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November 03, 2008



“This election will be decided by what this grassroots movement can accomplish on Election Day. We have volunteer shifts to fill throughout the day — make calls, knock on doors, and make sure your fellow voters get to the polls. No previous experience is required. Sign up now to take the day off and make history on November 4th.”

Hussein sure doesnt care if you pay it.


I think the parties need to really support absentee voting and get those ballots into the hands of working people.

Why not do what we can to make that happen? It's something I haven't thought about before but there are alternatives to taking the day or any time at all off.

You sound desperate, Steven. It is getting old.


You can always find something to whine about. Voting is voting. You vote before work or after work. If you are living the life of Reily, like me, you vote when you want.
If you are not working, you can do like I am and take old folks who do not trust mail voting to the polls (they may be old but not stupid. They remember 2004 and King County). I am taking Republicans tomorrow and Democrats on Weds. It just reduces conflict we these old folks not to have to argue about who is right and who is Democrat.
Go luck to all. No matter what, our nation will still be standing on Thursday.


This post forgot to say; "Checking picture ID's is disenfranchising poor people" - typical argument from the swarms of lawyers representing left.
What a crock of shit !

"I think the parties need to really support absentee voting and get those ballots into the hands of working people."

That's OK as long as there are the necessary safeguards in place as opposed to anything that enables illegal aliens and dead people to vote - Progressive Democrats don't like that because it takes away a key element from stealing elections.

Now, before you whine that the right sucks or something of that nature, how about considering this ?
Require all voters to re-register after every presidential election, just like they do in Canada.
The Government is too effin' lazy, fat and apathetic and we end up suffering because of this. Canada is able to have clean elections, but we cannot because of this and the USA continues to go down the pooper and its our own doing.

We (collectively) are stupid if we keep electing incumbents that are self-serving, incompetent and stink, but that looks like the current trend. Maybe its time to wake up and start caring about someone besides yourself



Chucks, methinks you (and all of us) are spoiled living here in the Great Pacific NorthWet..because we can vote absentee by mail, we are not hearing about anyone here having to stand in line for hours. That is what Rachel is talking about. In some places, so many people have shown up to vote that the election polls have not been able to handle the masses at first. Some places have run out of ballots and have had to send election officials out to get more. At 7am Eastern time this morning, there was already a line of almost 1000 students waiting to vote at Penn State University, PA.

There is something unprecedented happening today, chucks. It is not just about Obama. I don't think you quite realize just how hungry this country is for a new start. It is why these people are willing to stand in line for 8-10 hours this last week, just so they can be sure their vote gets counted.


And who do YOU care about KS?

Chucks, just saw this:

"Yesterday, CNN's Jack Cafferty asked viewers how long they'd be willing to wait in line to vote. Here are some of my favorite answers:

* My whole day is devoted to this one moment in history, i never want to look back and regret that i was not involved in one of the most important moments in United States history.

* Considering that there are some that wait ....and sometimes fight a lifetime for the opportunity to vote, I will wait happily for as long as it takes to vote for my chosen candidate. I urge everyone to do the same!

* You take your pick: A few hours, or a few years. I’ll be voting tomorrow. Guaranteed.

* I’ve already waited 8 years. One day is nothing.

* Even though I’m 9 and 1/2 months pregnant and Obama will win California with or without my vote, I’ll wait in line as long as it takes. This election is too important to miss, and I don’t care how long and uncomfortable the wait is - I’m voting. It would be a lot more uncomfortable for me to sit by for the next four years knowing that I let my voice go unheard.

* I think if the veterns can do 3 one year tours of duty in Iraq, I can wait on line 24 hours if it will help get them home.

* I am prepared and willing to wait all day. I have cleared my calendar to make sure I can spend the whole day. And the time I don’t spend waiting or voting, I will spend poll watching and holding signs. This is far too important not to make a personal sacrifice to make sure my vote counts. And, as an Army wife, one day of work loss is meaningless compared to the days my husband has and will spend on deployment. To all within the sound of your voice: Get out and vote!

* All day if I have to, but I’ll have my 3- and 4-year-olds with me. They may think differently. What a great opportunity to live by example. Never give up.

* I appreciate the question, but if anyone honestly thinks that the wait is not worth it even if it’s all day, think about all of the people in places who can’t vote. Think about the people who have fought for voting rights. Remember that blacks and women were not allowed to vote not that long ago.

* If the soldiers of this country can endure 8 hour fire-fights during 15 month tours of duty I’ll be damned if I am going complain about waiting 8 hours to vote on one day.

* Woman waited years, African Americans waited for years. Some people in this World have been waiting untold number of years. So why should be complain about standing in line a few hours? People seem okay to do it for a new movie, a new electronic toy, why not something real important. Our right to vote is worth the wait.


The attitude is 100% correct.
Many have fought and died for our right to vote.
If the Chicago politician should win and had I not voted, I would always regret my being responsible for what he does to screw up this country. By my voting and doing all that I have done this past couple of weeks, I can blame it all on you and the rest of you fiesty libs here.
It goes the same that if Sarah and the old guy win, you can bitch us out.
Those too lazy to get out and vote can just STFU and stick your heads up thy own donkeys until the next election.


New Poll Tax? Is she serious? I'm assuming she voted during the TWELVE HOURS that the polls are open. Sorry Rachel, bad time management does not a Poll Tax make. Better luck as Deputy Secretary for Same Sex Terrorism for Homeland Security. (isn't that the transition team rumor?).

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