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December 17, 2008



Phony and staged...all for what's his name's benefit, as usual.

Duffman (by chucks)

I am wrong. I admit here in front of God and everybody that I pulled my opinion out of my ass. It was a valid debate between two people that disagree. O'Reilly has maintained his wrong viewpoint all along as Megyn has maintained her view as expressed on The Factor as well as her own morning show.
I did not recognize debate because I only watch lib bs like Olbermann and never see people argue over valid non-agreeing points.
There Duffy, I fixed it for you.
You are welcome.
(Megyn Kelly is kind of nice to wake up to in the AM. Cute and smart, so her lib leanings are forgiven).


I don't think that Megyn Kelly is liberal, but in fact she is more conservative than Bill O (Lys Weal is the liberal). She happened to have a better grasp on the legal aspects here, with her background. There are some good conservative around and easy on the eyes as well. The bad conservatives are usually the neo-cons.


Ms Weil is a Yakima native. She was formerly an adjuunct prof at the UW Law School. I have exchanged a few emails with her. Nice lady.

I dont think Megyn is a lib-too smart.

Puget Sound

I took a class from Ms Weil years ago.
A very nice/intelligent person.

Puget Sound

Nice own up.


Both Weil and Kelly are easy on the eyes and dare I say...hotties.


"Both Weil and Kelly are easy on the eyes and dare I say...hotties"

How would you handle a hottie?


Nice to see Billo get spanked by one of his female own! Now, if only she had thrown her stilettos at him...


Posted by: Duffman (by chucks) | December 17, 2008 at 06:41 PM

chucks: I trust that wasn't you?


How would you handle a hottie?

Invite her to dance?


Sorry Duffy, it really was me. Just a little friendly shit flinging as it has been a while since I flipped you any. You were wrong about the debate between Megyn and O'Reilly. As you are of such strong moral fortitude, I know that you have no problem saying sorry when you are wrong. I just skipped a minor little step and apologised for you.
That's what friends do, right?


Et tu, Brute!


There may be hope for you after all, chucks. Sparky's a good teacher. She's more patient than I am.


Now we will see kudo's for chucks for attacking Duff...who is regarded herein by the stalwarts as the 'unworthy'. Hehe...too funny


Well Duffy, I did not, nor have I ever attacked you. Just a little good natured pooh flinging.


You know, chucks, I'm not going to defend duff but he makes a point.

The kind of "good-natured" flinging that you do is really passive-aggressive in nature. You don't like it much when I take you on in my "good-natured" way of flinging.

It is all in the eye of the beholder. You attack the messenger frequently. It is sort of nice to see you take on your own once in a while just as I have taken on my own when I don't agree with them.

But, don't try to make it without intention because we all feel it.

Nothing pure about you. It would be nice if we could talk without so many personal insults and emotional responses.

Every time you use Dimocrats or some other put down, you're making a point. Charm doesn't change the effect. In fact, I think it is quite cowardly.

I still appreciate your diffusing the polarity between your group and ours. I wish we could all do that. I can talk to Steven and even Duff without hostility. Sparky has been making a huge effort to do that even when her effort is rewarded with more put downs.

I'm a whole different story. To a degree, I just withdraw as I have for the last few days.

I've been reading. It's been mostly a one-man show. I'll leave you to guess who that might be.


Hey, no problem chucks..I understand; but regarding the subject topic, you can't be sure I was wrong. I happen to think that everything O'Reily does is contrived...suffice to say I don't care for him. Yes he would have someone on who disagrees with him but I THINK he would manipulate the session. His previous treatment of that former female producer leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth for him and I just don't trust him. So, we have our opinions..unfortunately we can't really prove who's wrong or right, but I have my opinion...as do you.


Opinion aka viewpoint, Duh-f to bring things right back on topic. For those of us who are terminally bored by The Boys' assignations of hotty-ness (and for those who may have missed it) watch this.


That could have been the most awkward segue known to humankind.


Fremont! how much snow do you have?
Almost a foot here...its beautiful and I just got the word that there is no school tomorrow..that lets parents make arrangements ahead of time.

Smallest dog wont go out in the snow anymore because he comes in covered in snow nuggets that freeze to his fur. Taking lots of pictures here!


Y'know Sparky, my dachshund is the same way. He hates the snow but my Lab, he really loves it. Especially the snow balls. Such fun watching him looking for them snowballs in the snow.


I am surprised to have a hummingbird out on the back porch..I put out fresh water but Im going to have to keep two feeders in rotation for when the one outside freezes up. I thought for sure they were not around in the winter..I thought they flew down to Mexico...


Lots of migration patterns changing due to global warming. In the oceans as well.

Changing migration patterns are better indicators than snow storms.

Can you tell what kind it is? Anna's hummingbird? Bright green body? Maybe a red head - males.

That's the only one I can identify. They are very common here. I love hummingbirds. Hope all is well with it.


No this is a little brown one..no colors, so I figure it is female. She hasn't been back since about noon.


Sparky, haven't you ever heard not to feed wild animals. Why do you think its still here? It has a food supply to sustain it. Your feeder. You may now have been responsible for that Hummingbirds death. I hope you are proud of yourself.


Hmm, he's got a point, Sparky. I'm wondering what my friends in Chelan do? They have hummingbirds all summer. Eastern winters are much harsher than ours. I wonder what happens to theirs?

Also, at Discovery Park, there's a hummingbird feeder by the visitor's center. I'll have to ask them next time we visit.

Probably our winters are no longer so harsh that birds need to migrate. I've heard that's why Canadian geese stick around all year now.


oreilly ,the hypocrite is now trying to have both ways , now says she's violating freedom of speech , but considers the atheist sign an attack , bad , wrong etc etc.
We'll if he supports freedom of speech , he'll need his right wing ass supporting the atheist sign .

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