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November 02, 2008



She is an absolute bubblehead. If the republicans are still in the back pocket of christian conservatives in 2012 then she will be the presidential nominee for a party in freefall. I think the repubs will come to their senses by then however and will be trying to shake of the anchor of religeous fundamentalism hanging around their necks.


Truly amazing that this bimbo could be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. She makes Dan Quayle look like a genius.


note she says maybe in 8 years - wonder why?

note: the song title is not"Joe the Plumber", but Red Lipstick on a Pig...



They were discussing this last night on MSNBC. The analyst there put the entire blame on her staff..they should never have let her take the phone call without doing a thorough investigation of who was calling and from where. The analyst said she has the worst staff in the history of politics. So when you couple that with her delusions of grandeur, you have this happen.


I don't watch SNL anymore. But Brokaw played a bit from last night's show on MTP today. McCain has a good sense of humor. I have to give him credit for being able to make fun of his pick for VP which is making fun of himself.

A lot of people like her - some of them regular conservatives on this blog. Go figure.


Many bigger names than her, with much more extensive and purportedly astute staffs have been punked by this duo.


I was just playing with MyDD's electoral map which shows Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Colorado in the Obama column and switched those four states to McCain, you end up with a 269 to 269 electoral tie.

What then?

I have no confidence in the polls in these states. Only hope.

And North Carolina - also in the blue column - is too close to call.

Keep driving those old folk, chucks. You may still get your hundred years' war.


I couldn't listen but are we sure its Gov. Palin and not Tina Fey.


"It is common knowledge throughout the Christian and Muslim communities in Kenya that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., the United States Presidential candidate, was
born in Mombosa Kenya."


I tried to link it but some reason B'lam spam filter is censoring the site.


You do ride tired horses, steven. Hopefully, this one is going to buck you off.


One of these days Joanie. One of these days you need to open up your eyes. Lets hope for the best of our Country that you open them up really quick. Or maybe you like the idea of having Principals who like child porn running schools.


Welcome to the right, everyone.

Are these the people you want running this country?

I rest my case.


funny, steven, most think it is YOU that needs a reality check... you whine about Senator Obama's birth certificate but not a note of concern with Senator McCain's veep pick. I would be less concerned with my 13 year old daughter landing a Cessna in a gusty crosswind than Gov. Palin running the country.

target shopper

Don't want my daughter landing no airplane and I sure don't want no gussied up female cheerleader following a dandy-fied cheerleader in the White House. And I don't think McCain has the cards in his deck to do the job neither.

I'm done with the lying and the smearing. If that's what it takes to win, then, praise the Lord, let those cheerleaders lose.


I couldn't see it last summer, but Sarah was the best possible MCain VP choice. For once, the rest of the American people spotted a Republican fraud. She satisfied no one but Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh. I wonder what the Republican Party will look like in 5 years.


KGO's very nice liberal Homosexual host exposed:



Nothing new, par for the course.


That's funny. Just reminds me that this Joe the Plumber deal was just stupid. It was supposed to save McCain's ass and did nothing but make him look phonier. Why would anyone believe the R's are part of the proletariat?


That was pretty funny. How do you know he's homo?


My Excellent Afternoon:

Doing last minute calling today to remind people to mail their ballots or drop them off. I used my own cell phone to call people in Snohomish County and the response was 100% positive for both Obama and Governor Gregoire. Then, after about an hour of calling, the Governor, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell came by to thank us for our hard work. They were accompanied by a Sarah Palin/Tina Fey lookalike who was holding a Gregoire campaign sign. She was hilarious. Anyway, after listening to each of the women speak, Maria Cantwell headed over my direction, so I walked over and said I had a question for her. I said " Now be honest, did you do just a LITTLE happy dance when you heard Ted Stevens was found guilty the other day?" She laughed a lot and then in a serious voice she said " Not until after Tuesday. He doesn't believe anything is going to change for him." The Governor and Patty Murray were already out the door, and I decided it was a good time to get out of there, as the crowd was about 300 by that time.
It was a great afternoon, and I have loved every minute I have spent calling people and talking with them about issues and explaining why I am voting for Obama and Governor Gregoire. I will be volunteering again in 4 years because its a lot of fun.


The saddest thing about the Obama victory is how this race played to John McCain's darker side. He compromised himself, and disappointed so many of us who thought he could lead this country in an even-handed, fair way. I supported Hillary in the primaries, and might have voted for McCain if he hadn't been so dishonorable. His choice of Palin was so blatantly political, it was mind-blowing, but everyone saw it for what it was. What was he thinking? His campaign has been a mess, he broke his own rules. I'm now glad Barack won the primaries, my doubts about him were removed when he acted so respectfully and calmly when the Wall St. crisis began. When I see these people in here still talking about his birth certificate, I just shake my head. Even if he loses Tuesday, Barack is the future, even for this 56-year-old grandma from the sticks.


