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November 10, 2008



I think that we have bigger issues to deal with here than the secularist Nazi's screwing with Christmas.
Did anybody catch that Oblama spokesperson on Meet the Press and the expressed concern with having The Mesiah ready to "RULE" on Jan 21st.
I am heading to Joe's to get more ammo. I thought that I had enough, but now I just don't know.
Also going to hit a couple of gun shows to get some weapons that can not be traced. What the hell have you guys done?

Joe Grant

Chuck is a fake neocon - he is actually a lib troll.


O'Reilly does not know what he is saying anymore. I mean, when he dropped in the ratings to both Olbermann and Maddow, he went after the Nielsen Organization, saying that they have a Left-Wing bias.


It has taken three years of participating here and finally it took Joe to figure me out.
Hey Joe, are you a plummer? Do you have any pull with the Party?
Can you get me some refunds on some thirty years of cash contributions for conservetive candidates?
After the libral spending of our POTUS and congress these past eight years, I want my money back.

Bud Dickman

Hardcore religious freaks that freak out over the war on Christmas are just as bad as the hardcore freaks who flip a wig over being told "Merry Christmas". More then enough douchebags on both sides of the issue.


You are no fake. You are 100 percent true to your beliefs.
A 100 percent fool. But I grant you 100 percent.


Hey chucks, Pres-elect O has never said he wants to take away your guns and ammo. Why would he do that? This rush to buy guns and bullets reminds of me the guy who believed the Homeland Security people and wrapped his house in saran wrap. It is just silly. There is so much to do to get this country back on track. You shouldn't believe fake Gary and all the nonsense he spews.


Bil Orally has become a tired joke. I don't care what he does to keep taking all that money from the right. He's not getting my money and I'm not keeping him in the style to which he's become accustomed.

I hope he continues to enjoy all that money his suckers pay to see and hear him.

I was talking to a Jewish grandpa from New York today who was visiting his granddaughter's classroom - mine. We talked about McCain. He lives in Manhatten and is retired. He works out at a gym with other well-to-do retired gents. He said if McCain has visited that gym, he'd have been thrown out the second-story window.

I'm laughing. That's a little much but it was funny to hear him say it in his very thick NY accent. I liked this grandpa.

Randi going on about the fact that over 20 percent of the American people are afraid of Obama. Afraid as in chucks "get the ammo out" - that is "stoopid" afraid. I'm afraid of Obama, too. I'm afraid he's another Clinton. H's certainly surrounded himself with corporatists. He certainly seems to be a pleaser. A uniter. That means another four years or eight trying to please the right. Oh god.

I think it will take two generations at least for our country to recover from the last thirty years of Republican "greed" rule. Stupidity and greed - what a combination. It is so hard to be positive when you see the results of an intentional program to desensitize people and aggrandize greed.


Well, Michael, if you want to know if right-wing talk radio is done, just take a listen to Randi. What she's playing (repeated from right-wing radio) will settle that question once and for all.


Members of the democrat party have been trying to limit our access to quality arms for years.
High powered semi-automatic defensive rifles are a large target for the likes of Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. They love to call them assault rifles in order to scare the crap out of people that do not no weapons.
As for Gay Gary, I really like him. He is articulate and funny (probably Biden would think he is clean to). But he is in no way my compass. He is probably closer in age to my grand children than my children.
Our friend joanie just fired one over the bow, but I do not think that I will bite tonight.


or "know" weapons as well.


Why don't you just buy a battleship for the driveway, chucks. Don't you have any common sense at all?

No, I guess not.


Welcome back joanie.
Sorry your cat screwed up your week-end. Hope it is ok.
It sounds like you got a little rest in. You have all of your charm in place.
I see that you missed me as well.


You're confused as usual, chucks. If you were really, really smart, you'd know who was who...


One More Time For Joanie


WTF do you need an assault rifle for? Can you not hit your target in the first 2-3 shots? I carry a Taurus P45 and cannot understand the need for giant arsenals some of you gun-store commandos carry.


