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November 17, 2008



An inspired column, Michael. Thank you.

the “white-trash pride” party.

That is precious.

Obama is handling the transition with so much integrity and statesmanship that he's already making Bush look like a rank amateur by comparison. I may not agree with Obama on everything, but everyday my confidence in his ability increases. It's so nice to have a smart President again.

BTW, Jew, did you notice the Hitler reference wasn't mine?


Not to forget the ridiculous clinging to the hope that his birth certificate is fake. That one will always win the prize in my book. But, that is just about all they have left.


Points well taken, Mi hael. OI was just talking to a young guy just out of J-school wh's been interning at a radio station. He's decided against that career, he's looking to some other form of broadcast journalism even thought he's wanted to be in radio since he was a kid. It is sad.
On the other hand, priapism isn't so bad.


We'll see how hope works out for you brain dead followers of Hussein Obama. I'm not so sure America deserves much success after falling for this guy. Hope we can wait it out. My wife is looking into moving to New Zealand.


I don't think substantive, positive talk radio would work. Those with whom it might, have already gone to Air America and NPR... The Wall Street owners of radio are just waiting for the boomers to dies, then they'll turn the stations inot infomercial fests.


I don't think substantive, positive talk radio would work. Those with whom it might, have already gone to Air America and NPR... The Wall Street owners of radio are just waiting for the boomers to dies, then they'll turn the stations inot infomercial fests.


We're done with talk radio on AM. The commercials drove us away. We got satellite radio a year ago. There are some choices up there. People are trying out some different stuff, too.


Nitpick: "KVI introduced Big Pants to Seattle back in the day" is not correct. Limbaugh first appeared on Seattle Radio on the old KING-AM. Management and ownership (still the Bullett family in those days) found him so egregious that they dumped him after a few months.


not sure about that, mr. hood -

unlike oil or water, there is an unlimited pool of stupid for talk radio to drink from.

Gay Gary

I'm not so sure America deserves much success after falling for this guy.

Jaydar - if I were really gay, you and I would be lovers.

Read this today and could not have been happier: Citigroup job cull to hit 75,000

Either we have this country or no one has it.

Let's burn the muthafucka down!


Bon Voyage, Jaydar.

I think I agree with you, Mark. Radio has been hanging by a thread ever since Larry King brought it back in the seventies. Its demise has been long in coming.

Also, looking at cable tv, there are so many stations but all of them attracting an audience albeit smaller. That may be the future of radio. There will always be people who like to listen while working or for entertainment. Not all of us are tv watchers.

It may be commercial or subscriber, but some form will survive. Somebody will find a way to make money and fulfill their heart's desire.

The only alternative scenario I can think of is that the young people of today will become human ipods walking around listening to music all day.

How stoopid will America be then?

Thanks for all the vocabulary lessons, chucks. You're on the leading edge of that group, huh?

Teasing. Sort of. :)


I have been commuting to Bellingham so I have a chance to catch up on some of the activities on the airwaves. So for fun I thought I would tune back in to old Kirby and see what the “Emerald City Limbaugh Wannabe” has been doing. He is the true representative of Republican right wing radio! Still bellyaching about “illegal immigrants,” same old tiresome Reagan inspired message of getting government out of the way and is the cause and not the solution. Of course anything remotely associated with helping the homeless is all a leftist loony plot! For some reason, the bailout of Wall Street and proposed aide to the auto industry is the fault of the liberals.

Last Friday, Luke Esser hosted in Kirby’s place, was soliciting inputs on how the GOP can make a comeback and win! Most callers were all cheerleaders telling Sir Luke what he wanted to hear. I had to go back to NPR after several callers labeled President Obama and his supporters “Marxists.” That in itself was enough proof of idiocy of the Republicans and conservatives in general.

If Kirby’s callers as well as those who attended McCain rallies are any indication of intelligence level of conservatives and Republicans, they are going to need more help than divine intervention. It’s hard to imagine that the GOP was once the party of Lincoln and was the party that gave us Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts. Instead it’s turned into a cult like satanic orgy of government bashing Reagan worshippers chanting a mantra until he crawls out of his crypt to their rescue. Unfortunately for them, their ideology like the Gipper is dead.

