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November 25, 2008



cradle catholics eh?

well, at least this cradle catholic (ex) had enough sense to recognize a snow job...


oh yes - for for another pleasant christmas surprise - googel "ann coulter jaw"

we could only hope it is true...


This Christmas thing with Orally isn't headline news anymore. I think people are getting tired him

This for Klueless, chucks, steven and sputs who all think the financial world starting collapsing because the Dems took control of Congress in 2006:

" NORQUIST: Well, the economy’s in the present state because when the Democrats took the House and Senate in 2006, you knew that those tax increases were going to come in 2010. The stock market began to collapse as soon as you recognized that those old tax rates were coming back. So, we’re in the middle of responding to those tax increases.

David Sirota, who was on the CNBC show as well, notes that Norquist’s absurd argument was laughed at and immediately rejected by the host and the other guests on the show. The Financial Times’ Chrystia Freeland pointed out that “the stock market is collapsing because the U.S. and global financial system is in crisis.”

How does it feel to have the business channel laughing at you guys?

Mike Response

This troll continues to breakwind and post answers to questions never posed.
So continue to break wind and post on bitter lady. Post on. We'll just take care to stand upwind of you.

Mike Response

In the fine troll like tradition of Joanie I'll spew:

Why did Obama choose to go private over one of those local public schools that the unions are always touting?

"But most Washington DC public schools are hellholes. So parents here — including the first family — find hypocrisy a small price to pay for fulfilling their parental obligations.

According to data compiled by the Washington Post in 2007, of the 100 largest school districts in the country, D.C. ranks third in spending for each student, around $13,000 a pupil, but last in spending on instruction. More than half of every dollar of education spending goes to the salaries of administrators. Test scores are abysmal; the campuses are often unsafe.

Michelle Rhee, D.C.’s heroic school chancellor, in her 17 months on the job has already made meaningful improvements. But that’s grading on an enormous curve. The Post recently reported that on observing a bad teacher in a classroom, Rhee complained to the principal. “Would you put your grandchild in that class?” she asked.

“If that’s the standard,” replied the defensive principal, “we don’t have any effective teachers in my school.”

You'll get talk about 'security' but why would it really be any less secure for Obama's kids at a private vs a public school given the level of Secret Service protection? Amy Carter attended public school.

C'mon Joanie, breakwind and spew like you always do. Google Michelle Rhee and you'll find good things about her and the fight against the DC Teachers Union. If you're such a committed teacher how come you won't teach in an urban environment? Ranier Beach a little too public for you Joanie? Got your self satisfied little gig in the little white enclave. Just the teacher version of white limosine liberal. All talk but a real chicken-hawk when it comes to serving the needy.


Ah yes, nothing like a good ad hominem in the morning...
Jesus you guys are wayyyy worse losers than I thought you would be.

Sidwell Friends has long experience of accomodating the Secret Service and, yes, the level of security that is needed. In light of the number of nutjobs coming out of the woodwork lately, security is going to be especially important for those two little girls.

I love it that the "private vs public" old saw is what you guys have been reduced to. Please, continue!!


Please take note of how 'one person's' comment/post transforms into 'you guys'. A little indication of how the poster paints with a broad brush. What a fricken phony.
Next, she'll likely be taking more cheap shots at Jean...go figure.


"Indeed, if he wants to find a real culprit, he should look at the Bush administration’s utter failure to supervise our mortgage, lending and financial markets properly while also ignoring the ailing U.S. housing market."

Joanie, the above from your link. Wasn't that what Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were warned about and failed to take action. And don't forget the "minimum wage" increase and the Libs failure to keep oil prices at consumer friendly levels. Those were the two biggest culprits in the crisis we are facing now IMO.

Is it only a coincidence that unemployment started going up with the passage of the "MW" increase. I think not.


steven: got to commend you for your persistance in trying to convince the 'joanies' and 'sparkys' of this venue of what has really transpired in this regard. Unfortunately I've deduced that 'reason' just doesn't enter into their equation. They're about as 'open-minded' as Nancy Pelosi (their 'hero').


hahahahaha, steven.