Well, chucks, being the tireless teacher that I am, I'm going to politely ask you to watch this segment from Bill Moyers Journal. It is not long. It is history. Not your history but some people's history. Do them and me the kindness of watching it.

I will not expect a response since you rarely have a response for such offerings. But, please watch it.

It is the first segment

It starts with a rally for Obama in St. Louis, MO. Please watch. Click it to full screen.

If you should feel like it, the Kevin Phillips (former Republican) segment is pretty darn good too. Now he knows something about history and econ.


I am an old fashiond kind of guy, Mark. I just carry an old fashioned Colt Python. I have an old .22 Robuck and a couple of shot guns. Five guns is not unreasonable out here in the tooly's. You big city folk have police just a 911 call and minutes away. It can take them twenty minutes to get to us.
I hope that I never need a high powered semi-automatic rifle. If I do have a need, I am ready. I do not need, but I have a right to one. There for, I now have one.
How many targets at what range?
Anyway, I am of the hope that racking a round in the shot gun deflects any intruder with out actually having to fire a shot.


So, Recife, you get your Constitution learnin' from Penn and Teller?

Now I understand your confusion. It's magic...just an illusion...


Mark, some really big threatening bigfoot might come along in those toolies and scare our poor chux into needing that super arsenal.

You know this guys on the right: fear, fear, fear.


Penn Jillette is a world famous, award winning individual and a Fellow at the Libertarian Cato Institute. Something that isn't handed out like candy.
On the otherhand, Joanie is someone who scribbles crap on a website.

PS: I hope your cat gets better Joanie.


Oh wait, I am shortchanging Joanie. As she is the inventor of the Seattle Skeddadle. A technique employed when facts and rational debate are too much for her fee simple brain.
The Skeddadle is recognized by the acrid smell left behind.


So, am I supposed to be insulted by that segment? Sorry. Remember my telling you a couple of years ago about my family moving to Georgia in 1966, or so. We drove. I saw all of that crap as a kid. I saw white and nigger drinking fountains, bathrooms etc. I saw folks stuggling in cotton fields. I saw white parents beating black children because the ignunt bastards didn't want no niggers going to their white schools. Of coarse I started school in Georgia on the first day of desegregating schools there. The Governor stood at the door to his restaraunt with an ax handle to keep them niggers from getting in.
So get off your high freaking horse, joannie. I have seen real racism and hate it.
And I, a long time ago, got tired of your bigoted ways. You need to quit dwelling on race and start dwelling on people as individuals.


Just so you remember why tomarrow is a Federal holiday, Joanie.

A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to 'The United States of America ' for an amount of 'up to and including my life.'


You know that ain't gonna happen.
Joanie can only deal in stereotypes.
It's shorthand for those who are intellectually dishonest and lazy.

But hey, lets wish her cat gets better. That is one thing we can all agree on. I hate to hear of someone with an ailing pet.


I think you need to take your own advice, chux. Try using that information to understand the times and you won't need a super arsenal to make you feel safe.


Recife, did you watch the link? You might note that some of them were Black.

And they risked their lives for unfortunate ingrates like you guys.


Or some meth head or crack head may see me tooling arround the area in the old Wraith, or Towne Car and decide he wants to kidnap some body I love because he wants my stuff. Or maybe just wants to break in to my house in the home invasion kind of way. Maybe some Charlie Manson kind of freak is running arround out here. Who the hell knows. Hope the cops show up before I need to take action. If not, at least the cops can take a nice report and remove the bodies from my property.


How do you know what color skin I have? And what differance does that make?


BTW Joanie, I will glady show my DD214 to whomever would like to see it. And it was my pleasure to write that check, to cover your ass.


I was looking to see if there were any of those evil evangelical Christians, plain old Christians, or any Jooz. I know that you still feel it is OK to be bigoted against them. They are idiots for having faith in sumpin beside the church of big gummint.


