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November 03, 2008



These are your choices tomorrow. Choose wisely




Oh higher power; grant me the strength to survive the next 24 hours.

And give everyone the strength to work to combine forces after the election and get our act together! We need to work together, people.


Hussein tells Couric about deporting of his Aunt.

"We are a nation of Laws"

Like he cares of the laws of this great Nation. If he did care, he would show his birth certificate for all to see to prove once and for all that he is a Natuarl Born Citizen.


Watching Frontline just now jogged my memory about the LA Times.

The Los Angeles Times has been a huge part of Barack Obama's rocketing to fame and power. It was the Los Angeles Times that sued, persisted and insisted that Jack and Jeri Ryan's child custody files be unsealed in 2004.

They didn't seem to care about the Ryans right to privacy back in 2004 but today...I wonder how mauch Hussein paid them to seal that tape.


Does this mean we won't get to hear TBTL?


As God is my witness, I would give anything to see O'Rielly's face if Franken wins.


It's over, it's history - I've already told you the results...move along, nothing to see here. Try to get some rest...we WILL all need it.
[Oh, did I mention that you should probably watch your energy rates...from the current baseline, WE in the PNW will feel it severely]


Oh My!, I will feel her pain.


O Reilly will have to call him Sen.Franken. just like he will have to call Sen. Obama, President Obama.

The Orange Prophet

Okay, if the media hype is to be accepted then by 5:15 PST this election will be over. While the vote totals may be somewhat close Senator Obama is going to win nearly every state in the east. If Pa, Oh, Va, NC, and Fl all go to Obama then it is over. And most of those results will be in by 5:15.

There will be celebrations in the streets like America has never seen.

Upon entering office the presidents main concern will be to get a second term. Most of his supporters will feel betrayed. No man alive can possibly do half of what some of his supporters expect.

Now if the Orange Prophet is wrong, ( And he usually is. But not this time he thinks. ) But if McCain wins this thing there will be riots. In fact it is this pumpkin's belief that the natiion will be on the verge of civil war.

Okay now everyone have a nice day.


OP, that meme of the left thinking Obama is some sort of savior or messiah is just a right wing talking point. We all know he is not perfect..he already pissed people off with his vote on the FISA bill but they are still voting for him. I disagree with Obama on a lot of things, not the least his views on merit pay. Those of us who support him know he has a gigantic pile of shit to clean up, but anything he can accomplish in the next 4 years, and hopefully 8 years, will be taking us in the right direction.

I agree with you on the eastern state count. Im just glad that we have mail in, and that Oregon has mail in, so it won't have the same effect as in previous years.


Only have a coupla minutes as I have a 10:00 AM granny run, but I cannot ignore you.
How is spreading huge piles of manure over piles of shit going to clean up anything? (smile)


How is it the right won't riot or make death threats? It's been true since the 14th amendment. It was a bunch of white people who started the Civil War.


hey chucks, I COUGH in your general direction!!!! im home sick today dammit.


That's Okay, POTUS Obama said you could take the day off.


just in. Black Panthers holding nightsticks were encountered by a pollwatcher outside a Philly polling place.They uttered threats such as "you better not come back outside because a black man is winning this election no matter what...." watch the video on youtube.....is anyone really surprised that thugs are working for a thug (Obama)?


I expect we'll see a lot more paramilitaries on the streets in the coming years. As one who's been to Kenya, this, roving street beatings in opposition areas, etc., is fairly typical around election time. We are entering a new era.

Make no mistake, this election is not an election for a 4-year term for Obama, he is standing for election as President-for-Life.



The Black Panthers are no more. A group of black supremacist is now operating under that name as the New Black Panther Party. The New Black Panther Party is responsible here. They are as reprehensible as the KKK, their white counterpoints.

To tie this to Obama makes as much sense as to tie mCain to the KKK.