You continue to blame Frank and Dodd and the minimum wage which is just why CNBC is laughing at Norquist and now you. And now you are for the American government controlling oil prices? More socialism?

What's wrong with free market capitalism?

Which is it steven, socialism or capitalism?

And duffman, "you guys' was defined or do you need specs these days? Did I hurt your feelings by not including you? Well, let's fix that: "klueless, steven, chucks, duffman and sputs."

Feel better now?

Oh, I'm lovin' it when I take aim and hit my mark. Thanks, Mike. Keep those reasoned posts coming.


Happy Thanksgiving to all (especially to you, Bla'M)...YES, and even to our resident teachers. Heading out. :)


...Oh, and 'interesting' that you ASSumed I was talking 'bout you. BUH-bye!

Mike Response

"Sidwell Friends has long experience of accomodating the Secret Service and, yes, the level of security that is needed. In light of the number of nutjobs coming out of the woodwork lately, security is going to be especially important for those two little girls."

All little girls are in need of security.
And yes, I'll bet Sidwell has a lot of experiance with Limo Liberals that preach public school and then use private schools. No vouchers for you but for me I want only the best for my little ones. Kind of like those phony Libs that preach one thing but won't work in the tough schools in the Ranier Beach area.
But why can't the public school also benefit from the additional security. We had nuts back in the 70's. Terrorist groups like oh say the Weathermen.
Nice dodge on the good work going on by Ms Rhee as she gets rid of the non performers/deadwood.

Mike Response

...might be a little too close for comfort.


I will go a little farther and say that it is a fact that our current financial crisis is the creation of the democrats.
By creating through socialistic regulation of lenders a false market for homes, the current mortgage mess was born. By forcing mortgage banks to loan money to people that in no way qualified for those loans, creating an artificial shortage of owner occupied housing. Builders responded by building more than the natural market could handle. Housing values ballooned, people, because of loose lending used their homes as ATM's. That pushed the bubble farther.
Mortgage bankers came with looser adjustable loans, convincing the moronic masses to borrow even more.
"Don't worry about the rate adjusting, we will just re-fi when that day comes. That day is here and nobody is loaning to the unqualified any more.
When Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Maxine Waters were made aware of the on comming mess, they went in to mass denial about any problems and shut down the whole process to attempt to reign in the problem.
Now Sparky and I, along with millions of other folks who stuck with traditional mortgages, that we could afford are paying billions of $ to protect politicians butts and to keep people in homes the can not pay for.
It is a Democrat created problem of epic proportions with pleanty of co-operation from Republicans.
Now, everybody bend over and grab your ankles. We are all taking it in the donkey on this one.
Now, I am not one of those hoity toity economist's that joanie is looking to. I am just a lowly little finance manager in an RV store, that has been dealing with customers and lenders for a kazillion years. At $15k to $20K on average, I have been involved in over $125,000,000.00 arranged loans to folks. Me knows a little bit about lending money to the folks.
Crap, I forgot what this dayum thread was about.


Chucks, that has got to be the dumbest fucking thing I read today.


Don't read much, eh?
You have anything to add besides moronic insults?


yes, I am insulting a moron.

Do you comprehend ANYTHING you see/hear/read except crap from Rush and his ilk? Do you not realize financial experts pin this on the banking/loan industry and their insane greed and neither party? 1929 was triggered by people buying stock they could not pay for (margin). This economic bomb has been triggered by loans sold that could not be paid for - period. Both resulted in a crisis of confidence.

Quit being a tool.


