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November 12, 2008



Im pretty sure Karel saw this coming...Im told that radio personalities are told to assume
"there is never a dead mic"...

Will Joe Scarborough be fired for saying "Fuck" live on MSNBC?


I think you get to curse on cable teevee sparky. It is over the gumment owned air waves that the anti free speechers raise cain and get fine money from the speakers.

Big Al

So "tolerant", "enlightened" commie libtard got himself fired. And this is meaningful in some way?


Can't say he was one of my favorites, his pseudo femininity got on my nerves sometimes. However, he was a good liberal and in that sense he will be missed.

Radio Industry Employee

:( I'm p-o'ed about this decision, personally. Has anyone else heard the audio? I mean, really. All he did was react the way most of us do that work in the industry (you know that Dave Ross feels that way sometimes deep down in his head).

Who wasn't sick of the Republicans co-opting the news cycle with talk about this Joe guy? !!!

He made a slip up. He wasn't operating his own board and was in Long Beach, hundreds of miles from the studio board. This was a minor slip that should have led to a disciplinary warning, but not a firing, in my opinion.


Seems like a double standard to me. I don't care for him and don't listen to him. But I can't ignore the fact that some live to tell the story and others are never heard from again.

And "wanting people dead" seems pretty normal after the way the right did and still does talk about Obama.

Seems like the right can do no wrong - well, unless it's in a public bathroom.


It's over joanie, move on. Our new leader wants us to come together in a spirit of unity and growth. Try to act like the responsible Washington State teacher you're getting paid to be and quit filtering everything through the prism of politics. We're all Americans first and foremost and we are now going through a very difficult time, so try and stand a bit taller.


When are we going to grow up past this wash out your mouth mentality in this country. The Puritans are dead.


I believe mister BART is gay curious. Give it a try, Bartie, you know you want to.


It's a shame, but one should always assume that if there is a mic in front of you, it's on. Other people have gotten into hot water when not realizing their mic's were on.


go fuck yerself Duffshit, you're not trustworthy anymore


Obama would probably NOT approve of you you McG...as you seem to be full of hate (as well as being a phoanie). God Bless You.


Savage was fired for saying to a gay caller that he hoped he caught AIDS and died. He claimed he thought they were in commercial break. no double standard. quit whining all of you who are claiming thaT.

Minimum Wage

Don't think he should have been fired, but blaming the weekend board-op. Real classy douchebag, it's your show, get your fat ass down to the station and run the board, or at least be in studio if you don't want that to happen.


"now going through a very difficult time?

The royal "we" Duh'f?

You're having a difficult time in life are you? Tell us more...


No, joanie I meant 'we' as in America and it's present economic turmoil. I am blessed because of many things, not the least of which is that I properly prepared, and I am one with humble enough beginnings to realize the risk of living beyone ones' means. America is in a 'bail-out' frenzy and I hope we can get through it without too many casualties. Let's see what magic our good Governor can come up with to balance the upcoming budget. Should be 'interesting'.

Wo Fat

ignore duffass he was throwing support for Rossi like a good little shill. we will have to round his kind up in the days ahead.


Impersonator Wo Fat (chicken**** shill in his own rite) again pulls it out of his a**. I VOTED FOR ROSSI.


Our new leader wants us to come together in a spirit of unity and growth...We're all Americans first and foremost and we are now going through a very difficult time, so try and stand a bit taller.

Yeah right. Take advice about "unity and growth" from someone who told a mom who lost her son in Iraq to shut the fuck up and compared him to "spilled milk".

Amen McGarrett, go fuck yourself Duffman


Shit Merci, I thought that Duffy was talking about Cindy Sheehan, and if I do remember correctly, she did need to shut the fuck up and quit crying over spilled milk.
Because of what her son did for this nation, we let that bitch use her 15 minutes ten time per day, or more, for years.
I sent money to her campaign to help her win a seat in congress.


Gee, chucks, you forgot to respond to the segment on Moyers . . . gee, chucks, I wonder why?

Bragging now about sending money?

Still name calling, I see.


merci's posts (ala: thought processes) are as old as the postings on his MTS blog. [...and then pretends to agree w/himself...too funny] To be totally discounted. BUH-bye.

Sarah Palin

You're way too cute for this blog, Duffman. Come back to SP, please.


Thanks Sarah...but I feel a genuine responsibility to help try and help keep this blog alive. It's dwindling...as you can see. The glory days of joanie/sparky are but a memory. :)


And Sarah may I add that I think you look even better with your hair down.

Sarah Palin

Oh, Duffman...Oh, Oh, OH!

I've got room on my calendar - do you?


Oh, I'm sorry Sarah I'm holding everything open for our likely new Secretary of State.

Mr. Fisher

Well, well. The "tolerant" DJ gets canned. I love it.

Maybe a little more "tolerance" to those with "diverse" occupations such as plumber?


