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October 17, 2008



I'm sure steven will post a few paragraphs on how Obama needs to prove that that's Ohio's flag and not his own made-for-himself version.


Okay, I know this has nothing to do with the topic. BUT---- Does anyone know what is going on with the B J Shea show? Rev flipped out the other morning, then went off the air, put in a rerun tape and thats all they've done since.

Is it just an act or did something bad really happen? Hard to tell these days.


I think the whole show's ratings are based on "Top Shelf's" hyena laugh. Other than that, BJ is another Leykis wanna be.


If you're still confused..


For those of you who have given to the Hussein Campaign, via credit card, look at your statements very cafefully. Reports are popping up across the USA that Husseins Campaign is charging the maximum ($2300) even tho the contributor only wanted to contribute from $20-$100 dollars. And here we thought he wanted to spread the wealth around from the top to the bottom.


Wow, 100,000 people are attending a rally in St. Louis for Hussein. Is this true. Thats alot of people. Finally Mayor Nagin is getting some use of those buses he left behind during Hurricane Katrina.


Reports are popping up...where? I googled it and found:

*Michelle Malkin
*FreeRepublic (freepers)
*A bunch of private right-winger blogs.

What happened was that out of millions millions of donations, a grand total of one problem, on a Kansas married couple's credit card bill, was found. Turns out it was a fraudulent telemarketing scam. What is not reported is how the telemarketing company got their credit card number. There is no evidence that the Obama campaign had anything to do with it.


Why would Mayor Nagin of New Orleans, Louisiana send buses up to St. Louis, Missouri? Just curious, Steven.


Bush today on the radio:
It is essential that we work together.

I still want to be relevant, damn it!


Must be referencing Laura...as she the only one I can think of who might want to still 'work together' with him. I kind of feel sorry for 'ol George.


I don't feel sorry for him. Why would anyone?


Why you ask. Isn't it obvious. He wants to get some of that action like ACORN is going to get. He figures if ACORN can get on the ground floor of his Presidency by padding the voter roles, he can get some for padding his rallys with live bodies. Its simple yes. Well to some it is. I keep forgeting that you already fell for Husseins "CHANGE" sign.

What did you think of that video I linked of Hussein letting ACORN set his agenda? Scary huh.


ACORN is another fart in a windstorm. None of these hoked-op scare tactics are sticking.Unless one of your redneck thugs shoot him, it's President Obama, thank you very much.


Funny, just received two of those ROBO calls. Not from McCain tho, but Christine Gregoire asking for my support for Hussein and Herself.


What's funny about that?

As for Bush and Acorn? Yes, I can see him wanting some of the action...along with Elvis and Mickey.


Bush and ACORN?

Joanie, are you lost again. Try to keep up you are making no sense.


Then you should understand me perfectly...


So Sparky, how do you account for the $150 million Hussein has raised in September alone. I thought these were hard times. Stock market crashing, homes in foreclosure. How can ordinary Americans afford to keep food on thier table, pay recoord high gas prices, pay thier mortgages, and then give to Husseins campaign. Wait, you'll see how wide spread this becomes when more and more people look at thier credit card statements.


Steven, hard as it is for you to imagine, this country is longing for someone smart and steady and forward thinking to lead our country. To that end, a lot of people are giving what they can, even though it is maybe only five or ten dollars. Some people give more. What makes it even more special is that it IS a sacrifice in some cases, and some of those people are registered Republicans. For those who can't give money, they are giving their time to go ring doorbells and make phone calls. It all adds up. Sorry you can't believe that there isn't something nefarious about it.

I got gas today for $2.78 in a little out of the way place on the Olympic Pennisula.


Or, it could be the Hussein campaign charging contributors credit cards beyond what they pledged.

Yes its good to see gas prices come down. Thanks to President Bush of course. If it was up to the Libs, Hussein including, we would still be paying $4.50 for a gallon. But those are the prices today Sparky, $4.30 was what they were paying in September. Kind of hard to think so many would contribute to a Presidential campaign instead of putting food on thier table or paying their mortgage.


* 632,000 new donors last month alone.
* 3.1 million donors thus far.
* Average contribution for the month is still under $100 (for the year, the average is $86).
* Retirees and students are the two groups which have given the most contributions.

Again, Steven, waiting for proof that people are being overcharged.


Need to do the math again Sparky. Its more like $230 dollars per new donor last month. Thats a good chunk of change for Joe Sixpack, but maybe not for Mickey Mouse. How many of them are out there contributing to Husseins campaign besides Joanie.


"At least four credit card holders in Missouri have recently opened their statements and found unauthorized transactions, which charged $2,300 to the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama."

"Officials with the Obama Campaign in Missouri said they were aware of the credit card charges."

Looks like its climbing Sparky, now there are 4 reported cases in Missouri alone. And the Hussein camp knows about it but is not doing anything about it but denying they are responsible. This will not be an isolated incident. The truth will come out, lets hope its not to late.


Where is your source for that quote, Steven?

I looked online and found this in the St. Louis paper:

"Sandy Pogones of Camdenton and Steve Larman of North Kansas City each found a $2,300 charge on their credit card bills recently for the Obama for America campaign. Their credit card companies removed the charges, but both say they are concerned about potential fraud.

