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October 12, 2008



I have said it before..I would bet money that Rush, Hannity, Beck and the others will all vote for Obama. He would be the best thing that could happen to their careers.

I have also read that with Obama as President, American money will change, and the faces of Presidents will be removed and replaced with Oprah, Chris Rock, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc.


I'd like a little socialism right now. Those capitalists took a retreat on $4000 of my money last week. That's how much I lost in one week in one small portfolio.

No, I haven't taken my money out. Should I?

Funny, my sector funds lost considerably less than my income fund. Why is that?

We've heard most of those claims on this blog. Does that mean you have an extremist clientele on your blog, Michael? We desperately need a manufacturing base again. We need to put people back to work and give them healthcare. We need to overturn the bankruptcy bill and put several levels of capitalist managers and CEOs in jail.

Then, we might get back the country we once were.

I don't think it is going to happen. We haven't hit bottom yet.


Let's hear it for Free Speech!

(Code Pink protestor at the RNC convention)


More socialism, please!


Absolute rubbish! It's OVER, move along. Sen Obama is a decent family man with values, ambition and a passion; WTF's wrong with that. Right-wing talk show hosts (for the most part) are non-events.

Gay Gary

(Code Pink protestor at the RNC convention)

There's a 60% likelihood she will be raped in the next 8 weeks.

I'd like a little socialism right now. Those capitalists took a retreat on $4000 of my money last week. That's how much I lost in one week in one small portfolio.

You'll be losing the rest of it pretty shortly.

I'd like a little socialism right now. Those capitalists took a retreat on $4000 of my money last week. That's how much I lost in one week in one small portfolio.

This is not a capitalist/free market economy. It is a corporatist (corporate socialist) economy. As Buchanan said, "this is a corporate dictatorship." I don't expect a simple school teacher will understand any of this.


Gee Joanie, if you lost that much with just a Liberal controlled House and Senate, what makes you think you it wont get worse with a Liberal as President. If the damn Liberals had not messed with the minimum wage, we would not be in this crisis.

Gay Gary


Obama is illiterate; Bill Ayers ghostwrote his book.



I'm looking forward to trickle-down economics returning to the domain of "looks good on paper" like it used to be. I want my biggest concern to be that our president is cheating with an ugly intern instead of a hot one.


ACORN, The Nut that keeps on cracking.

Gay Gary

The raping spree will, most likely, start in Iceland, based on recent news out of that tiny country where most of Europe foolishly socked away their investments.

The shame in the upcoming wave of gangrapes will be that both liberal, pro gun control women and men will be victims and there are little resources for the latter gender of victims.

Iceland is crippled with debt and giving UK depositors their funds may depend on the country securing emergency loans from other countries or the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Its debt is an estimated about £50bn, which is five times the total annual income of the country.

This, by comparison, would be similar to the US having a $60 trillion debt, instead of the "mere" $10 trillion.

Gay Gary

If I haven't said it enough, rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape. Goodnight Seattle!

Gay Gary

I did not write the previous message.

That said, I'm going to bed but would like to leave with two articles of note ---

Rapes Increase 40% in San Francisco

- 22% increase in rape in Southern California
- 17% increase in rape in Nevada
- 27% increase in rape in Arizona

These are all key home foreclosure states. Of course, none this is anything relative to the 1000% increase is mass rapes that will happen after System Collapse happens in a few weeks. We saw it in Kenya last year, we saw it in Argentina in '00, this is a fact of what is about to happen to you gun control types (both female and male):

You will be raped.

It is not a question of if, but when.


I bet Geov has recategorized you into the domaine of impotent idiot along with steven, chucks, sputs and duff.

Capitalist...corporatist...idiotocracy - all the same to me.

Gay Gary

Capitalist...corporatist - all the same to me.

I appreciate that these rather significant differences may be lost on a simple school teacher.

Gay Gary

Oh, all you lunatic McCain supporters will be happy with this piece of memorabilia I found:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Thursday's CNN/USA Today/Gallup tracking poll indicates that Vice President Al Gore may be opening a solid lead over Texas Gov. George W. Bush, after nearly two weeks of neck-and-neck competition. Today's figures -- 51 percent for Gore to 40 percent for Bush -- represents a significant margin for the vice president.



It's still amazing to me that Bush could be appointed president by the SCOTUS in 00, and then govern from the far far right for 4 years (against the majority of Americans who voted against him), and be reelected to finish the job in 04. He's allowed to squander the largess and national supremacy established/maintained during the Clinton administration, and questioning his patriotism is still frowned upon in the MSM.

Compare this situation with Obama's: a segment of the population already whipped into murderous rage by McCain, FOX, and talk radio, nothing but a stack of IOUs in the bank, and a nation (and generation) already in ruin courtesy of Bush et al.

If Obama can just keep the country together for 4 years under these circumstances, he'll deserve a Nobel prize. (Yes, yes, Nobel = liberal, elitist.)

This will likely not be a liberal Renaissance, even with two branches of government in the Democratic column.


OK, I will give you that points 4 and 7 are unlikely.
Gary is more corrct than I care to admit, but will still cast my ballot for McCain. There is no way that I can let my vote be of help to Obambam. There is no way in Hell that somebody like him should be POTUS. It is just plain wrong.
We have prepared as best we can to survive in the event of an obambam victory. We have stashed cash and a little gold. We have re-stocked our ammunition. I have made sure that my wife has skills with a hand gun and pump action shot gun. My grand daughters are pretty darn good with .22's and my sons can handle just about anything they can get their hands on. If things get too crazy, we are prepared to move on a moments notice. The motor home is fully stocked, fueled and ready.
If obambam loses, we are ready for the riots. If obambam wins, we are as ready as we can be.

Gay Gary

We have stashed cash and a little gold.

You should convert all your cash to gold. There are only two forms of currency following meltdown: gold and rape.

Many Argentines living in urban areas who survived 2000 recommend not buying bullion but purchasing gold rings or gold coins. With runaway deflation it will be difficult to find items worth the value of a gold bar so having gold of lesser value will keep you from being cheated in non-cash transactions.

Gay Gary

Breaking News - Sarah Palin's boy-slut son-in-law has now dropped out of high school to take a job in the oil fields.

These are the peasants that might be running the country? Sheesh.


Just leave your money in play. You should have made up most of what you lost last week,today. The market will remain some what screwed up for a while, but will recover. If you take whats left out, it can't recover.
If obambam wins, invest heavily in who ever makes Valium, alcohol distillers, Bud, Coors, alchohol and drug treatment centers.

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