Seattle Jew

Just a constructive thought for you to consider. If you are going to call people out for 'name calling' and not answering your questions it would behoove you to follow the same rules.
You sure like to attack with names and often you choose not to answer questions posed to you.
Haven't you wondered why you get little support on a progressive blog? Many times I have agreed with your point but the way in which you present it leaves something to be desired.

christina thomas

As the election was coming to a close in late October, I was just astounded with the hate Karel was spewing. He sounded so immature, like a junior-high student. After listening to KGO since the late '60s
I was motivated to tune -in to another radio station. Wow, I'm not surprised that he was fired. He deserved to be. Maybe I'll go back to listening to KGO again.


I have a job, Duffman. I haven't gone away, but some of us have to work.


I'm sorry I don't meet your politeness standard, Jew. However, I am interested in knowing what question has ever been posed to me that I've failed to answer. If there are those, please remind me of one.

A reasonable question . . . one that could be answered reasonably.

Also, if the tone of the conversation puts you off, I do not take responsibility. I've started to respond to the crazy right the way I'm addressed and according to the ignorance level of the comment to which I'm responding. Perhaps you only join in occasionally. Rozskat and I have had some good conversations and he seems to find time to talk in a reasonable way and be supportive of both Sparky and I.

I'm curious. . . Sparky is the diplomat and is very patient with these guys and she gets little support as well. Why don't you chime in on her bahalf?

I'd really like to know. My feeling is that it is easier to accuse than to reason. Are you guilty of that in your last comment? If not, tell both Sparky and me why we have so little support on this blog including from you. please.


Hey, no problem sparks...realize that, I was just making the not so subtle point that you and joanie were the 'meat' of this blog and I meant that in a complimentary way.


Poor Joanie,
still missing the call of the question at her age.

Wo Fat

Poor putsie, did you drink yourself silly after you ate the shit sandwich last week?


Hey Joanie
With in minutes of listening to the guys that you linked, my daughter called to tell me I am going to be a grandpa again. Sorry, I completely forgot what the guy said. What can I say? The guy was speaking in his snotty, I am smarter than you voice about something or another. I will try to listen to him again tomorrow.
Just remember, tomorrow is Seahawks Sunday, and going to a game is an all day affair.
I am gonna be a grandpa!!!!!
By my one and only married child!!!


I give up - but not for long. Aren't you already a grandpa?


Does your daughter live in Seattle? Maybe I'll be your grandkid's teacher one day...

Now that would be justice personified!

Ah, at least your grandkid wll have a chance. He'll be born into a good Democrat's socialist administration. She'll have a chance at a good life.

We can both breathe a sigh of relief. (insert happy face here)


You know, Kevin Phillips is not snotty. And he probably does know more than most of us. Only people who are inferior think other people are superior. Are you insecure?

I had to ask because if you're confident in your intellect, you won't view people who give information or have informed opinions as snotty and superior but just as resources. I love smart people.

We have a problem with that at my school. Honestly, not all teachers are very bright. I respect so much the really good ones from whom I learn. A lot of younger teachers are disdainful of those of us who have a lot of experience. It seems to be a sign of the times to disrespect smart, experienced people.

I bet when you were young, you knew you had a lot to learn from those that came before. I remember my first jobs and I was overly respectful. But it was the right choice because I learned a lot.

Oh well. Before you accuse me of being pathetic and ignored, I'll sign off from cruising my beloved internet and take on the day.


Only people who are inferior ...

Sorry. Should read

Only people who feel insecure or a sense of inferiority...

I don't regard most of you as inferior. Stoopid perhaps, but never inferior.



congratulations, chuck!!


One can never have enough grand children joanie. Have two, but room for this one and more.
She, as well as grand daughter #2 live in Arizona.
#2 goes to a charter school in Surprise, AZ.
Does anyone think that residents of San Francisco are really going to miss one liberal voice from the radio?


charter school, huh? You should tell us about it sometime.

Sparky, an ASCD brief recently referenced a study of Kipp schools which showed they were better than public and that vouchers were helping lower SES kids to go. It also said, however, that some of the success was due to attrition. Some kids who couldn't keep up were dropping out. But that did not account for all the increased achievement.

The other thing it said was that there was a high teacher turnover in Kipp schools because Kipp demanded so much from them.

We don't get to sit on our laurels, chucks, and wait for our customers. We have them seven hours a day which does not include planning time and paperwork the amount of which is incomprehensible these days.

Think what it would be like if you were trying to sell twenty-eight bilingual people five-to-seven different makes of cars and each car maker demanded that you sell them their brand.

No, I won't miss Karel. I didn't like him either. He tried to be Billo and Beck but on the left.

Large Leo

Funny how those righties like Puget Sound and Nevets disappeared after the Obama Gregoire landlide.
wonder if they slit their wrists. I hope so.


Actually I was blocked off the website pretty much for the last month or so. Which got old seeing as I had just sent in $50 to Blam.

But it was fun to watch the canonization of Bill Moyers. Which is ironic given the fact that he was Karl Rove before there was a Karl Rove. Some symmetry of course, given his work on behalf of a Texan.
Moyers, in addition to his role in disseminating the hateful recordings of MLK in an attempt to discredit him also was the brains behind the infamous Goldwater ads.
You remember the one in which a child is out picking daisies while the world in consumed by a nuclear bomb. Just one of many from ol Bill Moyers. But hey, because he says things you like now its okay...ph(J)oanie for sure.

