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November 19, 2008


Seattle Jew

Beck is a blithering know it all idiot of the worst kind. He makes O'Reeilly seem brilliant .. maybe even make Hannity seem not totally irrational.

Even for the Fauxies, isn ;t this a bit far out. If he stays, they will need to hire Michael Savage to make Beck look good!


Know it all, hell. The average high schooler could write a better and more entertaining account of Saturday night than this guy. What a muddled mess.


Far from getting 'jumped'...more like 'confronted'...jumped in my book involves physical contact and I don't think 'ol Beck w/be up for that.


Wow...anger directed at Glenn Beck...now there's a man-bites-dog story!

Though depending on what you think of Kucinich, the comments about his drugged wife are pretty funny. She's the walking definition of a trophy wife, and setting his politics completely aside, he's not exactly a matinee idol.


Don't be so quick to discount Kucinich 'till you stand next to him at a urinal. We know not of what attracts many women. :)

The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

This thread seems to be dying. I'll change the topic and get it spiced up.

Democratic donor and Ford CEO Alan Mullally - who has funneled thousands of dollars to Maria Cantwell, Norm Dicks and Patty Murray - storms away when asked by ABC News to discuss his refusal to fly anything other than a private luxury jet from Detroit to DC to beg Congress for billions in taxpayer dollars.


Punk's Progress- This afternoon Dori laughed at and made fun of a tv morningshow anchor woman who fell and was seriously injured doing a food prep demo, and an Oregon woman who lost $400000, her life savings, through a fraud operated by a Nigerian internet scammer.


Now I have to put this in the right thread.
Glenn Beck's latest book "The Christmas Sweater" will debut at #1
on The New York Times Best Sellers List this week end. The book doesn't even come out until tomorrow and is reported to already be in its sixth printing.


Karma is a bitch, Glen.
However, I'm thinking this event does not pass the smell test, and was tossed out there to help the sales of his book.


Well, he's certainly not lying about Frostys at least. They're darn good, and who among us who can handle dairy could possibly refuse one?


Glenn Beck and Keith Olberman in a faceoff ? Like dragging your fingernails across a blackboard.
That would probably never come to pass though, as Olberman doesn't like to debate anyone.

Beck likes to throw out the red meat against the left as Olberman does against the right. The one thing I liked on his show was the piece that he did with Pat Gray before the election - Arguments for idiots, where Gray impersonated a lefty loon and sounded pretty authentic. Since the election, I haven't heard this, as it appears that the idiot arguments from the left won out with the electorate. So, from this it can be concluded that both sides believe that the other side are comprised of idiots - that is getting old...


Punk's Progress- Dori said today that he doesn't believe the honchos from the Automotive corporations who said that 3 million jobs would be lost without the auto bailout. Just blowing smoke. trying to scare us he snorted. As he said this you folks listening at home couldn't see his propellor beanie on top of his head, with the bright multi-colored propellor blades spinning away.

The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

Hey Ms. Sparky - could you address the statistic you provided in the other thread? Your comment must have not showed up in the original thread so I'm reposting the exchange here. I'm sure you weren't just running off, or "pulling a Geov" as we say when one is confronted with citable facts. Thanks!

Why does anyone care whether people want to get married. Straight marriages have about a 49% chance of ending up in divorce, and I don't see anyone complaining about that being a threat to marriage. Divorce is just fine with the Mormons. How hypocritical.

Posted by: sparky | November 18, 2008 at 06:11 PM

Source citation, Ms. Sparky?

The reason I'm asking is because your 49% figure is oft-repeated and never cited. It has become urban legend. My social studies teacher tells we should not help spread urban legends. Then again, I don't go to a public school, so maybe that's just crazy-talk.

According to the 2000 census, the number of adults in the US who have ever been divorced is 21%. The number of adults who have ever been married is 71%. That means roughly 2/3's of marriages have not ended in divorce. Here's a spreadsheet from the Bureau of the Census. You may now provide your link to dailykos or whatever your eminently reputable source is ...


Posted by: The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary) | November 18, 2008 at 06:22 PM

Puget Sound

Beast aka GG
Good look on getting a fess up.
Hey, what's your take on the oft-quoted 'women only make 76 cents as compared to a man.


Let me clue you in on something. If you listen to Glen Beck you'll hear him say from time to time that he doesn't 'care' about color of skin. That's how you know he's in fact a bigot. That's code for "I'm a bigot."