More fear, fear, fear, chucks? Is that your raison d'être? You must have a super arsenal to protect yourself from all the fear of living in America? Perhaps you're afraid because so many ignorant red staters have so many guns. Ever think of that?

Now that is pathetic. Perhaps you should consider becoming a liberal. We're not afraid of everything. So, go figure. I guess guns are a big deal to people who are afraid of everything.

Recife, I don't even know what your point is. Do you know what it is? What's with the V-Day thing? Can you make a point?


chucks..if you shoot an intruder, hope that he falls INside your house. If he falls OUTside, you are in deep crap.

Now, Obama was asked what he thinks about gun control and this is what he said:

"I think we have two conflicting traditions in this country. I think it's important for us to recognize that we've got a tradition of handgun ownership and gun ownership generally. And a lot of law-abiding citizens use it for hunting, for sportsmanship, and for protecting their families. We also have a violence on the streets that is the result of illegal handgun usage. And so I think there is nothing wrong with a community saying we are going to take those illegal handguns off the streets. And cracking down on the various loopholes that exist in terms of background checks for children, the mentally ill. We can have reasonable, thoughtful gun control measure that I think respect the Second Amendment and people's traditions."


Ditto, chux. I don't know what you mean. Do you?

And Recife, were you in WW2? I really don't know what you are talking about. Since when does a uniform make either a man or a cause? Since when does a war make a man honorable? Did you serve in Grenada or something?

A little more information would be nice.


And chucks, did you watch the Phillips segment. I'm more interested in your comments about that. I know your poisoned notions about social values.

But, Kevin talks the economy here and he's much more informed than either of us. So, what did you think?


I was just trying to help you remember what tomorrow is, because we know that you support the troops. And then you come back with……………..

“Recife, did you watch the link? You might note that some of them were Black.
And they risked their lives for unfortunate ingrates like you guys.”


So I came back with

“BTW Joanie, I will gladly show my DD214 to whomever would like to see it. And it was my pleasure to write that check, to cover your ass.”

You see Joanie a DD214 is a military discharge document. So I guess I was risking my life, and silly me I never asked who I would be defending.

And what does the color of anyone’s skin have to do with anything?

That’s the point Joanie, if you are out and about tomorrow, and ya see an old timer wearing a VFW pin, just walk up and say “Thank You”.


You said that I support the troops. Why would you think I'd forgotten what tomorrow is?

I hope that you are honoring all veterans and not just those who look like you - whatever that is. And women who were nurses. And Europeans - the French, Swiss, Brits, et al, who saw bombs destroying their countrysides. Many, many people, Recife, deserve our respect for their sacrifice covering both our asses.

And I hope you understand that all Americans have a right to be President. The respect they get depends upon what they earn as President - that's my opinion. I'll give Obama full respect until he shows me otherwise.

Now, chucks: on a friendlier note, tell me if you watched Phillips. He has a great deal of expertise and has written extensively on the economics of party and rich and poor and he's been on your side most of his professional life. So, tell me what you think.

I'm not setting you up. His ideas and your's may agree or disagree. What do you think?


Well, actually probably not the Swiss...but everyone on the European contnent suffered great losses.

And chucks, actually I am setting you up because Phillips does put it bluntly in a manner opposite what you preach. I want to know if I misunderstand you or if you truly do disagree with this highly esteemed former(?) Republican.

I'm terribly afraid that Obama is closer to your economics than mine. He has surrounded himself with people that got us into this mess...

One more thing: your comment about being in the south at the time of riots? That would fit in with Phillips Southern Strategy where lots of white Dems turned into Republicans and voted for Nixon. Did your dad do that?

Phillips has some interesting comments on the current bail out.

Also, did you know that Scoop Jackson was a military hawk but a social dove? From what you post, you're no Scoop Jackson Republican. Scoop was a good friend to JFK.


Well, it looks like I lose you when I try to get you into anything deeper than a trashing contest.

If you do watch the Phillips' segment, be sure and watch the last five-ten minutes.