Congrats on the grandchild Chucks.


Here some of Saint Bill Moyer's greatest 'hits'
using fear. So excuse me when I see ol Bill being lauded as some pious oracle of the truth.



and of course his work to discredit MLK. CBSReporter Morley Safer discusses this in his own book.
"In Safer's book FLASHBACKS (St. Martins Press, 1990) pp 148 ff.

"I find it hard to believe that Bill Moyers would engage in character assassination over one evening news broadcast -- even given the political imperatives of the moment. But I confess , I find it harder not to believe it.

His part in Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover's bugging of Martin Luther King's private life, the leaks to the press and diplomatic corps, the surveillance of civil rights groups at the 1964 Democratic Convention, and his request for damaging information from Hoover on members of the Goldwater campaign suggest he was not only a good soldier but a gleeful retainer feeding the appetites of Lyndon Johnson.

It's all too confusing. Bill Moyers, the sometimes overly pious public defender of liberal virtue, the First Amendment, and the rights of miniorities playing the role of Iago."

Of course Safer had felt the effect of one of Moyers nastier disinformation campaigns himself. LBJ and his press secretary Moyers summoned CBS head Frank Stanton to the White House and "threatened that, unless CBS got rid of me and 'cleaned up its act' the White House would 'go public'with information about Safer's 'Communist ties.'"

Moyers may not have "gone public" but somehow the ambassador to Vietnam called Safer "a KGB agent" and Secretary of State Dean Rusk noted his "ties to the Soviet intelligence apparatus."


None of us are gone Leo. Good grief my friend, we are conservetives in western Washington. We have lost once or twice before. LOL
What are you guys going to do with your very own POTUS, Senate and Congress? Same at the state level.
Who will you blame for anything?
You can use Bush for what, maybe a year? I heard Peelosi blaming Bush for Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and Christipher Dodds screw ups with FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC a couple of weeks ago. That can't last for ever.
I at this time hope that that guy you elected as POTUS proves to be the best one ever. We are in some real shit. Jimmy Carter at least started with a good economy, and proceded to screw it up from there.
Your guy is getting a tanking economy to work with.
Oh well, that is what Reagan started with. He made it work.
(all of this "bail out" crap is bull IMHO).


Puts, your side lost this time. Trying to drag Bill Moyers and what he did 40 years ago won't change a thing. Read what chucks has to say--he was big enough to say congratulations and that he will watch to see what happens.

Joanie..when vouchers come even close to paying for tuition to private schools, then I will look at them more favorably. Right now, it is like giving a kid a quarter to go to the movies, when it costs 10$ to get in. Families that can afford to make up the difference are not the families that the pro-voucher people claim to be helping. The urban poor are still left out. I will go look at the study you shared--it sounds very interesting. I would like to see if it mentions having kids who are ELL or SpEd. My guess is no. We in public school will always need to be there for the kids the private schools don't want.


"I'm sorry I don't meet your politeness standard, Jew. However, I am interested in knowing what question has ever been posed to me that I've failed to answer. If there are those, please remind me of one.

A reasonable question . . . one that could be answered reasonably."

Okay Joanie and in that spirit I shall respond. Awhile back you had written about the USAPATRIOT Act and the Bush Administration being 'Hitler like' and the use of Bush and his 'Gestapo Tactics.'

As a progressive, I have no love for the Bush Administration or the USAPATRIOT Act. But I mentioned to you that the language you chose was not only needlessly incindiary it was also offensive to many of us. When I made the point to you that freely applying Hitler to the Bush Administration with no substantive evidence to back it up only serves to lesson the crimes of what is the most criminal adminstration in the History of the World. It makes a mockery of the name Hitler to use it in such an inappropriate way.
Your response to me was that I didn't know my history and shouldn't be so free to us the 'royal we.'
Joanie, you are not Jewish and have no relatives who have suffered in the Holocaust. It's evidently easy for you to toss around terms like Hitler as you do not fully understand the scope and depth of the pain inflicted by that ogre.
Whist Bush is not a person I support I find it hard to compare him to Adolf Hitler. You did and then took great pride in telling this Jew that he didn't understand the significance of Adolf Hitler. For shame.
I await your apology. But I doubt I will get it as you tend to shy away from personal acts of responsibility.


How about addressing the horrible crap Moyers laid on Martin Luther King?
All Puts is doing is pointing out that Bill Moyers has a very shady past. The fact that he did it before only serves to show that he'll do it again. It makes all those shows he does more than a little suspect. Hmmm? Or does your curiosity only extend to evil Republicans?
So I appreciate that we get some background on such a person especially when Moyers is regularly cited as some wise owl type.
Keep it going. Funny that none of the lefties here can refute this fact.
Bill Moyers is a creep.


was that so hard to write on-line?
jeez, if you don't like the word i'll take it out.

aside from that, i hope your ailing family member ges better.

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