Would any of you recognize Glenn Beck in a Wendy's? Fake.


This is a breakdown of divorce rates and associated variables:


The closest I could find to the figure under discussion is this:

c.f. figure 19.
And note that this is within 10 years.
48% under 18
40% 18-19
29% 20-24
24% 25+

"The number of adults in the US who have ever been divorced is 21%. The number of adults who have ever been married is 71%. "

So 30%, per the 2000 census. Could you provide a link here?

Don't forget that the Iraq war caused an increase in divorce rates:


"In 2004 the rate of divorce was more than three times as high as in 2002, figures showed."


Looks relevant. A bit of number crunching on the "Percent ever divorced by age:" in
"Marital History by Sex for Selected Birth Cohorts, 1935-39 to 1980-84: 2004" would give the desired number, I think.


Now, what is it for married couples of the same sex.


Bottom line is that is doesn't really matter what the fricken 'stats' show; this is a personal matter. End of Subject!

The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

So 30%, per the 2000 census. Could you provide a link here?

Census Bureau; reference the original thread for the URL.

Sparky? Could I get the link to your 49% figure, please? Was it dailykos? Wikipedia? Divining rod?

The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

Citable Facts : Water :: Sparky : Wicked Witch of the West

New Topic

You be the canvassing board! How would you rule on these Coleman / Franken /Barkley ballots?

My fav was the one where Franken argued that the finger smudge on the ballot constituted a thumbprint and invalidated the ballot by betraying its anonymity.


formerly Gay Gary: I think you'll find that whenever sparky and/or joanie are proved wrong or incorrect, a strange silence emanates from their keyboards. You know the 'if we ignore it' may be it goes away and no one else notices type of thing. This is normal behavior on their part.


A narcissist needs no reply--their own words are the succor.

I can't hang out here all day like you do Duffman. I have a job. And tonight I have report cards to fill out. You and Gary can rub each other's back.

The Beat Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

I finish first day of wrestling practice and am greeted by this?
What a pathetic cop-out. In the time it took you to write that you could have provided your source for the number you made up and that was refuted by a verifiable statistic.

You're running away as fast as your chubby little legs can carry you, blowing smoke out of your ass as you go. If this isn't an argument against every teacher raise demanded I don't know what is. Glad I don't go to a public school if you're typical.

You are, quite simply, not a terribly bright person.


Oh Noz! Gary doesn't approve of me. How will I live?

Gay Gary

In the time it took you to write that you could have provided your source for the number you made up and that was refuted by a verifiable statistic.

Even Geov Parrish admitted his error when I PWNED him on his geographic knowledge, sparky. You don't really contribute as much to society as him. I expect nothing short of complete contrition from you.

God, old people are so useless. Watch Logan's Run and get a clue, Ms. Sparky.

rhetorical tool

A a lot of people who get divorced get remarried and divorce a second or even third time.
So It is quite possible that 71 percent of adults have never been divorced AND 49 percent of marriages end in divorce. Also, if 71 percent of adults have never been divorced, would that not include adults who have never been married, further skewing your numbers?

The Beat Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

Rhet - the specific numbers are 71% 15+ "Ever Married" vs. 24% 15+ "Ever Divorced."

If you are still confused, Washington has a community and vocational college system that offers remedial math courses.

Best of luck with all your future endeavors -


ya GG let's go back to that exchange you had with Geov, I didn't see where got the best of him.

Gay Gary

ya GG let's go back to that exchange you had with Geov

The exchange Geov had with me? Of course, be my guest. Please post a link here once you've found it.

(To recap, he made some snide missive about how my geography was wrong, I PWNED him like I did Sparky, then he made some attempt at a humorous aside and disappeared.)

Gay Gary

BTW, considering I'm probably like 30 years younger than Geov, that should be especially embarrassing for him, so you might give pause before you choose to embarrass him anymore.


you PWNED, is that gay slang? Can't you just state the verb?


Oh Gary Gary I forgot to add. In addition to the 'ignore' ploy by the infamous sparky and joanie, they both also will (at times when defeated) claim they are 'too busy', or they 'have a life', or 'must go to Birch Bay'...or some other blathering excuse. But if they feel they have the upper hand or are right...they'll ramble on herein for days. Just a bit more insight into the workings of our resident school marm's. We had a term for them but it has been banned herein. [Suffice to say that it rhymes with 'seattle']:)


Like your milk story in the army, the central Wa 60's garage band you were supposedly in, the claim you're half white, Canadian, Vietnam vet. What other fictional characters will you be today, duffy?


