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November 09, 2008



Speaking of 'pizza'...there's a place on the E/Side (Queensgate area) called Pizza Bank and they have a pizza called the Roadhouse Special that is simply out of this world. Something to do with the way they cook the peprocinos (sp?) within, with all of the other ingredients...along the Greek line? I get cravings for it once in a while and just have to have the fix...ha.


I tried Papa Johns and didn't care for it. I prefer a thin crust. Perhaps I'll give Zaw a try.

My current favorite is the Margherita from Pagliacci with an olive oil base as opposed to a tomato base. Very light. Zeeks offers it as well but uses a tomato base and feta cheese. I like the feta cheese a lot but prefer the lighter Pagliacci.

They featured another with pears and gorgonzola that I liked as well but wasn't offered regularly. When I've ordered it as a custom-made pie, the quality is erratic. So, I don't order it anymore.

Does anybody else think they tend to undercook pizzas? I do not like doughy pizzas!


Bla'm, we are surprised you like italian sausage with maple syrup, but not pineapple on your pizza? Sweet and Salty--our favorite combination..so that sausage, maple s., onion and cheese sounds wonderful to me. But we like Peppperoni and Pineapple, as well. What can we say. On a visit to England, we went to a Pizza Hut and we did not recoginze much on the menu, and found the peach pizza to be a bit unnerving.
Papa Murphy's has interesting combos of meats and such vegetables as artichoke. We haven't had the nerve to try one of those yet.
Take and bake is the way to go..that way we dont have to listen to country music while we eat.


Michael, this is a wonderful food blog. I'm a hearty eater - esp. of pizza and salmon!

Here's a link that will enable parents to "feed" their kids academic achievement as well. Both Sparky and I can attest to the success of this ingredient. Not only in school but in life. I think even chucks would agree.


Well, moderation in all things, I say. I had a student who was "gifted" and his parents had told him how smart he was. He was 7 years old. He refused to do any work, deeming it "beneath" him, and claimed he was smarter than any adult. Lovely child to be around..not. I think it is a good thing to stress effort over talent, but for a kid whose efforts never seem to achieve success, there is no harm in assuring a student he is capable of reaching a goal. Kids have to have some kudos along the way for the effort part as well. I would hate for someone to read this article and misunderstand that praise is harmful. Just keep it in perspective, and proportional to encouragement always to try his or her best. I know too many adults who ALWAYS insert the "but" into the conversation.."Yes that is nice, BUT you can do even better." Always a good idea to encourge a child to keep improving, but if the kid assumes there will always be a caveat, it can, in some cases, become all that they hear.


Did this article stress "buts?" I agree that "buts" is a poor tool in any conversation even though I forget that and use it from time to time. I'm pretty careful about the use of but - at least I try to be - even with adults.

Moderation in achievement. Naw. Be the best you can be!

Okay, Sparky. Did you get my gift to you on the other thread? Your birthday present?


Not moderation in achievement..I agree on that. I meant moderation on the adult habit of always looking for something that is wrong and needs fixing. I just know parents who are NEVER satisfied. It is as much a motivation killer as heaping on un-earned praise.

I will go look at my present!


The timing of that link is interesting. We just had parent-teacher conferences Friday. Jaz came with all A's, except a B+ for computers.
My comment to her was "I new you were working hard this year. It shows, good job. Let's get a pizza on the way home and watch Ghost Whisperer together.
We didn't talk about it any more, but she could tell I was proud. While we watched that TV show, I held her report card on my lap.
I do not feel that telling her how smart I think she is. Acknowledging the rewards and results of her hard work seems to be enough for this child.
So, yes, I do agree with that article. To stay on topic was easy. We had pizza, really crappy pizza, but pizza none the less.


I was never much of a fan of the traditional pizza; gloppy greasiness on a limp dough. Since eating pizza baked in a wood fired oven - Mamma Mia - I am addicted. Go to Luca's in Lake Stevens, yes, Lake Stevens.

As far as Savery goes, the only Savery I am familiar with is Savery Hall @ University of Washington. Just a guess.


UPDATE: Nix on the Savery - my eyes play tricks on me. Savery does not equal Savary.


that apricot pizza is too gay for me. Whatever happend to Shakey's?

Last Mango

I rmember that story about the corpse in the T-birdexcept I heard it was an El Dorado. The guy supposedly committed suicide in it wasn't found for weeks or months, and the smell could be never gotten out of it even though they detailed the hell out of it. My ex-brother-in-law claimed the bank offered it to him for a $100 (it was worth 1000s) but he refused after getting a whiff. I thought it was bullshit back when I heard it and then years later read it in one of those urban legend collections. Hadn't thought about it for years. Thanks Mike for the memory. I like Domino's.


Sparky! Did you click on my gift to you "in living black and white?" Did anyone?

It is Streisand and Garland FCS!!! They were great together - not even you, chucks? My one usually dependable music amigo?

I give up.

That'll be the day...


My plans to take Friday and Monday off went awry.
I had to come back early from Birch Bay to care for my sick cat and I see that damn
ph(J)oanie has been posting steadily over the weekend. I wish he/she would stop playing games. Grow up. You are making me look bad.
I am very sorry Sparky if the 'education link' was a little off. That wasn't me and YES I agree with you about moderation. As an educator I have also seen the destructive aspect of "but you can do better."


Thought so.

Didnt find the link...I thought your "present" was my having to take on all comers..hah!

I will have to go find it.


The link was "in living black and white." Doesn't matter. If you click on it, hope you enjoy it. It works - I just clicked on it.


Thought so.


I usually mean what I post. You should know that by now.

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