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December 09, 2008



Deepak and Gotham are on Bill O.

They make little sense.

They recommend closing Gitmo and move the T's to Upstate NY. Riggghhhhhtttt!

But hey, they mean well, and that is what is important in the lib approach!!!!!


who knows? maybe with people cinching up their belts the supply of money for such books will dry up.


Hahaha, Thanks for a good laugh, Michael. After reading the ridiculous banter and nonsense on the other thread, I needed some fun and intellectual wit.

Chopra's playing with Hannity and I don't think Hannity gets it. Nobody on the right probably gets it. Which makes it all the more funny!

I'm still laughing. Thank you.


Is this a joke?

"US Treasury 3-month bill yield below zero for first time"

Thank you, "Decider Bush."


Hmm, all kinds of funny stories out there today: "

Former Housing CEOs: Poor People Did Not Cause The Current Financial Crisis»

O’Reilly And Rove Agree: Reports On The Bad Economy Are Part Of A Media Cabal To Help Obama»

Joe the Plumber lashes out: McCain ‘appalled me,’ ‘I wanted to get off the bus.’»

Court to Larry Craig: You’re still guilty.»

Fred Barnes Nominates Phil ‘Mental Recession’ Gramm To Be Car Czar»

White House sends memo to Cabinet officials with talking points on Bush’s successful presidency.»

Even if you don't read the text, these headlines have to make you giggle.


All good headlines to set the nail in the coffin of the GOP. They were greedy.


Well, I'm afraid they are laughing all the way to their tax-payor supported banks.

One more before bed. I couldn't resist:

"Virulent Barack Obama opponents won't go away

Silly me. Here I had been thinking that the wild-eyed foamers at the mouth who were driven nearly to madness by the prospect of Barack Obama's election to the presidency were going to wait until Obama actually did something to offend them before going nuts again.

But no.

Those who spent most of the 1990s seething that Bill and Hillary Clinton were serial murderers and who devoted the entire 2008 campaign cycle to painting Obama as a mysterious radical aren't relaxing during the transition.

...Their hopes rest on several false and farfetched propositions. And they rely, in the end, on either the Supreme Court or Congress being willing to create political chaos during already very frightening and perilous times based on various idiosyncratic interpretations of constitutional language and other statutes.

The Tribune has explained the error of their ways in several stories, and after I added an approving "me too" at Change of Subject last week, I was flooded with furious and patronizing e-mail from all over the country.

Many of these zealots claim to be mere defenders of the Constitution. But poke them, as I did in some instances, and out rushes the gassy blast of Bill-Ayers-Reverend-Wright-Tony-Rezko-Rashid-Khalidi-Occidental-College-Records and other points of concern that did not, to their dismay, turn the electorate against Obama.

Their little crusade won't go anywhere. But to them that will mean only that the Supreme Court has joined the mainstream media and perhaps Congress in a great conspiracy to put a foreignlike man in the White House to launch a Marxist revolution with the help of his terrorist friends.

For four years, maybe eight, we'll be hearing their shrill, tedious accusations, their daffy theories rooted in parsing and paranoia. Up until the day Obama's successor is sworn in we'll be hearing about his middle name—it's Hussein, have you heard?—and why he shouldn't be counted as fully American.

I wish we had the luxury to be amused."

Sound like anyone we know?


Now move over to Steve Young on politics in the left-hand column. He's questioning Obama's EARTH-i-ness. You never knoww...right Steven?

I can't help myself. This is fun.


ugh ph(J)oanie
embedding pretty much your entire story in the link defeats the purpose of having a link.

tip: try to lay off the vino during the work week.

The Other Kevin

Steve / Collier - you two should learn how to instant message - it's really awesome!

"Hannity needs to draw attention to himself and his radio and teevee broadcasting in an era in which his influence is certainly dwindling"

For some time I've been reading on this blog that a Republican loss would increase Hannity's ratings and influence. Like many things, I suppose that changes on a daily basis.

I did enjoy this headline:

--Democrat Illinois Governor Arrested for Trying to Sell Obama's Senate Seat; Withholding Millions from Children's Hospital in Exchange for Campaign Cash--

One wonders what the FBI had on Obama that they had to withhold for fear of igniting a charged political environment and setting-off his wild-eyed supporters.

The Other Kevin

Ooops, didn't realize Obama's latest corruption scandal was already live in another thread!

Well that's okay, this will be the last we hear of it - or Illinois rampant corruption generally -for 4 years as all active investigations are shut-down and defunded.

But anyway, seriously, is this the Joanie Blog or the Talk Radio Blog? Sometimes I feel like she thinks if she floods every post with enough cut-and-paste jobs she "wins."


spot on kevin, it's a real quantity over quality issue going on with her. sparky made a point awhile back that if joanie would only read her post twice before posting a lot of the weird stuff would be eliminated. fortunately she usually passes out at some point so the blog does get a respite.

the other favorite monkey trick she has is the troll like 'demand for answers' but when asked herself she goes into the avoidance mode. the sad part is that there was a time when she was half way serious but she frittered that away long ago.


joanie, the article is a metaphor for Blatherwatch on some days. Several examples in this thread to illustrate that. At least now I understand where the style of discussion comes from. All that is missing is for Hannity to admonish his guests for drinking.