Oh, and when you start hitting close to home they attack your character. This is basically the MO of many 'so-called' liberal progressives herein. They're like an open book and would probably be rejected out of hand by the Obama administration that they purport to 'suck up to'. It's too funny!

The Beat Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

you PWNED, is that gay slang? Can't you just state the verb?

What are you, like 40? Here:



Methinks you just PWNED who ever is disguising themselves as 'cyn' [and we really know who that is, don't we ;) ]


...and then there's the aliases they use...OMG, what shills these mortals be...and yes they're old.

...sorry, must be off to Birch Bay now. Bwahahahaha....


...or work in the garden, or make telephone calls for Obama...or, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah... Gag!!!

The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

My favorite part is that, when I called "CYN" on her dubious mathematical skills, she dropped that entire argument totally and just started running in circles as fast as her chubby little legs could carry her, waving her hands over her shoulders and blubbering about the use of slang.


Where is the math problem? What does that have to do with Geov and your lack of geography skills? Are you ok?


"Oh Gary Gary I forgot to add. In addition to the 'ignore' ploy by the infamous sparky and joanie, they both also will (at times when defeated) claim they are 'too busy', or they 'have a life', or 'must go to Birch Bay'...or some other blathering excuse. But if they feel they have the upper hand or are right...they'll ramble on herein for days. Just a bit more insight into the workings of our resident school marm's. We had a term for them but it has been banned herein. [Suffice to say that it rhymes with 'seattle']:)

Posted by: Duffman | November 21, 2008 at 01:04 PM"

Don't forget Joanie's 2 am drive-bye rant filled postings...
I don't think they care too much for GG.

The Beast Rabban (formerly Gay Gary)

Oh Sparky/Joanie/Geov/Cyn - I just want to cuddle you up and take you home with me! Between your shaky command of math and geography and your somewhat fumbling 'n bumbling wind-up attempts you are just the classic declasse American worker! As long as We can make sure you're always well fed, have something to hump or be humped by and occasionally supply you with some little gadget or technical gee-wheeze like an iPod or plasma screen TV, you'll fit snugly under our heel. And that's for the best - adorable, I love it!

(The funniest part about this is that I sometimes imagine what I will be doing when I'm as aged as you, when I'm living on my own, etc. and it usually doesn't involve trading insults with 17 year olds on the internet. Too precious!)


Michael, we need another post. Poor sputsie and duh"f can't think of anything to talk about - again.

Although, I admit to being flattered by your interest.

Now on to more interesting posters.

Ta Ta


Joanie, is it me or is President Elect Obama's cabinet looking like President Clinton's of the 90's.


When did I say Obama was my choice? I wanted Kucinich, remember?

Or is your memory failing you? Obama/Clinton better than Bush/McCain.

But, not my choice.

Try to remember that. K?


CHANGE. Thats what you wanted but it looks like thats not going to happen is it. You got had. Sucker.

Kucinich? I thought it was Edwards you were hot for in the Primaries.


Kucinich dropped out and then I was for Edwards.

Try to keep up.


i thought Gay Gary was a middle-aged man. Now lately I've been reading his posts a little more closely and am appalled. Such viciousness and contemptuous,contumacious superiorirty for fellow Blatherites from a mere teen snotnose. Hia philosophy and demeanor reminds me of the two young guys who killed their "inferior' friend, just to experience the power and thrill, in the movie Rope by Alfred Hitchcock. They had the same "superiorist" Nazi-like mentality. Gary's on ignore now along woth any posts from B Suits. Right now nothing will convince him he's not the smartest guy in the room.


There's a fifty-something Republican Nazi in my building. He has contempt for all folks who disagree with his narrow "conservatice" view of life, laughs and chortles in glee at news of prisoner executions and certainly despises any poor souls who are on the street or in "reduced circumstances". He smugly and sneeringly calls them "life's losers". He makes $60000 a year at Boeing and has made over a million dollars in the last two months shorting the stock market ( when you short,you don't make money unless someone else loses his). This million is a nice addition to his existing half million dollar fund. yet he rfeuses to loan a dime to longtime friends who may need a hundred or two for a couple weeks, and offer to pay exporbitant interest rates in repayment. Don't become the American Republican Nazi.

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