A comment made off air, during the news, but caught on the live podcast by Brian Baloney, the Radio Fertilizer. Was it a good thing for Karel to say? No. Is Karel the only person in the universe to say he wished someone "dead"? No. Was Habu outraged by the person who, on broadcast TV yelled " KILL HIM!" referring to Obama during one of Palins rallys? Of course not.


Steven fishes off a lonely pier, Cyn.


IIRC the Secret Service stated there was no validity to the reports of "kill him" being yelled at the marxists rally.

Stop Smoking

Very funny... and surely someone got their head bitten off after this one...


Hasn't McCain and right-wing radio been putting out tacit contracts on Obama? What's the difference?

Don't need a fairness doctrine. Threats to kill are equal opportunity.


This is news? Who gives a shit? It's not like she hangs with terrorists or anything

Mike Barer

I cannot believe that she fell hook, line, and sinker for that. I am no fan of the ticket, but that is a serious security breach. Goodness sake!

gives a shit

I thought she did. She doesn't? I've seen her hauling guns and talking secession. What do you call that?


"Hasn't McCain and right-wing radio been putting out tacit contracts on Obama? What's the difference?"

Explain yourself - what evidence do you have ? Me thinks its more propaganda/lies from the left. If you are talking about the skinheads that were plotting to take out BO, they were caught and should be behind bars, and I ask you to pull your head out of your ars.


"So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted."

Oh Hussein, you just lost any chance of winning W. Virgina. And maybe your own Illinois.


I see a landslide. Rev wright couldn't bring him down. What else do you guys have?


"When I see these people in here still talking about his birth certificate, I just shake my head."

I know the feeling Cyn. It is hard to admit you are being conned. You feel embarassed right. I've seen many like you who are afraid of what people will think if only they knew.

They say the first thing you need to do is come clean with your conscience that others have probably been conned to and that you are not alone. Cyn, you are not alone. Hussein has conned thousands, if not millions.

He has commited fraud upon 3 million plus donors and needs to put behind bars. Do not let him get away with it. take a stand for what is right. The Constitution. Vote McCain.


No landslide - fuhgettaboutit. That comment that BO made about coal power plants to the SF Chronicle that was hidden by the quisling campaign has come home to roost.

Nothing would be sweeter to see this break significantly for Sen. McCain so we can elect a true American instead of a quisling as president.


McCain was great on SNL! The election would be much closer if that John McCain showed up to campaign minus Sarah Palin. McCain “Fine Gold” Jewelry, Set of “Joe Dolls,” Ten Townhall Commemorative Plates that were blank but great plates and then on Weekend Update various ways to win campaigns including the “Sad Grandpa Look.”

In addition, klueless, what do you mean by a “true American?” Do I sense some racist innuendo that those who are not white males voting Republican are not Americans? What do we have to do? Look and act like “Joe the Fraudulent Plumber?”

You folks on the right look for any minute trivia that is supposed to turn the tide. Instead, all your side can do is come up with amateurish gimmicks like “Joe the Plumber” and of course Sarah Palin.


Yes, we had all forgotten about Barack's birth certificate, that is until he flew to Hawaii to have it permanently sealed by the governor.
Has his Grandma passed away yet?
All of the sudden she doesn't seem as ill...


Gee, Brian that would make a Republican governor (Linda Lingle) a conspirator wouldn’t it?


Steven – Well known veterans with liberal (non-American) viewpoints;

Paul Newman, Alan Alda, Jocelyn Elders, Paul Reickoff, Oliver Stone, Ron Kovic, Studs Terkel, Andy Rooney, Al Gore, John Glenn, John Kerry, Tammy Duckworth, Ron Dellums, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy, Tom Daschle, Richard Gephardt, Walter Mondale, George McGovern, Mike Farrell, Jim Webb, James Carville, Randi Rhodes, Jack Murtha, Daniel Inoyue, Charles Rangel, Clarence Page, Max Cleland, Randi Rhodes and John F. Kennedy to name a few.

Pro military or staunch conservatives (true American) who never served;

Dick Cheney, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage, Newt Gingrich, Saxby Chambliss, Karl Rove, Kirby Wilbur (Seattle), John Carlson (Seattle), Michelle Bachman, William Kristol, Mitt Romney and the five Romney Boys, Rudy Guliani, Fred Thompson, Phil Gramm, Paul Wolfowitz, Christopher Cox, Jeb Bush, John Ashcroft, Tom Delay, Rick Santorum, Trent Lott, Joe Lieberman, George Will, Richard Perle, Jack Kemp, Pat Buchanan, Toby Keith, Ted Nugent, Dennis Miller and Sarah Palin to name a few.

True or Real American is nothing more but conservative Orwellian Newspeak.

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