David Tatelman

Jaydar, you guys really kill me. We have put up with 12 years of dumb neo-conservative government running this country into the ground, and you guys are complaining before our guy has even taken office. I'm not sure you would find New Zealand to be the rightwing hotbed you are looking for, since they have the most active peace movement in the world. In fact, you would have a hard time finding a county in the world that shares your paleothilic beliefs, other than Saudi Arabia. Perhaps you should move to Alaska or Mississippi.

Gay Gary

We have put up with 12 years of dumb neo-conservative government running this country

Bill Clinton became a neo-con in his second term?

Annnywho, an interesting original post but it suffers a fatal flaw. Dori Monson does not have a political talk show. He has a pop culture talk show that occasionally skims politics. In the few months leading into an election he talks politics 24/7 but, outside of that narrow set, 2/3 of his program deals with pop culture and lighter-side-of-life topics ("Phil - what are your top 10 Rolling Stones songs?", "Phil, what would you consider the greatest moment in sitcom history?", "Let's check in now for an update on XYZ trashy reality show.", "I'm going to go 1-on-1 with the nuns!"), with the regular "serious hour" mixed in.

I can't believe it takes me to point these things out.


That's your youth speaking, Gary. You have little perspective. Time will remedy that deficiency.

Thanks, Rozskat and David. Well put.

I think Jaydar should try Saudi Arabia since he prefers international. He can follow the money and perhaps get a job with Haliburton.

David Tatelman

It just seemed like 12 years!

Gay Gary

That's your youth speaking, Gary.

Ms. Joanie - for the better part of 6 months I rode you like a $2 whore. You variously lauded me as the most reasoned, perceptive and brilliant poster here and the most deceptive, inflammatory and downright wicked person alive, depending on how I was playing you that day. But now, since I've told you how old I am you simply refuse to talk. I'm disappointed, Ms. J.

You have little perspective.

Ms. J. you don't know me well enough to make that judgment.
Thanks to some maternal experimentation with mescaline in the '80s, I was born with full consciousness of my genetic memories so I can verily tell you I have a much broader perspective than you, Ms. Joanie. Haven't you ever read J.D. Salinger's "Teddy?"


Apparently Jaydar's wife doesn't think too much of him if she wants to move to New Zealand to get away from him.




Hahaha, yes you did! Fun wasn't it? I gave you what you paid for, didn't I?

I try to do it with chucks, but he's too old. Just gives up and goes away.

Nothing like youth to keep an old lady happy!


Did you notice that KIRO had Mike Mevied and Dave Ross on together, last week? I guess this is their version of "The Comentators", i.e., KOMO's John Carlson and Ken Shram.


Secretary of State! I'll take it! [Only temporary, folks!]


Don't you mean "younger man and older woman" Joanie? ;)


Rev is right; Rush began on KING 1090 AM in 1988 or so and was aired on weekends (I know, since my live-and-local specialty talk show was a casualty of the addition). But I suspect he didn't really get an audience 'til KVI picked up his Pants.


Moving to New Zealand to get away from American liberalism? Helen Clark’s party just lost the election and a “conservative” John Key was elected. A “conservative” in New Zealand is pretty liberal compared to American standards and besides a “Yank” fleeing to New Zealand because of domestic politics is frowned upon. We’ll see how conservative John Key is once he lifts the ban on visits to New Zealand by the US Navy.


If those elements which you label as indicative of the GOP truely were a 'sinking ship' then Olberman and Maddow (read: Ron Reagan in drag) are sure subscribing to the 'GOP M.O.' now aren't they. And their numbers are going up according to you and your amen editorializing.

go figure.


The reason they (Olberman and Maddow) are going up is because they are using the proven "red-meat" strategy in demonizing Republicans just as Limbaugh, Hannity, et. al. have used to demonize the left.

Similarly, Michael Savage has high numbers on radio because he is demonizing the left and faux conservatives, which rubs many of you the wrong way and to that I respond; what's good for the goose is good for the gander. You brought up the topic...

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