Does any one think that Blowsobitch has ANY 'leverage' on POTUS-Elect Obama???


Why don't you tell us, it's much easier. You go gal!


Is everything Okay?


I figured as much duffass, nothing to add, just your persona.


Does any one think that Blowsobitch has ANY 'leverage' on POTUS-Elect Obama???

Here's mine, Constitutionally-speaking, the individual who wins the majority of the votes on November 4th will be inaugurated "POTUS" on January 20th, thus making Barack Obama "POTUS" (in Duffy's freepspeak)


But go ahead, Duffuck. Glance over Drudge, WND, and/or Orbus and enlighten us.

PS, Please believe that Obama is not a US citizen Mr. Black-helicopter-boy... PLEASE!


Obama had a role in supporting legislation in the Illinois Senate to enact ethics law that the Blagojevich' of the world didn't support, so I would say to the Duffy's, stop being so fucking obtuse.

The Other Kevin

Hard to imagine why Bribemaster Barack chose to endorse the Blagojevich's of the world then, not once, but twice ...

Harder still to imagine why Bribemaster Barack didn't report Blagojevich's attempts to extort him to the proper authorities but just "let it slide."

As someone who voted for Obama, I just think it's too bad the nation's second black president is so, so, terribly corrupt. Just an awful human being. I feel duped by Bribemaster Barack. Here's hoping this nation survives the next four years of shady dealings, backroom antics and "business as usual."

Bumpersticker Reader

you didn't vote for him, nor did you vote at all, ratfucker.


"Obama had a role in supporting legislation in the Illinois Senate to enact ethics law that the Blagojevich' of the world didn't support, so I would say to the Duffy's, stop being so fucking obtuse.

Posted by: Coiler | December 10, 2008 at 07:03 PM"

ROFL. Didn't Obama also promise to follow McCain-Feingold until he figured out it was more convenient to take every freakin dime out there? Uh yes is the answer.

Coils, I think GG is headed back to town and you know what that means...


and the gassy blasts continue...


Radio Equalizer:

"Topping the list of gift recipients: talk radio and blogs, which already realize they're sitting on a goldmine, as the surface of Obama's ties to these crooked Chicago thugs has barely been scratched.

Thought the Clinton years were entertaining? They will seem quaint by comparison. Adding to the fun, Hillary as secretary of state provides the icing on the cake!

Get ready for four years of zany hijinks, unless Obama becomes the second president in our nation's history to resign in disgrace."

Buckle up ph(J)oanies of this world, it will be a bumpy ride.


What's that smell?

Oh. Never mind.

The Other Kevin

"you didn't vote for him, nor did you vote at all, ratfucker."

I did vote for Bribemaster Barack and I am a very upset and concerned voter at recent revelations that Barack was involved in rampant corruption and Chicago machine politics. At this delicate point for our nation I am concerned that "business as usual" won't help generate good jobs and benefits for the men and women who clean our toilets, serve our food and care for our sick.

I was hoping for change when I voted Obama but I ended up with Bribemaster Barack, who may be the most corrupt President of all time. I am worried about my children's future if Bribemaster Barack has everything up for sale. Will he try to sell me and my kids even? I am confused and frightened.


"What's that smell?

Oh. Never mind.

Posted by: joanie | December 10, 2008 at 09:34 PM"

Ah, you got downwind of one of your own postings.

Try to avoid that. Cheers.


Go to bed, gary.


consensus Pungent, consensus. You guys lost big.

The Other Kevin

I don't see much similarity in the posting style of PugetSound and the artist formerly known as Gay Gary (the former Gay Gary seems a lot more condescending and brilliant in a mad scientist kind of way [no offense, PS]. I do see a lot of similarity between Joanie and Sparky, but then again, that's all probably just perspectives.

I bet, if we could ever actually find out, probably only 2 people post comments here under 17 different names. Ah well.

The Other Kevin

"consensus Pungent, consensus. You guys lost big."

The Democrats lost big in '94, but it was the American people who lost in the end.

Similarly, as an Obama voter, I think that - in light of the recent corruption swirling around Bribemaster Barack - it appears the American people are going to lose big again too. Here's hoping the American people score a "Win" in 2 years and kick-out Bribemaster Barack's cronies from The Hill.

As a parent, I am worried about the future of my children with Bribemaster Barack selling off the country.


it's getting late, gary, seventeen-year-old wrestlers need their sleep


no offense taken Kevin.
GG has a unique style.
Watching this 17 year old take apart two 'school teachers' is funny. All they can do is head for the hills. And what GG does to Coils...well, lets just say it isn't legal in 12 States. I hope Coils at least gets a good kiss when GG is finished with him.