Here are the facts:

This video shows two New Black Panther Party Members at 1221 Fairmount in Philadelphia. This was first reported by www.electionjournal.org which seems to have a bit of a right wing spin.

As expected, Tommy and the right wingers will take this incident and use it to show that the election was stolen and use it to tie the New Black Panther Party to Barack Obama. There are racist overtones on the right about this. ( Who would have expected THAT!!?) These are Obama's goons or some such nonsense when they actually believe Obama is an Uncle Tom. They aren't voting for him. Comments reprehensible in nature (what a SHOCK!!) are being made in the blogs around the right-o-sphere and the way to combat them is the way you always combat racism. You shine light on it. Call it like it is. This was voter intimidation by a black hate group. It was dealt with by the Philadelphia Police Department. The group is not tied to Barack Obama and does not support him.

But you keep trying, Tommy! It's entertaining.


Oh and you too, oingoboingo.


It was two guys, not a gang and the police came out and took care of it. Where you were guys in 2000 when James Baker and John Bolton were intimidating voters?


That was different. It's always different when it's a Republican. And they ended up having to get the Supremes to help them out in the end.


And a further update:

"Janet Dischell ( poll volunteer on the scene) confirms that there were in fact two new black panthers guarding the polling place, a nursing home on Fairmont Avenue in north Philadelphia, earlier this morning.

But she says one was an officially designated poll watcher (it was not immediately clear which municipal office had designated him in that role), and the second was his friend. The second panther, who left two or three hours ago, was the one with the nightstick, she says.

Dischell says that earlier this morning a few men who identified themselves as being from the McCain campaign came and started taking pictures of the two panthers on their cell phones. She suggested that they seemed to be baiting the panthers, and that the designated watcher may have given one of them the finger in response to the picture taking.

The police came roughly an hour and a half later. She says she talked to the cops and told them there had been no incident. The police drove away without getting out of the car, she adds.

Some time later, a second, larger group of men whose affiliation couldn't be determined came with real cameras and started taking more pictures. Maybe 15 minutes later the cops returned. This time, they spoke to people on both sides, and told the panther not designated to watch the polls to leave, which he did without an argument.

"There was no fight, nothing," she says.

Fox News arrived on the scene at around that time and started interviewing people near the entrance. The building manager asked the Fox reporter to leave, she says, and he moved further from the entrance.

That's where things now stand. "There has been no fighting, no voter intimidation at all," she said.

Tommy, I heard on the news that there are problems in Tacoma this afternoon. Since you are independently wealthy and have nothing better to do, why don't you head on down there and see what you can dig up?


i just had two Dave Ross/Roszcat type lib asses, an older couple, with Obama material to plaster on door handles and canned speeches for the Messiah to pester my neighbors with, pass me on the sidewalk here on Queen Anne. The guy asked if I lived at the address of my hideaway dwelling and i told him to be on his way. Like the typical arogant Seattle Dem jackass that he was, he couldn' leave me alone but had to state,"but you didn'tanswer my question." I told him i didn't have to anawer his damn question. The putz still attempted to argue with me and i told him to get the fuck out of here. jackasses.


Yes vg, nothing to see here. I see a few republicans who will have to be re-educated when they go crazy.


jeezus, now Tommy is swearing at old people on the sidewalk. This is getting good.


They interrupted me as i was shining my new classic Mercedes, which will augment my collection.


I didn't know Hot Wheels was still making those?


Hey, I thought there was an inherent HOT (hands-off-Tommy) policy on this blog? What the H?


Hey Tommy, that is Rozskat, Z after the O and before the S. You will not find it in your spell checker. Thanks for putting the two Obama supporters on the pedestal with me you old grouch! Coming from you this is a compliment.

KPLU (Rabid) Fan

You forgot KPLU, who is also promising to be out pounding the pavement alongside KUOW and KIRO for local coverage. (NPR starting at 4 blah blah blah...)


Early exits showing Obama big time.


Polls closed in 8 states now..here we go!


Pennsylvania goes for Obama..that's a big one.