Funny, chucks. you always complain about me taking shots at you; but, when I try to get you to really talk or share, you get lost.

And, Recife, it looks like you caught that same bug.

G'night, all.

PS: that Kevin Phillips interview is substantially informative. He says our society is "centrist with tendencies towards frustration" and that loyalty to parties is diminishing because they are duopolies both loyal to the rich. And that labor is no place - at best, a miniscule place - at the table.

A remarkably intelligent man.


what would the right do without the left? I know what the left would do without the right - we'd all exclaim: why did that incessant ringing in our ears suddenly stop, how come more monkeys are walking upright and wow we're 700 billion dollars richer!


And Michael, Phillips also briefly mentioned the possibility of something new being needed to replace the old party system.

I know your answer to that: Never!

warren buffett

Phillips puts into perspective the bail out. He should be mandatory reading/listening before anyone is allowed to register to vote, open a bank account or invest a dime in the financial sector.


Yup, all women in the service are nurses!

Joanie, the remark about you supporting the troops was sarcasism………..

The remark about comparing my DD214…………that was a jab at Randi Rhodes, you know the one who bailed on her enlistment, oh wait she claimed she was an Officer, then an NCO, turns out both were false.


Randi Rhodes (Beuten)
Military service: US Air Force (1977-79, Airman First Class)

Rhodes went through basic training in Lackland, Texas. From there she went to Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls and was being trained as a flight engineer. First she would become an aircraft mechanic. After she transferred to what would be her permanent station in New Jersey she decided to leave the Air Force, and was honorably discharged after three years service (two active duty and one reserve) at the age of 21.

Looks like she didn't "have other priorities".


..and joanie sez:

'And I hope you understand that all Americans have a right to be President.'

Now, there you go again pulling it out of your a**. I am a 'naturalized' American and I do NOT have a right to be President.


Sorry joanie
Sometimes I wish that I was a lonely, ignored person that could just prattle on at the old computer, expressing my superiority to others. But, alas, I have a family, that lives with me. Jazzie has a friend spending the night and they want to get on webkins. My bride is looking over the banister at me on the computer and saying she has more fun things in mind.
Any way, that cloud you saw about quarter after eight last night was dust from my exit. Had nothing to do with your desires to educate me on the libral ways. It was just a bit more fun than sparing with joanie.
I watched both segments and will try to respond at work. It is a holiday though, so there just may be some customers.


chucks, you do have a way of overselling your four f's which makes me wonder if any are real. I've had very few responses of any merit from you at all. So, excuse me if I think that is because you're unable to make them. Even your long rant about the south didn't address the point of Moyers essay.

Emotion meet reason.

Am still interested in your response to Phillips.

And try not to be so touchy.

And I hope you make some sales today.


Joanie, the remark about you supporting the troops was sarcasism………..

Then, Recife, you are the one making light of today. And you seem to have missed the whole point of my response. Perhaps it is you who misunderstands the meaning of the day. Unless, of course, it is for you a "me" day. Which would fit in the Republican mold these days.


I'm tired of the God haters warping the constitution to what ever they want. you will kill babies but not murderers.
You idiots think you can point to the part of the constitution that talks about the "separation of church and State". It's not in there you morons. The Constitution garantees "Freedom of Religion" NOT Freedom FROM religion. The ACLU is doing its best to kill the foundation of this country "The Christian Religion" Everywhere you look in the constitution you see references to God, The framers wanted God in the constitution in our public places and on our lawns.
God can be who or what you want lighten up on Christmas.


Steve - that sounds a bit strong, but can't disagree with much of it and that does not make me a neocon.

With that in mind, we're ready to hear about the ACLU 's continuing effort to take Christmas out of the public square in this narcissistic politically correct society of which George Soros and his minions are trying to step up their game. The founding fathers, including Jefferson would be rolling over in their graves with the so-called attempts at social and economic justice and acceptance through the process of educational indoctrination over the last 20 years or so and equality in place of liberty and justice.

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