Do you realize that I said the same thing you did about loaning mortgage money to people who could not repay Mr Mark, expert? The only real difference is who is responsible. Who gets the "blame"?
Who are the experts you rely on? Do they have any need to cover their own donkeys?
Why do you or they not point towards Frank, Waters or Dodd? Politico's that were warned in congressional hearings, yet declined that any problem existed and shut off the hearings?
Your name calling is really cool and I can't compete with that. Guess I am just feeling to removed from Jr High school today. Sorry.
Do you comprehend anything that does not come from Randi, Rachel or their ilk?
Quit being a what ever you are being. A shovel or something.


Hey M R, you seriously want to tell the taxpayers they should pay for security at every school? In this economy?


I have a better idea...lets just give all the teachers and students guns.
Chucks, do you have anything in an automatic that I could pack around??


yes, Sen. Dodd and Rep. Frank made Fannie and Freddie authorize all those bad loans - and the individual loans companies and agents, why they really tried to dissuade all those NINJA loans because they did not want the fat commissions attached, nor did they not want to hit people with sub prime loans who actually qualled for lower interest loans. nope, no blame there... nor is there any blame with the big investment houses who packaged "swaps" so they would not fall under SEC scrutiny by mislabeling them...

so, how is there a political connection if any? maybe most of these bankers, brokers, loan agents, etc that caused all this greedy carnage - which side of the aisle do you think they vote?

Take your Dodd/Frank theories and shove them back up your ass - us middle of the road Americans are tired of your stupid shit.


Dodd, Frank and Waters are your folks. You just keep them up your ass. You just can not accept responsibility for your party.
This is your party's screw up.
Fix it.


Comparing opening up the coast of America and ANWR to drilling and the US government controlling oil prices is a stretch there Joanie. Even for you.

If the Libs would have taken action on the above, the price of oil would have stayed steady, gas prices, food prices, shipping, etc, etc, etc... would have remained cheap enough for the people who are having trouble today paying thier mortgages and thus we would not be having the mortgage crisis. And with the "MW", if it was kept as it was, the unemployment rate would be lower, a lot lower than it is today and the people would be spending like they had been in 2005 and 2006. But you Libs messed it up, and look at where you got us.

And lets not forget to put the blame on Gore also and his fear campaign that the Earth was warming up. That fear in itself caused the most damage to the Auto Industry. Think about it.

Mike Response

No wonder the 17 year old gets the best of you. Silly to think you would honestly answer the question. Just don't expect others to honestly answer you.
$13 k a year per student and little makes it to the classroom.
As a teacher of a public school that should make you damn angry. Moreover, the fact that Obama has such little faith in public teachers says a lot. But maybe you agree with his assessment.


Have a happy turkey day, MR!

Mike Response

How appropriate you would go for arming all the teachers. And I would think you would be a great shot given the ability you have demonstrated in the past to shoot yourself in the foot.


sho' nuff sugah!


I'm having 20 people tomorrow, and the mothers-in-law, sister-in-law and other "moms" are bringing at least one dish, and some as many as three dishes. As hostess,I'm doing a turkey, gravy, stuffing, hor d'oeurves, mini jell-o molds,and roasted brussel sprouts plus wine, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.. Others are bringing the pies, soups, salads, sweet potatos, breads, etc. My sister in from LA is in charge of beverages -- you have to delegate! My biggest learning curve last year was how long it took to set the table, so this year I did the tablecloths last night and am setting the table today! Good luck to all the Hosts and Hostesses out there -- Delegate!!


Wonderful, Sparky! You took the words right out of my mouth. Like good ole' reasoned Mike is going to up his taxes to pay for security for all school kids. Ditto your hahahahahaha and add a few more!

Now, steven, are these your words or not:

and the Libs failure to keep oil prices at consumer friendly levels.

You want price controls (socialism) or free market?

The coast of America has been opened up and leases unused. Anwar wouldn't even come on the market for another twenty years and even then would go onto the world market at competitive prices.

Do you understand how it all works? Or you taking Rush's word for everything?

BTW, Randi rocked again today. Taking on the over-bonused CEO's you trust with all the money:

the rich who know what to do with it

You never did answer that one, did you?

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