had spend half her time talking about Melissa Estridge and Willie and the Hollywood crowd. It seems like this country is overly impressed with everything Hollywood. It gets old.

And today, a repeat of Maddow's Dec 23 show, gave us Bender trying to sell Rachel on the Caroline Kennedy appointment to the NY Senate seat. Rachel doesn't like nepotism. Thinks others have earned it. He kept arguing that sometimes these appointments work out well . . . he seemed not to understand that the ends do not always justify the means. He's kind of star struck. It bothers me.

Anyway, thought I'd respond to your comment about Bender and my dislike for him. Sometimes I listen to him but when he starts to sound pollyanna-ish or gets celebrity-itis, I turn him off.


Progressive talk stations in other markets average about a 1.0 share, so KPTK is one of the very few to get more than 2.0.

As for the Greens, they were bought out early this year by Charlie Kireker.

The following is from the Huffington Post, datelined Feb. 21, 2008:

>>Air America, one of the country's more powerful radio networks and a major progressive megaphone, is switching ownership.

Charlie Kireker, a former political official and creator of Pendulum Media will succeed Stephen L. Green, the New York real estate CEO who helped lift the company out of bankruptcy, as chair of the board. The move will be finalized in mid March. Mark Green, Stephen's brother and Democratic activist, will remain as Air America's president.

"We look at what Steve and Mark Green have done as the transition role of saving and stabilizing the business and now we think it is a good opportunity to expand upon that," Kireker told the Huffington Post. "The company has made a lot of progress, we have consolidated operations, and streamlined things to be more efficient. We are yet to profitability but we are heading there."<<


That is good to know. The biggest difference I notice these days is that there are fewer of those annoying Advertising Council-sponsored commercials, and more regular ads you hear on other stations. They still have a good representation of progressive businesses, too.


Conservative talk stations are doing great in the Seattle market. Liberal borefest at KPTK? Not so much.


"I hate to state the obvious but presidential election? Helloz?"

is it just me or does anyone else think authenticandrew deserves poster of the year for this? i literally laughed out loud


Yes, that is among the top ten threads of the year.

If I were betting, I'd say that these large chunk of these ratings came before the Presidential election (Sept - Nov.). I would also bet that all talk radio stations across the board will see deflation in their ratings over the next two months.


The Mothership starts with the beloved and esteemed Dave Ross, who, like a fancy cheese just gets tastier. Dori has never been better. Dori is a radio man's radio man, with talent running out of his ears. People often overlook how funny Ross or Monson can be. R&D work the hardest, and they just keep getting better. I love the gong. tbtl is wonderful; Burbank is also a fantastic radio man, and he's funny enough to do stand up. I agree that Burbank's show is ready to go National. Has anybody ever had good numbers in that slot on KIRO since NY Vinnie tanked The Mound of Sound's audience all those years ago? Maybe that CIA Agent, Professor Ebert dude.Seahawks huddle numbers drop off a cliff, compared to tbtl. Anyway, a great line up! My dream would be to have Uncle Al (Alan Prell) get the 10pm to 1am slot. Phil Hendrie is the worst sort of old "zany" "streetsmart" (Yawn, KISW's Ricker's Chinese Pizza etc...) radio. Yeah KIRO!!!!!KPTK, weird voices from far away places who are so polarized they're just like Rush or Hannity (we're right, everybody else is wrong, YAWN)....I don't listen for the political masturbation! I listen for local yokels to entertain me. These days, from the Panic of 08 and into the Big Decline of 09, and the coming Depression and collapsing "standard" of living, tones emanating that make you smile are not a bad thing, at all. Of course, I'm just a radio listener, not a titan strategeologilistical, jealous windbag. My fear is that the 97.3 signal kind've sucks, and AM Kiro is indeed a blowtorch.News Flash, Talk Radio doesn't have to be "about" anything' it just needs to be good. Too bad DJ no name's stint on KIRO was so short. Just call me Coco was very good. SIDEBAR: Pssssssst: the banks all over this sorry globe are still loaded to their piggy eyeballs with ill liquid toxic assets. WHOOOOSH.....have a good day :)


andy, IF IT WAS JUST THE election, what happened to KOMO 1000? jus curious



wild bill

i TRASH Phil Hendrie, AND THEN last night, through the earphones, nursing a PBR and a neat shot of house whiskey, on his best of the week that was, he has a kick ass interview with Jesse Jackson. Last week he had a great chat with Steve Forbes. Hendrie does a great interview; it's just all that "zany madcap" character crap that wears me down. Jackson kept calling the bankers, banksters. I love it. PLUS, the best of tbtl before it was, well, brilliant. I am jonesing for me tbtl.


I thought the whole Hendrie schtick was that he did the voices of all his interviewees...so maybe you heard him do an impersonation?


In his orignial show in the late 1990's he didn't reveal that he was doing lots of the characters. These days, he scores some real people, and then has characters, lot of them who are heard regulalrly. The Jackson was real, though; pretty moving stuff, when he described watching Obama's election day speech. The characters, except for his "sidekick" have this weird "street noise" track that plays to muffle a bit and add to the illusion. The characters are just a bit shopworn.


I thought so, too.

I was just treated to election-eve radio courtesy of David Bender. At least he had the thoughtfulness to announce the date of the program several times during the broadcast.

He's okay but I wish he'd stop finishing people's sentences for them. He's on a faster pace and can't hold back. I like interiewers who listen. That's what was always so good about Larry King. He asked great follow up questions because he listened to his guests.

Oh, I hope I'm not too disappointed in Oama. It is clear he's not going to hold anyone accountable but I've heard of a few investigations going on by the FBI and some Congressional committees.

I'm seeing Obama in a different light these days. Hillary wouldn't have been better. Kucinich was the guy; Edwards, too, if he'd used better judgment with his philandering. Don't hear much from him these days, do you?


Hendrie has changed his show around. In addition to his regular comedy schtick, he does interviews with newsmakers and book writers now, like the other talkshows.that was really Jackson -not a voice. Also he sometimes takes straight calls from listeners on a serious topic. He seems to have stopped taking real callers for his phony guests, where he does the goofball guest voice. if he takes a call, it will be from himself, doing a fake caller. this is a stupid decision because that was the funniest part of the show, hearing real callers who didn't know the guest was really Phil, calling in to express their outrage.


If Joanie is having second thoughts about Obama, then he must be doing something good ! I like many of his cabinet selections so far.

No offense (but if you want to be offended, then by all means), just an acknowledgment that we are diametrically opposed about nearly everything, except maybe Iraq.


Exactly that which worries me, KS. As I recall, Clinton was a compromiser and many of Obamas appointments mirror Clintons. So, you liked Clinton?


Would you rather have a compromiser or a emulator of Bush-43 ? (A no-brainer) It's an improvement and its all relative. If Obama would have imitated Bush-43 - divisive over less polarizing/pragmatic, he would have appointed progressive- leftists instead of moderate Dems and Centrists. Thank God he chose the compromise route.

(PS - I could have figured that, simply by the number of times he voted present in both the State Legislature and US Senate).

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      Once a rabid right-wing talker, except for Lou Dobbs, it's all business....