Too funny not to share from SP

Election Day in Seattle
Seattle News
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:04 PM

This morning I took Shark Jr. to the pediatrician for his annual check-up.

The doctor asks me how he's doing in school "Is he an above average student?"

My above average curious first-grader asks: "What's an above average student?"

"An average student is someone who does okay in school," Doc explains. "An above average student does really well in school".

"Are there any below average students?" Jr. asks.

"Yes", says the doctor. "And those are the people who vote for McCain-Palin!".

I shot back that my wife and I are voting for McCain-Palin and that we both have advanced degrees.

Doc apologized profusely, saying that it was a dumb joke and that he didn't really feel that way. But sheesh.

That's Seattle for you, where such attitudes and expressions are so standard and socially acceptable, that an otherwise above-average pediatrician would feel uninhibited about making such comments to his 7-year-old patients.


Well crap, I have about had enough of little old ladies and I am damn sick of calling voters.
At least, no matter what happens, I have paid my dues and you guys can listen to me bitch.
I saw the black panther thing. After the police ejected the guy with the night stick, it was ok.
No doubt the big dude standing in front of the polling place could intimidate any elderly person. But he lived in the building, so he could be there.


If Obama wins,and I'm not even close to conceding that yet, he can thank Bush and Paulson's fatal error wiht Lehman Brothers, a policy mistake that started the whole financial meltdown rolling.There is no mandate for Obama. McCain was clearly headed for victory just before Sept 15, the time of the meltdown. The factthat it took this bullcrap to pull Obama over the finish line,if he indeed wins, even with a sitting president as unpopular as Bush, doesnot say much for Obama. Most of these sheeple anD morons who are voting for him don't even know his policies. they're just frightened and angry lemmings voting for the "cool" new guy. What happens when B tries to enact some of his nonsense and his voters start saying "hey i didn't sign up for this." The honeyMoon will be over like that and you can look for a 1994 type repub sweep of Congress. It looks very unlikely that Dems will get 60 senators now, so those of sanity here can at least feel relieved by this.If he wins we can only hope Obama can grow and be a bigger, more moderate and kinder person than he has been in the past


Dole is out of a job, McCain may not carry AZ


the 1994 sweep was based on lies like "term limits". Newt was on his way out before Clinton was, give us a break.


1994 was based on Clinton overreaching and the country reacting with a backlash.Every political commentator and analyst agrees on this. JUST ENJOY YOUR FRIGGING VICTORY, WHICH LOOKS LIKELY NOW THAT OHIO HAS Been called for Obama and stop being a partisan, unreasonably argumentative ass for one night at least. You'r just looking like a fool with posts like that.


Newt's 4 years is a sweep? c'mon Tommy. you're bitter tonight. Making predictions based on an event 15 years ago is ancient history.


Here where I'm at in Wilkes-Barre, local radio reports carloads of militant blacks came in from out of state - from 'safe' democrat states like NY and NJ - and Obama paramilitaries are positioned at key polling spots in Pittsburgh as well.

Not sure if there are reports of the uniformed wing of the Democratic party operating in other states as well, though. I wonder if these were the camoflouged, combat boot, Obama paramilitaries that were in the YouTube videos or different factions from the Democratic Party's armed branch.


You guys will believe or spread anything--this is why the GOP lost tonight.


Be very afraid Oingoboingo..Coiler and I are applying our camoflage makup right now, donning our flak jackets, jackboots and are slapping on the bayonets on our AK-47s. Be very afraid as we march you to the re-education camps. You will be assimilated.


Tommy still here? Don't you think you should join chucks down in that redneck, illiterate and ignorant poor south?

I'm not nearly as gracious towards these racists as Obama and the rest of you will probably be.

I'm loving this election. Matthews just said that "liberalism wins in the long run. It just does."

New England kicked out every single Republican in the House.



Oh Sparky, I'm just yankin' yer chain. Come on -

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