Watching how Obama is distancing himself from the Nutroots and how easy they take it has been fascinating.
So far, I've been happy with what Obama has done.

He's largely taken the Bush Position on Iraq, Wiretapping, Gitmo, kept the Bush Sec of Defense, Reagan man Volker for Economic issues, nominated a Marine General for NSC head, and brought in Hillary as his Secretary of State.
And lets not forget the backfilling with Clintonistas everywhere in his admin. Won't see any wide eyed Nutroot types doing anything of substance.

The Other Kevin

As I said last night, the weirdest thing about joanie is her apparent thought that whomever posts the mosts comments "wins." I honestly, and I'm not making this up (I was tired when I did it), typed in joanietalk.blogs.com once when I was trying to visit here once some weeks ago.

I probably shouldn't talk because I've done more than my usual lurking the last few days what with my company's fantastic 5-days of mandatory, UNPAID vacation --- GRRRRR ... (thanks, Obama)


You're sweet, gary. I think you're cute. Will you be a playwrite when you grow up? You have a knack for writing you know. Or might you become a comic - an impersonator perhaps? :)

The Other Kevin

Wha - ? I thought PugetSound was Gary? (Wasn't Duckman Gary once, too?) Now I'm Gary? NICE!

(albeit a tad confusing)




I thought I was Gay Gary...now I'm feeling rejected.
Like someone said may be this blog has one poster with 18-Sybil-personalities...i.e. 'merci' hehe.


hey joanie..a friend of mine graduated from Pepperdine, and while there, she dated a guy in Pepperdine Law school. His two roommates? Blagojevich and Tallis Coburg, the AG of Alaska embroiled in the Palin case. hah.


..not hey joanie, rather HEY BLATHERWATCH! (we got your point)
...and what 'Palin case' w/that be pray tell? [i.e., as if it were any where NEAR the severity of the Blagobitch case]


Hey Duff, you'll enjoy this exchange.
What's real funny is when 'they' go over to another blog to post under 'other' names. Like this Gem here on a good guy, Eric Earling, discussing his move off of blogging and one of our usual suspects trying to throw sand in his face and getting it right back by playing 'Grammar Cop.' Too funny as 'Just Saying' puts up some crap on Posts 9 and 14 only to get found out prior to doing the Seattle. Earling does a nice job of spanking 'Just Saying' and then M.R. comes back to id it at the end.

9. "So, part of what I'm chewing on are ways in which in monetize my ability with the written word, including blogging."
You might want to start by writing in complete sentences.

Posted by: Just Saying on November 25, 2008 09:45 AM

14. "I've always found that people who get hung up on minor grammatical errors happen to be the worst writers."
I've always found that people who try to excuse their lack of attention to grammar typically write at the grade school level.
Posted by: Just Saying on November 26, 2008 02:28 PM

15. "Just Saying" apparently never got the memo that blogging is very often written as one would speak, not as one would write an essay. Thus, the conversational tone that most readers prefer. But, whatever justifies the nitpicking, chip on the shoulder mentality...
Posted by: Eric Earling on November 26, 2008 03:16 PM

16. Don't mind "Just Saying" too much Eric. That's Sparky from Blurter-wanks. The only two monkey tricks Sparky can come up with are 'Grammer Gotcha' and Daily Kos smears. You should have seen Sparky go hog wild on Twig Palin.
Recently poor Sparky has been losing a debate to a 17 year old that refuses to take Daily Kos Updates on face value. We have hope for the future!
Posted by: Mike Response on November 27, 2008 06:58 AM




When I read that I fell out of my chair laughing.

Kind of like the time Coiler 'objected' to someone posting a fake Sparky posting before the real Sparky had a chance to chime in. When asked how Coiler could know that it was a fake Sparky if the real Sparky hadn't objected to it....well, you know.

Sparky lets Coiler do the 'scut work' so she can remain above the fray. Meanwhile poor Joanie gets played for a fool.


It's fun! Watching you 2 bitch about other people in here until your words gets banned ROTFLMAO?


It's even funner watching you get 'spanked' by Gay Gary.


only one word was 'banned' and that was because it was apt. the person it was directed towards couldn't shake it and cried about it to the webmaster. it's his website and he pays the freight so i'll honor his decision. for the record, it wasn't a bad or coarse word. it was worse. it was a descriptive word that fit to a T.

but hey, we don't need that word. we got others we can use which are just as effective.

and coils, best look over your shoulder. that may be GG's footsteps you're hearing and he ain't gonna like you posting without permission....


What was that word anyway? Was the word Ske@$da%&le? I have not seen that floated about lately.
Just wondering.
OK, that question is answered.
Thanks TypePad.


Ah Chucks
We got better things to speak on such as the Illinois Gov-Obama Senate Seat-Gate going on.

Just insert the word 'Seattle' for the bad word and it works just fine. As in, Ph(J)oanie pulled the 'Seattle'

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