“I am very interested in whether some organization is doing this to funnel money to Obama, or if it is somebody using Obama's name to steal from people,” Larman said.

A spokeswoman for the Obama campaign in Missouri said the incidents were Internet fraud.

“While no organization is protected from internet fraud - the McCain campaign was forced to refund $1.2 million worth of contributions during the primaries - we monitor closely for incidents like these and work closely with the people affected to refund contributions as quickly as possible,” spokeswoman Debbie Mesloh said in a written statement.

John Fougere, a spokesman for the Missouri attorney general's office, said his office was investigating a “handful” of similar reports, but he did not have an exact number.

“All I can say now is that we'll be looking into the complaints,” Fougere said.

Larman said he contacted his credit card company after finding the charge while looking at his online account on Oct. 6. He and his wife, Rachel, also contacted Kansas City-area media because they wanted to alert others to look at their statements, he said.

“It's not really about the politics for me,” Larman said. “But a lot of people are donating to campaigns and that $2,300 charge wouldn't be a big red flag for the banks to check. So I wanted people to be aware.”

Larman said the credit card company shut down his online Chase account after he reported the charge. A few days later, he received an e-mail telling him to click on a Chase.com address to update all his card information. When he contacted Chase, he was told it was a fraudulent e-mail."

So, Steven, someone is doing a phishing scam and is sending the money to Obama. Someone did this to McCain too. Internet scams are common.

You say the Obama campaign said they are "aware it has happened." You are interpreting that as them saying "We did it and we know we did it."
Not the same thing at all.


"Where is your source for that quote, Steven?"

Why ask me for a souce if in your source it says the same thing.

"John Fougere, a spokesman for the Missouri attorney general's office, said his office was investigating a “handful” of similar reports, but he did not have an exact number."

Now this..

"Larman said the credit card company shut down his online Chase account after he reported the charge. A few days later, he received an e-mail telling him to click on a Chase.com address to update all his card information."

This doesn't make sense. Usually after a phishing e-mail is sent and responded to does said fraud occur. What you said is that after he reported the fraudulent charges to Chase that he recieved the e-mail. Did you just get that wrong becuase I havent seen anything about a phishing scam.


"He noticed something odd one day recently when he was checking the recent activity on his online account. There was a charge for $2,300 to the Obama for America Campaign. This was pretty shocking for Michael. He is a Republican. He is not supporting Senator Obama for President."

"Michael immediately called his credit card company to challenge the charge. He spoke with a member of their fraud department who reported to him that the company was receiving calls like this from all over the country."

All over the country Sparky. Not a one time deal, not confined to the state of Missouri but all over the country. Only an organization like Husseins, who are building a huge date list of names can pull something off like this. Lkie i said, watch your credit card bill if you donated to "Obama for America."


well, this should keep you busy for awhile. Don't forget to check your closet!


I'm confused. Is this happening all over patriotic, America-loving America, or just in the unpatriotic, anti-American parts of America?


While smiling to several hundred customers a day, I am always thinking of current events and how they might work themselves into our lives. Like this one.

How Howard Dean becomes President

Yes, its true. Howard Dean is stealing the Presidency from both Hussein and Hillary. You need to look closely but it is there.

1. Howard Dean is a friend of Phillip Berg. There are rumors he is behind the lawsuit filed by Berg to bring up the elgibility of Hussein to hold the position of President of the United States.

2. It was no secret that Howard Dean did all he could do to keep Florida and Michigan delegates from Hillary Clinton.

3. During Deans run for President in 2004 he made it known that Biden would be his VP if he was nominated.

4. Rumors from the Hussein campaign is that Hussein is going to make an announcement while he is in Hawaii visiting his sick Grandmother.

5. Confidential sources are saying a ruling is expected soon on the Berg lawsuit.

6. If Hussein is elected President but is unable to serve due to his being unqualified to fill the seat of President, The Speaker of the House will become President until a vote in the House is made on a successor.

How will it play out. Hussein will come clean that he was actually born in Kenya. With one week to go, the election can not be suspended to make new ballots so if he wins the election, Pelosi as Speaker of the House will get her chance to nominate the next President to the House of Representitives. Biden will not accept the position because he will claim it was Hussein who won and not him. Pelosi will then nominate Howard Dean because of the leadership he has shown in the past 3 years since he was named DNC Chairman. Dean gets the votes from a Democrat majority house and is sworn in as the 44th President.

Why not Hillary. Again, it is no secret that Dean had did his best to sabatoge her run for President. He does not like her or he would have pressured Hussein to pick her as his VP candidate for a sure win this election. No presure was applied.

The root of this plan was seeded at the Democratic National Connvetion in 2004 after Husseins great "not about color" speech. Not being nominated in 2004 and having no chance to beat Hillary in 2008, he concocted this masterfully run plan. From the change meme, getting Hussein to run, to the sabatoge of Hillarys historic run, to Phillip Bergs lawsuit. Howard Dean played this out masterfully.

So if you wake up on January 20th 2009 and find Howard Dean as your President. You can say you heard it here first.

And what about Hussein, well he will, with the blessing of Dean take the Money left over from his campaign and move to Paraguay where the US does not have any extradition treaty. Maybe he will move next door to President Bush.

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